Last Updated: December 26th, 2010

Though we still couldn't reliably confirm a similar Galaxy Tab deal at Best Buy, here's a legitimate sale - Costco is selling Samsung's seven-inch tablet for just $499.99. Customers purchasing the device from Costco will also have to pay an activation fee (refundable with a mail-in-rebate) and sign up for at least one month of data from Verizon, who offers the following data plans for the Galaxy Tab:

  • $20/month for 1GB of data
  • $35/month for 3GB of data
  • $50/month for 5GB of data
  • $80/month for 10GB of data


The reduction in price is great for customers who are looking to get a taste of the Android OS in a tablet form factor. However, the deal ends on December 27, so hurry up and head over to Costco to take advantage of this offer.

Source: Costco Online Store

Thanks to Dipock for the tip!

Abhiroop Basu
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  • jon3169

    My brother works in an independent sprint store. They only have two tabs in the store, and not because they are selling, the opposite. One is on display, the other in the back. They have only sold one since release and it was returned. No one wants these, needing a separate plan is a big draw back, Google really needs to take off the requirement for 3 g in order to have the market, or the other tablets will probably fair the same as the galaxy tab. Anyone who even considers the tab just ends up getting the Evo 4g. Why would you buy the tab where you have to get a plan and a number but can't use it to make calls? These price drops will just continue, anyone who really wants one should just hold out, should be $200 off contract by q2 if they keep not selling. The epic is not doing well ether, the evo is still king, at least at his store anyway.

    • Paul Stein

      You nailed it.

      See my comment on the Costco pricing, a few below yours.

      Price will keep dropping.

  • SY864

    My Galaxy Tab works like a magic. Samsung has already sold over 1 Million Galaxy Tabs and plans to sell 1.5 Million in total by the end of the year. Own one..... and test it before you make an ambiguous comment.

  • http://www.forwardm.com Tom King

    Best device I have purchased in 3 years. Life changing productivity, awesome design, love the data plan and accessories.

  • Paul Stein

    The Costco $ 499.99 deal also includes $ 60 worth of movie credits. Costco is severing ties with Apple, because they weren't given the Ipad, as Walmart was. Looks like this is Costco's parting shot to Apple. Push the Tab.

    On another note, I have 2 Android Phones and was waiting for the Tab. Even at $ 499.99, it's overpriced. Bit the bullet yesterday, and bought a refurbished IPAD off the Apple site for $ 429.

    Too many reviews critical of Apps developed for smartphones, not properly displaying on the Tablet. This will be $ 299 without a contract, unless they came up with good Apps, fast.

  • http://www.freddyandeddy.com Ian Denchasy

    Had a friend show up with a tab at our house on Xmas. I've been lusting for an iPad since it came out, but was totally bowled over by the Tab for a weird reason - I LOVED the size. Fit in my hand easily and was surprisingly easy to see web content, PLUS it plays Flash and comes with a zillion video codecs AND has all the apps I'd use on an iPad (Facebook, Huffpo, Tweetdeck, etc.). Two cameras is something the iPad should've had upon release and is standard on the Tab. Glad to see good competition finally starting to heat up.

    • Paul Stein

      Hey Ian.

      The knock is that most Apps were developed for the android phones and can't size properly on the larger tablets. Overpriced because the Apps just aren't there. Okay for movies, from what I understand.

  • Dark Knight

    @Paul: There is a way to get the "disabled" phone features to work. Easy to find by way of Google. Also, Google has already said that the current Android is NOT optimized for tablets, BUT Honeycomb WILL be. And it will be released in 2011. All I can say is Stay Tuned. Android Tablets are going to be VERY big in 2011

  • Greg

    I love it's size.
    Confused about phone feature.
    Might check one out today if store is open.
    Happy New Year!