Last Updated: June 5th, 2012

As promised earlier this week, Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan took time out of his schedule to answer a number of questions from Android Police. What did we ask the creator of the Android world's most anticipated tablet device? A lot of the questions you, our readers, wanted answers to - as well as a few of our own. The interview, in its entirety, below.

Questions From Our Readers

AP: Many have speculated about Notion Ink's production capacity - can you tell us how many Pixel Qi units were sold on pre-order? How many do you expect to be able to produce per month?

Rohan: Any business related information would be released in the Annual Reports. Our production capacity doest not match to what Samsung or Apple can do, but will be good enough to match the demand, and as Pixel Qi ramps up their production quantity we will go out of stock less frequently.

AP: A lot of users are asking questions about shipment dates, will the earliest pre-order customers be receiving their devices more quickly than those who bought in the "open" pre-order?

Rohan: No, the system was based on first come first serve basis and was mentioned in the email which was sent to all. So if you are given a window to pre-order and you take 4 hours to finalize the shipping, you get the shipping date available after 4 hours. We have spruced up all our partners and hopefully we will be able to "pre-pone" all the shipment to January. This specific update will only be sent by the end of December to our February customers.

AP: Can you confirm that the Adam will ship without the Android market?

Rohan: Android Market makes sense only after Honeycomb which will support higher resolution and bigger screen. This is the sole reason for the existence of Genesis where you have only Tablet, Higher Resolution Apps. Google's policy clearly states that Market is there only for Phones (Samsung Galaxy Tab is a phone).

AP: Has the trackpad been disabled or removed on the production Adam?

Rohan: It has been disabled since we need to give a mature solution. The possibilities are enormous on improving the Usability and we want the perfect solution to be made available to the users. We are working on some functionalities and it will only be enabled in next generation devices. Since we removed one, we had to add one, and thats our mystery feature.

AP: When can reviewers expect review units? Many customers want to see a review of the Adam before they dedicate to a purchase.

Rohan: Few reviewers have ordered some units already. Hands on review, you can get as soon as any user gets it, and CES is also there (plus the video we are making for you).

AP: Have any US/UK/Europe retailers partnered with Notion Ink to sell the device in their stores?

Rohan: Yes. We will release the press note as soon as products are ready with them. 

AP: Can you provide us a link to the actual device warranty for the Adam?

Rohan: It is already available on our website, please check this link

AP: How will Adam users obtain technical support? Repairs? Do you have any authorized repair/service locations outside India/China?

Rohan: Same information is also available in the warranty document. We don't have any repair/service locations in India. 

AP: Has Notion Ink partnered with any companies to produce Adam-exclusive accessories? Which ones? For what sort of accessories?

Rohan: Yes, but work in progress cannot be released of now. Products will be only available after testings and certification are done.

AP: What can customers expect when they open the box with their Adam? What kind of peripherals? Cables, etc.

Rohan: Adam comes with special Box design which can be converted into a stand, a charger and Matte Protection Film.

AP: Regarding the 3G model, how many frequency sets are being offered? In the US, AT&T and T-Mobile run on different 3G bands, necessitating at least two US 3G models.

Rohan: Initially we offered only one 3G module which was suited for AT&T, but then when customers requested we changed their models. From next pre-order everyone will be given an option of deciding their own 3G module for a specific frequency.


The Eden UI And Apps

AP: Is the Eden UI very responsive? What parts of the Android UI do you feel you've improved on with the Eden UI?

Rohan: Its very responsive. We have paid a lot of attention to catch ANRs (which is by default fixed at 5 seconds in Android) which might come because of Networking and UI threads not talking to each other. You have a 10 inch screen a LOT of area where a user will interact as compared to a phone which is just 4 inch. This is one special area where Eden has a lot of advantage. We have taken a lot of inspiration from Magazine Designs and each app tries to bring in a new expression and experience like different topics in a magazine, instead of sticking to one theme. But the overall system stick to common principles to make the flow seamless from one application to another.

AP: What unique apps will be shipping with the Adam?

