Last Updated: August 13th, 2011

A few weeks ago, Samsung USA tweeted that Froyo updates for the Galaxy S phones are being delayed due to further testing. Then, just 4 days ago, AndroidSPIN reported that the Vibrant update (if not others) wasn't rolling out so that the Vibrant wouldn't steal the Vibrant 4G+'s thunder. And now the saga continues, as a new anonymous source has stepped forth to clarify the issue.

Reportedly an insider who has stepped "... across the NDAs [to] explain the issues behind the Android Froyo update to the Samsung Galaxy S phones in the United States," he/she says:

To explain the political situation, first, a primer on how phone firmware upgrades work for carriers. When a carrier decides to sell a phone, a contract is usually written between the phone manufacturer and the carrier. In this contract, the cost of updates (to the carrier) is usually outlined. Updates are usually broken into several types: critical updates, maintenance updates, and feature updates. Critical updates are those that resolve a critical bug in the phone, such as the phone overheating. Maintenance updates involve routine updates to resolve bugs and other issues reported by the carrier. Finally, feature updates add some new feature in software that wasn’t present before. Critical updates are usually free, maintenance updates have some maintenance fee associated with them, and feature updates are usually costly. In the past, most phone updates would mainly consist of critical and maintenance updates. Carriers almost never want to incur the cost of a feature update because it is of little benefit to them, adds little to the device, and involves a lot of testing on the carrier end. Android has changed the playing field, however – since the Android Open Source Project is constantly being updated, and that information being made widely available to the public, there is pressure for the phone to be constantly updated with the latest version of Android. With most manufacturers, such as HTC, Motorola, etc. This is fine and considered a maintenance upgrade. Samsung, however, considers it a feature update, and requires carriers to pay a per device update fee for each incremental Android update.

Now, here’s where the politics come in: most U.S. carriers aren’t very happy with Samsung’s decision to charge for Android updates as feature updates, especially since they are essentially charging for the Android Open Source Project’s efforts, and the effort on Samsung’s end is rather minimal. As a result of perhaps, corporate collusion, all U.S. carriers have decided to refuse to pay for the Android 2.2 update, in hopes that the devaluation of the Galaxy S line will cause Samsung to drop their fees and give the update to the carriers. The situation has panned out differently in other parts of the world, but this is the situation in the United States.

Some of you might have noticed Verion’s Fascinate updated, but without 2.2 : This is a result of a maintenance agreement Samsung must honor combined with Verizon’s unwillingness to pay the update fees. In short, Android 2.2 is on hold for Galaxy S phones until the U.S. carriers and Samsung reach a consensus.

Some might wonder why I didn’t deliver this over a more legitimate news channel – the short answer: I don’t want to lose my job. I do, however, appreciate transparency, which is why I'm here.

The TL;DR version: Samsung provides "critical" updates to carriers for free, charges a small fee for "maintenance" updates, and a larger fee for "feature" updates. They're classifying the 2.2 update as a feature update, and carriers have yet to come to an agreement with Samsung.

Obviously, there's absolutely no way to verify the legitimacy of the explanation - but it certainly sounds a hell of a lot more reasonable to me than "they're holding it to sell more of another phone." Then again, that's just my take. What's yours?

[Source: XDA-Developers]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Álmos

    I would be more interested in Gingerbread upgrade related news...

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Getting a little ahead of yourself, don't you think?

      • BobbyPhoenix

        I agree with Almos. I think manufacturers should work with Google to have an upgrade path ahead of announcing a new release. Once the next great release it out there any older ones should be scrapped. Don't work on getting FroYo out now, but at least work on GB. If that is too hard then manufacturers should look at themselves as to why they can't keep up (IE their own dumb skins holding it back). Why can a N1 with plain vanilla be upgraded as soon as possible, and launchers like LP or ADW, have no issue working with them right away? Why can't Blur, Touchwiz, etc do that? Cost? hardly, but good try at an excuse. IMO

      • Brian Freitas

        LOL. Galaxy S will still be waiting for froyo when honeycomb is released. ahha

  • Steve

    That actually makes a lot of sense. What Samsung needs to realize is that they NEED to address the GPS and lag issues. Those are not features, they they are advertised components and aspects that need to be functioning...

  • Juan

    I will never buy a samsung product. those greedy bastards. If they spend a week customize Adroid OS is their problem. They didnt develop the OS from scratch so invesment on their side is minimal.

    Too bad Nexus S is samsung. Also im hearing a lot of issues with the Galaxy S line

    • Chris

      Like with the Nexus One, though, I believe the Nexus S gets firmware updates directly from Google, and Google has no reason to charge for the upgrades since it is in its best interests to push widespread adoption of the Android platform.

      • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

        It does, modules, drivers, etc are in the AOSP tree

      • RuzzT

        Maybe so, but I agree with Juan, why would we want to reward Samsung's bad behavior with purchasing more of their products? The only way big corporations listen is when the customer speaks with his wallet.

    • JC

      I too will never buy a Samsung phone again. It all makes sense now. Why doesn't the Samsung Galaxy S phones in the US have Froyo? They are trying to sell the new Galaxy S2 phones with Gingerbread or the Tmobile Galaxy S with 4G with Froyo.

      Think about it. You are less likely to buy a new Samasung phone if you already have one that has the same Android version.

      Customer loyalty goes both ways Samsung and you blew it.

  • johnny99

    Boycott Samsung!

  • winclay

    This is why I will NEVER purchase another samsung phone, I will get the new EVO, because by the time the 2.2 update is finally released the OS will be as obsolete as a 2G network, and the other companies will be on a 3.0 OS.

    • http://Potholesinmyblog.com Hatorii_Hanzo

      Yes,I too am going back to HTC after I see what Sprint has to reveal at their showcase on Feb.7th

      • RuzzT

        This is my plan as well. I should have kept my HTC EVO.

  • http://technocrate.net nailerr

    Here in Europe that may be similar but even then I am feeling pretty validated in my decision to just pay up-front for an unlocked Galaxy S and now Nexus S. Costs more initially but over time with no contract seems to pan out.

    • JC2436

      Having an unlocked phone would make no difference to U.S. based Android users because all the carriers are taking the same action at the same time. Either Samsung gives in on this one or the updates for their phones will be infrequent.

  • CxanDroid

    While that makes quite a bit of sense, the galaxy S phones, were advertised that they would be upgraded to have flash supportsupport (which requires 2.2), if not actually 2.2. One would expect that 'cost' to already be accounted for.

  • MeatRocket

    This sounds completely legitimate to me. It would explain why other Samsung phones in the past haven't received regular updates and other manufacturers have.
    The only problem I have with my carrier (AT&T) with this is that the CARRIER promised the update when they sold the phone. Hence, they knew the costs involved in doing so. So, therefore, while I think Samsung is a POS for trying to profit on the AOSP model, the carriers knew what they were getting into but were blinded by the $$ of making a sale.

  • CxanDroid

    Wait a minute, the carriers own the bandwidth why would they pay?

  • t0rt4r3d

    So, what we need is a class action lawsuit against Samsung and the US Carriers.

    • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

      Already in progress...

      • Aaron Gingrich

        Reportedly. We've searched for filings but haven't been able to find any.

        Frankly, I don't see it going anywhere. If it does, I think the settlement will be a pittance. But I have no real legal training, so meh.

        • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

          I just want a fix..., GPS is a major issue with the phones, I am sick of no lock or a wandering lock. If brings a recall, that's all I care about...

        • RuzzT

          Even if nothing were to happen it is a direct message to Samsung, Sprint and the other manufacturers/carriers, that customers are tired of getting played. Bad PR can be devastating.

  • Agsded

    I think it is about time for Google to make an open source handset that will run on any and all carriers worldwide to end these strap-on proprietary garbage bags all the manufacturers and carriers see fit to saddle us with.

    • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

      That is what they are slowly moving towards, I would most certainly buy this phone, but how could they keep it affordable...?

    • abeee

      I think the current lame situation is only in the US. I believe in Europe you buy the phone you want and then decide on a carrier.

  • Android fuss

    Now looks like Apple iOS is less evil than Google Android, because of Android fragmentation and upgrade issues. I am an Samsung Captivate owner and I am very disappointed. Will consider iOS next time.

    • three_pineapples

      If that is what you want, sure. But from where I'm sitting, If you had done your research before buying, you would have known about Samsung issues, and would have bought a different phone.

      It's all very well to blame android, but the fault is samsung and the carriers. You wouldn't be having this problem were your android phone a HTC phone for example.

      And don't forget about Custom ROM's....

      Anyway, Goodluck with IOS! Maybe by the time you switch IOS will actually have all the features of android...

  • Flashfox

    Interesting posting. Hard to verify but food for thought nevertheless. One can flash 2.2 from XDA and benefit from the proven fixes. However, this is something my carrier (T-Mo) and Samsung should have resolved without me having to root and flash my device. I did not buy the Nexus S nor will I buy another Samsung phone as I have a funny feeling that most North American Galaxy S users will be left out in the cold with regards to 2.2 and any other updates if the poster's comments are true.

