It isn't often that a US carrier offers one of its flagship handsets for free, but it would appear that that's exactly what T-Mobile is doing with the G2. Starting today and ending January 20th, new or add-a-line T-Mobile customers can snag a G2 from the carrier's online store for $0.00 (that's right, completely free!) with a new two-year contract. Party on!

Source: T-Mobile via Engadget

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • Michael

    Free for upgrade too, albeit via 50 dollar mail in rebate. Ordered myself one just now, got to keep my grandfathered plan.

    • RomeSC

      Got to keep your grandfathered plan?

      Which grandfathered plan? A voice plan or a data plan?

      I'm on an old grandfathered data plan and as far as I know they will force an upgrade to get a new phone on subsidy.

      • http://www.focuszonedevelopment.com/ Aaron

        Last time I upgrade (before my Android conversion), I was able to keep my grandfathered plan. Once I moved to Android, I was able to add a data package separately from the plan with no additional renewal. My plan is the "FamilyTime 700" from 2003 - not ancient by any means, but no longer offered.
        If they tell you you have to change your plan and you don't want to (whether it's price, options, whatever), just refuse. Tell them you want to keep your existing plan and simply renew it for an additional 2-year contract, and if they refuse your request, you'll take your non-contract plan elsewhere.

        You might have the best luck calling the Customer Loyalty department.

      • Michael

        Don't call or go to a store, just go to upgrade from the webpage store and buy it, agree to contact. It doesn't change your current plan. It didn't for me anyway. I don't have a super old plan, its just my G1 plan with some corporate discounts, but it didn't even talk about the plan, just that you had to sign up for a 2 year agreement, which whatever, its not like i plan not to have a cell phone anytime soon.