Rohan: It ships will Complete Office Suite, Custom Browser, Email Client (Mail'd), Maps, Calculator (has few interesting features and worth mentioning here), Calendar, Media Application, File Browser, Snipping App, Facebook App, Chat Client, Canvas (drawing + photo editing), weather application and E-book application (plus few more about which we will release information later on)

AP: Can users expect more apps to become available from Notion Ink over time? Are there any apps you'd like to tease that will be coming?

Rohan: Yes, a lot more since we all are extremely excited about the Panel system and the possibilities available. There is one beautiful application for note taking which we are working on and will come as an update, plus a better Camera application. 


Render of the Panel Engine Concept

AP: Do you plan to preserve the Eden UI when Honeycomb is released? Or will there be a major overhaul?

Rohan: Eden UI will be preserved even when Honeycomb is released. 

AP: Are there any special features to the Eden UI you'd like to point out or discuss?

Rohan: Keyboard support multi-touch and have very fast access to nearly all the keys. We have tried to make a closer integration of apps which we have created. This allows us to create a flow and make life easier. For example the browser comes with build in (multi-touch scroll call) snipping tool which sends the screen shots to the Notes application directly. This ensures that you can create your notes in seconds and flow is maintained!

AP: What is the "Panel Engine" concept? How does it help Adam users? Does it increase performance?

Rohan: Eden comes with a completely new concept of Panels for multitasking. Every application can have 3 states, sleep, panel or full. In Panel modes you can get fastest access to all the application content (made available to panel). For example you need to chat as well as read a RSS feed, and simultaneously read a web page, Panel system allows you to do that. May be you want to calculate something while you are sending someone quick email and copying content from a webpage, there can be infinite use cases where Panels makes your a life easier! You can drag panels around and make them sit in any order you want. We believe its a breakthrough in the way we multi-task, and would like to see what people think about it. The Font rendering on Adam is also lot better than other Android Tablets.

AP: Do you have any developers in line to created Adam-specific apps that users across the globe will be excited about?

Rohan: Yes, but we cant go into details. 



AP: Are there any notable materials or techniques being used to make the Adam more durable or "solid"?

Rohan: Adam has built in Magnalium Chassis which provides it strength and is low on weight as well. The side strips (named as decorative bars by our manufacturers) can be made available in different colors so users can customized their Adam.

AP: In regard to the Tegra 2 processor, how much are you taking advantage of the dual core parallel processing?

Rohan: General application designers are not sure that on which platform the application will be working on. Hence the Parallel Computing is not done at all, and threading concepts are not properly optimized. Since as OEM we have little more idea, we can assign threads to different cores and ensure that the application remains responsive. For example the Panel concepts draws little away from one activity concept in Android. These optimization have helped us to improve and actually make Eden possible.

AP: When will the Genesis SDK become publicly available?

Rohan: We want to make SDK available only after Android 2.3 is available (EAP plan is different from this) 

AP: When will  the Adam source code be made publicly available?

Rohan: We will share this information after SDK availability. 

AP: Has Notion Ink started work on any new hardware? Could we get a taste of what Notion Ink's future plans might be?

Rohan: We wont let anyone speculate this time by releasing information this early. We have really learnt a lot from Android Police. 

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • MCreane

    I remain optimistic and am looking forward to the video, a photo, anything! I'm happy my unit ships out on 1/15, I get to see it in action at CES

  • http://adailycomment.com ADailycomment.com

    Excellent interview. I feel better now regarding the production of this device. As soon as I see a video, I may be more apt to unload the money. Thanks!

  • David

    Finally, straight answers, no more maybe this maybe that.

    Adam looks like it is going to be a great tablet that gets better over time

  • James

    About the 3G for US market, why not install the chips can accept both the AT&T and T-Mobile? I believe Nokia N8 does it. Thanks

  • http://www.notioninkhacks.com Andy Smith

    So does that mean we can contact them and choose a network or am I going to be stuck with AT&T since I pre-ordered? Also, does this mean that the touchpad will stay disabled forever or will it be turned on in the future?

