Last night at the CES Unveiled preview event, I got a chance to see a new product made by Parrot, called Asteroid.

Asteroid is a voice-activated, Android-powered car deck that replaces your existing single DIN car stereo. It has a small non-touch 3.2" color screen, runs on a specialized version of Android (the presenter didn't seem to know which Android version it was based on exactly), is capable of running custom Android apps (SDK for which is coming out later), and can accept a variety of inputs, such as your iPhone, iPod, USB storage, SD card (the left half detaches to reveal the SD slot), Bluetooth, 3.5mm jack, 3G and GPS dongles, and AM/FM/RDS. Notably missing: a CD slot Asteroid has no built-in connectivity of its own and therefore requires a mobile gateway, such as a phone, a mobile dongle, or a portable 3G/4G modem. Parrot is planning to release Asteroid in Q2 of 2011 but wouldn't comment on the price just yet.

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  • http://pierceproductions.org/blog Brent Pierce

    YES! I'm really excited about this. As long as it doesn't flop and completely suck. I see alot of potential in this.

  • http://www.davematney.com Dave Matney

    Add wifi to it, and with AirSync you can control your car's library from your house.

  • limgad

    <--This guy is impressed.
    someone should have done it already.

    If it doesn't have an easy way to install apks i'm gonna wait for a root solution.

    Either way, i'm keeping my eye on this

  • Javier

    I'm waiting for someone to hack angry birds onto this thing.

  • J.M.

    Impressive but, it needs more pre-amp outputs! All headunits need at least 3 sets.

  • http://www.mudcrawler.net erik

    Looks very nice, but again IPhone/IPad compatible :-(. I own aHTC Desire HD. While the asteroid is build on android, does this mean fully support for ie HTC Desire HD. I really really want the sound of my navigation through my car stereo without a bundle of wires in my car. Until now I was not successfull in finding a car stereo that offers this. Any hints?

    • C.H.

      Erik, try the Sony line of Bluetooth car audio. I was shopping today and hooked my HTC Evo up to it no problem. All audio went through the system flawlessly.

  • Roger Richard

    only Nice, It is great One