If you were one of the early adopters of the Samsung Nexus S, chances are you have been plagued by the highly obnoxious reboot syndrome experienced during daily phone calls. Upon making or receiving a phone call, the phone will suddenly and unexpectedly go black and reboot for no apparent reason. Up until recently, Nexus S owners have felt ignored by Google in regards to this issue. Previously, Google has qualified their negligible stance on the issue with claims that the issue was not with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but instead Samsung's fault because of the hardware itself. All of the concern growing in the community forum seems to have gained their attention now; however, and Google has successfully replicated the issue in order to issue a fix.


As of now, users may still experience the reboot during standard phone calls. Those in the community dealing with the issue have tried to find a precise timeframe within which the error occurs, but after all of the collaboration the issue seems sporadic to say the least. Ry Guy from Google assures all concerned owners that they are collaborating with Samsung on the issue as we speak, so we assume a fix will soon ensue. Be sure to check in for an update on the fix for this annoying bug.

[Source: XDA via Android Central]

  • Skippy

    The real Android flag ship is the EVO. Google won't admit its error in selling flagship rights.

    • Chris

      Was. If anything the real flagship device is the Nexus One, or the Desire HD.

  • Westindiesking

    Thats my post! Still waiting on a response from Ry on this :(

    • http://www.zomfgninja.com Josh Cooter

      Hey be sure to email Ry's response to tips@androidpolice when he responds that way we can update it to the post!

  • jake

    Umm when is someone gonna get on Google about the Nexus One gingerbread update, its been almost a month

  • wolfie

    Then thiers the droid x reboot. Mine still reboots at least 3 times a day. Rooted froyo 2.2.1

  • Paul

    It's sad on how Google responds to issues. First the whole market denying 50% of the orders, they take days to even acknowledge the issue and then fix it. Now the Nexus S reboot issues, they initially ignore it, then blame Samsung, and then later go "oh, it might be gingerbread, ok we'll work with Samsung on a fix" rather than doing this from the very beginning. It just seems Google is very lax on communications with people, they do things on their timeframe and they don't care if you're a developer or a end-user, they'll get to it when they get to it. I really love Android but Google's disposition on these issues really irritates me.

    • Westindiesking

      Well wait a second. I can see you have never programmed before, most of the time an issue turns out to be with the user screwing something up. I know this because i deal with it on a daily basis. Users say something is broken and it turns out to be something they did wrong. Any good IT person knows this, Someone reports something you investigate the issue verify what the issue is. Recreate the issue then you can move forward on trying to find a solution. They have acknowledge there is an issue and they are working to resolve it. When dealing with software, especially something that is open and allow apps alot of access to your code its extremely difficult to debug something and not break something else. It takes alot of time dude so relax its only been a few weeks, if this rolls over to months then there is a big problem. I just would like to receive timely updates on the issue so i know something is going to be done.

      • Percy

        Well, if you ate blaming the user, you don't seem like a good programmer, or software engineer, as I prefer to be called.

        Don't you do unit tested, test driven development and run it through QA?

        I am horrified, with the new app gold rush, how so many people cut corners, and then blame the user.

        If the user can mess up your application, it is your fault. Period.

  • Dana

    Google should of stayed with HTC... Samsung is hahahaa all they have is a nice screen

  • Percy

    Uh, I don't know about the EVO being so great. I have used one and it freezes up here and there.

    And yeah, Google does plenty evil. They don't seem to admit to flaws. I also remember the battery draining issue after Gingerbread was released, and they pretty much ignored it, shifted the blame, etc.

    And they also don't take privacy seriously. Pretty Evil.

    Maybe they will have a new flagship smart phone -- the HTC EVIL. Ha ha ha...