If you've been waiting for Android 2.2 "Froyo" to officially hit your Samsung Galaxy S device, be it Fascinate, Vibrant, Epic 4G, or Captivate, prepare to be disappointed, as Samsung is still stuck doing complicated testing required for the upgrade to go live. Countless over-promises and delays have upset many Galaxy S owners over the last months, but after releasing and pulling back Froyo upgrades in Canada, Samsung wants to really do things the right way this time. Back to the waiting room we go.


Source: @samsungtweets

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  • Steve

    Who wants to bet that the update still messes up and/or bricks phones? I think this is a bs statement to buy them more time, because they can't fix the gps... Just my two cents' worth though

    • MarkC

      When I first got the phone, I downloaded CardioTrainer Pro, and my GPS is so screwed up that I don't even use the app any longer.
      Running tests? How about we test if this Samsung product will fit 'where the sun don't shine'?

  • Adam

    Or your dev team sucks?

  • Arno

    I can't believe they have the nerve to be giving us more promises and excuses instead of results. I dont think they realize how annoyed people have become, running os two versions older than what's currently out. I'm not buying anymore samsung products because they have let me down.

  • ricethief

    I love their response. It serves as proof that maybe the best thing for Android is to keep the carriers and the hardware manufacturers from mucking it up with their crapware. Whether its crappy bloatware or the crappy launchers they like to put on phones, this update would be done most likely if it wasn't for all the crappy customizations carriers decided they NEEDED. Would be nice if there was a carrier out there that was honest enough to carry a genuine stock Android phone, at least in the US.

    • Fulaman

      Tmobile (Nexus One and Nexus S) both have native Android OS w/o Samsung Touch Wiz, HTC Sense, or Motoblur.

  • sal

    how about they hire htc's tech team... I'm sure the cud fandangle us something, 2.3 Is already coming out so we are already getting served already stale pizza. Samsungs other device is running 2.3... the fact is they're priorities are all backwards and they shud stick to being a amoled producer If they can't run the software side of things. I wish google would mandate they must update to the core android OS and when the carriers screw up the software with crap no one needs it could be up to the user to install it or skip it and stick to the core basics of the OS. I don't need NASCAR and Samsung interfaces...ill figure it out bone stock

  • http://twitter.com/bryanz Bryan

    This is why I love the folks over at XDA. I've been running Froyo via some version of Cognition on my Captivate for the past couple months. Samsung really screwed the pooch here though. What "complexity/unique functionality" do they have that Motorola or HTC doesn't?

  • Darkseider

    Sorry I don't buy it. The US Galaxy S variants are damned near identical to the European/Asian Galaxy S which has had Froyo for a while now. This is just a poor excuse.

  • Jason

    I managed to sneak in my froyo update before they yanked it. My phone has been running perfectly ever since. It looks like I'm one of the lucky ones, and I was one of the people that was having the "coma" problem before the update. My gps is no worse than my friend's htc and I really love the swype keyboard (if I could keep that then I would love stock android os on my phone, because I think touchwiz causes my vibrant to lag).

  • RuzzT

    The only thing I really want is Apps2SD, because I'm tired of uninstalling apps I use just so the OS can run!
    And an extra $10 for "4G" is like kicking someone when they're handcuffed.
    So much money to get this phone (my first new phone in 10 years) going and so much extra cost per month and all we get are excuses. This is my LAST Samsung phone and Sprint is quickly losing it's luster. I'll pay to kill the contract if I have to.
    And to think I tested an Evo for a month prior to the Epic and turned that one back in. Should have kept it.

  • Sergio

    might as welll skip 2.2 n work on 2.3 , this is pathetic

  • DougEFresh

    Whaaaat? The update is delayed. I'm both shocked and amazed as Samsung has always been so punctual with their updates. *snicker*

    Oh well. I get my upgrade in August and I'll buy an HTC phone like I should have in the first place.

  • Darkseider

    It truly is unfortunate that Samsung made such a wonderful and powerful device in the Galaxy S only to completely screw up as usual on software updates.

  • http://[email protected] OMGrant

    whats with the engrish?

