If you're a member of the T-Mobile Loyalty Program (like me), you're going to want to listen up. As of right now (and I’m willing to bet this won’t last long), T-Mobile is offering members of the T-Mobile Loyalty Program a G2 for free on any qualifying upgrade. If you're a member of the loyalty program or just want to find out if you qualify to be in the program and have a qualified upgrade, call T-Mobile customer service and say “contract” to the automated system. With this, you should reach the loyalty department. Get on it people, this deal won't last!


Good luck!

Source: TmoNews

  • http://www.swapngreen.com swapngreen

    just got 2 free g2's with free express shipping, phones will be delivered in 2-3 days, right before christmas!! nice! But i did not read the instructions before i called 611 the first time and the rep had no clue about the deal and did not give it to me. Then I re-read the instructions and said "contract" to the automated system and got to the right department, asked for the free g2 deal and got it right away!!! I LOVE T-MOBILE!!!

  • senkulpa

    Didn't work for me, called at 6 PM PST.

  • Flumpus

    Yep, worked for me just now, called, said "Contract", got it right away, will be here Thursday!

  • Gator

    Still working as of 10 PM EST on 12/20 with express shipping included, my phone will arrive by 12/23. Very easy process and the rep suggested some account changes based on my usage history which saves me enough to pay for the data plan. Great service T-mobile. Thanks Android Police for the tip. This is a gift, I already have a G2 it's a great phone if you like a physical keyboard.

  • Nick

    I'm with T-mobile US but I don't have a contract anymore which lowers my bills but doesn't give me any discount for phone upgrades.

    Like Gator said, it's likely you have to change your current plan to get the free G2. in my case, I have to agree to a 2-year contract with them. I guess if you have been on contract for a long time the upgrade comes without conditions but I thought I should share the info if some people are in a situation similar to mine.

    I'll stick to my HD2 w/ Android as I'm very happy with it :D

  • Michelle

    I just got mine!! Love it Love it
    Now i will part with my G1. Thanks David!!! 8:30 am PT

  • Raj

    Will this extend my contract?

  • Dominik

    Apparently this was a Monday Special. Go figure, I usually read androidpolice everyday and the one day I don't I miss out! Doh!

  • Okken

    Thanks a million. Grabbed mine yesterday. I've been ogling this thing long enough to know i'll be happy with it. I'm just a lot happier to get it for free!

  • smart guy

    for all those scrambling for free g2. You can buy G2 or mytouch 4g at full retail price and opt for even more plus plan. The phone will pay for itself in 2 years and you will be contract free. There is difference of $20-$30 per month between even more and even more plus plans. (You will need data).

  • http://androidpolice autierapennington

    My g1 just really froze and stop working permanantly and I don't have insurance my parents can't afford it I really need a miracle how can I get a free phone anything but preferably a g2