UPDATE: Here's the second video:

Here's the (first) video Rohan sent AndroidPolice:

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • crimethink

    THIS is the video that took them a week to produce? I mean, it's nice to see that at least one of these devices physically exists, but I could have made a video like this in a couple of hours.

    But I will give props to Rohan for actually producing a video and retract my doubts about whether the device existed.

    • http://joshhailes.com iamapirate

      I sure hope there's more to come...

    • Scotty

      totally agree! Can't believe that in 10 days, all they did was make one very basic video with out sound! Some of those cheap chinese tablets have better video demos of their products.

      I thought the UI would be better. Also there seems to be a little lag while shifting through the panels. Its proabably not immediately noticable but once u play with it, I think it will be more apparent. He hasn't even shown the keyboard yet.

      Further, I dont want to know how much time it takes to shift between apps. I want to know how much time it takes to open heavy duty files.

      And let's not even get started on the gaming part. This is just a demo on how to use panels. Not very good Mr. Shravan

    • Darius_bd

      They did it quickly, but they wanted to launch it on 18 because it's one year anniversary since Adam is alive. It's not like they took 10 days to produce it.

  • http://mindmirror007.blogspot.com alchemist007

    Are they running on Gingerbread?

    • Michael

      No its still running android Froyo.

      • http://mattjacobson.us Matt

        @4:31, it says "notice the 2.3 framework?"

        So I think it is running Gingerbread... They did say that they designed their layer to be easily ported from one version to another...

        • Michael

          Oh ok yes I did not even see that

  • Yogi

    Good to see Android Police and Admholics on same side.... way to go

  • Andy

    looks pretty sweet to me....

  • Andy

    slick. Scam? Don't think so

  • Daniel

    Man this is sweet, I like the smoothness of the screen.

  • Pavan

    I won’t say much – here’s the (first) video Rohan sent AndroidPolice.

    Does that mean there are more to come?

    • Lala

      You are so attractive walking in the bushes

  • Twist

    first video? does that mean rohan has sent multiple to AP?

  • cyankahn

    @David your Quick thoughts??????
    Initially it looked well ... sexy as you tweeted. The more i look now the more i can see the potential. Great ideas but the execution may need a slight polish. I can say not bad not mind blowing tho .Adam looks real classy (hardware) :)

    • eric

      that's what's going to hurt for them, I think: from what I can see in these videos, Eden's got some nice ideas with idiosyncratic execution and they're going to take heat for that. It will be hard for them to take -- it always is, when you feel like you've invented something wonderful.

  • hullaboo

    Interesting .. Good start

    Naysayers - 0
    NI - 0

    NI also yet to score till they deliver first units.

  • MikkelPetersen

    You say the (first) video - is there a second video too?

  • Rohans_Ball_Hair

    My six year old daughter can take better video with her pink Barbie camera!

    I can hardly believe it took them this long to make this. It looks like it was shot using an old cell phone. Even newer cell phones shoot in 720p!

    • Darius_bd

      They did it in one day, but they wanted to launch it on 18 because it's one year anniversary since Adam is alive.

      • Badfrog

        They had 8 days since they announced it. If they decided to make the video in one day thats their fault

  • Kapteijn

    Making a video like this would actually take 10 minutes for shooting and creating the text intro. Doing the final rendering and uploading it would take even longer. So this is what we had to wait for for a week? Hilarious! This is embarrasing.

  • http://notioninkfan.com Greg

    First video? Do you have more?

    Awesome first look. Now I have to go back and watch it over an over and see what I can pick up on that was not obvious the first time I watched... ;-)

    I can't wait for mine to get here!

  • coolheart

    What are you people talking about. compared to Samsung galaxy, Dell streak and apple i pad, it looks like Shi*T. sorry Rohan, it was a very bad quality video and where is the Pixel Qi.

    • johnboatcat

      I wondered where Trolldylocks was hiding.

    • eric

      He's stripped out a lot of the stock android candy. apparently he hates it.

      it's useful to know when speculating about NI that Rohan isn't just the CEO -- he's also the directory of design. apparently very hands-on about it, too. so if he doesn't like the way Galaxy looks, he's not going to care when people compare the Adam to it.

      That could hurt him, of course, if other people look at his baby and say "this looks like bauhaus when we want art deco."

  • Shrikant

    Is the original video without audio? Are there more to come?

  • Patben

    Is that it? Panel mode of pre-installed apps with full-screen versions of each? It does what it can do very well, but it seems limited without Market access...it's not exactly what I was expecting (unless there's more details not in this video, which there probably are)

    • Someone

      Just use SlideMe or GetJar.

      People keep thinking there's only one market like some other devices. =P

  • Barz

    I feel it's irrelevant to say it's not mind blowing because what technology available at the consumer level is actually mind blowing... Anyway I think anyone who does multiple things at once like myself will appreciate how the Adam multitasks better than any other device.

    • Darius_bd

      Agree to that! +1

  • suresh

    people who think it is an excellent tablet are the ones who never have owned an apple ipad or samsung galaxy. Man it doesnt even come close to the archos tablet. i will request the people to please compare it with UI on ipad and Galaxy, check some you tube videos and then comment. I know people who already pre ordered are defending it , that is nothing but a defensive mechanism on their part called as rationalization. will have to wait for the CES

    • Barz

      I can instantly prove you wrong.... I think the ni Adam looks to be an excellent tablet

      ~Posted from my iPad~

    • Billreyn1967

      Well, I can't have multiple apps on screen at once on the IPad. So it beats iPad there. It also isn't crippled by ITunes. So another win for Adam.

      • johnboatcat

        And it does have the XDA to crack and re-wrap it. Let the fun begin!

        • eric

          oh, my, yes ;-).

    • David

      So your are saying you could have open on an ipad or a galaxy tab the following programms all at once and switch between them at will.

      Email, Browser, Navigation app, canvas app, calendar, calculator, office suite, with a 6.5 mb pdf open, a file browser, ebook reader, with access a pen drive, and sd card and start up a weather app

      You are dreaming, they can't even come close

      • ssj4Gogeta

        (Why can't I just post "+1"?)

    • Daniel

      I own an ipad and iphone and even used a Viewsonic G-tablet which has similar hardware configuration with Adam before I return it back to Sears, so I think I can tell that you are wrong. Those devices cannot run properly if you open that much applications, not saying it running smoothly like Adam (kudo to 1GB RAM and the Eden UI, I think).

    • Tesla84

      You are an anxious child, you know nothing of reviewing and process, this tablet and the rest of them. They still have to adopt and integrate a whole new Android OS before Jan 9th, the ship date! Which means, who knows what will still be there, how will the final thing look like - they don't wanna show something that won't be there because of people like you. Keep your opinions to yourself until CES.

    • BIG V

      All of the tablet pc's so far fall into two catagories, an oversized smartphone or an e-reader trying to be a netbook. IPAD & the Galaxy Tab are great devices, & really sexy! In the end,they're just bigger versions of a IPOD touch & Galaxy S smartphone. The NotionInk Adam is a Android based device that gets it! They used the OPEN android operating system & created the first android tablet operating system. They are just showing the world that smartphone OS isn't the standard for Tablet PC!

    • Milind

      I have an iPad and it's an incredibly crippled device. I am thoroughly underwhelmed by it. I also think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is overpriced. This tablet I think will be like the G1 (except with better hardware). I dumped my iPhone 3G for the G1 2 years ago and never regretted it. I gambled on the potential of the Android. I'm more excited by the Adam than I have been with any other Android tablet. I'm still not ordering it until user reviews are out and hopefully get to play with one myself. But I'm fairly sure that I'll be getting it in a couple of months. This video certainly helped.

  • http://Idon'thaveone Eric

    I hope there are more videos cause I really want to see this with some sound. IDK....I just felt underwhelmed and I was suprised by that.

    Don't get me wrong...I still plan to purchase one after CES, but I just thought the video would do a little more than show a guys playing with the panels over and over again.

  • Paritosh

    Android Police FAIL!!!
    Android Police want to play as a major blog, but cannot handle the traffic of even a startup like Notion Ink!!! Android Police website seems like a SCAM!!! If AP want to be a big player, then they better pay for the bandwidth, otherwise it's just like a website hosted on a home server.
    AP = Epic FAIL!!!

    • GroundSit

      Recently, the word "scam" has been used quite inflationary..

      Please read (+ follow-up entries): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confidence_trick

      • Paritosh

        Quite right! And in the exact tone in which I posted the above sarcasm.

    • Badfrog

      You sir are an idiot

      • Paritosh

        That sir is sarcasm for what was blogged in AP and the Jewish Chronicle.

    • crimethink

      Last I knew, Android Police isn't charging anybody's credit card. And the server issues weren't the only suspicious aspects of Notion Ink's preorder launch.

      • Paritosh

        AP is sure making money off this blog. Theyr'e not doing it for charity!

  • http://www.themanly-man.com Esco

    the first thing that comes to mind is "Why the Heck is this not in HD"...second thing that comes to mind is "pretty sweet!" If they posted this first I would have already pre-ordered by now. Now I have to wait till the Pixel Qis screens get re-stocked. However, this is the tablet I am waiting for. Hands down.

    • Tesla84

      Esco I don't think we've seen anything yet, just a small example thrown at us. The full campaign and official ads and videos, hands on reviews will start on the day of CES launch. That is what matters. We haven't seen the Eden Home Screen, app list, manus, settings, etc. This tablet, with such an advanced multitasking ability, will make a really organized manager out of me :P In my own opinion, I would have used this hype about my device and hire top hollywood producers and do the whole Matrix thing, the whole Apple SuperEgo thing. But, humble it is...the dawg that barks is a coward, be ware of dawg that don't bark (as much) CES is what I'm waiting for, AND MORE VIDEOS!

