At T-Mobile's press schmoozing session this evening, a few HSPA+ devices were available for the blogging masses to clench in their clammy hands. One in particular that we were keen to try was the Dell Streak 7, the new big brother of the original Dell Streak (Mini 5), announced earlier today. With the 7" tablet boasting a Tegra II dual-core processing unit, our interest was piqued, so we took a look in the video below:

As you can see, the performance fell short of the hype and anticipation that many of us felt with this CES's dual-core bonanza. It might be slightly hard to detect with the frame rate of the video recording, but scrolling still felt choppy despite the power contained within. This was exacerbated by very spotty touchscreen responsiveness.

Further adding to the Streak 7's woes were its paltry WVGA resolution and disappointing viewing angles (which you can kind of see in the 8th and 9th shots below) - both areas where the Samsung Galaxy Tab is painfully superior. On the software side, the Streak 7 runs Android 2.2 with Dell's Stage UI, a combination we suspect may not be taking full advantage of the power available to it. Hopefully, at least some of these issues will be addressed before launch, or we can see this device stumbling even with its powerhouse internals and supposed four gees.

IMG_2441_wm IMG_8157_wm IMG_8158_wm

IMG_8150_wm IMG_8151_wm IMG_8159_wm

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Brian O'Toole
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  • Kane

    Dell is not taking this tablet thing seriously, is it? What kind of shit screen is that? Come on!

  • Merovingian

    If it ain't HoneyComb then what's the point? These tablets still coming out with anything less than 3.0 should be put in front of a firing squad!!

    Have they seen the Xoom demos?!!

    • http://androidpolice.com Brian

      Unfortunately, for all the hubbub about Honeycomb, it's really only a concept video right now. Motorola are so paranoid about us finding holes in the Xoom's pre-release software that we're not allowed to even take the device out of the demonstrator's hands to get a feel of it weight and size, let alone peruse the menus.
      The Xooms on display only have Gallery installed in order to play the Honeycomb video that everyone has already seen.
      Its screen does blow the Streak 7's away, though.

  • Deon

    Supposed 4 gee's, lol. HSPA+ is a'ight, I like that it uses the existing frequencies and infrastructure, and I do like that ATT just deployed it everywhere. I do think Dell needs to optimize their Stage UI before they release it or they'll go the way of Viewsonic's tablet. Hackers will of course put their own optimized Android on it and it'll perform twice as fast as the stock Rom. I really think Dell/Viewsonic/etc. should consult the hacker community before releasing their software to see if they can 'tweak' it.

  • chris

    About the download speeds. U have to remember, T-Mobile 's 4g network has users on it, Verizon doesn't . Both are going to on top this yr