Google Goggles

Google just updated its Goggles app to version 1.3 and added three noteworthy features that make it even more desirable than it was before. First is the ability to scan QR codes without actually taking a picture; just hover your camera over the image and Goggles will automatically recognize it.

Second, Goggles now recognizes ads in major US newspapers and magazines. I couldn't get this to work, but Google claims it will work with any ads dated since August 2010.

The last feature is the one that has everybody talking - Google Goggles is now capable of scanning and solving Sudoku puzzles in a matter of seconds. Surprisingly, it worked - the app had no trouble identifying numbers whatsoever. If you're a Sudoku fan, you probably won't be cheating anyway, but it's definitely a neat trick, if only because it works so well. If you're still not convinced, try the feature out here or watch the video below.

Want Goggles? Scan the QR code below or click on it if you're viewing this on your phone.

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.unveil

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via TechCrunch

  • chris ponciano

    I tried it this morning and the server wouldnt accept any of my photos. I just tried again and it solved a sudoku for me, nice!

  • Álmos

    Sudoku solver doesn't work for me. :'(

  • jadon

    Yep, just hand over your brain's capabilities to a computer, to solve a problem most people engage in purely to exercise their minds in the first place. Wow, we deserve the inevitable enslaving of our kind by machines...

    • Ravrahn

      The entire thing is just Google showing off. I don't think anyone's going to actually stop playing Sudoku because of this. And cheating at a one-player game is just sad. If you do that, you DESERVE to be enslaved by the machines.

  • http://OMGrant.com OMGrant

    Haha, this is almost what they did on Big Bang Theory :3

  • Eggcake

    Tried it, it works! Impressive. Goggles is getting better and better, it's actually really usable by now.