While Motorola's certainly got a few exciting devices in its pipeline - the dual-core Olympus and the Honeycomb tablet both look extremely intriguing - it looks like the company also plans to launch something considerably less high-end: the sequel to its first Android phone ever, the Cliq.

 cps-motorola-cliq-2-front-side cps-motorola-cliq-2-front 

cps-motorola-cliq-2-front-back cps-motorola-cliq-2-side

Cell Phone Signal was sent the above pictures of the Cliq 2, formerly known as the Begonia. As you can see, it features a relatively nondescript profile - not too bulky; not amazingly thin - as well as a honeycomb-like keyboard design. However, I wouldn't get my hopes up for Honeycomb on this phone if I were you - MOTOBLUR is clearly visible in the first two images, and Cell Phone Signal was also told that a January 19th release is likely, as is an official announcement at CES 2011.

As for specs, all we know thus far is that it features:

  • A QWERTY keyboard (obviously)
  • A 5MP camera accompanied by an LED flash
  • aGPS
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n (WiFi calling is "possible" but not confirmed at this point)

Not too bad, though I'll reserve judgment until I find out more about the phone's processor and the version of Android it's running.

Source: Cell Phone Signal via Android Community

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • johnny99

    What is the point of low-end Android phones when the monthly fee is identical to high-end Android phones? If you want to save up-front money, just buy a high-end phone that is a few months old.

    • Bateluer

      I have often wondered this myself.

  • Bateluer

    Didn't Moto say Blur wasn't their focus moving forward? I keep seeing Moto phones with Blur, even otherwise nice high end devices. Sad panda.

  • b

    There's no way of concluding that this will be a low end device, and saying so in your headline is unfair. From the specs we do know, they are pretty on par with many Android phones today. Furthermore, what makes a device high-end? Does it have to have an 8 megapixel shooter to constitute as high end? The G2 sports all of the specs above, and hopefully you don't consider it low-end, as that would be just plain silly.

    Wait until something actually low-end pops up into the spec sheet before you judge the phone. Of course, CPU and OS version will obviously play a part, but so far, the Cliq 2 doesn't look bad at all.

    • Javadude

      Expecting a device called the 'Cliq 2' to be anything other than low-end is ridiculous - it's like saying Christopher Nolan's next Batman movie will be named 'Batman Cartoons'. The original Cliq was definitly a low-end phone, and I highly doubt Motorola would name its next flagship after it.
      To further prove my point, the device in the pics is clearly running Motoblur - and not the kind found on the Droid X or the Droid 2; it's more akin to the UI of the Charm, Flipout, or original Cliq (i.e. the 'low-end' version of blur).
      I'm not saying the Cliq 2 won't be a good phone; I'm just telling you it won't be a high-edn one.

  • Johnnie

    Do you really want to buy a cliq 2 when Moto still hasn't fully taken care of the original group of Cliq XT owners? Think about it! Buyer be warned. The orignial Cliq XT "update" thread go so large due to complants and multiple delays it nearly crashed the motofail support forums.

    Don't believe me? Read for yourself.



    • lilafc

      I had a Cliq XT and got tired of the issues with it, decided to vote with my money and move on to another phone.. Nuff said...

      • hicks1000

        What kind of issues did u have with the cliq my husband has had to exchange his 5 times and he is currently making payments on it and they will not give him a different phone.

  • koolkat

    I had a cliqXT. Got tired of motorola's broken promises of an update. It's still on 1.5 with no update in sight.

    Motorola has done nothing to try to mend customer relations. I moved on to the G2, and I'm loving it!

    Stay away from motorola!