      • johnboatcat

        Exactly. They asked for a video to prove it was real and worked and that is exactly what you got.

  • Patben

    Is there going to be the normal Android homescreen type deal as well?

    • Tesla84

      thing's aren't final yet, this is only a glimpse at multitasking bit. stay tooned till CES.

    • Darius_bd

      Heck, you'll be able to even install Ubuntu in it. Can you see the potential of the Adam??

  • http://wingzofsteel.wordpress.com Perry Riggins

    I think the video is fine. Some of you are pretty mean spirited whose opinions are discounted. It does not show everything, but it does show that at least one exist. The interface looks promising and faster than expected. I would love to see the Pixel Qui screen demonstrated as this, to me, is the defining feature that sets it way apart from the others.

    • Darius_bd

      There are older vids of Adam prototype that shows its use with PixelQ, youtube it.

  • http://arnabsdiary.com Arnab Das

    the ui looks good. but not extraordinary. lack of apps will be an issue unless they actually manage to get access to android market in some way or the other. without it, competing with something like the app store would be next to impossible.

    as many of u have mentioned this is a really bad video especially since its the first demo. but here's what i make of it:

    compared to galaxy tab: well the galaxy tab ui is tried and tested. there's no doubt about it. we dont get to explore the "home screen" much in this video, but its one of the winning features of galaxy tab. so i would definitely like to see how that looks on the adam. to me, the galaxy tab's ui looks friendlier. touch screen of adam looks responsive, but so does the galaxy tab and ipad's. i loved the way pdf was rendered on the adam. but it contained only text and no images. so frankly, it doesnt prove anything. galaxy tab is quite good at rendering pdfs (as good if not better than the ipad). hardware wise adam is a win! no doubt about it. also, as u can see, thanks to this being a complete "netbook-replacement" kit, the sleekness of it is lost.

    compared to the ipad: i hate apple (yeah hate the other company too, hence i'm on linux). there i said it. but god they make awesome devices! sure they're "dumbed down", sure their specs (of what is revealed) dont look outstanding, but hell their devices perform (even if its doing ONE task)! the biggest win for the ipad over the adam would be the presence of the immensely huge app store. even if 50% of those apps are utter nonsensical. again, adam wins hardware wise. also ipad has an ecosystem of its own, it has its own customised covers, holders, cases, and all sorts of weird things. adam would take some time to get that amount of exposure.

    finally, (okay i'm desperately trying to justify an adam purchase here) Rohan looks like a nice guy and he has created a wonderful tablet. but would i REALLY buy this? especially since the warranty is so lets say, iffy. i guess no. this is a geek's device. if ur good at porting stuff from other OSes and all, this is your tool! but in the long run, i think anyone would go for a more 'reliable' company.

    i had recently undergone a failed mobile purchase (n97 mini, its so irritating now i'm using a hacked firmware for it) and i cannot but cite this example. notion ink adam looks like the N8 and performs like it. but is it the htc desire/galaxy s/iphone killer? thats my point.

    • Androidboy

      Great Post Arnab

    • Brian

      if i can root my nookcolor and side load market apps on it, I can do it with adam.

      did you read the updated warranty?

      this isnt a ipad/galaxytab/etc killer. this is more or less indie tech. bottom line: I want my pixel qi screen in a tablet.

      I'm not waiting for super monolith tech company to release something similar thats polished with a million gurantees. I'm not sure why anyone though this tablet would be that.

      The detractors who have posted here aren't wrong at all...they are just looking for a different product, one I don't think was ever promised anyway.

      • http://arnabsdiary.com Arnab Das

        well point is, we all want an 'ultimate' device, dont we? cmon! we all do! hence the comparison.

        the adam is a great tablet! no doubt about it, but if i really had to read an ebook, i'd do it on an ebook reader, kindle maybe. anyway, i read ebooks on my mobile with the brightness reduced, so i really dont know how big a deal pixel qi is right now. ipad and galaxy tab does have some awesome ebook readers with loads of customisation options in terms of brightness, contrast etc. it wont replace a pixel qi for sure, but it will make the reading experience a lot better. pixel qi panels are in short supply (implied by Rohan's posts), so basically if u manage to damage the panel, would u be assured of a quick solution? (okay, i know one rarely damages a panel, but it CAN happen nonetheless) point is pixel qi isnt mainstream enough right now. once it becomes mainstream, i.e. once the traditional "leaders" like sammy and apple get one for their devices, it remains a kind of untested thing.

        notion ink is using a technology which seems to me to be too advanced for the times we live in. and thats exactly my point, its not a device for the average user who wants nothing but a pleasant pre-sale, sale and post sale experience.

        • Brian

          If you damage your pixel qi they send you a giant t-shirt that has a sadface on it.

        • PaulDz

          What a great tag line:
          "notion ink is using a technology which seems to me to be too advanced for the times we live in." Just need to tweek it a bit:"Notion Ink, using technology more advanced than the times we live in."

          Thanks for that Arnab. Not everyone is an early adopter. It's ok.

      • crimethink

        The problem is, they're charging prices for this indietech that are similar to what the monoliths are charging for their polished products. The wifi-PixQi version is the same price as an iPad.

        • Darius_bd

          Please, please, that gotta be sarcasm. Pull it out better next time.

          And for the godforsaken chance you weren't being sarcastic, you gotta be out of your mind. An indie company, making a fantastic hardware product compared to the monolithic ones, charging less! having less infrastructure to lesser costs! being their first launch and so not having much confidence from the big fishes! and they're charging less for the same hardware wise!

          You sir, are a douchebag.

    • GroundSit

      Is your concern about the warranty based on the latest warranty?


      Thanks for your post!

      • http://arnabsdiary.com Arnab Das

        oh yeah i've seen it, but now its too long for me to read :D

        its like the porridge being too hot and too cold. the earlier one was way too dumbed down, and this is long. no i'm not blaming notion ink for it, this is how terms and conditions should look like.

        but i want a dumbed down version, not from notion ink though. someone with a neutral standing. anyway, my biggest concerns are:

        1. they dont have any service centers in India or in the US/UK. (please correct me if i'm wrong)

        2. they are running in short supply of components. Rohan mentioned about pixel qi screens not really being 'abundant'.

        here's the thing. getting a new customer is easy. keeping the customer from selling their product for cheap at ebay...hmm...now thats tough.

        i really want notion ink to succeed but they need to be way more professional if they want to manage thousands and thousands of customers from around the world.

    • johnboatcat

      Get an ipad and Galaxy and come out in the parking lot in the sun with me and we will see which one is faster and has the best home screen. Oops! Why can't we see your screens? Guess the Adam wins. King of the parking lot anyway!

      • http://arnabsdiary.com Arnab Das

        very true!

        thats the advantage of pixel qi. but does that justify an entire tablet?

        (and then again, u dont spend entire days at parking lots now do u? Surely u can tolerate the urge to use the tablet for 15-20 mins, cant u?)

        • hullaboo

          Also lot of us who also have dedicated eink based ebook readers would consider Pixel Qi an acceptable alternative. Thus Adam or other similar specced devices will allo many of us to have 1 less device to juggle :)

        • johnboatcat

          I am outside working in the Florida sun for 8 to 12 hours a day. Use a lenovo netbook with Pixel Qi transplant screen now. This little Adam will just the ticket.

      • crimethink

        Have you actually seen how an Adam's display (let alone the home screen) performs out in the sun? I don't think so. At this point it's king of the spec sheet at best.

        • Darius_bd

          Yes, we have. There are older Adam prototype videos showing how it looks under the sun with Pixel Q. So dont blame the rest for not having done your own homework and being just guessing away.

    • http://www.smick.net smick

      I can't really take anything you said as useful Arnab. We've been informed that the Adam (will) get the Android Market, it's got a responsive UI (looks good is an opinion), the screen is dual mode, if you get pixel qi version, you get USB, mouse support, dual core, expandable storage, 1ghz memory.

      All that and you care about having plastic covers?? I can make myself a stupid cover out of some cloth or leather and fasten this to it with a strip of velcro. Why do I care about accessories for iPad when this supports STANDARD computing perpherals, with camera on board.

      A screen protector, you can buy in sheets and cut to fit. There's a lot of greatness here from what I see. And it's OPEN unlike iPad.
      This isn't an N8 or an HTC desire so why would that comparison work?

      • GroundSit

        To my knowledge, a screen protector is included.

      • http://arnabsdiary.com Arnab Das

        its not just about "plastic covers". its about an entire ecosystem. you would really have to go through the list of ALL the thousands of ipad compatible peripherals available to understand the need of this ecosystem.
        as for the usb/mouse support. well thing is, u can have a sleek tablet. or you can have a netbook. adam i feel is a netbook in the guise of a tablet. hence loses the sleekness quotient. if one can carry an adam, one can surely carry a netbook! the netbook will have a bigger hard drive and loads of usb ports and even a physical keyboard (beat that!).

        • Brian

          rofl now you're just being contrary.

        • rubi76

          You are contradicting yourself.
          Are you saying since the Adam let's you do everything that a laptop does, but in half the size, you might as well buy a netbook?
          The Adam is as big as an Ipad, so 'if someone can carry an Ipad, you might as well carry a netbook'..
          Oh but I forgot the Ipad has more peripherals......
          (too bad ANY peripherals would work with Adam!)

