Continuing with the numerous Android Market updates, Google just refreshed the categories that users can use to filter and browse Market apps and games. The changes are now live on both the backend Developer Console and the live Market.

Here is a table showing the previous and new categories (new categories are in green, modified in yellow):

Previous app categories New app categories Previous game categories New game categories
  Books & Reference Arcade & Action Arcade & Action
  Business Brain & Puzzle Brain & Puzzle
Comics Comics Cards & Casino Cards & Casino
Communication Communication Casual Casual
  Education   Sports Games
Entertainment Entertainment    
Finance Finance    
Health Health & Fitness    
Lifestyle Lifestyle    
Multimedia Media & Video    
  Music & Audio    
News & Weather News & Magazines    
Productivity Productivity    
Shopping Shopping    
Social Social    
Sports Sports    
Themes Themes    
Tools Tools    
Travel Travel & Local    
Software Libraries Libraries & Demo    

A shot of the Developer Console:


Thanks, yuku

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  • jasen

    If this pertains to the market on phones also in my games section i have a Widgets and a live wallpaper category

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Yeah, these seem to be automatic categories of some sort, as the Developer Console doesn't have them, but the Market does.

  • Westy

    I own a Nexus S and i still have the old market on my phone! WHY??????

    • Sener

      Go to steetings> apps> and go to the market app & clear data. Then open the market close it & reopen in a couple of seconds. It should be the new one now 2.2.7

      • Westy

        Doesnt work for me.

  • Russ

    me either! Perhaps it is a Desire Rom thing?