    • David

      If he meant what he said, the trackpad will never function on this model, it won't come out till the next version of Adam.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I'm also fuzzy on both of these.

    • Brandon

      On a good note, we can use the ipad plan for att which is only 20 a month for 2gb, i know thats not much but that really your only option unless u want to use 2g speeds on tmobile or go to sprint and get the 4g wifi.

  • Patben

    Hmph, I was under the impression that the Adam had Market access...ah well, I knew there had to be a catch to the seemingly perfect tablet

    • rohn

      no market until the honeycomb release that is. and anyway, you can always sideload, and there'll probably be a hack to get the android market on within weeks of the actual launch.

      • johnboatcat

        Access to the Market will be done as it is now for Android phones from other countries that have limited access. In other words "there's an app for that". No, incorrect. There are a bunch of apps for that. People who speak negatively about Market access either have limited Android experience or are just trolling negativity. It goes on here so much there should be an app for it to make it easier for them.

        • Bobby G.

          You're an idiot. That isn't the point.

          The point is that the lack of Market access means no paid apps, no proper or automatic updating, and being at the mercy of a 3rd party app provider.

          Android devices without Market access end up being hacked often for the sole purpose of gaining access to the Market. The Adam might have awesome standalone apps, we'll see.

          But if you're trying to say that NOT having the Market isn't a drawback, you're a moron.

        • johnboatcat

          Written from Bobby G's iPad.

          ff you are so inept at Android that you need a crutch like the Market than stick with your Apple Booby, and go flame on their forums.

  • Flemming H.Jensen

    Did put some of my concerns at ease, but no market is a disappointment.
    But hats of for David and AndroidPolice for always getting the facts and for asking the questions.

    • immortalgeek

      If I read it correctly, I think they are going to enable the market after Honeycomb is released.

  • Mark

    So, no Android Market, but rather, custom built apps that make better use of the duel core and multitasking. I think that Notion Ink have made a good case for custom designing their UI and apps. No doubt, for those geeks that are happy modding their hardware and software, they'll get the Android apps they really want to work on Adam.

    Glad to see the trackpad was disabled because I wasn't convinced that a left-hand back trackpad was the best solution.

    Best of luck with the launch and CES Notion Ink, and glad to see that Android Police are making good use of their contacts with Notion Ink by asking useful questions.

  • Brian

    I dont understand his statement about the sdk...hes releasing it after 2.3 (which the source just got released for) but not for EAP?

    EAP already has an SDK? IS he changing eden for 2.3?

  • Perplexed

    Okay. This man knew he was going to conduct an interview, he knows that everyone wants to see a video a picture, anything to put their minds at ease. Why didn't he bring one of the units to the interview and let a few pictures of it be taken? I now know that I surely will not be ordering one of these until I have seen numerous reviews and pictures taken from other people.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It's an email interview.

      • http://notioninkfan.com Greg

        And there will be video available on Notion Ink's site in just a few hours...

        • Jim

          How is that video coming? It's been a few hours already!

          NI has no understanding of deadlines...

        • Himanshu

          @JIm few hours means that Notion ink will be posting videos of adam today(18th December). There was no breach of deadlines. They promised the date and not the time :).

      • perplexed

        Email interview? Makes my question even more relevant. Why not "email" a few snapshots of that tablet to include with the email interview??? I wonder if we will see that video tommorow on a saturday.

        • johnboatcat

          Will you be watching it on your iPad?

  • Karthik

    I don't think we need to worry about market access.. xda will come to our rescue

    • johnboatcat

      Already has months ago. There are apps that allow market access for people in countries with limited or no access. They should work on Adam with no problem.

  • gloscherrybomb

    Why cant they have 'standard' Android apps forced to open in a single panel?

    • VB

      Yes. That was already mentioned many blog posts ago. If you can manage to get the Android app on your device, then it can run within a panel without stretching.

      In that older blog post, Rohan mentioned this as one of the advantages of the 'panel' approach.

