I have a soft spot for well done demoes, even if they exist only in concept form, and today's design by Kristian Ulrich Larsen fits right into this category (did you really expect anything else from a designer with such an awesome name?).

If you liked Mozilla's Seabird concept, you're going to love the Flip Phone, which features 3 flexible, curved AMOLED screens connected by "soft steel mesh hinges," which allow this device to morph into multiple configurations, each offering something different to its user. It has a keyboard (and a pretty sexy one at that) and a camera. Who needs a dedicated kickstand when it can stand on its own? Got 2 people? Why not have them watch 2 different movies simultaneously or play a game against each other all on the same device?

image image image

image image image

Sure, this design may not seem practical just yet, mostly due to enormous battery strain that 3 screens would put on a single battery, but with time, battery technology could catch up and adequately power something like this. In the meantime, if the battery dies, you can just use it as a vase, OK?



image image image

image image image

image image image

image image image

image image image

Source: Flip Phone via Yanko Design

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  • Kane

    What's next - a rolodex of 5 screens? :P

  • Matt Vincent

    this is the coolest design for a phone please please pplease please make it happen!!!!!!!

  • James

    Flat out, stunning.

  • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

    That is spicy hot! I'll take 5!

  • http://www.chromebook.dk Philip

    Funny, she was trying SOOO hard to hide her danish accent... but it was still there! But the concept is fantastic - sign me up for one.

  • vinipuh7

    Nokia have this proto since a few years now... Hope Android will make it real.

  • panos

    2 screens and a keyboard? very cool. 3 screens? err.. kindof useless. nice looking though.

  • max

    2 screens and a key board would be nice... 3 screens would be useless, though i think the concept video only has 3 maybe the article got it wrong? because 3 screens are just ridiculous
    Edit: wow I'm dumb just checked the pic again and it looks like 3 screens

  • RockinEvo

    Phone looks very amazing, prolly won't buy it but love to try it

  • Adrian

    combine Seabird with this HTC?

  • http://Google.com iNo

    Whoa, thought it was an android based alarm clock at first. It looks amazingly goegeous :O

  • Victoria

    Wow, that is seriously amazing. It has touch screens, and a keyboard? Win. This would most likely be very expensive though, if it actually did come out...

  • Ron

    Most amazing concept. When can I get one??.

  • http://www.grenedge.com steve harrick

    i want this phone x 2 unit ....from Malaysia

  • disqus_7zCKYC2BSD

    Very interesting concept!!

  • sdos77

    where can i get one