        • GroundSit

          Not really,
          why do you think MCb00k Air sales went flying after the launch of iPad? .....

        • Billreyn1967

          You can have a physical keyboard with the Adam. NI has a video of adam playing Inception. They have a physical mouse and keyboard hooked up. Beat that iPad. Also, the whole peripheral thing is a scam to make more money.
          With the cover on the iPad it's as big as a net book. Except a net book can do more. So may as well carry a net book.

        • Ajit

          Arnab, if you are not so excited about the ADAM, but still are here commenting, replying to comments and explaining your comments, you have way too much time on your hands

        • http://arnabsdiary.com Arnab Das

          well there's a difference between carrying a macbook air and a dell mini. both are netbooks.

          same analogy applies here.

        • http://arnabsdiary.com Arnab Das


          its not that i hate adam just that i'm not sure if it would be a better buy than other tablets.

          i realised what u said.

        • Jaycephus

          Good grief. New company with new product, but it sucks because it doesn't have the 'ecosystem', which Apple did not have either for some time after the iPhone release?

          You're literally just babbling now.

    • Billreyn1967

      The adam's touchscreen seems responsive. And how many apps are running? Now, try that with the iPad or Tab and see how responsive they are. Well, that's if those devices could do that. Wish we could have seen Adam with just one app running. For those who don't get what a difference it makes.

      • http://arnabsdiary.com Arnab Das

        i'd like to see Adam with just one app running. pity the developers were being so hyper secretive about their tablet.

        • http://www.binachip.com gaurav

          Arnab, your persistence almost makes it seem personal. Give it a rest and sit tight with your dimmed iPad, its walled garden and the uni-app interface.

    • Dune

      If you buy devices for their home screen, I'd suggest you rather buy a nice little picture postcard and keep it in your pocket. It's cheap, looks nice, and is very light. It's even foldable, and you can take quick notes. If you want to mail those notes to someone, just stick a stamp and drop it in the nearest postbox. And you can carry a whole stack of postcards, with different 'home screens' too!

    • Dukkha

      I am not going to argue to the point of excess with you on the issues you bring up, because after all these are your opinions. I would just like to state an alternative way of looking at it.
      in my opinion there are two somewhat overlapping NotionINK Adam adapters right now (I say right now- for the reason that we still don't have the right kind of information yet- comparing the Ipad or galaxy to the Adam is comparing apples to oranges and not just because of the history/predilections of a committed customer base and hardware differences but because the Ipad and galaxy have been tested and repeatedly reviewed by external sources for a while. No one has an adam. all this talk is (even with this video) mostly just speculation, anticipation, dreams etc.

      the two types are;
      1. the Idealist
      -this is a person with a dream for the industry as well as themselves. they want to see a product that is different succeed and provide them with features they have found lacking in other devices. maybe they would like to see a future in the tablet market with real choices, and real inovations. like you said this is a netbook replacement kit not a computer accessory.

      2. the Snubber
      -mostly just pissed off at Ipad and the other big guys for dumbing down, and limiting their products and still having a huge customer base.

      I suspect that shortly after the first round of Adams get into peoples hands there will be one of two new different types of Adam owners.

      3. People that want more for their money
      example* a tablet style computer/ebook reader that is open! software and hardware (being able to plugging in any usb mouse, keyboard or HDMI monitor etc saves atleast ~30% on cost of accessories over apple branded ones and competitions will encourage more options)


      4. People pissed off they wasted $500 on a piece of crap that either doesn't work or isn't supported.

      What I really disagree with is that this is a geeks device. it couldn't be farther. what makes something a real geek device is how difficult it will be for someone who doesn't know linux to use it (or how easy for them to mess it up) and/or if a lay person doesn't understand why half the features are useful.

      This device uses a well known, simple to use and good operating platform (android-which you can no compare to nokia!!) and even my computer phobic grandmother can see why you would want a Pixel Qi screen (but with her sight she might be more prone to understanding that:-P).
      I think there is a market of non tinkerers (geeks) that will find being able to hook it up to a projector and display their powerpoints, or watch a movie on one of those old fashion non-internet ready TVs.
      and having removable expandable memory!!

      I think this product is a really good attempt to eliminate a gap made by Apple when they brilliantly synthesized an ipad market. (once you have already made the iphone-the only innovation from the Ipad was making a market for it)
      With the ADAM instead of having a kindle, an ipad and a netbook you can have one simple portable device that is all of these things for less than half the price.

      the fact is that, Its really easy to get excited about this product (as you can see!) and tempting to make very final sounding assessments about it but its been a year since we first heard about it and it will be at least another month before the most important things can really be known about it. so please don't give up yet!

    • Rohan Sawant

      It boils down to the perception.. isn't it?

  • JuJu

    About the video: I can't see anything. The quality is poor for today's standards and the camera is too far away. The poorly made video is the final straw for me. I will be waiting for CES for other tablets.

    To Android Police: Through this short situation regarding the Adam video, you have practiced better communication than Rohan and the entirety of Notion Ink. Great job keeping us updated with the informative posts, comments, and Twitter messages.

    • Brian

      better communication than notion ink? I should hope so, its a news blog, communication is their business.

      • crimethink

        I thought Notion Ink was attempting to sell a product. Communication is pretty important in sales, no?

        Well, unless you're trying to hide something, that is.

        • Brian

          are you christopher nolan?? I KNEW IT

    • BarZ

      so your upset that a company who is showing you a video of a tablet BEFORE it showcases at CES.....and that makes you want to WAIT for CES to buy a tablet from ANOTHER company that HAS NOT shown you their product....

      Why would a company showing you a demo of their product before its actually shown off to the world make you NOT want to buy from them.. but rather a company who has shown you notta???

      You people confuse the hell out of me.

  • ongadget

    Now I see the point of Rohan sending the video to AP. Show them how insignificant they are, can't even handle the traffic coming on for the video (just a link to youtube, not the actual thing).


  • Nonsense.

    The only part about this video that really really bothers me is the fact that it was given as an exclusive to AndroidPolice. Not for their support, not for the integrity of their site, not because they stand out amongst competition as a popular and reliable source of Android news - but because one simple minded editor who couldnt outgrow the thoughtless impulses acquired in high school has reinvested his whimsical emotions in yellow journalism.

    To go so far as to think that Notion Ink was an out-and-out scam company with no product, even after they had demoed it numerous times for a year, is reflective of the same amount of discretion that goes through a teenage girls mind before she pics up her cell-phone, dials 30 numbers, and says "OMG! Guess what I just heard..."

    Good job Android Police.

    • johnboatcat

      To think it is one thing. To say it another. To write it is just irresponsible! But it did get them a lot of traffic. Maybe that was the point all along.

    • crimethink

      If Notion Ink had actually "demoed it numerous times for a year", no one would have paid attention to rumors of it being a scam (and AP was NOT the only tech blog that asked those kinds of questions). The reality is that there had been no evidence of an Adam physically existing since May.

    • civil

      What are you even talking about? Every tech blog out of the web flipped out over the many red flags that went up during pre-order. Where are all of their exclusives seeing how, according to you, that is the only reason why NI gives exclusives out?

      Look I am an adam fan too but I was part of the group that was put off by the red flags that we all noticed ourselves. Somebody who was concerned about it noticed AP had a post that pretty much listed all of our concerns(give or take a few) and posted it on the NI blog. THAT is why AP got an exclusive. NI took concerns from that page and tried to address a few of them. AP followed up and continued its criticism(which can be very good for start ups), Rohan kept reading the critique and eventually the back and forth went to email as we have seen with the interviews.

      The pre-order scared off quite a few potential customers and AP had shared a similar view to said customers. It was in NI's interest to try to understand what put a bad light on them and why, AP just happened to be the site Rohan picked.

    • Milind

      Couldn't have put it better.

  • Tmckenna

    I dont care so much about more vids after this one... what i REALLY NEED is true solid tech specs. is it sd or sdhc the purpose of the micro usb ect. and what ever happened to that battery life approximation app?

    • johnboatcat

      When I get mine in January I will text you with all of that.

    • random_n

      It will be SDHC since that's a Tegra 2 platform capability. Although unproven, I don't see any reason why SDXC wouldn't work either as long as you can use a PC to reformat the card to FAT32. You just won't get the extra SD 4.0 speed.

      Battery life calculator seems to have been lost in the flurry. :-/

  • Sam

    Some of y'all TROLLS are insatiable! It's sooo hilarious! And you probably didn't even pre-order like the rest of us. View the video & go somewhere and sit it down, why dont you! . . . Ingrates, probably waiting for Rohan to tuck you in tonite too! #unbelievable

    • johnboatcat

      After the video I had to have a cigarette and a nap! But I am a man so it is expected. Right?

    • http://www.smick.net smick

      ditto. I'm thrilled now for mine to show up. Actually I didn't need a custom UI. I was hoping my worst case scenario would be I'd have to load another OS on it, but this video showed me that it's gonna work. I mean yeah I need close ups, I need to see it open a game, see a layered graphic file, see the email client work on real messages, but the gui seems all there and that's killer.

  • R Maganti

    Congratulations to Rohan and his team for putting together a great device.

    Though the video only demoed what one could do with adam, it didn't do justice to a great piece of hardware and UI it had. The walkthrough (let us say runthrough) seemed extremely hurried. The demonstrator was enchanted by the way he could scroll from one app to another and nothing else. Maybe they were holding back to do a proper presentation in CES2011.

