Just a short while after releasing Need for Speed Shift, EA Mobile has brought another popular mobile game, The Sims 3, to the Android Market.

A special edition of The Sims 3 has been available for some time to T-Mobile customers who own the Samsung Vibrant, but today the app has been made available to all Android users.

The official description of the app (from AppBrain):

ENJOY THIS AWARD-WINNING SIMS EXPERIENCE OPTIMIZED FOR ANDROID™! Choose your Sim’s appearance, clothing, and accessories. Make them funny or make them shy. Lose yourself in the amazing 3D open-world environment and discover what kind of character your Sim will turn out to be! Fulfill their basic needs while unlocking over 70 goals and wishes to help your Sim reach its full potential. Long live The Sims™!


sims sims2

The app costs $4.99, the same price as Need for Speed Shift, which is a full $4 premium over its iPhone counterpart.

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eamobile.sims3_na_qwf

Source: Android and Me

Abhiroop Basu
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  • OFI

    How do these play on lower specced devices such as Desire/N1?

  • andrew

    installed the game. played for about 20 mins then the game force closed after trying to read a book in a neighbors bookshelf. the error message that I got was wierd because it said that I didn't have enough memory when i have 6 gigs left still. i rebooted my phone to see if that's all it needed. Well now it won't load at all. It'll load 2% and then crash with no force close. it does the same thing over and over now and will not load at all.

    also, download only using wifi because otherwise you have a couple hours wait time to download it. if you have the new Market update, 15 minute refund time isn't enough to download and play and test. if you're still on 24 hour refund, it wouldn't matter if you did it on 3g/4g or wifi. im on mytouch 4g.

    • OFI

      And in no time at all Gameloft have proven that 15 minute refund time is not acceptable.
      Hopefully they are quick to fix any issues to make up for this :)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      andrew, the 6GB you have is your internal storage, not RAM - the game probably ran out of RAM, which is much more limited on phones.

  • aubrey

    Do you have to pay monthly for the game or is it a 1 time payment

    • http://abhiroopbasu.com Abhiroop Basu

      It is a one-time payment.

  • Alan Tucker

    Not on the UK market, oh well, nevermind I have the WP7 version!!!!

  • vernon

    Can't find it for my desire...

  • laura

    I can't find this on my desire. Does anyone know when its being released in the UK?

  • casiwito

    dont purchase. lost $5 after purchasing this game and it failing to load on my android. with the market's new 15 minute refund policy it was impossible for me get a refund. dont bother purchasing this game or any other EA game that you cant demo.

    • Brian Dortch

      you can request a refund through the browser from google.com under the wallet section, I have done it before doesnt hurt to try