      • Raul

        If I read it correctly ...the restriction is at Google's end. They do not allow access to market for tablets .....I am sure it will be a breach of contract if Notion ink went ahead and provided the ability

  • Eoin

    Wow, now i really dont know what to do. We are hours from the 18th in India, and I have a feeling that if the video is good many people will flood the Notion Ink site, and if I want one then I will be SOL. What a hard decision. :-/

    Also... nobody said anything about that last comment by Rohan, "We have really learnt a lot from Android Police." that seems a little bit like a negative statement against AP if you ask me. Maybe im reading it wrong. In my opinion Notion Ink would be better to say more rather than less when it comes to developments. Might help with the questions.

    • crimethink

      Rohan appears to have a Steve Jobs-sized ego, which is a problem for someone who runs a rather shaky-looking startup instead of Apple.

      • Jim

        Funny you say that. My brother-in-law, who is from Hyderabad, says Rohan thinks he is Jobs but he is really Woz.

        It's a pity since Woz is more loved.

    • http://mattjacobson.us Matt

      You bring up a good point, I too noticed that last comment. That said, I can't really blame him, I feel that AP has been a tad harsh on him before.

      I eagerly await the video. Also, in the past, NI have gone on the basis of other time zones, so it can still be coming...

      • Jeff

        How is bringing up legitimate concerns harsh? Heck, even AP went out of their way to mention that they hoped NI was the real deal.

        Fanboys who can see no wrong done by their favorite company (Apple, android, NI fanboys), are the ones that need to take it down a notch. When things suck, you shouldn't make excuses for the company. The pre-order event was a disaster. They have since addressed that problem and hopefully learned something from their mistake.

        It was the right move by AP (even so, they had every right to post their concerns anyway) and it was the right move by NI to address the problems.
        No one could answer these concerns better than Rohan himself.

  • Kam

    So I guessed for all of us that pre order can ask for a specific 3G band now?

  • BigEndian

    I have respect but no faith in Rohan. Respect because of his big dreams and no faith because of his miserable track record.
    1: There was this big hoopla about company logo sometime back, but I still have not seen or heard anything after that.
    2: Same with EAP. "register with us blah blah blah" and that all was hot gas.
    3: Rohan's last few blogs started with apologies. What's the apology for 18th blog ? Dropped my iPhone so no video ?

    That guy talks like a politician.

  • send2dev

    Felt confident about this interview. Nice job Android Police! There are still some gray areas, but I think people who are involved with the notion ink blog have become so "attached" to Rohan that some may believe he's being a little more guarded now, but I think this is better for the company in the long run. He's a CEO, not a chat window salesman.

    I appreciate Rohan's ability to be open, but it can get him in trouble sometimes too!

  • Kam

    With regard to not having the android market out of the box, I hope to install the market apk. But I really believe that it was left out due to compatibility issue with tegra dual core

    • earthzero

      You would be wrong. The market if fully capable of running on a Tegra2 platform. It'
      s fully because the Adam is not considered a phone (wireless voice) device that it doesn't meet the criteria for official Market access and support from Google.

  • Marc Dimmick

    This was very informative and as I expected. Well done Rohan.

  • Randall

    Don't expect the Android Market on any tablet until Gingerbread. That's a Google requirement. They also require constant internet connection as of right now.

  • ricethief

    I hope Notion Ink is able to pull this off. Whether you buy one or not I think everyone interested in tablet technology benefits from this device being released. This might give the tablet market a push in the right direction.

  • http://notioninkfan.com Greg

    David, Thanks again for another great interview!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the videos in a few hours on Notion Ink's site...

  • Androidboy

    Overall NI is really getting better at PR.

    "Adam comes with special Box design which can be converted into a stand, a charger and Matte Protection Film."

    That seems kool a box you can actually use. I wish he would gave everyone at least that picture, well have to wait till the 18th EST time, its already the 18th in India.

    Overall I think its hard for any startup to go into the CE industry and be successful. That is why we see established players coming out with new CE devices.

