This announcement should warm up some cold, digital, audiophile hearts. Following the rumors, Korean digital audio player maker Cowon announced its latest creation - the D3 "Plenue," running Android 2.1. Following on from the renowned D2/D2+, Cowon's newest device bests its predecessors in just about every way.

Much like the S9 before it, the D3 places a capacitive AMOLED screen front and center, boasting an 800 x 480 resolution in a 3.7" panel.

The D3 also mirrors the S9's candybar format, ditching the somewhat outdated square-block design of the D2s. It will be available in 8, 16, and 32 GB variants.

FM radio, HDMI, 1080P HD playback, DivX/Xvid decoding, microphone, G-sensor, T-DMB, WiFi (b/g), and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR connectivity come along for the ride, summing up to what appears to be one of the most convincing Android media player offerings yet. Whether the D3 will be able to successfully compete with the latest iteration of the freshly rumored Samsung Galaxy Player remains to be seen. We won't have to wait long - both players are likely to be demoed at CES 2011 in a bit over a week's time.

Have a look at some pictures of the device as well as supported audio and video formats below:


image image image image

image  image image image

Source: Cowon via OLED-Display.net

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  • LKBfreak

    Nice! I still have a Cowon U3 player stashed at home and until now i didn't found any other brand with such remarkable sound/price ratio! :) And fact that this device is running Android... hm... very desirable!!!

  • Janis

    Looks VERY like an Archos 32 internet tablet. O:

  • Zigmar

    Despite of being a fan of both Android devices and Cowon players, I not so sure I'm happy about the mix. Cowon players, putting aside their class-leading sound quality, they are also known for an outstanding battery life. My old 60gb X5 could easily survive a week of heavy use without recharge and their solid state players do even better. I very much doubt, that a device with such screen, a full-blown OS and a processor necessary to run it will get even comparable battery life. Sure it will be somewhat better than smartphones (= 1 day of use) because they have less radios and usage patterns are different, but how much better, twice? Still not impressive at all...

    • http://androidpolice.com Brian O’Toole

      My Nexus One can last six days in airplane mode, so I think you should manage a pretty lengthy playback time for music with the screen off (depending on the compression).

  • Javier

    Honestly, this is one device that I wouldn't mind having a custom UI layer over it. I mean, as long as its main focus is music and doesn't include bloatware, I won't mind. Hell, I wouldn't mind if this thing didn't even have the market. After all, this IS a PMP. This is one of the main reasons I chose a Cowon S9 over an iPod Touch. If I need to use anything else, like twitter or facebook, I'll use my Droid.

  • Sallie

    This is exciting, I still miss my D2 after its sad water-logged demise :tear: My phone is fine and I make do, but I do miss having a dedicated MP3 player. It'll probably take forever to get here anyway.

  • psyclone1976

    Very Dissaponting player, still no gapless playback and you are not able to access the android market place