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It's been almost a year since we last saw SPB Mobile Shell for Android. Some of you may recognize the name from the Windows Mobile world - it's the same SPB Mobile Shell many of you probably used to make the OS bearable. Now, though, it appears that SPB Mobile Shell for Android is almost ready for prime time, and the developers are looking for testers for a private beta. Check out the video below to see how fast and amazing this SPB Mobile Shell looks. In my opinion, it's completely different from anything out there - pretty amazing. If you're interested, click on the source link to signup for the beta.

Source: SPB Mobile Shell for Android

Image credit: Android Central

  • John J

    Wow that's fast!


    Beautifull. Amazing!

  • NS-wp

    Meego is included too.


  • Shiny Steve

    Is there any way to turn off the 2002 -looking shiny surfaces and gel effects?

    • aj

      I would like to know the same thing.

  • Eli

    I signed up...anyone get an invite yet?

  • Jeff

    No invite yet. I want it!

  • RockEvo

    Nice UI, I remembered when I had it on my WM. Already signed up can't wait to try it

  • http://www.dogsinduds.com jamie

    let me know when i can give it a try - looks pretty neat!

  • iNo

    Looks fantastic, but do I even dare try it on mytouch 3g lol?

  • Dexteral

    I want it :D , I like it very much

  • Daniel

    Terrible. Reminds me too much of SPB Shell for Windows Mobile. It's also not very practical for daily use. Also, it's too different from Android - instead of fitting in with Android's theme, it's totally unrelated.

    Something like HTC Sense is far better and integrates with Android without covering it up.

  • http://www.androidtips.de/ Androidtips

    Wow what great solution - amazing :-)

  • Al

    I'm a big SPB Mobile shell fan. The functional richness, ability to customize and performance. I prefer it to HTC's Sense, iPhone's home screen and pretty much any other option out there.

    I want to move to ANdroid, but will wait till SPB Shell for it is released.