Update: Samsung has since updated the product pages in question to reflect the fact that the Galaxy S phones are still stuck on Éclair. And the wait goes on.

A number of Android Central tipsters have noticed something rather interesting while looking at the product pages for the US Galaxy S devices: the Epic 4G, Vibrant, and Fascinate all show as rocking Android 2.2 (Froyo). The funny thing is, the actual update is nowhere to be found. Could this be a hint that the update is imminent? It would certainly make sense.


Unfortunately, the Captivate and Continuum are still listed as running Android 2.1 - either their pages have yet to be updated, or (more likely) the update isn't quite ready for prime time.


If this really is a sign of things to come, it should make quite a few people happy. Owners have been notoriously frustrated with Samsung's incredibly slow update process ever since Froyo rolled out.

If any US SGS owners see an update, be sure to let us know!

[Source: Samsung via Android Central]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Brandt

    I have seen 2.3 on the epic and would believe we are at least going to get 2.3

    • Fosters

      I'm sure we will see 2.3 on the epic. Easter 2012 sounds about right on target...

      • Aaron Gingrich


  • Winclay

    EPIC FAIL, i'm sure this upgrade will come out about the 32nd of Neveruary, as myself and many other were duped into thinking that the Samsung Epic would be upgraded a month after it's release; Samsung has lost me as a customer and as soon as the EVO Shift is released i'm dumping this piece of s*it, for a much better and consistent phone that will at least have the new 2.3 gingerbread OS.

  • Steve

    This has already happened like a month ago with the Captivate as documented here:
    I wonder if the webmaster changes the description once some database shows the update as being ready? For the Captivate they went back and changed it to "upgradeable to 2.2" after a storm of inquiries, I wonder what will happen for the other phones now?

  • Eli

    I gave up waiting and flashed the nero v3 rom. And I'm definitely an amateur. At this point I could care less about getting the official 2.2. Nero is amazing and at this point my quadrant score is higher than any of the phones listed that have official 2.2.

  • Jon

    Unfortunately, this could just as easily be a typo. Not to dash your hopes, but realistically there have been signs for 2.2 before which have only lead to disappointments.

  • Matt

    @ Jon...leaning towards the typo theory, the screenshots don't appear to be the 2.2 interface.

    • Harry

      Because samsung skinned it there own whay that's why It Doesnt look right

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Here is a thread talking about this "Android 2.2" on the Samsung site over a month ago: http://androidforums.com/samsung-captivate/223316-samsung-website-says-captivate-comes-android-os-2-2-a.html

    Since 2.2 still hasn't arrived, unfortunately, this means that Samsung doesn't give fuck all about presenting accurate information on their site.

  • JOE

    I was just on the Samsung site and while I was browsing between devices, all the places where it mentioned 2.2 were changed back to 2.1.

  • sergio

    Epic FAIL is correct. I gave up my Evo for this?? they need to step up their game. :O

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Why would you give up an EVO for an Epic?

      • Mark

        Artem, I owned three Evo's before switching to the Epic. I had mechanical problems with all three, and decided to move elsewhere.
        Depending on what you do with your phone, the main differences for me was the far nicer screen, and the physical keyboard on the Epic.
        The Epic's graphics engine seems to be superior as well, but I'm not a gamer so I could care less.

  • Juan

    I've had several Samsung phones and a few months ago, I upgraded to the Vibrant. Love the phone, but hate that Samsung has taken so long to upgrade to Android 2.2. This will be my last Samsung phone. Samsung for your slugish results, you have lost a costumer.

    • winclay

      I agree with you wholeheartedly, and I feel the same way about the company, now if all the rest of the consumers would do the same and hit them where it counts, in the wallet, and just boycott their phones, i'm sure in the future they would see that they shouldn't take their consumers for granted.

    • Jesse

      I gave my vibrant up after 4 months. The phone was great but samsungs slow release killed it. I will never buy anything samsung again.

  • shadowjin

    It still says 2.1 once you click on the Samsung Vibrant.. There website also says upgradeable to Froyo!! since November

  • kyle

    I was fan of samsung a long time. Ibought 3 epics was told at sprin two weeks nax for 2.2 now it been 3 months. I
    am afraid if we get 2.2 we will never see another update ever. I think samsung is to busy making refrigerators to care about. Phones

    • Mark

      No, they were too busy kissing Google's ass with the Nexus S to worry about the rest of us.

