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Earlier today, we received a tip regarding Notion Ink's yet-to-be-released developer program for its "Genesis" app platform. Indeed, while the developer homepage remains relatively useless, the leaked developer program registration page the tipster sent us does appear to be legitimate and even comes complete with terms and conditions.

Update: As some of you so eloquently pointed out, the developer program was indeed active at one point, and the registration has now been closed (at least partially, apparently). Nevertheless, we believe some details weeded out of the terms and conditions and displayed below are relatively unknown and quite valuable.


After registering and clicking the confirmation link in the email from Notion Ink, I found myself at the end of the road, as the actual pages for developers could not be found.

Although the developer program does not appear to be ready for launch, the terms and conditions on the registration page have yielded some interesting information about Notion Ink's "Genesis" app platform:

  • Developers are given access to a number of "Notion Ink services", such as the the Genesis Apps Service, the API documentation, the Developer Support Website, the Developer Support Forums, and the SDK.
  • Genesis is the name of Adam's dedicated Market and will be the focal point for all developer content.
  • Distribution of apps must be made through Genesis, but Notion Ink can refuse to distribute an app for "any reason". Unlike Android's app approval system, which essentially allows any app into the Android Market, Notion Ink appears to be taking a page out of Apple's playbook by controlling the apps that are available through Genesis.
  • Apps are also not allowed to contain "any obscene, pornographic, offensive or defamatory content". This is a fairly standard term, but it is open to interpretation at the discretion of Notion Ink.
  • Interestingly, it is also not possible to create apps with any sort of VoIP functionality without a separate agreement with Notion Ink. The Adam is not primarily a voice communications device, but having the ability to talk with others over a mobile network would be a fantastic feature. I am hoping that Notion Ink does not limit VoIP apps for the Adam.
  • Notion Ink will also take a 30% commission fee for all paid apps sold through Genesis. This is standard practice employed by both Google and Apple in their respective app stores.

No word yet on when the partially exposed developer program will actually be launched or the SDK be made available.

Credit: Notion Ink Hacks

Abhiroop Basu
Abhiroop Basu is an opinionated tech and digital media blogger. As a doe-eyed twenty-something he started his first blog TechComet to comment on anything tech-related that caught his omniscient eye. Since then he has blogged for Android Police, Make Tech Easier, and This Green Machine. In the real world, Abhiroop Basu is a resident of Singapore and the Editor of The Digit, a subsidiary of The Potato Productions Group.

  • http://paulchester.wordpress.com Paul Chester

    one of Rohan's posts on the blog had a link to the eap (early access program) and was the same link mentioned above. a couple of months ago the website was fully operational (you were able to upload and send apps to notion ink). the eap is now closed and that is why the website isn't 100% working. Notion Ink might be re-opening the website for other devs who did not get in to the eap to develop apps for the adam when it is launched.

  • PacoBell

    No VoIP? Yeah, that'll be rooted right quick if for no reason but this.

    • Matthew Reeves

      No VoIP functionality without a separate agreement with Notion Ink. I don't really see a reason for this, though.

  • Samuel

    Do we know it we will still be able to install our own/unauthorized apps from files like (I believe, I don't have one) other Android devices can - or will it be like on Apple devices where you have to jailbreak/root in order to install any apps not from Genesis?

  • FOZ13

    Yawn, nothing new.

  • Dmitry Solomakhin

    It's all old news, I have seen this page (and actually registered) smth like 2 months ago, when I received an email invitation to join EAP

  • Jason Smedley

    Does anybody at Android Police know how to use Google search site:notionink.com i refer you to that. The link has been up since August

    • John J

      What's Google?

  • R Maganti

    When did Android Police become adam police? Do you think you have a scoop or something here? This is very old news and it appears that you are just waking to the fact that something like adam is coming into existence.

    I advise your team to read each and every post of Notion Ink from May 2009 before you attempt to make any new post on adam or Notion Ink.

    For now stop policing adam.