  • Marcelo L

    As a Behold II owner, I welcome my Galaxy S sucke...I mean foo....I mean guinea pi.....I'm sorry....bretheren in joining our group of cast off souls from Samsung.

    At least you guys GOT Eclair....we were told were going to get it...and yeah..wouldn't you know it...we got it alright. We got 1.6.

    Good luck folks....I wonder how many times Samsung has to stick it to it's customers for someone to file a class-action suit. Just tell me where to sign.

  • RockinEvo

    Samsung I laugh at your comment---->lol do they really think that Galaxy owners believe the software is being "tested". Everyone that follows android and all the updates and upgrades that other carries supply why would anyone believe that it’s taken that long, Samsung must have some special software that preventing this from happening (highly doubt that) but really Samsung step it up no one cares how much phones you sell if you can’t support the current ones.

  • SamsungSucker

    I would be willing to bet it is all about trying to incorporate all of the layers of bloated software that Verizon, ATT, Sprint etc. into the new upgrade.

    This whole charade has left a very vile taste in my mouth, every time I say the name Samsung (or Verizon for that matter).

    It's like deja vu, when I owned p.o.s. BB Storm, only this time it is a great phone, that is being purposely hobbled in order for the big names to pull more of my dollars out of me. Shameless.

  • Bob

    I live in Canada and got the froyo update from Bell before it was yanked. I have had no negative issues. I was quite surprised the other day when I connected my Galaxy to Kies and saw a "firmware upgrade is available" I was afraid that it was going to downgrade me back to 2.1 but I went ahead anyway. It was in fact a minor upgrade to UGJL2. All is working perfectly as before. If there's a problem with Froyo on the Galaxy, I sure as hell don't know what it is. I love it.

  • ricethief

    What is sad is North America accounts for 40% of the Galaxy S sales. What a major fail. I can understand the carriers causing issues with their bloatware and some minor differences in hardware, but that should not account for the amount of time it has taken for this. I would put a majority of the blame on the carriers, but I would say a good chunk of the blame falls on Samsung also. When multiple carrier's have bricking issues with their updates, that is as much Samsung's fault as the carrier. Horrible Q&A testing on both Samsung and the carrier's part.

    All I know is whoever has a dual core Tegra and does not have Samsung in their name will get my $ soon. I should have listened to people about Samsung's reputation on getting updates out, but I didn't..Never again Samsung!

  • mt16

    I think it will never come. After selling millions why would they want to pour more money into an update. They will string us along until they release their new phones and our upgrades kick in. Then we are all going to want the latest hardware and software.... I think HTC is more respondsive to upgrades.

  • Andy

    Im on a UK t-mobile galaxy and got my official Froyo update a few days back. Overall its a lot better and much faster, unfortunately i now have the carrier bootscreen and a few of their apps which were not in 2.1. I hope you guys in the US get your updates soon, i dare say it wont be much longer now. I agree though Samsung ruin things by being so slow with updates and it will come back to bite them

  • Kenn

    I swear I will not buy -or recommend- another samsung phone, EVER AGAIN.

  • Mike

    Samsung really screwed up!!! I'm planning on getting rid of my Samsung Captivate once I'm eligible to upgrade. This time, I'll go with HTC or Motorola phones... This will be my last Samsung phone...

  • fauxhawk70

    .Mike trust me on this one!!! Do not do Motorola either!!! i waited so lkng to get 2.1 on my two Cliq phones and they are playing the same game with my Cliq XT also (still on 1.5).

    What everyone needs to do in the future to get timely updates is only buy the Google branded phone because those phones are the ones that actually get updates first from Google... Since Google puts out the latest OS for devices you have a much greater chance of getting the updates if the phone supports them.

    So next time regardless of manufacturer of device go with the Google branded phones like the Samsung Nexus S for instance or the G2.

  • fauxhawk70

    If everyone would just buy the Google branded devices in the future then that would hurt the manufacturers who play this game and teach them a valuable lesson.

    Who knows this kind of tactic may also keep future crapware off of the phone!