  • http://cktravelblog.wordpress.com/ SUDOCHOP

    You guys are blaming Samsung when they released Froyo for all of these phones months ago. It is the carriers that are stalling on approving and releasing the updates OTA. Blame your carriers, they are the ones that are holding back, not Samsung. This has been said a thousand times over and over when the update is discussed and yet people still fail to realize who is to blame.

    • Steve

      The international version was released, the US variants have slightly different hardware requiring slightly different drivers, so no they did not release it months ago. Besides the carriers do not add the bloatware, they give it to Samsung, who writes the carrier-made generic .apk's into the firmware, then hand it off to the carrier for testing, receives it back, makes the changes, then hands it off to Google to host on their servers for the OTA.

      • Aaron Gingrich

        Exactly. If this is the carriers fault, why is it that HTC and Moto devices seem to get updates a hell of a lot faster?

        • SUDOCHOP

          The presence of 2.2 on non-Samsung branded phones proves absolutely... NOTHING. You can ask Verizon about that one, but the fact is that Samsung has long ago submitted Froyo candidates to Verizon months ago. I would bet that Samsung is just as angry about the entire hold up as any of the owners are. Who knows if other brands have a contract with various phones on different carrier networks that specify obligations to put out updates in a reasonable and timely matter. Until you know this, you are speculating your own bullshit.

    • Taz

      AMEN!!! So tired of ppl blaming samsung. I had a htc hero before I bought my epic, waited 8 months for 2.1 update. Smh, just realize that once the phone has been released its not them delaying the updates.

    • Mark

      No, it's Samsung. (I'm certain that all the U.S. carriers have gotten together and decided to stall for no reason, and release 2.2 all at the same time. Right!)

  • nytasha

    I switched from the EVO to the EPIC because I wanted a physical Keyboard. Like the phone but hate that I am missing flash. Sprint, samsung whoever had two days to start rolling out the update or I will go back to the EVO.

  • Daniel Greer

    I'm with you Mark. There is no way all four of the U.S. carriers have all decided all at once not to release the updates For the GS phones. I got an Evo at the end of June and had Froyo by the middle of August. So why would Sprint update one of their flagships, but not the other? That makes no sense at all. Line that up with the other bugs and defects the GS line launched with and it's not hard to figure out where to point the finger. IMHO, Samsung should have launched these phones with Froyo (and no idiot GPS bugs). They were hustling as best they could to keep up with HTC from a marketing perspective, and failed miserably with the hardware/software. These devices probably were not ready for prime-time until mid Q1, 2011. A shame, really. Samsung had a shot at stepping up and putting some much needed polish on their image. Too late now.

    • Mark

      We seem to be seeing that more and more. Apple released the iPhone 4 with several bugs, my first Evo had wifi problems, the second had a screen separation issue. Droid X had some buggy things going on... etc...
      It's not difficult to find a mobile device that doesn't feel completely baked, but I must say that considering the complexity of your modern smartphone, and given what they can do, it's not surprising that they hiccup occasionally.

  • Tim

    I bought a Continuum a few months ago under the impression that it would be updated with Froyo right away,...I guess I should have asked them to define "right away" I love the phone, and would stick with it before I even thought about swapping out for one with a newer system, I mean it's all set up the way I like it and runs great,...I just with they would follow through on the updates as promised at time of purchase. Other than that, I'm a happy camper!

    • Firefight

      I bought a Continuum recently also (about a month ago) and was told that it's be updated "soon", and i'm so sick of not being able to download a good percentage of apps because i don't have 2.2 and what's also stupid was that just like a month or two ago the fascinate got one, and since they're very similiar the continuum should have also gotten an update. When i contacted samsung though all they said was "currently we don't have any information as to when it will be updates, and we can't speculate as to when it may be released as it may lead to confusion or misinformation", the phone has been out for 8 months, with most other phones getting 2.3, we don't even have 2.2. Doesn't really make me want to buy more samsung products if it takes that long and still no updates with 4.0 coming out soon and no update for us, even when contacting them.

      • DugDigsDroid

        I too have a Continuum and keep getting pissed with the lack of updates. If anything, publicly tell us we aren't getting updates. Don't leave us hanging Samsung, darn it.