If Droid Life's sources are to be believed - and given their track record, I'd say they are - then the upcoming Honeycomb tablet from Motorola will be called the DROID XOOM. We've heard of Motorola filing trademarks for the XOOM name, so it would certainly seem to fit. One other tidbit mentioned by their source: the tablet won't come packing LTE.


Is the lack of 4G disappointing? Sure, but based on what we've seen of the tablet (Andy Rubin using it, leaked pictures, teaser video, and teaser site), it may be very, very well worth it anyway. And hey, we only have about a week until we get to see this thing in the flesh anyway.

[Source: Droid Life]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://mindmirror007.blogspot.com alchemist007

    Not sure as to why we are all so obsessed with 4G from one of the most expensive carrier anyway! I would happily take Wi-Fi only without paying a penny to VZ! I hope Google and Motorola can pull that off!

    • http://www.cypher-sec.org thecolor

      I have to agree with you. I live in Seattle and have had access to 4G (clear wire) since day one and it's not, yet, a great technology. My 3G (in the heart of Seattle and all around it) is faster than the 4G in most every situation... unless I use wifi (which is abundant here and becoming so in many other places) and is faster still.
      So, the lack of being forced to use a carrier is not a problem at all to me... with so many other options to connect, home, friends, coffee shop, work, tether, etc. etc.

    • civil

      The only big reason I can think of is if we're going to be stuck paying a premium on data prices, it might as well be for LTE(which verizon is pricing the same as their 3g). If a wifi variant is available *crosses fingers hoping* then yes the 3g/4g won't really matter to quite a few people.

      On a side note, I wouldn't compare Clearwire(wimax) to Verizon(LTE). LTE has a much further reach(=more coverage) and suffers from far less problems than wimax does(at least from the last time I read up on it). To put it another way, even Sprint(who has a deal with Clearwire for their wimax) said wimax was a failure and plans on supporting LTE(possibly wimax as well) in the future.

      Sorry for the ramble there.

  • http://androidpolice.com Brian O’Toole

    I would have thought the "Tablet Evolution" name to be a reasonably strong hint that it will have LTE. It seems to make more sense than shoving it in a phone when you consider how much larger the batteries are in a tablet.

  • Joe

    As long as they release a wifi only version, then no one will care about the lack of 4G. I mean would anyone REALLY care about that anyway? Apple sells DOUBLE the number of wifi-only iPads compared to the other models, proving that the vast majority of would-be buyers want nothing to do with a data plan. The only way to avoid a total fail with this product is if a wifi-only version is added to its lineup. Personally, I think having to add a data plan to these things is like buying a nice new plasma TV but having to sign for the cable/dish package before you walk out the door...otherwise you're subject to paying double the price for the TV. Its horrible. Why can't we just buy the product!?! Imagine that.

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Motorola press conference in 6 days at CES. We'll be there, and you'll know what we know as soon as possible.

  • Flemming

    WiFi only would be my choice, dataplans ruins the show. Just look at the Galaxy Tab, its gone down and down from day one when they realised it wouldnt sell with the plan.

  • http://www.shaswatpatel.com/ Shaswat Patel

    Well good news is that it's coming for sale from Feb 11,2011 onwards :