    If they can deliver on there promises they can be successful. It seems really difficult to develop a new UI, new software, and hardware, (not to mention the sdk) and QA test it within span 1-2 year for any company let alone a new startup. Really a big emphasis on QA testing, since its a new CE device.

    Still allot of questions and doubts that the from there previous mis-steps. But let's see if it was just innocent and naive mistakes.

    AS of tonight NI has increased confidence in people. There a still tons of questions and things that don't makes sense. Lets see what happens.

    Good Luck

    If they can pull it off its quite an accomplishment.

    • VB

      Not sure how long you have been visiting the blogs and/or reading all the comments. But many blog posts ago, Rohan had mentioned in a comment that the box can be converted into a stand. So it is not a surprising information for many, but may be for others.

  • NS-wp

    AP: When will the Adam source code be made publicly available?

    Rohan: We will share this information after SDK availability.

    AP question is vague. What source could is AP is talking? "Adam source code" which one, the Linux Kernel source code or Android source code or both.

    Rohan is just like saying "No comment".

    Again, I like to reiterate the NI is obligated to release the Linux kernel and drivers of any GPL drivers that has been modified from Tegra 2 and other sources once they shipped the product to their customer.

    It seems that NI is still ignorant of this issue having working on Android development and using Linux for more than a year now.

    Is Rohan really answering these questions or PR guy who is not so knowledgeable in Open Source Development?

    • Brian

      I think they are foregoing their licensed access to the market(which requires source release by google standards) and public access to the sdk until eden is on lock and they get whatever they have, patented.

      Which is something they should do months before launch but thats just my opinion.

      That said, I'm still really excited to see this mythical unicorn video.

      • Brian

        apparently i'm wrong on whats required to get approved market access. Source release isnt apparently required according to my buddy. I dunoozzzz

    • johnboatcat

      NS-wp who the f___ set you up as the Android stazi to go around telling companies what they need to do or not do with their code. Any third grader with a Toys-R-US android phone knows it is a requirement to be open with the code. You are either a troll or a fool or both!

  • crimethink

    Softball interview with no follow-ups to the dodges (particularly about production capability). Probably the only kind he's going to consent to, though, so AP has to do what they can.

    • Brian

      This is either a phone interview with a very gracious interviewer or an email interview, so the kid gloves don't surprise me.

  • kumar

    I wish there is a question to know if current version of Adam can be upgraded to either Honeycomb or Eden compatible with Honeycomb..

    • Brian

      Theres an article somewhere that the reference design for flagship stylee honeycomb involves the tegra 2 chipset. I'll link if I can find it.

  • NS-wp

    I think the video should be released now (Dec 18 (India time) Saturday, not US time which Sunday in India.

    Anyway, let wait until the Party - Anniversary - 18 Dec is over and all the guess went home.

    I hope they would not say "I forgot to post the video because NI has big party".

  • kumar

    On a second thought..as it is implied by Rohan, don't expect video to be hands on review. It may be on the same lines as Apple Video on Apple website..I guess we have to wait until CES or when it reaches first users..for a real view of product. Nothing wrong from NI..it is natural company to prepare fancy video than hands on review..

    • NS-wp

      Rohan promised a Video on the actual device running to be released on 18 December. We are not talking a review of the Adam in Video clip.

      Just a video of the actually Adam running on Android to prove that this product is real. Nothing more or less.

  • Androidboy

    It's here the video is here...hurry everyone ...watch it now before the site goes down.


    hurry hurry

    • me

      woooow suuuuper video. Adam is going to rock...

      • http://ORdiCo.com ORdiCo

        Where's the video? It's not on the site nor the blog...

        • VB

          Didn't you get the 'family-only' invite via email? Oh, dude. You are sooo left out. Many of the blog regulars received an email to view the video. The video is so awesome that its gonna blow your mind.

        • Androidboy

          Dude you have to enter the secret password and secret email. See when you go to Order Status, just enter the information that was sent in the 'family-only' invite via email.

          That video is so amazing.

        • ahem

          its even better than porn!