    Spread the word to everyone you know..... Only purchase Google branded devices in the future so so they will not have these issues with the ship dates sliding!

    Everyone will have a much better experience that way, phones would be cheaper, and the technology would advance faster!

  • Samsung Sucker

    Unique functionality is shorthand for keeping this device from doing all the things we want it to do.

    This is B.S.. How about removing all the bloat, give us 2.3 and allow us to enjoy our "high-end" tphone? Corporate greed makes me sick.

    I wonder if they would be so understanding if my monthly payment was late due to complexity/unique circumstances, on my part?

  • fauxhawk70

    At this point I am just waiting for the next Google branded non-Samsung device to arrive so that I can have quick updates and the features that I need like bluetooth headset voice dialing and better exchange for my corporate email so that my work email gets pushed to my subfolders and not just the root inbox.

    No Samsung TV's!
    No Samsung netbooks or laptops!
    No Samsung headsets, digital cameras etc.

    At this point I am not even going to look at the big Samsung screens at ballgames on the instant replays!

    If there is a sushi restaurant owned by Samsung I would be afraid to eat there because the fish would be so old and outdated!

    By the time Froyo gets to our Galaxy S devices they will have to rename it to something described as moldy cheese instead of ice cream!

    Android 2.2.x Limburger edition!

    I can't wait until my great great grandchildren show off the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant with Froyo installed! Of course that will be like 100 years from now and I will be dead by then!

  • calex

    HELLO. They make Google's Nexus S. Why would they want to update all the other phones and steal the limelight from the [more expensive] first phone to be released with Android 2.3 so soon?

    Same thing applies to the release schedule of media like television shows and movies. If the producer makes more money selling a movie in the theater why would they want to release it to dvd/blu-ray on the same day for less revenue?

    I too have an Galaxy S (Epic 4G) and would like an update like everyone else. I'm just saying there are likely other motivations for Samsung in embracing the delay of non-revenue-producing, free upgrades for old phones than mere quality control-type reputation benefits.


    • fauxhawk70

      Well they released the Froyo 2.2 update a couple days ago for the Vibrant and since the Nexus S comes with 2.3 Gingerbread I cannot see why that would cut into sales.

      If you didn't get your Froyo update it should be available through Samsung Kies now.

      I live in Seattle, Wa USA and got my update like two or three days ago.

    • sferrell615

      ever heard of customer satisfaction? countless people on this site have stated that they're done with samsung. imagine all of the customers that are not coming back AND all of the customers that are going to become aware of samsung's upgrade history. not to mention, htc has stolen the spot light with their evo. getting stuck in a 2 year contract with a $250 (epic) phone and $10-20 more per month that doesn't provide as much functionality as their last POS windows mobile 1.6 phone is beyond dissatisfying.

      • Fulaman

        Yah Samsung needs to get their act together on mobile OS updates.

  • Kenn

    I spent TWO AND A HALF HOURS trying to get the SAMSUNG KIES MINI to work, and continued to get an mtp driver error. After successfully performing 8-10 different solutions i found on google, it STILL didnt solve my problem, so I gave up. It truly blows my mind, HOW is a software made specifically for their mobile devices NNOOTT going to have the driver already preinstalled? Ive lost all respect for Samsung, and stick to my previous statement.

  • sferrell615

    disappointed epic owner here. i agree with everyone on this site. good-bye samsung...forever! doesn't sound like motorola has faired well either. so, i'll either be switching to htc or google phones in the future.
    this makes absolutely no sense...the folks at xda-developers have created dozens of Froyo ROMs during their spare time since the leak but samsung full-time 'testers' haven't had enough time to work out the bugs??? please...all i want is voice command thru bluetooth (tear). hdtv out would be nice...but it's obvious there's no chance in hell.

  • Fulaman

    I recommend everyone stay away from Motorola. I have a droid x, and that thing is notorious for self-rebooting issues. It's terrible how often it does it. One thing is that at least Samsung does not have that problem. Tomorrow I an trading my Droid X in for a Fascinate. I do admit it would be nice if froyo was out for the other Galaxy S phones besides the Vibrant.