    • PaulDz

      Excellent suggestion R Maganit! Really makes AP look ... well a bit childish.

      • AuntieLucy

        It isn't just a little childish. It's simply ridiculous, so much so that it convinces me that AP must have some serious problem with NI. Either NI offended them or AP was hired by other large corporations to destroy the reputation of NI.

        *Conspiracy theory*

        • http://notionink.com Leto

          What the trouble with AP? They are doing their work, informing us.Just like they do with ALL android devices !

          I am (or... was) and NiFanboy, nonetheless I am very happy to read AP articles which are 3rd party article with an objective point of view i didn't have.

          Ok, they might be late with this news but at least, they talked about it for newcomers that doesn't know Adam yet. Isn't it a good thing?

          AP hasn't been nice with NI but it has never been childish or whatever. They just states the facts and that is a good things...
          Such websites exist to protect/inform people !

          Stop being paranoid, that is not the interest of an android website to shoot down an android device...

    • joshua2

      It certainly looks like it when you ignore the many other android related blog posts about other devices besides adam. I mean just look at that "Topics and Feeds" to the right of these comments. Definitely only reporting on adam... Sorry went over my sarcasm allotment there.

      Honestly, guys(and gals), if adam is getting a lot of posts it is because a lot of info is coming out/adam is being noticed again(kind of fell off the face of the earth for a few months and hadn't made much noise since pre-order). People are just now picking back on it. Sheesh this one isn't even putting NI in a bad light.

      • Wok

        Exactly. Just because something is getting a lot of attention at some point doesn't mean it's all about that product now - it just means it's what's hot and what people care about. Don't you agree you all care a lot about NI?

        AP brought some questions to light that most people weren't aware of and now because of some of them, we have a lot more answers than we would have otherwise. Don't you think? Nobody ever called them a scam - show me where they did.

  • Androiduser

    Lol @ Android Police. Seriously, I don't even know what to say to AP.
    Now for the magic word.

  • Sparkey

    I never visited AP until they made the stink following the pre-order. Now, they did make some very valid points; but it's a blog, and seeking the headlines is what they do, by any means necessary while still maintaining credibility. Last time, Rohan rewarded them by giving them the exclusives on the only "pre-order" debacle interview and, more importantly, the first video.

    This time, AP is just hoping for another exclusive. Except unlike before, now they're just trolling, in hopes for another "ransom" from Rohan. Their site got so many hits when they received the video exclusive, it crashed their server. Which, for a smaller player in the blogosphere, is like gold. With this attempt, they lost all credibility and in my eyes are just wannabe-Arrington trollers.

  • kumar

    Too bad..there AP doesn't know the fundamental duties of Police.. that is not to call some one guilty until proven.
    While regular bloggers may have right to give sneaky details, police always need permission to do soo..so another mis use of word 'police'..

  • Richard

    HAHA, it was a prank to discredit the people at Android Police for picking on Notion Ink.


    • Wok

      I think that hacks site got duped into thinking it's new info too and is just trying to save face now and pretend he meant it to trick AP. Lame attempt really.

      • http://www.notioninkhacks.com Me

        Nope, the Admin from the forums NotionInkHacks.com is a stud. ;-)

        Think he just works with some douche bags.

  • RK

    Relax guys. They just wanted to do a techcrunch here and they failed. Those who doesn't follow Rohan's blog regularly will find this information amusing. At the end of the day, it helps adam. So relax!

  • Yong

    Credit goes to NotionInkHacks..... which means maybe they finally did a view source on the HTML of the Genesis page and saw a link to the non-working EAP signup page... Which was up when they launched their site.
    Anyone viewing the source of that page could have gotten this link.
    go to: developers.notionink.com, view source, scroll to bottom.


  • Andy

    No the sign up page was up and running for about 3 mins sat morning.

  • gcr

    Notionink is a India based company therefore has to adhere to Indian laws which means no porn and a more strict adherence to laws regarding inflammatory content etc. I have a feeling VOIP terms are also due to this.

  • Mike
  • Yogi

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