    But anyway great work and keep it up.

  • tbc

    Video does not look professional, but that is what people wanted. Previous complaints with NI was that they doctored photos on their blog and website. Sound would have been nice. Demo of boot speed would have been nice. Demo of rotation web-cam (one of unique features) would have been nice. Demo of Pixel Qi screen (another unique feature) via ebook would have been nice. UI looks very nice, but I do not know if it is any nicer than the VEGA-bn (I believe) ROM that I've seen on the G Tablet. NI is in Catch-22, this seems to be a decent first attempt. I will still wait for SlashGear/PCMag/Liliputing hands-on.

    • BarZ

      i would like to see all of those but that is was ces is for.. btw the first thing he does in the video is flip the camera from the back to the front.

  • Jay

    At least there is a video, and the UI looks decent. I have to say that since I am a Palm user I was waiting for a multi-task machine. Looks like I will have to wait until CES and see who comes out on top.

  • vector66

    Is this running off of the usb drive??

    • EV

      ummm, NO. one is WiFi and other is mouse.

      • GroundSit

        "ummm, NO." One is storage the other is mouse.

        Thank you for you contribution, nonetheless!

      • http://www.smick.net smick

        haha, wifi. Um that's on board these days. any poratable needing a wifi dongle isn't gonna cut it. it's not 2001.

      • BarZ

        um no.. one is a pen drive the other is the wireless mouse....

  • Snapthatcher

    Well, at least there were no problems with Rohan's English!

  • Androidboy

    What the video proved is that they have working software.

    Normally I don't defend Rohan or NI and mostly criticize them and make fun and joke about them, but they came through and delivered a video on the 18th of December (GMT :)).

    I can see that NI has a vision based on what they told in there blog and the video they presented. It seems to center around a tablet that you can use anywhere. A tablet that can be your main computer.

    The video was able to demonstre that they had in some form a working vision.

    Based on video

    -UI seems fast
    -Seemed to look like there software mockups
    -Seemed very responsive and fast
    -Interesting concept of the panel system,where you have 3 apps open at once

    -UI was not consistent. We are so used to consistent UI , weather it be from Apple, Microsoft, Google. Most popular smart phones and tablets will have that. You don't notice the UI being consistent, until you come across UIs that are not.
    -Apps were not shown in too much detail, and there full features were not stated.

    Really Rohan and NI have allot to work on. Right now we can say this not a scam, but they did everything (innocently) to make it seem like one.

    There PR was basically a disaster. They did allot of things and really made the consumer confidence go down.

    However, they are starting to actually show us that they are real and here to stay. They still have a long way to go, but if they keep there dream they can do it.

    However based on this and all the information on the previous posts and there comments on the NI blog. I can say.

    It seems like NI is a start up that is trying hard. They have a long way to go if they ever want to make a dent in the consumer market. However they might be able to do with with enough effort and determination.

    This is my last post till they actually come out with the Adam.

    So my suggestions

    1.)Don't f*ck over you fanbase. The move to give AP the video first was really bad. Rohan you could of uploaded it to youtube and kept your "core" customers happy.

    2.)Keep working at your UI, its a good vision, but it takes some effort to make it polished.

    3.)Don't tease people and be late to deliver. It better to directly comment on things, and rather to "leak" info. Under promise and over deliver.

    4.)If people ask questions and you don't want to answer, just say "no comment". Don't make ambiguous comments.

    Good Luck

    • Hardik

      For once I would agree with you except couple of lines :-)

      • hullaboo

        Is your scam radar gone for repair ??

        • Hardik

          @hullaboo was your message for me? I've pre ordered it on very first day. I've never told its a scam.

    • johnboatcat

      Hey, boy, good to hear from you. I was missing you, but this post scares me. You ok? This post sounds almost pos..pos..positive! You sure your ok?

  • Alex

    NOW I'm ready to preorder

  • sjpm

    OK so production value (and post) for the video... poor. But I still liked what I saw as far as the device goes.

  • Matthew Reeves

    To commenters:

    First of all, I highly doubt this is the only thing that Notion Ink, a start-up about to globally launch their flagship product, was working on for the past week.

    Second, having no Android Market (which seems to be an Android choice) in no way means no extra android apps. I normally only use the market in order to simply browse apps and then download them elsewhere.

    Next, we all asked for a video to prove the device existed, but now we are complaining that about the quality or other things. I think that this video was a great way to demonstrate the features of Adam that make it unique. The first 20 second of seeing the Adam it has already shown 4 things the iPad can't do: pen drive, camera, panel engine, and mutli-app viewing.

    Instead of complaining about the video, it would be more constructive to create a list of other things we would like to see. For me, I would like to know if there is a home screen.

    Any other company would not have provided any information at all. I remember while waiting for my HTC Incredible I had to scavenge through blogs for the littlest scraps of information, rumors, leaks, and snippets of screen shots. Overall there is too great of a sense of entitlement about the flow of information. We are lucky to have so much and to have been included in the process.

    • E

      We're not THAT lucky. This is the minimum that should have been delivered BEFORE the pre-order. What has NI and Rohan brainwashed people with? In the notionink blog comments us fans asked for laundry lists of what should be on the video. I mean you could literally scroll down and point to a comment and there would be a list of things we wanted to see on the video. Let's get a real promo video out there. Hopefully this did not take a full week to work on, I mean really?

      • rubi76

        So just don't pre-order.

        NI doesn't work for you. They have investors, rules, and are a young company that makes mistakes.
        If you like what you see, buy it.
        It's really sad you need a promo video to decide if a tablet is for your or not. This video felt much more real.

      • BarZ

        i disagree that since they offered the ability to preorder that they should have had a minimum of things to do. I can offer a preorder for whatever i want.. if you dont want to preorder dont.

        Im accepting preorders for my future tablet that ima make sometime someday.. if people want to support me and preorder then why the hell not.. should the investors in the company said.. no you cannot have my money till I see a working product.... no that is why they are investors.. and who are the people who preorder.. they are people who want to invest in a tablet that they feel will be great enough for them

    • johnboatcat

      Yea, what he said!
      No, not him. The guy above him. Matthew.
      The other guy is the demanding type. No liky!

      • E

        Yes, it really is a horrible thing to be demanding when you spend your hard earned money. When you accept inferior products, you are sending companies the wrong message.

  • E

    My cousin does video reviews on Youtube and he's got reviews that are 100 times more professionally produced than this and he is 12 years old. I can't have confidence in a company and a flagship product that looks like it was pulled together in 15mins. Notionink you had my attention, but if this is your WorldPremier demo video then good luck with the rest of the launch. I hope you make me eat my words because I want you to succeed in this but so far we're not very confident in what you're delivering. Where is the flash video, app market and video demo? What happened to the sound? NI you can do better than this.

    • johnboatcat

      Yes sir, what would you like with those words you are gonna eat? Will your cousin take the video? Is he going to help you set up your Adam too?

      • E

        LoL. @johnboatcat- What are you even talking about? I am simply saying that I hope NI proves me wrong. My cousin will gladly do the video for NI if they would like. I won't need help setting up the adam, maybe you will need my cousin's help when you have to sideload android market apk.

      • crimethink

        It is by no means clear at this point which side of this dispute is going to eat their words.

    • Dr J

      NI already said this is not their world premier. This was made just to appease those naysayers out there. CES is to be the main event.

  • Christopher

    So we saw the browser a few times, but never actually any text input?

    I'd think showing the text input mechanism would be pretty fundamental... is there one built in?

    • johnboatcat

      This was a video to show that Adam was real and worked. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • EJensen

    rohan wrote to us

    In-depth video will be released on 18th December, and till then you can hold on continuing your purchases.

    IN- DEPTH video ,- and on 18th??? LOL This is a demo of a prototype or something like that

    I have preorder one, but everything that comes from Notion Ink is lies, lies and lies. What a shame...

    • E

      +1 on this comment. Seriously, how in depth was this?

      • johnboatcat

        Cancel your orders. A great way to make others happy at Christmas when more units become available.

        • E

          There's no order to cancel until I see a legit video. They won't get $500+ out of me plus $50 shipping plus whatever customs taxes get levied. Don't make excuses for them that they are a small startup company. This is business. There's no room for compassion when you're paying that much money for a device. For me they simply must get it right.

        • crimethink

          Someone hasn't read the cancellation fee policy.

    • LorenzoDeMedici

      Well, if you follow the blog carefully, you will have read between the lines that since Rohan made this above 'promise', he most likely came in for major league flak from his board and investors. My conjecture (nothing more) is that they nixed the idea of any communication before CES, but felt compelled to do some minimal damage control, at least to show that Adam isn't vaporware. This is what you saw.

      I am happy to see smooth multitasking and the ability to add drives and pheripherals (i.e. not your everyday peripherals) and the general navigability of their UI. But, clearly, there is much work ahead in terms of spit and polish.

      • hullaboo


        And looks like he has been asked to stay of the blog !!

        The video post is not a named post from Rohan.

        CES is their focus now.

  • archboy

    I'm not sure what the name calling and hoopla is about. NI is like any other product in development. Not all company are even as forth right with their products until it is time. Here NI is taking their time to show believers and dis-believer a like about their tablet. Time taking away from development to show what I would think as a barrage of harassment and child like name calling.

