Task Switching on Android 3.0 Honeycomb

We've been getting a lot of information about Honeycomb over the past two days. Earlier today we got some more previews from T-Mobile and just now, at Verizon's CES keynote,  they introduced us to an updated notifications system and a brand new sleek task switcher. Here's a video of the full walkthrough which gives us other new visuals like how to mess around with homescreens, a look at the new YouTube app, Maps 5.0 (which got quite a bit of oohs-and-aahs), Dungeon Defenders, Gtalk video chat, and much more!

via Phandroid

  • Deon

    Very nice. It was so confusing from the other video's but the walkthrough cleared it up. Not a bad interface. I doubt manufacturers will need to "skin" it like they keep doing to Android (touchwiz, motoblur, lenos, senseui, tap-n-touch, etc.), but they'll probably try anyways. But I'm down with the stock Gingerbread interface.