        • johnboatcat

          Just scroll up for a review of the "Troll Roll"!

    • Android4life

      Why would they not just put it on the public site! I'm getting pissed off!

      • Paul Schoe


        Do not worry, they are just teasing you :).

        i would be very surprised when the video is not published via Rohan's blog.

  • John

    Great interview guys. However, clearly this is gentleman is a high-tech BS artist who a) knows how to not answer your very relevant straight questions, b) has no product, and probably c) needs to raise some cash quickly with pre-order bookings to borrow cash to launch his product. I've worked with so many small-time CEOs just like him at various start-ups around Silicon Valley - he sounds like a broken record to those of us in the tech industry. If you are not familiar with the game, just wait until Acer and some of the other larger players get into the tablet market in 2011 with established support and distribution channels - it will be lights out for Notion Ink - guaranteed.

    • ahem

      now i know why people say John tucker must die!

    • Cotwool

      @ "I’ve worked with so many small-time CEOs just like him at various start-ups around Silicon Valley"

      Were you a janitor at those companies? Stop your ignorant babbling.

    • A fool and his money

      I agree totally. If a person has a truly revolutionary product he is not going to try and get a bunch of orders before the public has a chance to see the product. I sure don't wish these things to come to pass for those that ordered, but I have this strong feeling that the Adam 1 is going to be a cheap chinese manufactured product just loaded to the gills with quality control issues, and the money he is making now will go into the production and development of the Adam 2 that they are ALREADY talking about selling in the second quarter of 2011! Are you kidding me? He hasn't even sold the first one yet. It is going to be so sad to watch all of these people lose their money. But they just cannot help themselves. They are like naive whores just so willing to open the legs of their bank accounts to be screwed hard and fast by some dude with a product they have never even seen. By the way, speaking of seeing! How is that December 18th video coming?

  • Androidboy

    @Android police

    On a serious note,

    you should of asked about there investors. That was a hard question to ask.

    If a company like fusion garage can list there investors. Why can't Notion Ink


    • NI

      Well, perhaps his grandmother did not want her name to appear publicly. ;-)

      • Androidboy

        lol, here we go...fanbois vs trolls

        Start you engines.

        Round 1: Fight

        • johnboatcat

          Well finally self admission!

    • Hardik

      Why do you care who the investor is?

      • Androidboy

        1.) It a legitimate question
        2.) Consumers are curious if the company i s stable, having that info makes consumers feel safer

        Do you work for NI. Can we get an IP check for Hardik, lets see if it coming form Banglore India. Just kidding.

        • Hardik

          ha ha I am from Maryland, USA. I think you should seriously try some other tablet. Are you specially appointed by somebody to write comments against NI and ask all kinds of ridiculous questions?
          I think we should do a background check on you.

        • Androidboy


          Round 1 fight:

          "Are you specially appointed by somebody to write comments against NI and ask all kinds of ridiculous questions?"

          You caught me man. Apple, HP and Black Berry all team teamed up against Notion Ink. Cause they know NI has a superior product.

          Hardik you are a genius, how did you ever get so smart. You must of went to a good school in Mary land , US and A

        • Hardik

          Yes I did go to good school and I think you should join some school as well. At least you will have something to do. I think your empty mind is getting all kinds of thoughts.
          I think Rohan should tell you about his family, friends and Girlfriend as well. May be that would help you in buying Adam :-).

        • Androidboy

          Well if I had an empty mind; then it wouldn't have questions and would accept things as they are.

          Oh right, I have a different definition of empty. Maybe I should go to your school so I can learn how to think properly. Right

          "I think your empty mind is getting all kinds of thoughts". Right cause an empty mind can have all types of thoughts.

          I seriously hope you didn't go to IIT in India. lol

        • http://www.example.com December

          @Androidboy -- Unless you've graduated from Berkley, MIT, UIUC etc.. you've got nothing on IIT.

          STFU troll...

        • johnboatcat

          He has answered the investors question many times. The answer is that he is not allowed to say. One thing we all know for sure is that it is not you!