  • John a

    Same here, I will never purchase another samsung phone again. 2 weeks ago I traded in my epic for an evo

  • thg

    Greedy bastards, never buying any Samsung products ever again

  • Elrick

    anyone have a link to that advert?

    • Aaron Gingrich

      What advert?

      • Elrick

        They supposedly advertised that Adobe Flash 10.1 would be an upgrade, which meant that Android 2.2 would have to be installed since you needed it to run 10.1

        I'd like to see their black and white on that topic. I remember seeing it when I was first searching for this phone, and now that I'm an owner, I've sucked it up because I don't expect it. Still, I would like to find where they advertised it so I can see it again.

  • lrnano

    For me is all a lie... just to sale more of the new phone. Like rumors are saying Vibrant Plus is the new phone. That's my opinion...

  • ricethief

    WOW....just WOW! I was skeptical about the Vibrant rumors, but this piece of info really fills all the blanks in. I have no doubt now this is 99% Samsung fault now. What a POS company. I certainly will never buy another Samsung device of any type.

  • Robert

    Screw you Samsung! This must be their business model. I have 2.2 on my vibrant and have had for about 3 months. I love my phone but think it is ridiculous to treat your customers like this. I will not ever by another Samsung product.

    • bruno

      I've got a mesmerize

      Is there an option to flash 2.2 or 2

      • Aaron Gingrich

        Custom ROM?

  • corina

    I'm a Vibrant owner and I hate Samsung is broking promises no more samsung for me I was thinking about to buy the samsung nexus s but I changed my mind samsung is out of my life and all the people know Samsung Sucks! -.-

  • Marc

    I blame this all on the new stupid "vibrant 4G" it's T-Mobile that's holding us all back because it wouldn't be fair for the vibrant users if the epic 4G, captivate, and the fasinate users to get froyo while the vibrant has to suffer... It's not samsung's faul at all the U.S carriers gready bastards faul, I mean look everyone one else in the world has froyo for galaxy s phones, it's just the main 4 U.S carriers that don't have froyo.. So I suggest nobody complains anymore about samsung phones just don't buy them on the four main carriers you know?

  • lolapplecaust

    When carriers insist on loading an image with stupid bloatware, Samsung should be able to charge for it.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I don't think they're charging because of the bloatware, they're charging because of the cost of customizing Froyo.

      • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

        Thus the reason Google needs to force all Carriers to use the AOSP image, seems 99% of all users like the AOSP interface anyway. I know this gets tricky, because of opensource and the option to make it the way you want to, but leave that in the hands of the consumer and not the carrier...Look at what we get when the carrier does their own thing: TWIZ, Moto Blur, SenseUI, slow, laggy interfaces that take way to much memory and then on top, drap like Bing...

        • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

          This begs another question, can't carriers just start demanding that manufactures provide them with AOSP updates, rather than with their heavily modified updates? In this case, T-mo should demand for sources and even compile their own AOSP update or demand that Samsung release an AOSP version that would be free to them?

        • Aaron Gingrich

          I disagree completely. In the modding community, maybe 75% prefer AOSP. Normal consumers are perfectly happy with custom UIs. I know maybe a dozen people with Android devices, and only one person - who owned a G1 - ran AOSP. He now has a G2 and runs it with the custom skin it ships with. The rest run stock - Sense, *Blur, etc.

          Edit: Also, did you reply to your own reply? O.o

        • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

          Yea, I replied, time period ran out.

          How many of those users have had chance at running stock AOSP? ;)

        • Sean

          I happen to like the Sense UI. I'm on an Epic 4G with a custom rom that uses the recent Froyo leak, with Launcher Pro as my launcher. Phone is quick, but other than flash (which I hardly use), it's not any speedier than it was with 2.1. Most tests show the Epic and other galaxy s devices to work extremely well.

  • http://farts.com romper_room_dude

    ...come on lg and motorola,step up to the plate, the time is NOW...done with samsung if this turns out to be true...

  • BaoQ

    Hmmm, what about the other countries carrier, does this mean they paid Samsung to get Froyo? Charging for open source, another reason to hate Samsung.

    • UnTitleD

      If you ever notice, the rest of the world are not bound by carriers, yes they may have contract for post paid lines, but our phone gets 2.2 since last year!

      Don't blame samsung if your USA greedy carrier decided to sell more by forcing users to upgrade after contract ends!

  • SamsungSucker

    Sounds to me like they are trying to play "good cop, bad cop". They keep blaming the other company for the fault.

    Instead of us buyers of the Galaxy S phones sitting here bitching on the message boards, we should all be picketing Verizon, or other carriers for our updates. How many of these phones did they sell? Would be a P.R. nightmare.

