Launcher Pro, my favorite launcher replacement, got updated today with a much requested feature - homescreen transition animations, available to all LP users, not just Plus. In addition to the usual and very smooth slide effect, we now have 4 more: Scale, Rotate, Flip, and Cube. All are smooth, except for the Cube transition, so I would advise against using it until Fede makes it a bit more snappy. Out of 5 transitions (including the regular slide), my favorite is definitely Flip. What's yours?

Excuse the poor frame rate in the screencast - unfortunately, that's ShootMe's max for the time being

snap20110120_145808_wm snap20110120_145823_wm snap20110120_145835_wm

snap20110120_145854_wm snap20110120_145912_wm

Source: Launcher Pro

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  • jeff

    some of those transition effects are exactly the same as ADW. :-/

    • Rob

      You say that as if ADW was the first to ever use transition effects for anything. None of this is innovation on a grand scale, but they are new features for an app and nothing has been stolen from another app.

      • DroidLady

        And ADW is copying GDE Home Experience!

  • James

    ADW EX is my launcher of choice, and you can now set the transition effects to random which is nice as well.

  • xClOwNbAbYx

    As much as it broke my heart as one of the biggest lp fans out there...i checked out adw ex for the screen transitions...but now I love it because I can hide the dock...circlelauncher has completely changed what I look for in a home screen replacement

  • SlidVendetta

    Thanks for the info. What is the name of that control widget you are using?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii
      • SlidVendetta

        Thank you. I have been looking for an app like this since changing to Launcher Pro. I hadn't realized what was supplied by Sense.

      • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

        I stopped using Extended Controls and use Widgetsoid, much better and more customizable. :)

  • rudiox

    Scale is my favorite!

  • http://www.windroidz.com Blahshed

    Launcher pro plus is the best homescreen replacement launcher that is out, adw ex comes in second....if you dont have lp plus then your missing out on some great additions.....use the sense style dock and you have sense ui looks but with aosp froyo drawr... very nice.... and not a memory hog

  • HossUK

    Love the new transitions ... My favourite is scale ... Very smooth

  • Ron H in Schenectady

    I actually like the Cube transition. It works quite nicely on my Tab. I had to take off the Elastic Effect option, though.

  • Mike C

    Cube effect runs well on my Droid X; you might want to check some of your memory/cache/transition speed settings to get a good result.

    Overall, I find the upgrade to be better-performing, with far fewer "not responding" messages than I used to get. Well done, Fede!

    This is one of the few apps where I've actually bothered with the paid version, and it's nice to see my money going toward a continuously-improving product.

  • Elvis

    I had too many memory issues using adw ex... LP I think will always be my fav... I tried adw ex and flip was my fav so I'm sure it'll be the same here hehehe

  • Elvis

    How do you change the dock to sense ui?

  • http://www.windroidz.com Blahshed

    Email me and ill send you the 2 sense ui docks that are done right...have solid and a semi transparent one... blahshed@gmail

  • http://launcherpro lamone h

    Hello all! I am a newbee to all of this cool stuff. How can I get launcher pro for my EVO4g...and can you explain it S. L. O. W .......lol.