The group behind Unrevoked, a tool that roots and unlocks a variety of supported Android devices, just released a nice New Year's present for EVO 4G and Incredible owners. Version 3.3 of Unrevoked adds support for:

  • Droid Incredible with SLCD screens
  • EVO 4Gs updated to OTA 3.70.651.1
  • the newest EVO 4G models with HBOOT 2.02 and 2.10

Besides compatibility updates, the new Unrevoked now uses another exploit under the hood, which is supposed to be more reliable than the previously used (and now infamous) rageagainstthecage.

As a reminder, Unrevoked allows you to accomplish the following:

  1. One-click root without reinstalling/reflashing/wiping your existing stock Android OS.
  2. Flashing of custom ClockworkMod recovery that allows installation of custom ROMs and nandroid backups/restores.
  3. NAND unlock and S-OFF (disabled security) for select devices (see the title as well as the quote below).

The list of supported devices as well as FAQ and changelog are available here.

As usual, download Unrevoked by visiting http://unrevoked.com/recovery.

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
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  • Spydie

    didn't work. It asks me if I have too new of an update... I don't... it's the 3.70.651.1 that this is supposed to work on. WTF??????

    • JJ

      Your doing something wrong. Have you ever rooted before with unrevoked? I was rooted before and ran the ota update and then I just rooted again last night. It worked like a charm. Unrevoked is awesome!

  • Garrett

    Doesn't work with older versions of Mac, which is a huge bummer. I was really looking forward to finally rooting my phone.

    • JJ

      Just a use a windows computer. I only use macs but I have spare windows computer that I used to do this. If your reason for not rooting is that then youve got a problem.

      • rhapvee

        I've been interested in rooting as well, but I'm having the same issue as Garrett: no Leopard support for unrEVOked 3. While I wouldn't say that neither Garrett or myself have a "problem", it is unfortunate that you either need to be running the most current Mac OS (which some people still aren't) or have a spare Windows comp (which I don't and I certainly don't plan on buying one just to root my phone) to take advantage of the unrEVOked awesomeness...

  • Corey Ed….

    I have the same problem with my Sprint Evo 4g... I'm getting the "too new of an update" error message. I have been trying to Root this phone for about a month now and I haven't had any luck. My software is:
    Android Ver 2.2
    kernal Ver 557fd
    Im starting to think some Evo phones just cant be rooted.... I bought my phone in November and the root process has never worked. I know all the steps without looking at the screen. I updated my drivers as instructed too and I have the adroid bootloader etc in my drivers window.. but it still does not work... LOL

  • Corey Ed….

    The error message for my phone is:

    Error: failed to get root. Is your firmware too new?

    What is it with my phone? As I asked before, are there some Phones that just cant be rooted?

    • kohut321

      Do a reset on it then use unrevoked again this worked for me

  • fernando mujica

    failed to unlock NAND flahs
    using an android 2.2 htc aria
    emobile -- japanese model--
    seems like asians and europeans with the htc gratia encounter the same problem.
    tried hard reset, syn with htc sync, uninstal htc sync, update hboot drivers, then unrevoked but continuously get the failed to unlcok nand.
    mail me if you have any suggestion

  • Guy

    I have the same problem with NAND flash not unlocking. Anyone any idea how this could be fixed?

  • Kevin

    Hmm, I used unrevoked several months ago on the original Incredible with no issues at all. It was much easier than when I did it with the OG Droid way back when it came out using zip files and RSD. It's weird you guys are all having problems.

  • michael

    how do you root htc evo 4g 2.3.3 with baseband