    I didn't talk to a Samsung Representative when I bought my phone. I wasn't promised 2.2 "within a few weeks" by a Samsung Rep. It was the my carrier that made this promise to me. The same carrier i pay a monthly bill too.

    Once you slap the same name that I make my check to every month, it becomes your responsibility.

    • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron

      I can agree with this, if a carrier promised this, they need to cough it up and pay. Sue Samsung later for the charges incurred...

  • Tk

    I just got my fascinate 4 months ago, sigh. Only 20 more months til I never have to use a samsung again. though I do owe them for pre-loading an andriod police rss on my phone. If not for that I wouldn't even know what froyo means. Thanks for everything android police! And thanks samsung for giving me the tools to hate you

  • PK766

    I am very pissed with T-Mo and Samsung for this incredible lack of customer support! I have liked T-Mo buecause they charge the most appropriate for data plans (ie.. cheap) and I get good service from them. I won't buy another Samsung phone ever again... I only hope that when my time to get a new phone comes up, I will hopefully have the option of an iOS iPhone or an HTC Andriod phone. Until then I'm going to look into rooting my Vibrant.

  • Mike

    I agree that t-mo customer services does suck. I have a mytouch slde,when I heard about the new vibrant I was thinking bout upgrading my phone to it. Untill the issue of froyo is solved I'm not buying it. After reading this article,I wonder what other carriers an phone companies do this also. Not trying to get off track,but here's an example: the orignal mytouch got froyo first before any other mytouch phones did. You would think when they release a new phone,they would update that phone,then work their way down the line. Is it the cost of updating android an/or is it the time they spend to do it,takes to long an they say"screw it". Honestly I wouldn't point fingers till we know how long an hard it is to do it,yes we can root an flash a rom to do it. I agree that having a custom ui also has to with it,but that comes with android being so open. With ios since its closed,apple can update there phones with no problem compaired to android. Maybe google should limit to what the carriers an phone company can do with android to a certain point,not entirely close it off to them

  • mike d

    i was on the phone yesterday with the tech support from verizon regarding my fascinate. after the maintenance update that came out the tenth my phone got messed up. the tech support guy said that this happens rarely with updates such as maintenence updates or froyo. what got my attention was that he said froyo. meaning that some fascinates have been updated. however since the update is not out......they must be testing.

  • Greg

    Their service is just as bad with their TVs. I'll never buy another one of those.
    Looks good at the start but falls apart on the service end of things.

  • Marc

    Yeah I bet none of you guys would blame samsung if you lived in japan that were the phone was made the U.S is the last country to receive froyo, SO STOP BITCHING AT SAMSUNG it's not there fault it's the U.S carriers fault. The reason motorola & htc are up to date on there upgrade is because there made in the U.S, I bet you japan's motorola phones or htc phone users are complaining about motorola or htc because they haven't got there update that we probably had for a year now, it's the damn carriers fault & nobody listens

    • Steve

      Umm... htc is from Taiwan and Motorola is shopped out, usually to S Korea. Samsung is S Korean, by the way, not Japanese.

  • Eric

    Let's keep the Samsung rants going. My son and I both have rooted Vibrants and we have become so disenchanted with Samsung that we just returned both of our Nexus S's and there won't be anymore Samsung products purchased in our family. They have sold ten million of these damn phones and now are too greedy to get us our 2.2. Scew'em!!! And you can bet your a$$ that if they ever do roll out 2.2 it will be the last update this phone ever gets.

  • Marc

    So europe still doesn't have froyo for the motorola milestone (Droid 1) so are you guys going to blame motorola also when the U.S has had it for half a year now? Or are you going to listen to me it's the CARRIERS!!!

    • Eric

      No offense, but aren't you the guy that said Samsung was from Japan and HTC from the US? Sure we can blame the carriers to because they don't want to pay Samsungs fee for the upgrade. Do you get that? Samsungs fee.

      • UnTitleD

        Just because 1 person step out and told you it's samsung fee instead of something else, so you believe it because his american? LOL dude! you think carrier in india is richer than those in the usa? since they had 2.2 long ago! how about malaysia carrier? we have 2.2 few months back! Fee? My ass I say. Start using your brain, please, I beg you.

        • Eric

          It sounds like you know "exactly" what the problem is so why don't you share it with all of us Samsung haters that don't know anything and decided to form our opinions after reading what this ONE person had to say.

        • UnTitleD

          I do not know the REAL reason behind, what I did was taking out the variable, IF, a big if, it really cost so much that US carriers felt they needed so many excuses to release 2.2, why the rest of the world had it already? Still needs further testing?

