VLC on Android

The incredibly popular VLC Player is finally coming to Android after months of hard work by the open source project developers. Originally a desktop media center for Linux, Windows, and Mac, this versatile player will bring many new video-playing features to our beloved OS including a wide variety of formats such as DivX and Dolby TrueHD. The lead developer in the project, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, has confirmed that it will hit the Android Market in "just a few weeks", which means that Android will be the first mobile platform to have a version of this software finally follow iOS and get its own port (thanks, Mikeyy). This was made possible through various NDK (native development kit) improvements found in Gingerbread.

There will, however, be some trailing issues for the first little while, even after all the libraries have been ported. Some devices may not properly run the application or may not be able to decode all video types. Kempf has cautioned the public that this could result in some delays, but hopefully we won't have to wait much longer. If you have an itch to be one of the first to get the app when it launches, you can follow the progress of the Android project at their Git hub.

VLC Player

Credit: GigaOM

  • Mikeyy

    VLC is already ported on iOS (iPhone and iPad) so it's not first mobile platform.

  • Uphor8

    RockPlayer is pretty good, but nothing beats VLC, if it proves to be workable. And when Google TV gets it, I will be ecstatic.

  • Nathan

    thank you god! divx video for android FTW.

  • digityogi

    I was originally trying to wait patiently for VLC and Core player to make it to Android, but soon found out that they are not needed! There are many other players now which play just about everything...I have yet to find a media file my nexus one won't play. Rockplayer, YXplayer and Vplayer are all great for different reasons and do the job. I am looking forward to VLC however...that's my Windows favorite ...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Competition definitely won't hurt.

  • corey

    Will it work on 2.1? My Samsung moment will be forever 2.1. Damn u Sprint. :(

    • Uphor8

      It's likely it'll need Gingerbread.

  • gregb7677

    And cyanogen will probaby have gingerbread out for multiple phones before the carriers do. MyTouch 3G slide seems like it will never get 2.2 at this point (officially)

  • http://www.idesirehd.wordpress.com link777

    Haven't need it yet.

    can it make my phone stream from various movie websites?

  • http://fermuch.net Fermuch

    is there any way to contribute to the project?

  • David Ruddock

    This is fantastic news. Rockplayer is annoying and others simply don't have the codec support that VLC (hopefully) will.

    I just hope we get the array of features we have on the desktop version; that's what I love about VLC - the endless array of configuration options.

  • Raptor007

    I am surprise the VLC player is still available on the App Store, the last I read was it violated the terms of the licensing agreement and it had to be pulled down. The violation of course was ALL due to APPLE's rules. I wonder why its still there?

  • zenofar kunju

    How to download vlc player in my (galexys gti9000), pls replay me ..