Sure, there are some excellent calculators in the Android Market, but do any of them make you hesitate for a minute when looking at them to figure out whether you are staring at a phone or a smaller version of your favorite Texas Instruments machine? Doug Melton's ports of the popular AlmostReal TI-83, TI-85, and TI-86 emulators to Android are so successful, most of your professors wouldn't even know the difference if they saw one of these on your desk. The buttons, the layout, the graphics, TI-BASIC program support - it's all there. Awesome.

I'm not sure whether Texas Instruments goes after emulators of its calculators, but I would download these ASAP if I were you.

P.S. Unfortunately, the TI-89 version is not available, but we've reached out to Doug to see if he might release one in the future.



Get a TI-83 emulator for your phone! The TI-83 graphing calculator is great as a standard calculator, but also great for statistics and trigonometry. Graph and compare functions, and perform data plotting and analysis. Write programs in TI-BASIC.

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Get a TI-85 emulator for your phone! The TI-85 graphing calculator is great as a standard calculator, but also great for engineering and computer science. Graph and compare functions, perform bit manipulation and convert between numeric bases. Write programs in TI-BASIC.

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Get a TI-86 emulator for your phone! The TI-86 graphing calculator is great as a standard calculator, but also great for engineering and calculus. Graph and compare functions, perform bit manipulation and convert between numeric bases. Solve differential equations, plot vector fields. Write programs in TI-BASIC.

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Update: Also check out the HP 48 emulator, which has been available for quite a while now.


Emulator of the HP 48 scientific calculator, using RPN. Port of the X48 project (sources available on github). HP48's "grayscale mode" cannot be emulated.
Visit www.hpcalc.org for a large program collection.
Cool tip: tap the HP's LCD to show/hide a simpler numeric pad!

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  • Denbo

    I remember when they had this for the PPC. They used the rom that was downloadable from TI. I would love the TI89 too

    • KS

      i was thinking the same thing. i miss my old Ti-89

  • tarman

    just think how much us parents could have saved if this was out years ago along with android phones. still may be useful for you if your kids still require them in school

    • Noll

      Android phone > $500 + service. TI-83 ~$90. Yep, save a whole lot there...

      • John J

        Technically, it's "Android Phone that your child already has + TI-83 emulator = free" vs "Actual TI-83 = $90".

        If you're going to be snarky, at least think it through first..

        • three_pineapples

          I think you are all forgetting that it would be quite useless having this on your phone for kids in school because they would never be allowed into exams (assuming you have exams with the calculators allowed, quite a few do).

          Simply put, they aren't going to let you have an internet connected android phone in an exam are they!

    • Bateluer

      Uh, fail. Pricing aside, most teachers aren't going to allow every student in the class room to have a fully functional, internet enabled, smartphone on their desk during lessons. :P

      • joris

        As a high-school physics teacher I can confirm this.

        Great for homework, won't ever be accepted during tests.

  • JasonX

    now for some casio calculators.. lol...FX-922 anyone?

    lovely done!

  • squiddy

    too bad it's only for 2.2+ devices. I wanted it soo bad on my samsung moment. :(

    • Bateluer

      Next time, don't buy a Samsung if you ever want to get an OS update. :P

  • max

    Serious FUCK YOU android!! I have waited for this for 2 years!! finally after I finish math in college and the ti emulator is done!!! Well good job still I think this is freaking amazing it will save people hundreds of dollars in college. Really great app and hats off to these developers

  • John

    Im currently in my final year studying maths and stats, I had a t-83+ and it was awesome. Were not allowed to use them as they are too awesome but this is still fun to fuck around with

  • http://www.slipshft.com Slipshft

    This is great for those moments during machining where I am not in front of a computer and need to calculate a complex curve or whatnot. Thanks for pointing this one out, very cool!

  • trevmar

    The HP41C emulator by Martin Hansen can be downloaded from SourceForge:


    Frankly, IMO it is hard enough to hit the right keys on the simpler HP41, let alone an HP48 emulator :)

  • Fred

    Yes we get it you can't use this in class. No sh!ti. Why you clown keep crying over this is beyond me but get over yourselves already.

  • Kenneth

    Lol look at the droid 48 it says gay (g^y)

  • das

    why is ti 86 not in anroid market now

  • chase

    I haven't been able to download any ti ROMs onto my EVO. I own a ti-89 but I would love to have it on my phone. Can anyone help me out?

  • andydandy

    so i just download it from my phone and it runs or do i need to do it from a comp? and does the phone needed to be rooted i have an HTC EVO