          Granted, we do not have epic 4g outside of USA(cause mostly GSM based carriers), gt-i9000 do not cause major set back to majority of the users who upgraded.

          I agrees that Samsung's update cycle is awfully slow(sometimes none existing) previously. But think time around, I must say they did a commendable job in updating galaxy s gt-i9000 outside of USA.

          For reason why US carriers had such difficulty is beyond me, just taking out some variables in the case, you might find you answer soon.

  • MW

    Would you pay $4 or $5 to get your Galaxy phone upgraded to Froyo? Sort of like Apple, who charged for an update to iOS 3 a little while back? That would fix the cost issue for Samsung.

    • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron


  • uhriaha

    Samsung sucks!! I traded my vibrant for a nexus one and will stay with it until the next nexus is hopefully made by HTC again!

  • Chris

    All I see here is hate directed at samsung and people vowing to never buy another samsung again. It seems to me the carriers' plan is working quite well.

    • Chris

      By the way, I've had a nexus S since launch and it is a far better phone than the N1. Even if you discount the newer tech, the touch response and capacitive buttons that actually work make it a far better experience

    • UnTitleD

      Agrees with you, carrier is doing something to promote their other phones, most probably other manufacturer giving them better benefit?

      Starting to sound like Intel/AMD case all over again..Antitrust case

  • Jairo

    I will never buy a samsung phone again! I will sell my epic and buy an Iphone or evo! Or any new phone coming up that's not samsung! I will not recommend a samsung device to anyone totally disappointed, wish could go back and buy a htc evo!

  • The_Omega_Man

    If the carriers passed the Android OS Version Upgrade costs to the consumers, would you pay? I see HUGE fragmentation potentially occurring in this model.

    • http://www.christiantechsaz.com/ Aaron


  • Matt

    Root and you can create your own updates for free.

  • Ned

    Up here in Canuckistan when Bell rolled out the Froyo for the Vibrant update it caused major havoc. Everyone's - including mine - internal SD rolled over and died. Got so bad that they now have a full replacement program running. And - if this gives you any idea how bad it was/is - a $100 credit on your account. Guess they're really trying to avoid that class action.

    • Eric

      Hang on Ned. UntitleD should be posting any minute now telling us exactly what the problem is since he is in the know.

    • Bob


      To correct you, "Everyone’s – including mine – internal SD rolled over and died" just ain't true.
      I updated my Bell Galaxy S to froyo and everything continues to work just fine thank you.
      I feel bad for my American friends that there is some infighting going on. Someone else here stated that the Galaxy is still a fine phone running 2.1 which I think is true too.

      • Ned

        It's just possible that a wee bit of hyperbole was included.

        Doesn't change the fact that a *significant* number of users have experienced hardware failure following the original Froyo update, such that a replacement program was created and a second firmware upgrade was pushed out to replace the original. Bell rep told me the phones were being replaced by Samsung at their cost because the code was flawed and was hosing the memory chips.

        My point - is Samsung hanging back on pushing out widely in the U.S. because of technical flaws that they are sorting out with us as their guinea pigs?

        Good luck with your unit. Hope you are running the UGJL2 build!

  • Tk

    okay-the rest of the world has froyo on their samsungs, therefore its not samsungs fault. You know, because froyo just came out this past november and samsung brought it to the world just as quick as everyone else...right...

    • WooYooFoo

      Froyo came out in like June.

  • TheTruth

    Well that explains it. I've had my eye on Samsung's smartphones lately (especially the Fascinate), and thankfully I've maintained my "wait and see" policy. I've never owned a smartphone before and it's time to get one, and I'm waiting for the "perfect" phone. Fortunately, my patience has paid off, and I didn't get stuck with some phone running Android 2.1 for the next 2 years.

    It's clear now that Samsung is playing games and trying to screw carriers out of money that they shouldn't have to pay. And that really pisses me off, since Samsung seems to have the best products on the horizon. I feel bad for all the people who bought crappy 2.1-based phones with the false promises of imminent upgrades which are never coming. But I'm relived that I dodged that bullet.

    BOOOOO to Samsung for being a bunch of greedy assh0les!! When I get a new phone, it'll be an iPhone or a phone that's running Gingerbread...otherwise forget it.

    • The_Omega_Man

      First off the samsung phones running 2.1 aren't crappy. This is some of the best hardware currently available. 2.1 is a quite capable mobiile OS. It would be nice to know that these devices will be updated in short order, but there is very little that the current phones can not do or utilizes while running 2.1, for now.