    I've also ever really checked out this site before until now but from the sound of it I am glad AP is looking out for its fellow but it is beginning to sound like some Steve Jobs titrate. I also find the name of this site unappealing. So I'll stick to my Android Central and AndroidGuys who just seem fun loving and not so police hostile state blog about android. Meh.

    You have the option to buy it or not. If you don't believe it's true then don't buy it. That's the choice. I'm sure there will be plenty of new announcements of vague tablets for everyone else to throw names at.

  • subhash

    I come from a huge apple fanboys, and I see how folks are reacting to poor video quality, but when I look it, I see browser app, navigation app, canvas drawing app, calendar, fully loaded email client, calculator, pdf reader, full featured file browser, e-book reader, weather app all running simultaneously (!!! seriously, i-pad and tab no where comes to close) and that too from a company who is less than a year old and might have less than 50 employee all under 25 or so….just one word..
    **** Hats Off !! *****
    Just give them 6 months time, they might be literally flying

    • johnboatcat

      Applause sign goes up!

    • oliver

      ummm... that was TWO words.


  • MeanGuyWhoWantsToBeMean

    Motorola Everest > Notion Ink Adam


    • johnboatcat

      Motorola Everest is that the one with the screen you can read outdoors? No wait that is the Adam something. I must be as confused as this guy. Could you point me to the Everest video please. You big meany!

    • hullaboo

      And and this based on a picture ? Any solid specs to share.

      Otherwise you are just helping hot air balloon flights !!

      Does everest provide Pixel Qi option ??

  • EJensen

    I hope you are right , but I don`t believe anything from Notion Ink anymore. I will just sit down and see what happen 8th January next year, or the year after... My money are already lost in my mind

    • johnboatcat

      I can see what is lost in your mind and it ain't money!

      • EJensen

        Maybe your right, but I have my great and cheap Archos tablet and that works like a dream, no bullshit from them at all.
        I think that my money to Notion Ink just is a donate to a poor country

        • hullaboo

          You can simply cancel your preorder instead of whining like a baby with bad case of colic !! And simply use that funds for a massage (possibly with a happy ending).
          India can survive well without your donation !!

        • johnboatcat

          I see now. You are just an iBigit!

        • NEIDANJ


  • Dr J

    Funny how people feel they are entitled to things. There is already more info provided by NI than apple or samsung etc... Rohan already said he didn't want a reveal until CES, but because of all the whining babies out there he's provided this video which is only to say it's here and working. They don't want to show all their aces before the game begins. Nobody is forcing you to preorder were not stock holders and are not entitled to anything. If the want to charge 200 USD for shipping and have crappy customer services and a no return policy that is up to them. May not be smart, but not your decision.
    By the way, I'm posting this with my iPad. iPad works well and you can't go wrong with an apple, but NI is really trying and I do think their panel system will be a much better multitaskers than ipad; whether or not its metrosexual like the iPad is a different question

    • johnboatcat

      metrosexual Are you allowed to say that on here? Mods, Mods he's talking dirty!

      • hullaboo

        And I thought this was a family friendly blog :)

        But being metrosexual is considered cool these days apparently !!

        Maybe Androidboy's scam radar can be recalibrated and used for other detection purposes :)

        • johnboatcat

          Now that's the spirit boys. All in fun!

  • Al

    It looks interesting and hats off to Rohan for hanging in there and bringing this to fruition

    Still like to see a few more things:

    large pdf file being opened and scrolled through and copy paste from it to a doc in the office program and high lighting in/of the text in the pdf file
    (especially useful for datasheets/manuals/user guides)

    for example a pdf like this
    (TI trm for omap3530 25MB with lots of diagrams)

    h264, divx and flash video play back.

    video recording/ output in realtime from the camera along with audio and skype calls (video and audio calls)

    use of a drawing/sketching app to show the sensitivity of the digitiser

    Synching files and docs with both cloud and pc (linux , mac and pc)

    tether to a mobile phone and use the phones 3d connection to go online

    copying files on and off the sd card

    copying files on and off via wifi to a pc or server or dropbox/similar service

    Can you plug in a usb dvd and play movies ? or load a new os or copy files?

    Also a clear statement without pr speak on the upgrade policy on what NI will be providing in terms of future android releases.

    I'm in the market for a tablet like Adam, ipad and similar (long time windows slate user - since 2004 fujitsu st5011).

    For me Apple is the safe bet especially on support but doesn't provide all the features I would like.
    Adam looks good so far , Asus offerings look interesting as does Rim and a few others.

    +1 to Andrioid boys post.

    To Rohan (as I said on the NI blog a couple of times) get someone decent to run the public relations and support for you, it'll pay off in the long term

    • johnboatcat

      Now we are going to have to charge you $100.00 extra for all that!

    • MGibbs

      This is getting frustrating instead of supporting them people have again started posted - "What NI should have done instead list".
      Just one question for you:
      How about making your own tablet and then implementing all your points, when you launch it.
      NI does what they think is correct, if you don't like it pi** off and buy whatever you wanna buy.

  • Androidboy

    Alright guys this story is already juiced for all its worth.

    The basic premise was is NI a scam. NI has proved, no matter how badly there communication was, that it is not a scam.

    We don't need to see more videos. January is right around the corner and the holidays are here. So, at this point there is nothing to talk about. When the people and tech blogs start getting the Notion Ink Tablet, and review the device. Then we have something to start talking about.

    At point its time to move on and give NI some relief. They are already gonna have additional tensions come January.

    If you a consumer and have questions, email it to NI. Let's stop speculating and now go with our lives, and come back in Jan and then we'll have our fights again.


    Hopefully they can release there SDK, cause I more interested in that, and there engineering. Personally I hope they post some open source code. I really interested in the engineering of the device and if the review are good I buy it, just to dissect it.

    • johnboatcat

      Fibber! You said that last one was your last post till CES. Who we gonna trust these days! Boy, PM me the details of last night man. You are like "mellow". New girl?

      • Androidboy

        Shut up john!

        Take your meds again, we'll come back in Jan to argue with you my friend.

        • hullaboo

          Or why don't you book a flight to Vegas ? Let us get all answers from Rohan directly :)

        • E

          + 10000. Someone is being given too much interwebz time at the looney hospital.

    • crimethink

      "NI has proved, no matter how badly there communication was, that it is not a scam."

      No, they haven't. The device in the video could just be a prototype for which they have no mass manufacturing capability; also there is plenty of promised functionality that was not shown in the video.

      • Rubi76

        crimethink they are going to CES with a device that has no mass manufacturing capability?
        How negative can someone be!

        • hullaboo

          Looks like someone is grasping at straws hanging from a camel's broken back .....

      • Someone

        Of course, the CEO of PixelQI would also have to be in on it too, as they shipped a large number of QI screens. Way to scam people by buying millions of dollars of hardware....


  • wayne

    wait. this thing doesn't do android marketplace? so you can't get more apps on it than what they give you? this is a HUGE dealbreaker, if true.

    • johnboatcat

      Please go to Android school and call back later.

    • Dr J

      No until gingerbread which should be an update when it's out. This is dictated by google. Froyo is not ment for tablet use and android apps made for small screen form factor would suck on 10 inch screen. Same with iPhone apps on iPad.

    • Someone

      As far as I know, GetJar and SlideMe have no such restrictions. They should still work, provided NI hasn't done anything too drastic to how apps run.

      Those two markets should be able to tide you over until Honeycomb.

  • BIG V

    People stop thinking in android smart phone box! You have panels actively running all the time. The launcher ribbon replaces your home screen to open or shift to new panels. This isn't android smartphone UI! I'm glad it doesn't have android market! How many stupid games you need on your tablet pc before you eat up all your internal memory!

  • Barry Kearns

    After watching that video, I’ve now placed my order.

    For a ViewSonic G Tablet.

    It seems that Rohan and Notion Ink have learned little, if anything, in the last week or so. Making people wait that long for something of that low quality is, frankly, insulting. For God’s sake, they couldn’t even be bothered to spend a couple of minutes to get someone to proof-read and spell-check the text that they were going to include.


    • johnboatcat

      You funny Barry, but you not real smart. Please don't take my or NI's insult personally. Neither were meant to be.

    • hullaboo

      Good Luck with your Viewsonic. Do come back and tell us how great it is once you get it. You'll go to sleep while changing panels on that tablet ...

      • Badfrog

        Hmmm..lets see. I was watching hulu earlier while checking this blog, checking emails, sending text messages through google voice, downloading a movie and checking the quality of a another movie. All that from my GTab while tethered to my old Droid 1 wirelessly. Switching between apps is a breeze. Does it have the same specs as Adam...no. But it's close and it's running the Tegra 2. I like the Adam but I don't need the Adam

        • johnboatcat

          What you got XDA in your drawer at home?

    • Badfrog

      Go to XDA Developers before you turn it on or you will return it lol...its a speedy beast after a little "updating"

      • Barry Kearns

        That was precisely my plan. The ViewSonic G Tablet is a nice set of hardware, once you get the crap UI / bloatware off of it.

        So my intention straight out of the box is to flash it to a much better UI.

        • Daniel

          .... And remember not to read it when leaving it on the table. I return mine just because of the LCD on G-tablet.

    • ahem

      u cancelled ur plans to buy adam just becos they did'nt use spell check? lol

    • shakeelc

      Congratulations on your order.

      Can I point you to this?


      720p Video with Spell check.

    • Ant

      How did you order a viewsonic when they've been pulled due to problems?


      • Badfrog

        This may come as a shock but you can purchase this item at more than one outlet

        • hullaboo

          maybe. but this means is that there seems to be some serious issue that is making Staples to stop stocking it now.

