Engadget has scored some hands-on time with the much anticipated Notion Ink Adam and have captured it on video for all to see.

The video shows off the Adam's Eden UI switching between panels with ease, even in the cover-flow view. The smooth performance shows off how powerful the Tegra 2 CPU is. 

The browser also looks promising - scrolling through the browser seems smooth though there appears to be a slight lag in reacting to the swipe gesture. Pinch-to-zoom is in full effect but the text flow adjustment doesn't make it appear as smooth as we might like.

The standout feature is definitely the PixelQi display, which delivers amazing readability in direct sunlight. Glare is minimal, though that could be a result of using a matte display instead of glass, or it may be attributed to the screen's coating. Either way it looks great, and it looks even better when shown side-by-side with the iPad.

In regards to the hardware, Engadget editor Joanna Stern felt the Adam's build quality was solid and lightweight but a little on the thick side. She also appreciated the rubber grip which made it easy to handle and went as far as suggesting that all tablet manufacturers should do the same.

Overall the Adam is looking good and may live up to the hype. Don't take my word for it, hit the source link to check out Engadget's hand-on video.

Source: Engadget

  • Derek Ward

    Looks like a winner to me! I'm very impressed. The only downside is no market, but hopefully that'll be fixed by XDA devs. ;-)

  • Peter

    I did not believe this would ever come to the market, but WOW, I am really impressed with the tablet hardware, user interface and performance. In terms of hardware, software, features, this might very well be the the best tablet available.

  • loco

    But they haven't given a review unit to to AP yet. Scam! Scam! lol

  • KillJoy


    Just don't bother.

    You are not supposed to be reporting positive things.

    Why not sniff some other product that has an iota of a whisper of a rumor to be a vapor-ware?

  • superbadass

    wtf this is truly a 'vapourware' :P or a better comment wuld be to say .."we won't say much about it (now!)"

    RIP: AndroidBoy & David

    • Android Boi

      NI will pretty much be outdated in Feb with Xoom!

      • Android Boi

        What developers are going to support NI store now?

        Now that honeycomb will be out, they be a new tablet every month or so.

        Game over

  • NS-wp

    I wonder if classic android appso (e.g. Angry birds, Titanium backup, "your favorite andriod app" will run in NI Adam.

    Please note, that these classic apps does not have Eden UI bindings (e.g. events, etc.). It might installed but will it run?

    • Paul Schoe

      The classic android apps will run on Adam but most likely only in full screen.

      I hope that they will also run in a leaf (panel) as most of them are phone apps that will look better in a smaller leaf then being stretched to tablet-size. in addition i really like to have to different leafs (leaves) next to each other in Eden. It gives a nice overview when you want to see or run multiple apps simultaneously.

  • lionheart

    I was looking for at least one word "apology" . Bad luck for me.

    I hope now you guys are satisfied with what is being told by Slashgear (they were the first time last year, when no one showed any interest) and Endgadget......

  • AuntieLucy

    Of course I'm not taking your word for it. I still believe this is a scam, vaporware. Don't you agree with me AP?

    • Marvin

      @AuntieLucy Are you really an idiot or just acting like one?

    • Android Boi


      Noone has reviewed the Adam. Please can these NI fanbois grow a pair.

      You don't know how good it is there is a consenus from the review that yes it is that good.

      About NI being innovative, they didn't create Android. They piggy backed on the shoulder of giants. What is more they haven't contributed anything back to the open source community

      • billreyn1967

        Google didn't create android either. Just bought the company that did. What NI did was take an OS that was not ready for tablets, and made it ready. Don't see the big companies doing that. They just sit back and wait for Google to release Honeycomb.

  • http://notebooksunlimited.net Santosh

    Now you guys are convinced that Adam isn't vaporware. Don't you think you owe an apology to your readers? After all, you were the first guys to cry scam.

    • Android Boi

      NO they weren't the first, Crunchgear was. It pretty much looked like a scam they way they were acting.

      I think you fanbois should blend you adam in the blender if you ever get it and drink the delicious milkshake, it will probably improve your intelligence.

