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Last Updated: January 27th, 2011

It appears that Samsung is going to continue with the Galaxy S brand name, but this upcoming AT&T handset is unlike any other Galaxy S phone you've seen before. The Samsung Infuse 4G improves on the original in just about every way - in fact, it easily tops any phones on the market today:

  • 1.2 GHz (single core) processor
  • 4.5" Super AMOLED Plus display
  • 8 megapixel rear camera
  • 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera
  • HSPA+ support
  • TouchWiz UI
  • Extremely thin (thinnest phone on AT&T when it launches)

The most interesting aspect is the Super AMOLED Plus display. A 50% increase in sub-pixel count promises better readability in sunlight (a common complaint of Super AMOLED screens) and better contrast. No word on the resolution, but we'll like see an increase from other Galaxy S phones to accommodate for the extra .5" of screen.

According to Engadget, the non-functioning demo unit had a textured back similar to the Captivate, although it may not be the final design. The Galaxy S line is known for feeling cheap due to the plastic design, so hopefully Samsung has learned a lesson and is working to make the Infuse 4G truly superior to the rest of the Galaxy S family.

Source: Engadget

  • http://[email protected] OMGrant

    The Galaxy S in no way is known for feeling cheap... Thats ridiculous...

    • John J

      I know 2 people that own a Galaxy S, and I'm afraid to use their phone for fear that it will break in my hands.

      • Myria

        I'd be scared to see how you handle a phone to feel like you're going to break one.

        I've had my Captivate for six months now, of the complaints I have, "feeling cheap" is hardly on the list -- anything but. It's a lot more solid than most tech of that size I've had and after six months is still basically in stock condition (if not stock OS) with nary a scratch, bump, or gouge.

    • Andrew

      ...I totally agree. The Galaxy S doesn't feel cheap, but I do feel that Samsung could have made the back I of the case less slippery. Also they could do better in improving the poor lag time in 2.1 eclair and speed up the U.S. Distribution of froyo

  • Nicole M

    Cannot wait. I have a big fan of my Captivate (had for about 4 months now). The InFuse looks like my next upgrade :)

    As for the "flimsy" buld on the Captivate, I have to disagree. I have dropped it a hand full of times on various surfaces (carpet, work parking lot, hardwood floors) and it has help up great.

  • JRanch

    I just love hearing everyone complain about the Galaxy S line feeling cheap... I guess I am not used to the over weighted terminator phones out there... Hopefully we will see a beast like this on Tmo, the upgrades sound awsome, but it will probably ship with 2.1... bastards!

  • Deon

    Wow. It's specs are great and I like how it's thin, there's only one problem with it; it says Samsung on it. Galaxy S owners, here's their answer to get Android 2.2, a new phone! And with Android 2.3 just coming out, don't expect it'll come anytime soon, and don't expect any helpful / friendly tech support either. Sigh, Samsung, you coulda been great.

  • http://none.com Kai

    Considering most of us who drop that kind of investment on these expensive "High End" phones are conscious enough to spend a little more for a decent case, the argument of a "cheap-feeling-phone" seems irrelevant.

  • http://www.stylishfirst.com iulian