At the RCA booth today we got a quick glimpseat something they're working on. It's a 42" full HD TV, that runs Android 2.2 at the same time. The OS can be controlled from the TV's remote or with what looked strikingly similar to the Brando Rii Bluetooth keyboard. The UI is a custom media-centric launcher which allows you to view images and videos on the large screen. Around the back we found a USB port which indicates that you should be able to play external media from your own storage devices.

IMG_2635 IMG_2638 IMG_2630

As you can see in the notecard, the Android TV supposedly has access to the Android Market. We'll have to see what Google have to say about that, and since the TV's network connection was acting up we couldn't try it out ourselves. There is also Flash 10.1 support and DLNA compatibility. Responsiveness was quite good for a large screen device like this one, and we left with an overall positive impression. Whether or not RCA will actually decide to release this device remains to be seen, but it should provide an interesting alternative to the standard Google TV format for those interested.

Brian O'Toole
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  • The only thing moving

    Now that's a good one, what's next apple ios 4 on tv, wait a sec we have crapple tv and Doogle tv but...
    unless they make the television with these specs it might not sell well
    android 2.2
    1gb rom
    512 ram
    and a blue tooth touch pad with keyboard /blue tooth controller for gaming.
    If that was the case I buy 3
    emulator - $2.99
    android - free
    television - $1,000
    Having a TV that don't suck = priceless.
    For any thing else there's crapple doogle TV.

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