Welcome, visitors from the Notion Ink blog. We're still waiting for the video Rohan has promised us, so in the meantime, catch our interview with Rohan, and hang tight!

We'll be uploading the video to our YouTube channel post-haste once we receive it, and we'll embed it into a post for everyone to see.


The Android Police Team

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • http://notioninkfan.com Greg

    Please let the readers comment on the video rather than reviewing it, writing commentary, etc before posting, which will delay viewing for everyone even further.


    • http://www.vipulsatya.com Vipul Satya

      +1 Greg. Let the video come first.

    • http://twitter.com/tokyomonster Chris Dehghanpoor

      We already have a post prepped with some history regarding the video. Any commentary/editorializing will likely come in a separate post, or updates to the original.

      Once we have it, will get posted ASAP.

      • Androidboy


        "history regarding the video"

        Can you please elaborate?

        • http://twitter.com/tokyomonster Chris Dehghanpoor

          Actually, after clarifying with David, we're just going to post it up as soon as we have it. Disregard the 'history' bit. We're trying to get it to you guys as quickly as we can!

      • http://www.vipulsatya.com Vipul Satya

        Thanks for the heads up Chris! Appreciated :)
        P.S: Rohan Servers do crash. ;)

    • vector66

      I thought the whole point of this was for a review?????

  • http://www.mmspr.com Monty

    exactly.... let everyone see it before AP gives its comments about the video/Adam....

  • Androidboy

    Ok this is so retarted is beyond belief. So what's the point of Rohan sending it to AP, if AP is gonna post it to youtube as soon as they get it.

    Why doesn't Rohan post it to youtube himself in this case.

    Is it just me or is this stalling tactics and NI going down the scamville hill pretty fast.

    • bryan

      lol sounds like your grasping at straws

      • Androidboy

        if by straws you mean big bamboo poles , 1 mile high. Yes.

        Apparently Rohan's beanstalk, doesn't lead anywhere except the scamville cloud.

    • http://publishr.blogspot.com secularone

      NI has broken yet another promise to those who've followed since last CES. We were promised the video on the blog. After keeping most waiting an entire day they finally announce that wait for it, the video is not going to be on the blog you foolish peons, you have to wait for it at android police.

      Disabled features, mishandled pre-orders and the broken promises keep piling up. I wouldn't take a Notion Ink adam if they gave me one at this point. Plenty of android Tablets at CES 2011!!

      • lispler

        Well, if you're not interested then why are you still here? No life?

        Yes, another broken promise...the video was posted somewhere else...thats totally gonna change the way I think about my Adam...

    • http://publishr.blogspot.com secularone

      We're suppose to buy the adam based on a review....of a video!!! Really? ROFL!

  • http://joshhailes.com iamapirate

    Amen to Greg! I want to make up my own mind on how disappointing it is! haha

  • LP

    At the rate that the site is slowing down, not many people are gonna get to see it.

  • Androidboy


    If you still not questioning and still defending Rohan, your brainwashed beyond belief my friend.

    Cause your logic ain't working right

    • http://notioninkfan.com Greg

      Mmmmmm Yummy Kool-Aid! ;-)

      • Androidboy

        That must be a big big video Rohan is sending cause it hasn't reached AP yet.

        • Androidboy

          Also why doesn't Rohan post to youtube himself, that will save everyone time .

          Can you answer that :)

  • RJ

    Thanks for that post, but can you please have a less negative tone? It was completely superfluous to say "the video Rohan has promised us" instead of just "the video", especially since you open the post with "Welcome, visitors from the Notion Ink blog."

    • crimethink

      LOL are you serious?

  • Ryan Knapp

    Your site keeps dying... definitely post to your youtube channel first, I don't think your site can keep up with the number of visitors.

    • http://twitter.com/tokyomonster Chris Dehghanpoor

      Yes, it will be up on Youtube first, then our site. We wouldn't be able to pay the bandwidth bill for hosting the video ourselves :P. You can find the channel at http://www.youtube.com/androidpolice

  • JR

    Christ, Jesus, Lord in Heaven are you serious?