          The fact that others are oblivious or have not reacted does not mean much.

  • JJ

    The biggest problem with NI (at this time) is that Rohan can't keep his mouth shut, and just release a decent product. Every time he opens his mouth and then fails to deliver he knocks NI down a peg. This IS NOT an "in depth video". We saw more in depth from him back at CES last year. It's been ten months of talk, and little else.

  • Androidboy

    My truely last post till the NI Adam is reviewed.

    Don't take all these comments negatively or personally on this blog or any other blog. This is the CE industry your trying to break into and its much tuffer than the software industry.

    The sign you made it big is people will criticize you and that won't go away it just increase. Steve Jobs made Apple the highest valued company, from the brink of bankruptcy. Yet people will rip him in a instant.

    When your product and your company makes it big you automatically become a public figure. Don't let it get to you.

    @ everyone else
    Please ignore johnboatcat, all he has is his boat and cat and meds. He tries to mean well.

    Happy Holidays to all and we shall continue back in Jan.


    • johnboatcat

      Boy howdy, I knew you couldn't stand it. Can't keep a good Troll down. I am worried though boy, about all this positivity. You sure your ok?

      Oh, my boat is a cat, not a cat on a boat or a john boat with a cat or a cat with a john, but that is a story for another day.

  • Travis

    That was sad. I was expecting something more like what enTourage did with the edge.


    • Someone

      Isn't that thing like 6-8 pounds?

      It see a purpose for it, but it doesn't involve portability.

      That said, the QI screen is what's setting it apart from any other tablet right now.

  • shakeelc


    720p Vid of the Adam just uploaded by Rohan. Now the retarded out of you can quit crying.

  • Ike

    It's not just Pixel QI...I think it should be pointed out that fingerprint resistant/anti-glare glass makes this tablet to standout from the crowd.

    Congratulations on producing a great tablet now please get your act together with sales and marketing.

  • saed

    here is the 720p version of the device. enjoy it. im gonna download it cause i feel it will be taken down shortly

  • Nilesh Zabak

    1) The fact that is bothering me is Only few applications in Panel were able to run Fullscreen....is that true...?

    2) why we were only shown Eden UI and not the boot screen, applications, etc etc

    3) where was the HD Video, music application demo as promised..??

    • Someone

      1) No. Those apps were already open. If you bothered looking at the video, you'll notice that when he opens up a new app (the pdf reader), it gave him the option to display.

      2) Because.

      3) Promised? When?

  • Sean

    I think some people are missing the point on the Adam vs others as well.
    I could care less about 3g and I don't really care about Pixel Qi at this point especially because of the short demand. BUT, everyone is so convinced on comparing the Adam to the Galaxy and iPad and they DONT have PQ either. So Im good with an LCD for now. Does anyone want to point me to where I can buy a REAL android tablet with real features that CAN compare to the ipad for $375??????
    All of my friends with an ipad have the lower versions as well of low space and wifi only because they don't need a ton of space, nor 3g and neither do I. The ipad is a decent deal at $500, but I will NEVER have itunes on my computer so I will NEVER have an apple product, whats my alternative? $700 Samsung Tab thats only 7", no thanks. All the android tabs are interested in releasing and partnering with Wireless Carriers to make money on 3g contracts, I can't get anything unlocked under the $600-700 mark and actually looks closer to a $1k............
    What will I get for waiting for CES and other tablets? Nothing although Im only in my adam $375 plus shipping and will LIKELY keep value to resell or give away or I can eat the 5% or whatever order cancel since I wont get this till AFTER CES anyway. So will ANYONE at CES be sitting on trying to launch their product, but lacked investors so spent and ENTIRE YEAR develping a custom UI and their OWN apps, DOUBT IT!!!!!
    The only reason the Dell streak and Samsung Tab are even selling is because there is NOTHING else and they are giving you smaller versions that they can categorize as a 'phone' to get the market and use ALL of googles work on the Android system on their tablet.
    I could go on and on, but really there isn't anything of this feature set that will likely match this price point next year. I will be in my adam at a low cost and be able to easily upgrade to Adam 2
    (called eve?) and continue using my system....

    • crimethink

      Archos 101 is a real 10" Android 2.2 tablet for $300. And you get free shipping if you buy it from the right place.

    • geep

      Just for the sake of argument have you looked at the ARCHOS 70/101?

  • PartyOn,Garth

    Hmm, for the 720p video they fixed the 30 seconds of blank screen and the Office "Suoite" spelling mistake, but didn't fix other blindingly obvious spelling mistakes like "conviniently","SCreen" and "pheripherals". Not to mention grammatical oddities like "...it stretches let us know..."

    C'mon already, we waited 8 days in the dark for this? No audio? This is the way they celebrated Adam's first birthday party ~ by releasing a silent movie from a stationary camera to an obscure techblog the day after the birthday. Party On!* Woot!**.

    (*fireworks not included) (**strictly no shouting)

    • Rubi76

      2 videos are up and you will get a video per day - just stop whining and go to NI's blog.

  • JasonL

    I know the Pixel Qi screen do great under sun shine(reflective Mode and transflective mode).

    But, do any one realize how bad is the color production this panel is ?!

    Transmissive mode(with back lit): only produce 262,144 color(6bit?) and Color Saturation only 40% NTSC ( I assume Term Color Saturation=Color Gamut), The worst TFT-LCD Panel I ever see is 70% NTSC Gamut, good panel even have more than 110%.

    2 Low power mode even worse: a transflective mode with lower color and a reflective black and white (64 grayscales) mode.

    Don't even mention AMOLED or even IPS. So, if you are not going to working outdoor most of the time, better don't pick Pixel Qi panel.

    • random_n

      6 bit colour depth and 40% NTSC is *normal* for laptop and tablet displays. A glossy finish increases saturation at the expense of being useless in a bright environment without an insanely bright, battery eating backlight. The 70%+ displays you're getting specs from are mostly desktop displays at least an inch thick or premium IPS displays. Anything over 100% is a professional display with little value unless you also own a professional camera that shoots in high gamut colour (many high gamut displays reproduce sRGB colour incorrectly).

      The low power (reflective) mode triples the horizontal resolution. Every subpixel has 64 levels of translucency (hence the six bits). You don't need more than this for excellent looking greyscale anyways, as proven by E Ink's standard of 16 shades of grey.

      It would be nice to see an IPS option as a counter to the Pixel Qi, but there's no way they could posture it as a value choice. AMOLED isn't available in 10" screens yet, and it if were it would surely cost even more than either an IPS or a Pixel Qi panel.

      The only thing I'm still worried about is the viewing angles. We can be reasonably sure in speculation that the regular LCD's viewing angles will be bad, but there hasn't been information either way about which model was shown in the posted videos.

    • Someone

      Find another screen for me that beats the dual mode pixel QI screen, then I'll start complaining that NI doesn't offer more. =P

      But seriously? Try switching your computer to 16 bit colour (if it's not already), and see if you notice a difference.

      I think you'll be hard pressed to find any. I think the only time you'll notice really is when gradients are involved, and that doesn't happen very frequently.

  • Dude

    So like why aren't they using an IPS display for the non Pixel Qi models? Seriously, why do all these companies keep throwing cheap TN panels into android tabs. Does apple and samsung have a chokehold on IPS or something. Even BN uses IPS for the nook color. It doesn't matter how awesome any tablet is if it's a pain in the ass to see what you're doing.

  • paranoidroid

    On the 2nd video -> Now we're talking, Notion! Hardware looks solid from what I can see. Still a little disappointed in the UI.

  • jeremee

    LOL @ this thing!

    The Panel Engine is the only thing that looks good. The rest looks like tabletop of a very messy person!

    Good luck to NI and all that ordered but I don't think these things will catch on.

    Sorry to be mean to Rohan... but it's the equivalent of a jersey shore hero talkin it up at a club, getting the girls interest, taking her home and then he has a shriveled up penis from too much steroids!

  • thevinayak

    Dont people know this video of Adam to an indian gadget show


  • Nilesh Zabak

    By the way Mr David Ruddock...>?where is your voice? "I wont say much..??"" ..??

    where are you boss..speak up. whole world is waiting for shit to come from your mouth!!!

  • thevinayak

    this one to an indian gadget show. Just look for adam videos on you tube……I believe this was long ago. Still people keep claiming they havent seen a video when they pre ordered……am I missing something??


    • hullaboo

      yes, because it was just a prototype at that point and not the final production units that they are planning to sell.

  • saed

    so why is it when pre orders go up AP jumped on the bandwagon calling NI a scam, yet when two videos are released which one was first given to AP, all AP can say " i wont say much"
    go F ur self AP.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I've said it before and I'll say it again - we never called NI a scam. I'm tired of repeating it but fanboys never quit.

      • random_n

        If it's any consolation, I feel that the article about the preorders was bang on. I made an order anyways based on faith from the CES 2010 videos and the blog, knowledge that Visa should have my back if things went really bad, and a feeling that the launch issues were just caused by inexperience that would be quickly cured.

      • Androiduser

        So what is the "i wont say much" thing when the videos are out? Well, I'm not a fan of NI, but could tell that AP is strangely harsh on NI through all these posts. In fact, I think AP is very negative on NI.

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          David wrote it a bit out of context and it was misconstrued by those who haven't seen what he was replying to (which isn't obvious at all - you're right). He was replying to the comments in the previous post while waiting for the video from Rohan where people encouraged him to post it without any comments, as soon as possible.

