As a loyal Sprint customer, I must say - I was disappointed by the carrier's lack of announcements at CES. In fact, the only new phone they introduced was the HTC EVO Shift 4G, which offered little that we haven't already seen in a million other phones. But as it turns out, the nation's third-largest carrier isn't resting on its laurels; it was merely saving the more important announcements for its own event.


Indeed, Sprint has just sent out a handful of invites (see above) for an event on February 7 where "yet another industry first" will be announced. As usual, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse will be there... only this time, he'll be joined by master illusionist David Blaine. Who knows - maybe bringing Froyo to the Epic was a job only a magician could accomplish.

Sources: Engadget, Phandroid

Jaroslav Stekl
Jaroslav Stekl is a tech enthusiast whose favorite gadgets almost always happen to be the latest Android devices. When he's not writing for Android Police, he's probably hiking, camping, or canoeing. He is also an aspiring coffee aficionado and an avid moviegoer.

  • http://twitter.com/notoriousnick NotoriousNick

    SPOILER ALERT: CDMA Windows Phone7

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      I don't think it's going to be WP7 since plenty of Android blogs were invited.

  • Ourprisonplanet

    Negative... 4G blackberry tablet... It's on sprints website right now... Goto sprint.com and search tablet...

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      Who said anything about the Playbook?

    • Rich

      Nope. They would not hold a special invitational to announce something they have already announced.

  • JJ

    Its not going to be windows7. How is windows7 a big deal anymore? It is most likely going to be something like the evo2 with dualcore chipset and running gingerbread. At least thats what I'm hoping.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Industry first though?

      • moose09876

        Quad core evo with a bigger battery (gasp) I think i just shat myself.

  • Sprintguy

    Blackberry Tablet!!!! Come on!!! That was announced @ CES!

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      My thoughts exactly. Not sure what Ourprisonplanet was getting at there...

      • Ourprisonplanet

        LOL... My bad... Didn't know it was announced... I was just checking the Sprint website and had just saw it...

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

          No prob!

  • Digitalthug

    How are either of those industry firsts? I can kinda see it being cdma windows phone 7..cause it will be first cdma version..but that would be dumb of them to really tout that as an industry first.

    • Rich

      Neither are, people are trying to say they know what it will be despite evidence to the contrary.

  • sal

    Can he pull gingerbread outta his hat and deliver it to us left in the dust epic handlers... booo.. neglected and shit on by sammy n sprinty, priced reductions a month after I buy it and still no upgrades not even froyo..hello were starving here.... not cool...

    • Rich

      I've said it before and I'll say it again here. Once you buy your phone you should immediately assume it will never be updated. There is no money in it for the manufacturer or your carrier. You bought the phone, are likely stuck in a 2 year contract, and won't be going anywhere.

      If you want continued support. Root it and look to the community.

      I will however tell you that it is likely more Samsung than Sprint. A recent post I was reading stated that TMobile had an update ready for a Samsung phone and Samsung stopped them from releasing it in order to make it more appealing to upgrade.

  • dj

    It not the black Berry tablet because that got announced last week at CES it might be the rumored 3D HTC phone aka evo 2 .and David Blaine might do a effect to show off 3d .that's my. Prediction

  • dj

    It most likely android product because other article said invitation went specifically to android sites

  • Ronthegentleman

    Gingerbread!! Hopefully on a follow up device to the Evo!

  • Justin Rosado

    maybe evo owners will get the new sense...

    • Rich

      Seems a little strange to have such a seemingly big deal for an update to a nearly year old phone...

  • RB94928

    master illusionist SPRINT will find a way to charge us for a service while they upgrade their system, WAIT!! we already pay for 4G and don't have it in Sonoma Co

  • oris

    it is the htc scribe 4g ... first 4g honeycomb tablet


    The first CDMA iPhone 4 4G. Not wishful thinking, just an idea. Evo all the way baby.

  • quest

    3d phone from HTC..... David Blaine = 3d with no glasses its magic!!

  • TareX

    It's the HTC 3D phone that has been rumored for a Feb announcement a couple of months ago... will probably be LTE, and may offer 3D video chat (to make use of the LTE speeds)...

    I mean com'on, illusionist = illusion of depth = 3D


    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Well, the Galapagos Sharp phone is already 3D, so it wouldn't be industry first, unless they mean U.S. industry.

      Otherwise, this would surely make sense.

  • chris ponciano

    people speculate so much, think what hasn't been don't, stop running around the internet saying "this IS what it WILL be" because you don't know.

    That being said, it probably was smarter to announce something outside CES, since the signal-to-noise ratio there is so high they would have probably gotten looked at them moved on.

  • David Ruddock

    If it *is* a 3D phone, I will seriously consider the possibility that the world has, in fact, gone completely insane.

    • chris ponciano

      *Ring *Ring..... whos calling? i dunno i cant read the screen its all blurry...

      • abeee


        but imagine someone making an app to slap someone through the phone.. in 3D


  • aj

    I come from the future. It is the Evo3D.

  • kohut321

    It's going to be the stupid Blackberry tablet running "4g" I can bet on that since when you look into the promotion being done for the BB play book tablet the words "magic" are used and Sprint has already promised a 4g version. It all adds up.

  • derek

    its gotta be a 4g 3D phone from HTC think about it they released the EVO with Sprint the first 4g phone with a kick stand and front facing camera that you could do video chat with out wifi???

    • derek

      and also what I forgot to mention was it has to be big or something to at least blow the pre order and launch of the iphone and the Motorola atrix and the sidekick 4g out of the water since the competitors are releasing some really nice phones