      • Itsasecret

        Uh, Gingerbread is out and Froyo has significant feature updates that Eclair lacks. Please don't be an apologist for major mega-opolies that consistently rip us off. Most of the time, if you didn't already know, we get third generation technology. Japan, S Korea, China, India, Europe...Everyone else in the world is already three steps ahead for the same price while we are left with the defectives.

      • WooYooFoo

        Except for the added speed of JIT in Froyo as well as 2.2 apps only.

  • SamsungFoolingUs

    Last week, I emailed to Samsung (expressing my rage for not giving out Vibrant update) and here is their response:

    "Thank you for taking the time to inform us of the many issues concerning your Samsung product. We always appreciate hearing from our customers, as your comments are vital for us to continue improving our products, as well as our business.

    We will forward your feedback along to the concerned parties for further review and consideration.

    We are unable to speculate when/if a software revision with this feature might be available due to the fact that this might lead to inaccurate information and confusion.

    Thank you again for your comments. We hope that you will give us another opportunity to serve you.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

    Technical Support"

    Samsung is just fooling us!

    • Usvi

      Let us all stop buying samsung phones, maybe then they will fix the update problem and while there at it, make better hardware instead of all those cheap plastic phones.

  • Annonymous
    • Antinonymous

      Really? You thought it was logical to post a link to another article based on the same source?

  • Daryl

    This makes perfect sense and sounds just like something samsung would do. I sold my samsung 2 months ago. I will never purchased another samsung product ever again. I blame samsung and I will continue to feel so. And they have lost my business if not thousands of other people who purchased this product. What a horrible way to run a business

  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=911154&page=1 kobesabi

    Put it on Marketplace for free and make it 1 click upgrade App already! Problem solved. No OTA overhead to deal with.

    The majority of the code was by Google. Therefore Samsung should not try to make extra profit off it. Samsung only put in the bloatware and drivers and want us to pay for that?

    If there is working Froyo on "Vibrant" 4G Plus phone, that means Froyo is already to go for Vibrant 3G. Only minor tweak needed. No more excuses. It's half a year overdue for Froyo. How many more lies and broken promise we have to wait further? Out of 10Millions sold, 6Millions already unhappy. Fix it fast or you definitely lose more than SGS phones...your reputation for any other products.

    Samsung also needs to adhere to OpenHandsetAlliance and release the tweaked code since they are member of open source community.

    Let's BOYCOTT all SAMSUNG Galaxy phones (ie. upcoming Samsung 4G Plus) for breaking their promises since half a year ago. If they don't do anything by end of January 2011, let's Boycott all of their product at ALL SAMSUNG EVENTS

    Anyone who support the cause needs to join up on the class action lawsuit

    complain to their Facebook, Twitter, FCC, BBB, RipOffReport, Scam, Scambuster

    still upset? go give the review that you think Samsung deserves on Amazon, Pricegrabber, Wirefly, PhoneDog, CNET, PHandroid, GSMArena, NewEgg, CDW...

    Deceptive Hostage Marketing Tactics
    Scamming users are unacceptable.

    Consumers will not be lied anymore. Keep taking action folks until they treat us better.

  • Itsasecret

    This is just blatant collusion. Where is the Federal Trade Commission and AG Holder when you need them. This is Big Cellular running amok.

  • http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=911154&page=1 kobesabi

    If HTC, Motorola is smart, they utilize this bad PR Samsung is in and advertise their phone as free update.

  • Rod

    I have a feeling that the reason Samsung considers the froyo updates a feature update is probably due to the amount of bloatware that the US carriers are basically forcing samsung to include with any future android releases. The Bell Galaxy has very little bloatware and is unbranded with TouchWiz on top.

  • Chaz

    So mom is an alcoholic and dad has a gambling problem and they fight with each other all the time. The only ones who truly get screwed are us kids. So I don't care who's fault it is. Mom and dad need to get their shyt together cuz I want my Froyo, or else I'm putting myself up for adoption and looking for new parents. The kids in the Sprint Family household down the street seem to be pretty happy. Maybe I'll go live with them.

  • John

    I don't think this is the real reason, other Samsung phones have gotten the upgrade to 2.2 across the other carriers, why not this one? Call it greed, because they want you to buy a new phone, call it incompetence because they don't know what they are doing to make this stable--fine. I just don't buy this particular theory.