    • Myself

      They got a lot of requests to post the video without analyzing it so people could see it. Now you're unhappy?

      They've probably been writing articles about it but it's the weekend and they probably have editors (unlike Rohan's blog).

  • Himanshu Jain

    Yeah, a tech prediction from a guy who wathes Jersey Shore, hahahahahah hahahaha, you not only look stupid , you are stupid

    • jeremee

      lol @ your name.

      Himanshu.... say it backwards and it sounds like SHEMALE!

      Jain also sounds like it's short for Janitor.

      You are not only backwards, but you are also at the lowest level of society.

      India try again.

      • hullaboo

        and that coming from someone whose name sounds like jerkmee.

  • Karthik

    Its astonishing to see people crib about anything and everything.

    Rather than appreciate NI's open design philosophy and Rohan's actually listening to the comments(however limited that was), NI's every move is being devoured ruthlessly by AP and the like. I can't ever imagine Apple or Samsung being so open about their design process.

    And for god's sake, however botched up that was, it was a pre-order! Pre-order before retailing, before PR ads, before unveiling at CES. Pre-order for people who have been following NI's blog for a while. People confident enough to buy an Adam with the information available and happy with the specs.

    Though AP did the right thing in being the "Police", it wasn't really a good thing to call the already-hurting startup a "scam". A scam? Really? After all the demo at CES, media coverage in Indian media and Rohan's impeccable IIT alumni status? Really shows how a third-party opinion can affect an organisation.

    Give NI a break. It's true they are in a very cut-throat business. But they need to be lauded for being a very young company and embracing an open-design philosophy. I want them to succeed. Heck, at least for the sake of supporting their open philosophy.

    And all the talk about India being a third-world nation and using that as a justification for NI's inability to make a competitive tablet, ugh! Please keep your condescension to yourself. Thank you.

    • Mr. x


      People here really make me sick. It's like other companies have hired someone to talk trash about NI and Android Police is helping them. I have never seen this kind of response to a company that has seen this much trouble to really listen and be open with the community.

      IMHO Android Police OWES a big apology to Notion Ink for all the bad publicity and slander they have given it.

      • http://publishr.blogspot.com secularone

        MrX you're heartless. Someone should apologize to those who pre-ordered only to find out features have been disabled. I am not one who pre-ordered. Its sad what Notion Ink has done.

        • hullaboo

          disabled features were never part of the specs for preorder.

          Try again after taking your meds ...

      • Myself

        Truth is a defense to a slander claim.

        @Hullaboo: trackpad was announced as a feature long ago, talked about at CES and in an interview video.

        Then nothing else. No confirmation or denial. Kind of like Rohan wanted us to think it was there and gain a few customers by saying nothing.

  • Sandeep

    Hahahah David, what happened? I see the whole police thing getting too serious here... Criticism and "I won't say much" when its time to appreciate. Grow up you guys. When somebody should be aprreciated, they should be... I would like to take example to Engadget. They appreciate too while they criticize, when required. Also I think Notion Ink related hits, must have earned u lot of money... now is the time to make up. Show some love! :) The device looks suppeeerrrr cool. Gonna Get 1.

    • ashamed to be NI fan

      Really guys its getting pathetic and childish. The whole name calling thing just needs to stop. Please don't use the childish excuse of "they started it first" either.

      Say you disagree with their viewpoint and move on. Rohan(and the rest at NI) are big boys and girls, they can talk for themselves and they have been and made better responses than your childish name calling such as "dead dick" etc. You make me embarrassed to be a NI fan. I don't like being connected with a bunch of childish hoodlums.

      • snah

        You may have to grow accustom to it.It's how the Indian's play sport and do business.

        During colonial times the British often communicated it was like being a teacher at kindergarten!

        • NEIDANJ

          @ashamed to be NI fan
          first of i am ashamed of you speaking about " pathetic and childish". you get what you give. they gave fucking shit and they deserve to get it. so stop the baby sitting BS.

          you must be old enough to know what British did /said .Do you sir? if not you fuck off and stop being a historian Asshole.

          • AP

            nedidanj - dude can u imagine the same andriod(burglars) et al. David & Androidboy team are now cooly moderating (removing) my earlier comments -when asked to own up their shit, which both of them removed from thier behind. - None of my comments are now reflecting on this blog - Way to go AP - NOW YOU CANNOT STAND BY WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN BRAGGING ALL THE WAY ALONG - SCAM SHIT.
            David\Androidboy - whaddaa play ? 'I won't say much ?' when NI moderated comments from thier blog - It was a SCAM - now AP doing it (not owing thier own shit which nobody asked for) ITS GLAM! ...

          • NEIDANJ

            +1000000 , You are right man. they dont have the courage to accept the fact. But we are here . adam was /is/will never a scam.

            i never wanted to disrespect anyone who love and try to make the "Andriod" to stay and grow .But the whole cooked scam /vaporware story is simply un-acceptable. i am sad to see the dirty reason behind those crazy minds.

          • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

            Actually, your comments were removed because they were repetitive (you posted the same shit 5-6 times), offensive, and rude. For the 10000000th time, AP never called NI a scam. I'm getting tired of you.

          • tray

            Well u said everything that called it a scam..
            insinuated that it is vaporware...
            look at the words u've used (not entirely unfair.. if it is a bit fishy u shud have reported it)
            But u did imply that it was a scam (not having a workable model for release)

            but now that he had something to show u,
            u should have been more graceful... Don't u realize how a careless comment might affect the fortunes of a startup

          • brad

            One video does not show a fully working model. It still could be a scam. When a working model is released thats when it can be considered legit.

          • brad

            about time. Bravo

          • ashamed to be NI fan

            Yeah I know most of the internet is filled with morons like that, doesn't mean I have to like it. That power does sound very interesting lol, will have to remember that if the opportunity ever comes along.
            Again, NI has responded far better than anything you or your other foul mouthed "e-warriors" could have said. Drop the e-muscles and realize all you're doing is bringing a bad light on the NI community. NI works towards a better reputation and your childish "you give shit and get shit back"(which is just another moronic way of saying "they started it first") attitude just tears their effort back down.
            If you can't grow up at least stop hurting NI's reputation.

        • RK

          What are the under-worked colonial missionaries doing in a Technology blog/tablet demo post?

      • SiliconAddict

        Ummm *hands him a welcome tote with goodies* Welcome to the internet dude. Where half of the posts on any given site are made by childish, immature a-holes who are probably no older then 19 and know absolutely NOTHING on the subject, but act as if they have a PhD in the field of I-know-everything-so-you-guys-can-suck-it.
        Seriously. Some want the power of flight. Some want the power of reading people's minds or walking through walls or being invincible. I want the power to punch brats in the nose over standard TCP/IP.

        • badfrog

          Now that is a super power lmfao

      • Myself


        "Take your meds" Seriously. This is out of hand.

  • paranoidroid

    How long before the disappointed ADAM fanboi community puts together the 'Hitler in the bunker' mashup?
    (a la iphone4 death grip)
    ohhhh, I cannot wait!

  • sim

    this video is a SCAM. i wont say much

  • Someone

    No access to android market? No back-side trackpad? Why did you LIE to us Rohan, WHY? And we had to learn this from Android Police coz you didnt have the courage to state te truth here! Do you think our money is cheap? Listen, and listen carefully: I want ALL my pre-order money back WITHOUTany deductions, else I'll sue you with a lawsuit so hard and so bad that you wont know what hit you....and NotionInk will be reduced to just being a notion.

    • sim

      actually both android market and the trackpad will be available in due course. the trackpad has been disabled and not removed. also with honeycomb u ll have android market.

      • Someone

        So why didnt Rohan let us know about that?? God knows when Honeycomb will be launched....according to Andy Rubin, "sometime in 2011"!! And I have emailed NI with my prev. comment 6 times, without receiving a reply. Also my comment is being moderated at their blog.
        Stop being a loser fuckface. I dont like my money going down the drain. Moreover i dont like being CHEATED. period.

        • lispler

          So, you pre-ordered a device without confirmation that certain features critical to you will be available right away?

          I guess in the grand scheme of the free market, you're commonly known as The Loser.

        • Raon

          Find me the post where Rohan said there will be access to Android Market. Find me in the tech specs, the "trackpad" mention.

          You 'are just stupid as hell, and you can sue everyone you want, the courts will just LOL@you.
          (in biology we call that Natural selection)

  • JasonL

    Some thought of " Not like other Tablet , this run a lot of apps at same time".

    This is a Android Tablet, right? According to Android App lifecycle design, The Apps resident in RAM doesn't mean they are running ( Suspended, not consume CPU time, That's why Android normal don't need taskkill ), as long as the app not a service or design to running backgroud like music player.

    So that so called "Panel", to me, it's looks like a Giant and live version of Tasks switcher (Hold home key for few second...).Hope, I am wrong.

    • lispler

      Nope, you're probably right. And its completely fine.

      What does it matter to you if those background apps are asleep? The key bit is that switching is fast. I think you can see some delays in the video until the app itself is actually alive again but for this amout of apps and esp. this high rate of context switching its totally fine.

  • Raju

    For all the exclusivity you got to post the video, you just had this to say?
    "I won’t say much – here’s the (first) video Rohan sent AndroidPolice."

    • Hair Scratcher

      They're watching video again and again trying to find something negative to write but no luck so far.....let's wait...

  • lispler

    Great work everyone at Android Police.

    Very decent article, good analysis, well worth the additional delay for that highly anticipated video. I love it how David brought in his legal perspective here. Very good journalism!