      • chumkeymunkey

        And since you are a retard you can't be helped anyways ....

        And the way you have been acting since you shoved your scam detector up your rear confirms it ...

  • ComeonNow

    @AuntieLucy...Why do you think this is still vaprware? The first shipments are due to be sent out today or on the 9th and you still cry vaporware. Give it up and think before you yap. Anyone claiming vaporware at this point is an idiot.

    • Android Boi

      They haven't cleared the FCC, if they dont' by tomorrow , then it won't ship by the 9th.

      • billreyn1967

        Where did you hear it didn't clear the FCC? One of the videos from CES clearly shows an FCC sticker on the back.

  • litening

    Common guys,
    Get a life. Many things went wrong during pre ordering. So many that AP did well to raise awareness with potential customers re increased risk of ending up $500 lighter and very dissatisfied.
    Having said that I will probably be ordering an Adam next ordering round.

    • loco

      Calling it a scam is not raising awareness.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Show me where AP called Adam a scam please.

        • http://www.example.com Jan

          You might not have called the Adam an outright scam, but you certainly hinted at it.

          As has been mentioned to AP many times by various posters, Notion Ink is a private company and as such, is under no obligation to share any information regarding an upcoming product.

          AP jumped to conclusions due to the lack of information coming out from Notion Ink and THAT is what most people seem to take issue with.

          A public apology certainly seems in order for all the negative press AP brought Notion Ink's way.

        • Android Boi


          Blame Notion Ink for their messed up PR department. They still haven't shipped 1 unit.

          In feb the Xoom comes out.

  • EatItAP

    How does crow taste AP staff?

  • cyankahn

    hey give them a break man lets move on and party ces rocks

  • Android Boi

    Ok you NI Trolls. The adam still hasn't cleared the FCC. That means we don't know when it will ship.

    Lastly there 6 months too late to the game. For all the wow this innovative Eden UI, google,motorola,verizon just showed the Honeycomb UI, which kicks EDEN to the curb.

    • chumkeymunkey

      So Xoom and the rest are > 6 months late and by your logic goners .. loser

      And who told you NI has made its first and final product .. dimwit

    • billreyn1967

      NI can use Honeycomb. So there's no problem there. And, as I posted above, there's a video showing an FCC sticker on the back of adam. If adam had come out with stock android you'd be saying it was a mistake to use an os not meant for tablets.
      There's also no guarantee that Xoom will come with a wifi only version. I doubt you'll pay as little for Xoom as you will with adam.

  • saed

    android boi where are u getting the info on if it has cleared the fcc. no one knows

  • neidn

    @Android Boi

    YOU BIG MF . what the hell you are not tlaking ? started FKING with XOOM ? u trolls will never stop. go back ur SH and try to get brain .

    U FKR no need to explain what is there ad what is not there . because u talk just BS>

  • Storm14K

    Good grief...I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell some of you. Whether AP literally called it a scam or not they did the right thing foe the right reason. If things are looking shady consumers need to know before spending money. If anything NI needs to learn to handle their PR better.

    Now Engadget on the other hand went to calling it a scam over a stupid pic where the bezel wasn't the same size. They need to offer an apology. What AP has done is good work to help protect the Android consumer. Thank you AP.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      Exactly. We very specifically didn't call it a scam. Wanting to make sure it isn't a scam (so that nobody gets screwed) isn't the same thing as saying it is.

      • chumkeymunkey

        But just implied it to get more traffic .... So still was wrong plus lacks the cojones and hides behind the skirt of cruchgear and engadget links.

  • billreyn1967

    Sorry, I disagree. Androidpolice did nothing wrong. NI had many problems with the preorders. They admit that. Androidpolice was merely saying it looked suspicious. It DID look suspicious! And that was not AP's fault. For the most part, AP has been supportive of NI. I'd rather have them do what they did then blindly follow. It give them more credit. They'll call NI on its mistakes. Which, IMHO, is a good thing.

  • Anarug

    Who cares about Adam development now.
    The main question is the shipment day for pre ordered units (just 100 or 1000)