  • http://twitter.com/sgsssucks SGSSSUCKS

    If they want to shoot themselves in the foot, that's all well and fine. They can run their business however they want; they just won't sell phones this way.
    However... They advertised, marketed & have continued to say that these phone would receive the Froyo update "soon" since prior to these phone every being released.
    Had I known that they would not receive this update "soon" (google define: soon) I would not have spent $500 on this device. I know a lot of people wouldn't.
    Samsung lied to their customers to get people to buy this phone, and customers did NOT get what they paid for. If they were honest about the update, they would not have sold the number of Galaxy S phones they have. This is fraudulent marketing, it is deceptive and it is not acceptable for any company to do this. I believe it is against the law as well.
    People who purchased Galaxy S phones were stolen from. When you purchase a $500 device like thru a contract, you do pay the retail price over time over the course of the contract. By Samsung withholding this update, it devalues the device you spent money on.
    Bottom line, Samsung charged you full retail price for a device and features they are not providing. Samsung owes it's customers a refund.

  • William

    Wow...what a great business model for Samsung. Keeps your customers angry .

    Lets sell open source to our customers...What a high integrity Company.

    The Galaxy s is the last Samsung product that I will ever buy.

  • Anuj

    My wife owns a Vibrant and yes the hardware it does have is superior to my Nexus One. However its version of the Android 2.1 O/S is buggy and slow and the GPS is more a liability than an aid. Slave to new gadgets as I am, her phone is too frustrating for me to envy her.

    BTW, I'm currently upgrading to Gingerbread on my Nexus One as we speak.

    For shame, Samsung, for shame. We should have known better after the Behold debacle. Great hardware (All my TVs are from Samsung), terrible, nonexistent support.

    • jookyone

      Official OTA 2.3 for Nexus or ROM?

  • likkki

    (If this rumor is true) A glass can be half full or half empty; it’s all in the way that you look at it. On one side it’s easy to envision all of the powers to be (Software manufacture, Hardware manufacture, Phone companies all arguing about the cost of this update.

    On the other hand – I see this as a golden opportunity for a cell phone carrier to stand out. As they say, the cream raises to the top. The first carrier to bight the bullet and do whatever is needed for them to provide this upgrade will be golden. Sure in the short run this might hurt their bottom line a little. But they will quickly win the respect of cell phone users. They won’t be able to put a value on all the positive press that they will receive.

    Cell phone carriers, ARE YOU LISTENING, I would like to ask one simple question. WHO is going to be the golden carrier?

  • Mac

    We in SA do not have the upgrade aws well. Will have to wait until Feb2011. Looks like worst mistake ever to purchase a Galaxy S I9000..

  • [email protected]

    Well, I am definitely never getting a Samsung phone again!

  • Eric

    I would love to know what the per unit cost of the upgrade to 2.2 is. As someone mentioned earlier they could charge X dollars ($3 to $5) for anyone that wants an upgrade. I realize that this goes against what they promised, but if it could get us upgrades in a timely manner it might be worth it. I wonder what the average Joe would pay for Froyo or Gingerbread if they could get it on a non-rooted phone. It could very well create a sizable revenue stream for those greedy bas%@#*. I'm sure their argument would be that they could not do this since they have no idea how many people would actually pay for it. Surely at least 10% would. Just trying to think outside the box since the manufacturers and providers are dragging their feet.

  • Mr Slave

    Thank you for this article. This is why I read this site, because you are not afraid to report on something that seems logical yet is unfounded. I am not a Samsung phone owner but for the love of Android overall I hope the carriers win this round.

    On another note it will be interesting to see where the Nexus S update saga takes us. With Google being so involved I would think that it will receive different treatment when it comes to updating Google's basically(although unsaid) dev phone.

  • Dr Jay Goyal

    Hi Aaron, good article.

    i am from india and own a Galaxy S which i updated to Froyo 2.2 almost 2 months back. The update is freely available via samsung kies software. We in india are lucky we do not have carrier locked phones.

    The point of samsung expecting carriers to pay for an update is astonishing. How can they charge for something which google is giving for free.

    Why don't all galaxy S owers file a lawsuit against samsung ??

  • Michael

    The Samsung Epic 4g will be my first and last Samsung phone purchased. In addition Samsung will never get recommended to my friends and family who ask for my "techie" opinion on such matters. The only way to redeem themselves is to get 2.3 to me by end of February.

    I plan to root when my 1 year warranty is up.

  • Eric

    I have a Vibrant and I "had" a NS that I returned. I have been running 2.2 on the Vibrant for a few months and it runs great however, the GPS stinks even after the so called fix. Aside from the screen, my MT4G runs circles around the Vibrant in all of the benchmarks, the GPS is flawless, you can actually feel the vibration alerts and the build quality is far superior. Had the 4G come out first, I seriously doubt I would have bought the Vibrant. @Michael - go ahead and root, its easy and just as easy to go back to stock. 2.3 was a big let down in my opinion which is one of the reasons my son and I returned our NS's along with their updating issues. I have 4 other HTC phones that are wonderful and don't plan on giving Sammy anymore of my business.

