samsung intercept

It may seem slightly disappointing that Froyo updates are still rolling out even as the Gingerbread source becomes available, but it is good news that Sprint is paying attention to its mid-range phones nonetheless - their version of the Samsung Intercept is now receiving the update to Android 2.2.

Also included in the update are a few bug fixes and the (rather unnecessary) addition of Sprint Navigation. As with most Android updates, it's being rolled out in waves, so it may be a few days before it see it on your device. Intercept users on Virgin Mobile, now might be the time to start pestering your carrier about this update.

Source: Sprint Community via Engadget

  • Drewski

    ...and my Epic remains frozen yogurt-less. Grrr.

  • Adamyow

    Why are Epic Owners whining about not getting the froyo? The Epic is a far better phone then the Intercept, just be glad you ain't stuck with an Intercept and enjoy Ya phone. sheesh

  • Drewski

    ...because I paid more for my Epic than I would have for an intercept. And because Froyo has been promised so many times, only to be delayed each time. That's probably why.

  • YoSaintLaurent

    virgin mobile deleted all the post on their facebook asking about the froyo update on the intercept.

  • Someguy


    Well on the Virgin Mobile Twitter someone asked "@virginmobileus Do you know if and when the Samsung Intercept is going to get Android 2.2?" and they responded saying "@mjsalinger Nothing to announce yet, but I'm hearing good things. More to come :)"

    So hopefully virgin mobile people get Froyo soon!!

    • http://HappinessHabit.com MicheleMoore-Happy1

      Thanks! Do you think it will include Flash 10.1 support?

  • http://HappinessHabit.com MicheleMoore-Happy1

    Does anyone know if Froyo for Virgin Mobile's Intercept will include support for Flash 10.1 and when it might arrive?

  • KBruton

    I got that update... and it was severely lacking: the phone is not powerful enough to get the most important update with FroYo- Flash 10.1! I dialed up Sprint and they are aware of the problem and it's not like I even have FroYo. I was lucky: other people's phones bricked due to the update! In fact, Sprint had to pull the update!

  • collins753

    no the arm 6 cpu cant run flash. you need a arm 7 cpu