It's no secret that my EVO 4G runs a custom ROM called Fresh - it is one of the best EVO ROMs, free of bloatware and full of tweaks that make it fast and efficient, while keeping stability rock solid. The developer, flipz, is very good - he's responsive to Sprint OTA updates and bug reports and usually sorts out any issues in a matter of days.

This article deals with a couple of advanced topics. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the terms, hit up our primers here:

Due to the recent EVO OTA (3.70.651.1), flipz just released the newest version of the ROM, currently, also containing the latest HTC kernel, which is said to do wonders to the battery life. Moreover, the radio, WiMAX, and PRI all got updated as well.

Grab the updated ROM here and only then flash the rest of the goodies from here.

You can find the full changelog below. flipz, thank you for yet another kick-ass release!

Changes from Fresh Evo to

  • Based on the new Sprint OTA (3.70.651.1)

  • New kernel by HTC (#15)

    • Modified slightly to allow app2sd, remount, and enable usb debugging

    • Good battery life is back!

  • Added notification pull down widgets (huge props to jschisurf)

  • Removed USB debugging icon (thanks to jschisurf)

  • Removed GPS icon when it’s disabled (thanks to jschisurf)

  • Option to reboot added to power menu (thanks to snq- and aamikam)

  • Updated DarkTremor Apps2sd to
  • Updated Gmail to 2.3.2 (due to some issues in the beta you may need to update this through the market)
  • Updated Google Search to (due to some issues in the beta you may need to update this through the market)
  • Updated Google Maps to 5.0.0
  • Updated Voice Search to 2.1.1
  • Updated Market to 2.2.7
    • Due to many users experiencing issues in the 3.5.0 beta with this you will see the old market after you first flash, however it will be quickly updated in the background to the new one.
  • Updated ES File Explorer to
  • The OTA brought a lot of behind the scenes changes, but also some new apps. I removed most as they are things you could already get off the market. Here’s what I did with everything. Keep in mind that some of these apps can be re-installed by clicking in a file browser, while some must be copied to /system/app/ manually:
    • SWYPE — left this for now
    • WM DRM 10 — left this for now
    • Blockbuster — moved to /sdcard/fresh-removed-apks-3/)
    • Adobe Reader — moved to /sdcard/fresh-removed-apks-3/)
    • Kindle eReader — moved to /sdcard/fresh-removed-apks-3/)
    • NOVA Demo — moved to /sdcard/fresh-removed-apks-3/)
    • Sprint Zone Update — moved to /sdcard/fresh-removed-apks-3/)
    • New Sprint Nav — moved to /sdcard/fresh-removed-apks-3/)
    • New Sprint TV — moved to /sdcard/fresh-removed-apks-3/)
  • New radio (baseband), wimax radio, and PRI and NV can all be found on Fresh Updater after flashing 3.5 or downloaded below.
  • Fixed market bug
  • Fixed location bug
  • Fixed busybox / root apps FC’ing bug
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  • Am Oh

    It seems that updating to this version was the worst thing I could have done. Several programs stopped working and I had to do a hard reset of the phone. Now, most things seem to be working, but skype no longer works on the phone. Any ideas?

  • Dave

    I'm not impressed either. I was on fresh 3.4 and used the fresh updater to download and apply the 3.5. Phone never rebooted further than the white htc Evo 4g screen. Tried wiping and flashing 3.4 again but same issue.

  • Scooter

    Coming from stock, I did have a problem the first time I tried to install 3.5. I was stuck at the boot splash, I had to remove the sd & load it directly into my computer, then I figured out what was wrong; For some reason, the copy I dl'd from ROM Manager was butt. I got 3.5 from the web, plopped it on my sd, and the install went smoothly after that.

    Since then, I've been quite happy with it. This is the first custom I've ran on my phone for more than a few hours. I think it's because I'm a bit of a Sense-slappy. Regardless, I'm thrilled with Darktremor, I've got my Sprint TV (I like the ABC News Now channel), and my phone seems happy, pappy. Just not getting my roms from 3rd-party software anymore.

  • http://none.com Kai99

    Is it possible this update could improve the quality of what's displayed on screen? Or is it just the joy of having a new ROM on my Evo that has it looking improved?? Either way, being fairly new to the Root-game, I installed this from the links provided in this post with no issues at all :) Happy-Updating Holidays to you all.

  • Tumbleweed

    I'm going to replace CyanogenMod with this over the long weekend. The loss of my Swype is crippling me (the beta I was using won't install on top of a non-stock ROM). Plus WiMax. Nice.

  • Killer

    This is by far the best rom out there, i have tried a few others.I even tried the new Gingerbread rom but after a few hours i put this one back, hands down this is the best.......

    Thank you for your hard work, i cant say it enough

  • Zach

    I'm having problems with seeing my Bluetooth headset, could the busybox update have jacked me? I'm currently running, strait install from stock. I did flash cyanogyn right after root but tried fresh out and I love it. Any help would rock

  • shadow821

    Flashed Fresh over the weekend. Battery life is amazing. Easily extends 40%-50%. Very quick and simple. Enough said.

  • BEBE75

    Just flashed Fresh 3.5 and all my apps and contacts are missing. This is the first time I flash a ROM since rooting with unrevoked. How do I reinstall my apps and contacts?

  • Killer

    Before you flashed you should of backed everything up, if you didnt you will have to go and re-install everything.You should read through the posts,everybody has their own preference as far as back-up managers,download one from the market and give it a try.Always back up before you flash,best of luck, hope you enjoy the fresh rom as much as i do.......

  • http://www.joefrias.com JoeFrias

    Anyone have process to apply this upgrade? I tried, as it was updating just stopped. Tried putting on SD, no dice.

  • recifeln

    I really want to try fresh but I've tried to flash it 2 times with same results. It installs then reboots to the white htc EVO 4G boot screen and just stays there. The evo 4g I have is the 3.70.651.1 build. Is there something I can do to get it to boot into the Fresh Rom. I would appreciate any help. Thanks

  • recifeln

    Please notify me on any followup comments for the above post.