  • Sean

    [notion ink wouldn't let me post this on their blog, so I'm doing it here]

    I think the sad part is that what was a cutting edge idea a year ago is starting to look “ho hum” based on what is coming out in the next two months. Strictly on hardware concerns, the screen is relatively low definition, the camera is ok but my nexus one has a better one, most available tablets have twice the internal memory (not discussing the microSD vs microSDHC issue that NI appears to be having) and we are on the cusp of a big change in processors. Never mind the wasted good will and time. I’m no longer sold on the product. To be honest, is anyone here so sold on the UI, which we have yet to completely see, that the aged hardware (aside from the PixelQi screen) is worth the wait? Maybe we should ask when the Adam 2 is coming out.

    P.S. I know I will get some flame for this, along the lines of “why are you here? etc…” I’ve been waiting for 6 months and this is my goodbye.

    • john

      +1 you have to stick around to see the fail ...

    • E. de Klerk

      just one remark: The Adam processor is also brand new and definately not 'aged'. Other arguments are solid.

    • GroundSit

      Just, how can you know the camera in your Nexus One is better?
      Solely based on "the Nexus has MUCH tinier pixels, that is better isn't it?" ?

      Please don't.

      Apart from that, I could talk about the outdated Tegra 2...

      But: It seems like you want to convey an opinion.

      Have fun.

    • lispler

      yeah...outdated...go buy yourself an iPad...or maybe a GalaxyTab...lol...

  • http://tech.shantanugoel.com/ Shantanu

    The NotionInk Adam video "is being" sent to androidpolice. The Guy with the DVD is waiting at the airport to catch his flight to the US :P

  • EV

    I think everyone and their mother is on this site now, its slowing hard core... (5th attempt to post.)

  • Androidboy

    NI vs Ni fanbois, Fight!

    "why so hectic? seriously?? because once again we are told, promised even, that we are getting something…we wait and wait and wait only to be told…he wait another 6 hrs. Perhaps he should have said the weekend of the 18th instead of a specific date. Perhaps he “big announcement” should have been we launch at CES instead of the cluster f*ck of a preorder. And lets not forget he is still dangling the “mystery feature” in front of everyone. An now NI goes and give AP exclusive access to the “promised” video?? I wonder what kind of deal was made for that…

    • EV

      Deal!!! What deal, look how much traffic and exposure AP is getting from this. ps: you keep forgeting the "T" in "THE". lol But I'm with you on this.

    • EV

      Deal!!! What deal, look how much traffic and exposure AP is getting from this. ps: you keep forgetting the "T" in "THE". lol But I'm with you on this.

  • arajay

    Still waiting? At this rate I might as well purchase the HTC tab next year...

  • Androidboy

    another NI fanboi comment

    "android police???????????

    and that too after they termed u a scam……..u gotta be kidding me

    but all things aside….all of us(read faithful followers) were promised a video on the 18th of dec and not AP….you could have sent the video to ap earlier and after their post mortem upload it onto the site for us all"

  • Gaurav Paul


    Post it to YouTube, don't make your servers cry :P

    • Androidboy

      They are posting it to youtube, did you even read the post?

  • http://www.digiblogger.de Digiblogger

    Chillin´ you´d to do so too ;)

  • coolheart

    Rohan Go Fuc#k your self.

    • Sean

      Not sure if I'd go that far...but you get an A for anger :)

  • BigDoug

    They have six hours exclusivity? Im gonna give Amex a 6 hour heads up pretty soon!

  • http://www.digiblogger.de Digiblogger


    omg... just learn to cummincate

    Could you give an information? How many people try to reach you? The performace is... let´s say.. strange^

    • http://twitter.com/tokyomonster Chris Dehghanpoor

      I won't give exact numbers, but it's safe to say we're experiencing heavy traffic. If worse comes to worse, follow along on twitter (@androidpolice) and our Youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/androidpolice

  • Androidboy

    Here is a crazy thought.

    What if Rohan wanted to sent the video to AP, so he knew all the NI fanbois would unintentionally do a DOS, to AP, trying to see the video.

    That way he can make an excuse as to he sent out the video but the AP site went down.

    hahaha ... I heard mostly politicians make good money in India.

    • Androidboy

      Not a bad chess move to do.

      • KM

        Talking to yourself and validating it makes you Schizophrenic, not smart.