    • Michael

      Thanks Eric; With rooting, can i still have sprint tv (that's the only bloatware I actually use from time to time) and more importantly can I keep swype? Also, I use launcherpro, if I root will I be rid of touchwiz?

      Any site you recommend with instructions and the mods I'll need? I search and there seem to be TONS of options, so basically just overwhelmed. Just nervous about bricking, especially b/c this is both my personal and work phone.

      Funny side note: someone asked me what type of phone I had in a crowded elevator today and I told them a Samsung Epic and made it clear NOT to go with Samsung due to their terrible customer service.

      • Eric

        @Michael-yes to all. Go to XDA Developers. Hands down the best Android source for anything you need to know.

  • Blue

    They have been having trouble building an update routine that doesn't require you to wipe your phone. Changes to the ActiveCare software in DL09 should remedy this. Next round of testing will determine if its ready.

    Nice try with your article, but its pure fiction.

    • MJ

      I hope you are right Blue!

  • pax

    I have already got rid of my Vibrant and T-Mobile. Never ever will I buy another Samsung product. Samsung and T-Mobile both suck.

  • SamsungSucker

    Too bad they will have to go back to the drawing board to fix the ability to mount our phones to pc and macs.

    These guys are a lesson in incompetence.

  • Jroc

    IF what the person said is true, its more Samsung fault than the carriers.

    Look at HTC, Motorola. They updated their Android phones with minimal delay.

    Samsung hit their goal of selling 10 million Galaxy S phones worldwide. Most of the sales came from the US. Thats alot of phones. IF what the guy said is true, Samsung is being a lil greedy.

    Samsung and updates have been an issue from the old Win Mo days. I didnt pay attention to it then, didnt stick with my Omnia 1 long enough to find out...lol. (such a bad experience with the Omnia 1...I thought for sure I HAD to have a physical keyboard....turns out I dont. Just need a phone with a decent screen and software...) I thought folks were exaggerating about it recently. But this sucks....

  • PG

    So does anyone have the 2.2 that they can mail to me or know where I can download it?

  • Anti-Sam

    I wish people would stop blaming the carriers. They are rolling out 2.2 for the other phones. They are right to boycott Samsung's demand to pay for updates to the OS... an OS that is free from Google, not developed by Samsung (no one asked for Touchwiz). If I were the carriers, I would create a patch that wipes off Touchwiz, updates to stock 2.2, and updates their bloatware. I don't mind the bloatware if my OS is properly up to date (I move all the ones on my Captivate to the end so I never see them). If I were AT&T, I would find updating my own apps based on stock Android A LOT easier than waiting for Samsung's bastardized version.

  • Galaxs S User

    What about unlocked Galaxy S Phones in the US?

  • Galaxs S User

    Will they ever release an update for the unlocked/unbranded Galaxy S Phones?

  • Tim

    I'm sorry this isn't samsungs fault. Sounds to me like those carriers who rape your wallets on ridiculous charges and fees are the ones to blame. The same ones who also provide you with BS reasoning on phone issues and lousy customer service,att! They should just cough up the fee like everyone else has and give all the us galaxy s owners froyo! Instead of worrying how its gonna hurt their 750mil profit this past year and how its gonna effect their 6.6 million dollar making ceo's! This has nothing to do with Samsung! They have to pay their testers and designers somehow!!!! Once again another show of American corporate greed!!

  • bruce

    There is a way to put 10.1 flash on the facinate. Also there are custom roms out there. Plus theres a way to get it back to stock for froyo. When or if it does come out. Sorry i bought the facinate no i"m not.

  • kmc212

    Class Action Lawsuit

  • Junior

    I had a Canadian phone with eclair... after installing froyo my phone was dead. SD card was fried just after upgrading it through kies.

    I think FROYO exposes defective hardware on the phones.

    If you want to try to get more info on this please google "BELL Samsung Galaxy s i9000m vibrant SD Card Dead"

    I think they are having a really hard time to make froyo run smoothly on all of this devices already sold.

    I Hate SAMSUNG / SAMSUNG CANADA and we should stop buying their products...

    Reasons: (No upgrades, Defective Hardware, Bad customer service, No communication)

    NOT BUYING a SAMSUNG product again

  • Peter

    As good as Android are doing Samsung is holding it back. Imagine Android OS on a quality device with a Good PC client and prompt updates!