  • Rik

    Wow this is it? The video is not only bad, i see a crippled Chinese tablet. This is not go going to be a succes i think. Only maybey for real nerds. The big public will buy the iPad 2.... O, and where is THE keyboard??

  • Kapteijn

    When is AP going to present their findings?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      As soon as we get a review unit and get to properly take it for a spin (if that ever happens).

  • Notrix

    Hey, here's a question I haven't seen addressed. What is up with the blue pen drive on BOTH of the videos? Why is it there, and let's see the device work independently of it....

  • http://sixthlaw3d.wordpress.com Sixthlaw

    Still one of my biggest concerns is the lack of any open home screen. I would love to have a nice background image to relax at, but in its current state, it looks like a work and no play machine. FIX PLEASE!

  • suresh

    Friends can you please answer this for me.The IPS display used int he iPad is a 9.7-inch 1024-by-768 resolution LED-backlit LCD screen. IPS gives the iPad a wide viewing-angle of up to 178 degrees. Other LCD technologies tend to have narrower viewing angles, especially in the vertical direction.
    DO you think Adam also has a wide angle display??

  • bebettaBoB

    The blue flash drive is the drive that the file explorer program is displaying. The Adam is up and running when they plug in the drive so it's safe to assume that it functions independent of the drive.

    But lets stop nit picking. Some things are obvious and don't need to be explained. If they show in a video the tablets ability to explore files on a flash drive, wouldn't you normally assume that that is why there is a flash drive plugged in?

    • Notrix

      Maybe you would. What you call nitpicking, I call a valid question. You are making assumptions by assuming that this device has a working keyboard and that Eden is actually running on the device. Did you see the Adam running without the blue drive? No. And since we are talking about the obvious, let's talk about how the second video is essentially a repeat of the first. By the way, what files were displayed from the flash drive? Maybe I missed those...

  • http://na Tafi

    This is the tablet the market has been looking for

  • Yong

    The second video is a lot better than the first. I still wonder how well the panel layout will be, especially since it looks like there is no way to get back to the Home screens that we're all accustomed to on our phones.

    I have to admit that i'm not a huge fan of the app launcher being in one long ribbon. do you think there is a way to get a tiled application view? I can see the scrolling ribbon being annoying if you've got a TON of apps and with 48GB of space (16GB native, 32GB uSD card) I can see users loading as many apps as possible.

    Didn't see any video actually play in the part about video preview. Also, it would be cool if it were an option to have to touch a panel first for it to be in focus or not.

    It looks nice. The hardware specs are definitely nice. We'll have to see what reviewers and visitors to CES say about it once they have it in hand and can give real feedback about it.

  • Mr. x

    Android "Police"? More like Android Troll...

  • http://publishr.blogspot.com secularone

    second one, same as the first.

    • hullaboo

      you'll see the difference after you take your meds.

      • Myself

        I almost don't want to buy this tablet anymore because I don't want to be associated with the Religion of Rohan. It's worse than Apple fanbois.

        • EJensen

          Properly the best comment in this never ending story :-)

  • SiliconAddict

    *flails* What the hell! Slow down! I can read yes. I can't read when I'm watching the screen and then txt below shows up, and bam gone within a second. Obviously they are a start up. Obviously they don't have a metric ton of money. But serious. Go get someone who does marketing. One demo for the hardware to show that it boots up. Then one demo for the OS where you are capturing video from the OS itself so its clean. Sure its nice to see how speedy it is but seriously. Looks unprofessional when I'm watching someone's head reflect off the screen. Sure I have no issues with that when its a blog or some site like androidcentral, but you are a trying to sell this product. And then on the first demo you have the obvious refresh of the screen impacting the video capture.

  • http://ORdiCo.com ORdiCo

    is it me or is the video only playing halfway?

  • crimethink

    It's possible that the thumb drive contained an MP4 movie containing a sequence of GUI renders, and the finger movements have been choreographed to match the GUI activity of the render.

    It would take a long time it took to get the finger choreography right, and the lack of audio and avoidance of playing video.

    • SiliconAddict

      Dude really? Really? While we are at it I say the entire video is CGI created by James Cameron and Weta. Its all a huge lie. *rolls eyes.*

    • Hair Scratcher

      Let me say it again.

      crimethink is a TROLL.

  • http://www.notioninkhacks.com Andy Smith

    The video is not the best but it makes me feel more comfortable with my purchase and helps my community take off at notioninkhacks.com

    Happy Holidays!


  • Aditya Sharma

    I ordered my Adam long time back.. probably the second day of the pre-booking. Waiting now for this wonderful device to reach me. I feel happy for the efforts of Notion Ink are finally paying dividends. Just another 20 days of wait.

  • http://rcanblog.com Aashish

    What is the mystery feature.. I think it may be a mini projector.. I seen samsung beam android phone with projector.. let see if I have cracked the mystery :P

    • Dukkha

      ooh and here I was thinking small (I thought maybe something like a trackpoint)

  • Dukkha

    Wonder what the "mystery feature" is.... maybe its something on the back (its the only part of the device he didn't show....)

  • praxis22

    I like the look of the Adam. I especially like that it's being built from the ground up by a bunch of young enthusiasts from India. It you know anything about the world, you'll know that most of the best and brightest minds on the tech scene are from India, including most of heads of Google's Android & ChromeOS teams. Go watch the past two years worth of Google IO on youtube.
    Personally I'm thinking of getting an Adam and a RIM playbook, (primarily as it has QNX as an OS) I have zero faith that RIM will be able to produce a working ecosystem for their toy, but that's not why I'm thinking of buying it.
    If nothing else, in buying a gadget from a tech start-up you are encouraging "innovation" The real (disruptive) thing, not the waffle that CEO's of large tech companies are fond of spouting at public events.
    Good luck to them.

  • http://www.threebooks.de Freeebooks

    Ever since I read about the device the first time, I have been anticipating it's release. The combination of the two display technologies stills my hunger for a tablet, that can also be used efficiently as an eReader.
    These videos confirm my decision to get it as soon as it will be available in Germany...

  • mertmag

    Getting back to the subject of the article.
    The video quality is poor but it does manage to show a responsive UI and an innovative one as well. I think NI does not have 500 grand to make a video like Apple or Samsung so I don't expect much production value.
    I'm interested in the quality of the device. And yes I did preorder a 3g PQi Adam to replace an Archos 70 I am using now. You can't tell how good it is until you get one and try it. But I will take the chance and review it on the web after I have one. So those that complain about not knowing can thank me for taking the risk and you can reap the rewards. And if the Adam turns out to be great and you just want to trash it, then take your over priced IPad and go away. Because I think lots of the negativity is coming from Apple junkies that are trying to justify the wad of cash they paid for a big IPhone that doesn't even support flash.

  • noel

    Regarding whether AP implied NI was a scam, I think its pretty clear they did. That said, NI's pre-order sucked donkey balls, and should have been harshly called out (I say this as someone who preordered).
    I think the real question is whether AP acts in good faith moving forward (positive or negative). I get the rationale for not commenting on the vids, but am assuming at some point in the very near future, AP WILL provide their updated opinion. If they don't, I think it will be a fair criticism to say AP is treating NI unfairly.

  • brad

    Ok, well, I expected way more as far as the UI goes. Still looks and feels like its very rough around the edges.

    Would have been nice to see them import a image and draw on top of that with the canvas software.

    Overall it looks good. But didnt really see anything that blows me away. Just typical tablet.

    Not sure if I want it or not. Maybe just wait until they are in a large chain of stores.

  • Nathan

    I think AP is doing the thing they do well, being the "police". They are entitled to question the legitimacy of a product from an unknown company, especially when it costs a significant amount of money for some product for which we still have "mystery" features. People can still invest in NI Adam, and AP is only trying to make it an educated investment for everyone. But agreed, the way AP does it is wrong (AP is probably younger than NI, so we can forgive them for being immature in the blogs, just like how many forgive NI's amateurish videos).
    Coming to the product itself, I think this is a good competitor to Samsung Galaxy tab (which is not a big hit in my opinion). NI Adam, while they never positioned it as an iPad killer, will not be the iPad killer. For heavens sake, why would someone try to kill a decent product. A good product should succeed inspite of domination from companies like Apple. Adam should be different from the other tabs and that is the only way they can succeed. Android is the Apple killer and no product can be an Apple i* killer.
    My take on the whole controversy of the preorders and NI's method of handling commerce, wait for the product to go mainstream. Until then hold off or buy a Samsung Galaxy tab (or an iPad or anything that you fancy).

  • http://techicloud.blogspot.com/ Techonolgy Cloud

    Great Tool Sniffer File Browser revealed ... See the full video compilation here http://techicloud.blogspot.com/2010/12/first-ever-hands-on-video-on-adam.html

  • Tim

    Seems to me that people just like to complain. Notion ink is responding to every complaint made against them and it's still not good enough for some people...

    To those people I'd like to say: "Start your one company, get funding, and produce a better device. Also, do it with a people who,in the end, may end up not buying your product complaining about what your are or not doing to their satisfaction."

    Until you do that... lighten up.

  • Tim

    One thing is certain: The joy I will feel, after the adam ships, over not having to read idiotic posts while searching for any news on the adam.

  • Rohit

    The great thing about the Adam is not what it is but what it represents...... The sheer amount of tech on it is appreciable, and now other manufacturers are going to have this type of tech on their devices too...speaks a lot about the tablet business..