Android is known for its customizability and freedom, therefore it's not a surprise that it supports a variety of theming methods. Unfortunately, the vast majority of themes are either low quality or incomplete, which is a natural side effect of what happens when everyone is given a chance to contribute. When a truly great theme comes along, one worthy of changing the default launcher, it needs to be given credit. And the Tron Legacy Pro theme by Mariux is definitely one of those themes.

The theme doesn't just change the wallpaper or a few icons - it is what the author describes as "ultra-detailed." What this means is Tron's infamous neon effect was actually studied by Mariux to match the movie, a ton of icons have been changed, including popular applications outside of what ships stock (Angry Birds, Aldiko, Foursquare, Facebook, Goggles, etc), and even widget styles match the overall theme.

Tron Legacy Pro for ADW is hands down the best Tron theme for Android and is likely one of the best Android themes overall. Theme creators, take notes.

snap20110116_103530 snap20110116_103542 snap20110116_103549 snap20110116_103558

To install this $0.96 theme, first grab either ADW or ADW EX and set it as your launcher, then scan or click the following QR code, download the theme, and go to ADW > Menu > ADWSettings > Themes Preferences:

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mariux.adw.trontheme

Wallpapers, specifically created for this theme, can be found here.

Alternatively, if you are just looking for the theme description, proceed to Appbrain.

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  • scottishwildcat

    Based on those screenshots, it makes most things indistinct from the background and somewhat illegible. No thanks.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Are you talking about the widgets or the apps? From the different screenshots, it looks like you can customize the background of app icon text area and make it darker. The widgets without text - yeah, I can see how they can blend in with the background, but you just have to get used to them. The theme immerses you into Tron completely, and this is what makes it great.

  • James

    I just purchased this a few minutes ago and I gotta say its reallly beautiful.

    Thanks android police(glad i discovered you guys a couple weeks back) as always for great news and app coverage(my favorite is the best of apps/games for the week).

    -Samsung Epic 4g

  • http://Google.com iNo

    I bought this just yesterday and it looks amazing. It is way better than I expected. Probably the best theme I've seen for ADW Launcher. Wish more themes were this high-quality!

  • Derek McGowan

    Theme looks cool but not sure I would want to change my launcher. There any comparisons of the different launchers? I am currently using LauncherPro (recommendation of some Android know-it-all at work) and wouldn't want to change just for a theme.

  • Abhishek

    This theme is no longer to be found in the market. The QR code or the link says requested item not found. Even appbrain link and QR gives the same.

    I want it...any help plz!! :(

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It's in there, I just checked.

      • Abhishek

        No Artem :(
        Still saying for me Requested item not found. I even went to market and searched with Tron Legacy Pro and got just one result TRON: Legacy Theme By Access Lane .

        I think it wont work for me.....i cant have it :( sad !!

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Perhaps it has a minimum OS requirement? What are you running?

  • Abhishek

    Couldnt reply to the thread......hence posting it separate.

    Running Stock (as it came in box) but rooted Froyo on my HTC Desire (A8181).

    And i think its not exclusive to Gingerbread :)

    • Abhishek

      and yeah i do have ADW EX Launcher installed before you check on that :)

      • Piisuke

        Same problem. Running unrooted Froyo 2.2 HTC Desire with ADW. Couldn't find it on AppBrain, the Market, scanning, or anywhere.

  • Abhishek


    Any chances of your checking with the dev !! Not sure why its happening...its not because of the Device and OS as the Appbrain shows this has been tested by user on HTC Desire too!

  • http://mariux.altervista.org/wordpress/ Mariux


    I'm the developer of the theme.

    It's very strange Abhishek cannot see the theme, since it is an app with Android 1.3 version minimum requirement.

    The only explanation I can give it's that the Market app you're using is somehow "blocked" by your telephony provider or, more likely, by your phone brand.

    For instance, I have ha LG Optimus One which cannot see Flash Player in Market because LG has "blocked" it in its phones.

    I don't know why your phone brand would possibly block adw themes, but really I cannot see another plausible explanation.

    Where are you from, Abhishek? Maybe it's your country version on Market which is incomplete.. Google has problems with recently-added to Market countries..

    Write back soon!


    • Abhishek

      Hi Mariux,

      Thanks for getting back on this one. Really appreciate that. :)

      Well I am from India and i dont think that the brand has to do anything in this as u said. And the phone HTC Desire (A8181) that i have is not under any contract (with telecom providers) also.

      And hence the only thing left is the market problem. Though have the latest version of market running on phone but still your app is not showing up. :(
      SO might be the problem that Google is having with recently added apps to the market eating up your customers this side!

      Hope this get fixed or will have to figure out another way!

      Thanks again for checking!!

      Keep rocking and developing!

  • Tom

    I downloaded this theme, however the reskinned google search bar and other widgets did not appear to be working; the only ones I could use were the stock widgets. Anybody know how to fix this?

    • http://mariux.altervista.org/wordpress/ Mariux

      Hi Tom,

      here's the developer of the theme.

      this is because this is not the "Google Search Widget", this is the "Search Widget", which is a different one! They are both stock widgets.

      You can find Search Widget in your widget list, tapping on the screen and selecting "Widgets".

      Actually it's the only skinnable widget with ADW Launcher!

      Hope this helps!


  • chris baillou

    how to make it as a theme with the widgets step by step someone help me with my android 2.2

  • Ron

    I love this theme. Marius has done an excellent job. I've been using it for a couple weeks now. Marius, I wonder if u would be willing to share how you TRONify your icons. I have quite a few that do not have a replacement. Since I can use my own photos, I figured I would use Photoshop to convert them. If not willing to share I understand. Keep up the excellent work.

  • http://mariux.altervista.org/wordpress/ Mariux

    @Ron: Thanks for your compliments and for your interest in my theme.
    By the way, I'm sorry but I'm not sharing my icons projects! If you want to help me you can provide me more icons correct values following this guide:
    The guide is for Go Launcher Ex icons but applies correctly for ADW icons either.

  • Thrasherht

    Is there a way that I could possibly test this theme before I buy it?

  • Mariux

    Hi Thrasherht, I am the developer of the theme.

    After you purchase the theme (btw now it's called ADW Theme Glow Legacy Pro) you have 15 minutes to test thetheme. If you don't like it, you can uninstall it and have your money back, if you do it within 15 minutes from the purchase.

    It's Google policy!



    • Thrasherht

      thanks for the quick reply.

  • Mister I

    Hy guys, i know the post is old, but i installed the theme on my zte racer and when i put the ''search widget'' the launcher keeps crashing and i cant even use my phone anymore...
    any ideas ?

  • kool
  • Jesse

    I was disappointed that the theme didn't carry over to the dialer, contacts, etc. That would have just about capped it off. I also ended up with a different wallpaper as the original, as cool as they are, just don't work real well.


  • http://mariux.altervista.org/wordpress/ Mariux

    @Jesse: Hi, I'm the developer of the theme. What phone are you using? Actually I'm trying to support most handsets on the market but since there are more than 500 different Android-based devices, it's kinda hard find out correct icons for all carrier's customizations! I'm doing my best, and Glow Legacy Theme actually is the theme with the biggest icons collection, with 500+ icons.