        If you look at your comments, you might be more responsible for the decline in bandwidth than others

        • Androidboy

          No thats not what makes you, Schizophrenic, please look it up in the dictionary.

          AP is actually having a increase in bandwidth.

          Thank you and come again.

    • http://justanytime.blogspot.com Vikram

      How much did they charge to give you the exclusive access for first 6 hours?.... crazy idea !!!
      God knows who is advising Rohan .... recently !!! He's putting the knife on his own neck... once again :(

    • hullaboo

      Androidboy seems to have started thinking with his rear end :)

      The video is going to be on Youtube.

      And if they wanted a site to crash they can accomplish it easily on their own site without trying crash another site .

      So if the video finally arrives will you slink back to the place where you came from ?

      • Androidboy


        What is taking the video so long to arrive dumbass?

        AP said they are going to post it on youtube as soon as they get it. So what's the point of Rohan sending it to them, when he could of posted it himself.

        I don't even have to comment on your intelligence, it pretty much apparent. You couldn't understand logic even if your unicorn of a tablet fell down on your lap.

        • Hardik

          it seems like androidboy is only intelligent man on the planet :-)

        • Androidboykiller

          Hello NI hater and a possible apple agent!

          if you hate NI so much then why do you give a f98ck about it?

          and if they post a video then will you promiuse to go back in ur cave and cry like a loser?

  • KM

    Seriously, how long does it take to post the video on youtube?

    I know AP has the video already and has had it for some hours. What takes so long for it to show up on youtube?

    This page is loading up slower than when I had 14.4k modem!

    • http://twitter.com/tokyomonster Chris Dehghanpoor

      If we had the video, trust me, you would have seen it.

  • AndroidCop

    Are you NotionInk family? Because you have the video and NI blog dont.

  • Brian

    YAY ad revenue.

    -Android Police

    • Androidboy

      YAY, lets us run away, while our crazy NI fanbois question AP ~ Rohan "jr. Scammer" Shravan

      • Androidboykiller

        IM sure ur one of those workers of apple, samsung or some other shite company who doesnt want NI to excel and hence sending people like you to make bad comments on blogs and news related to NI.

        these fat-arse companied will go to any extent to KILL there competition.

        But consumers are not stupid like you, now go and hide in your den while NI kicks your arse!

  • Martin

    Notion Ink is already very good with creating thrilling blog entries :D

  • alexandros

    what kind of a company sends their own exclusive video to a blog?
    And why can't rohan post it on notion ink's youtube channel and gives all the credits to AP?
    Why wasnt everyone informed days ago that the video will be on AP?
    Is there really a video Rohan?
    Is there an actual working device with fully working UI?
    How can i trust a company that cannot deliver a video of their product, making a bugfree UI?
    Even if there is a video do you guys really want adam? A year ago the hardware was a blast but right now ......come on everything will be on tegra 2 and probably most of the tablets will go with higher screen resolutions.
    When someone refers to a specific date it means the date in the timezone the individual lives. Otherwise the individual must say 18th of december GMT (for example ).
    Is there any credibility left on notion ink?

    • lispler

      > Is there an actual working device with
      > fully working UI?

      No, there isn't. Please all go home and don't steal manufacturing capacity.

  • R Maganti

    Payback time I suppose. It is a way of Rohan trying to get back at you guys. He would love people overloading your webhost servers, if you know what I mean. If you get the video ultimately, you may find a cryptic message saying that you guys s**k.

    BTW, when did you sign a secret exclusive deal to be the first ones to demo adam's videos?

  • Pyr0

    As cool as it is for you 10 or so guys at AP to have this exclusive video, couldn't you not be greedy and have notion ink post it for the thousands of us to see now, instead of making us wait hours longer for it to be sent to you instead of directly uploaded to YouTube? They shouldn't have to kiss up to you because you criticized them. Assholes.

    • Badfrog

      Try reading the whole blog. They have repeatedly stated they will post it as soon as they have it...........asshole

    • crimethink

      AP isn't making Notion Ink do anything.

      In fact it sounds like they were caught as off-guard by Notion Ink giving them "exclusive access" as the rest of us, so I doubt there's any payola going on.

