Last Updated: December 30th, 2010

The Scandinavian online retailer CDON.com has been spotted harbouring a certain "telefon med Dualcore processor" by one of Swedroid's observant readers. LG's dual-core forerunner may not be the only Tegra II kid in town, but it sure looks like it's going to be the first to make its way into some frigid, Nordic hands.


The page may only be a pre-order/placeholder, but it gives us some indication of what prices might be like with the 2X. Unsurprisingly, they look to be pretty steep. Without a contract, the Op2X will run you and your Swedish friends for 4999 kronor, or roughly €550/$730. However, Sweden has a reputation for high prices, so hopefully this doesn't imply too much about prices elsewhere.

Source: CDON via Swedroid

Brian O'Toole
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  • TareX

    Tegra 2 must be really good...

    Although you don't really need to know that when Samsung dropped its own Orion SOC for a massive Tegra 2 shipment they had ordered...

  • mnotme

    The price includes 25% VAT. If you subtract that the price is just above $410

  • Saket Selot

    Notion Ink Video!!!!

    Thats what we want!!!

  • Thomas

    This is no contract and including vat.
    The swedish site even specifically says it is surprisingly low.
    For comparaison, the iPhone 4 16 GB is 6099.

  • sjpm

    So... any quadrant scores for this puppy?

  • Thomas

    Yes... Search youtube for lg star. There's a video thats around 4 mins long.

  • John B├Ąckstrand

    Its not that expensive, for Sweden. A desire Z (~HTC G2) costs about the same!