      • Androidboy

        AP tweets provides more info

        @sahil_khurana Yes. I think we're getting closer, but I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. The second it's on youtube, we'll post a link
        21 minutes ago via web in reply to sahil_khurana

        @ashfame From my understanding, that is what was originally tried, but the file was too large.
        29 minutes ago via web in reply to ashfame

        .@sudeeppatil The upload apparently begun an hour or two earlier, but there seem to have been problems, and they're trying something else.

        @keithdsouza From what we were told, we were to have to video a bit ago, and that, supposedly, we'd be the only ones to have it for 6 hours
        about 1 hour ago via web in reply to keithdsouza

        • Androidboy


          Seriously whats the point of trying to transfer, when Rohan can upload it to his youtube channel?

        • Matthew

          We all know how well NI follows through on six hour windows...

  • Visitor


    this guy says he is investor in notion ink? i also read somewhere they have office in building with same name? is this the investor? anyone know about this?

    • coolheart

      he says he is the director of notion ink

  • http://www.digiblogger.de Digiblogger

    Strange, isn´t it?
    So many people thay, Adam´s scam / fake. But they follow them through the web like ants follow the queen.
    Proud to habe preordered Adam... rest may happen when want to

    • Androidboykiller

      Those who hate NI are a bunch of losers working in apple etc.

      but they know NI is gonna kick there arse so they follow NI news like a little puppy, i say let them do it, thts wht dogs are for!

  • AndroidCop

    NotionInk wordpress was hacked and a fake post was made.

    • crimethink

      Then who emailed AP about sending the video?

      • AndroidCop

        Rocco Siffredi????

    • Missy2

      LoL! NotionInk is a hacked fake! :-)

    • http://twitter.com/tokyomonster Chris Dehghanpoor

      If they were hacked, and the post is fake, how could Youtube be processing the video as we speak?

      Yes, that was a teaser. The elusive video was finally provided, and as soon as YT completes the processing, and the video is ready for viewing, we will update the blog, twitter, and YT page with the details.

  • Matthew

    AP could you please confirm/deny whether or not this video was a pre-determined exclusivity deal with Android Police.

    Something tells me you were caught off guard as much as we were about this "arrangement."

    NI is giving a fine example of how not to do business!

    • http://twitter.com/tokyomonster Chris Dehghanpoor

      We knew we were going to get the video. We did not know he would be posting about it on his blog several hours before we had the video.

      • Matthew

        Thank you for a quick and understandable response. And thank you for releasing the video as quickly as you did.

        All in all, I am left under impressed and perhaps happy I was not able to pre-order even if I was considered part of the "family."

        He had a lot of apps open but it was still a bit sluggish and nothing seemed to be really active in regards to video, music, flash, etc.

        He also mentions not many people would have that many apps open... really? On my droid device I have a calendar, multiple email accounts, web browser, pandora or iheart, navigation, etc. with no Tegra 2 or GB internal memory.

        It was nice to see something though, so I give them credit for at least doing that.

  • crimethink

    The video is up!

    • Badfrog

      yawn......stretch...............yawn.............next tablet please

  • EV

    ummm you call that a video.. WFT

    • AndroidCop

      The best part... the last minutes.

  • Androidboykiller

    The video is up!!

    Now where the f65ck is Androidboy?

    oops, went back hiding in his cave!

    wht a loser, jeez.

  • Arhant

    @ Chris...

    Is this it or are you getting more videos from NI..
    so we can wait for them as well??...

  • JJ

    A real disappointment. If this is what you are going to put out as a demo of your product, then why bother? Would have been better off doing nothing and waiting for CES. Everything Rohan does makes NI appear bush league.

  • Raul

    Just watched the video ....
    I have to admit the video is underwhelming at best ......the product and the software concepts are and have always been good.

    I wish someone at NI had a clue of what a story-board is or Why SOUND is an integral part of video (It unbelievable they choose to write the stuff....distracting from the content)

    Its almost like the guy is randomly tapping on panels ...WTF ....Go to a panel..show what is does and THEN move on.... this is like a 5 year old making a kittens video ....

    Stilll ...Best of luck with the product ....

    I am now a convert to teh 'wait for the actual review' clan.....
    I wish NI had more sense than this....There is no excuse for this one ....windows movie maker is free ....did you know that.