      • Hardik

        By the way.. are you even interested in buying Adam or just doing all this commenting for time pass?

        • Androidboy

          I am interested in Android. Hence I am on Android police. This isn't Notion Ink Police. ;)

          Wrong Blog there buddy.

        • Hardik

          NI Runs on Android..

    • Satish

      Hi AndriodBoy

      Recent Interview by Daily News Paper DNA Again Repeated that Possible Investor Mr Mukesh Ambani.
      (Who is he: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mukesh_Ambani)
      This news is from 22 July 2010 this year after he won the Pan India WiMax License and he is known in India to Disturbing Telecom Biz by cut thought pricing with multiple features with his CDMA Operator Biz (Now under his younger Brother)

      -- Report Extract with Interview Bits-->
      What’s on the sixth floor of Subramanya Arcade, Bannerghatta Road in Bangalore?

      Two men taking the lift to the seventh floor looked surprised.

      “There’s nothing there, no office on that floor,” said one.

      There’s no signboard to announce this is the office of the start-up that’s taking on the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, no less.

      Open a smoky glass door and eerie silence greets.

      Suddenly a guard jumps out of the shadows.

      “Is this the Notion Ink office?”

      A flurry of nods.

      Aha! Finally!

      “Who do you want to meet?”

      “Rohan Shravan.”

      The guard nods again, ready to escort yours truly in.

      The secrecy ambience is par for the course for Notion Ink, a little-known company that’s creating a mild storm in the tablet space with its just-launched Adam.

      And some launch, it has been.

      Notion Ink started taking pre-orders for the first lot last Friday, which are sold out, Shravan said.

      The gizmo, with a 10.1 inch display, is quite nifty in terms of dimensions: it weighs just 725 grams, is 1.4 cm thick, 26.9 cm long and 19.1 cm wide.

      “We will put the next lot for sale in a couple of weeks,” the young entrepreneur said, but did not share the numbers.

      Nor is it clear where the product is manufactured.

      Shravan said most of the orders were from US and Europe. “It’s ratio of 60:40 between US (40%) and Europe (60%).”

      Scuttlebutt has it that the company is funded by Mukesh Ambani, but Shravan did not confirm or deny.

      “We will open all communications within a few weeks,” he said.
      Secrecy around a new technology product is not unusual — but companies usually generate a lot of hype closer to launch.

      Not so Notion Ink — barring the viral that Shravan’s blogs (www.notionink.com) generated.

      Interestingly, the company will sell Adam only on the internet.
      It is available in two variants. One with a backlit LCD and Wifi is priced at $375.33, while a 3G-enabled version costs $425.

      There is also an additional shipping charge of $50 from India to anywhere in the US and Europe.

      Delivery will take 6-8 weeks so consumers can lay their hands on the thingamajig only in late Jan.

      Vishal Tripathi, principal research analyst with Gartner Research, said it is not surprising that the initial orders for the Adam are from US and Europe.

      “These two markets are mature and technology adoption is higher compared to emerging market. Another reason is that people in these markets are used to buying online. In India and other markets, we still want to feel the product before placing an order,” he said.
      Actual Link -->


      - Satish Bangalore

  • Kamaraju

    But he said indepth video on the blog?

    "In-depth video will be released on 18th December, and till then you can hold on continuing your purchases"

    • NS-wp

      Rohan said “In-depth video will be released on 18th December, and till then you can hold on continuing your purchases”

      But he did not say "18th December 2010", probably he will have the video to us before 18 Dec 2011.

      • johnboatcat

        NS-wp = Troll. Press ignore at will.

  • Androidboy

    Seriously man, you should of made like a street fighter type of game, that comes with NI.

    I would call it

    The king of the blogs

    Round 1: NI vs Endaget
    Round 2: NI vs Crunchgear
    Round 3: NI vs Ni fanbois
    Round 4: NI vs Android Police
    Round 5 - Bound: NI vs Techcrunch (Arrington makes a guest appearce)
    Round 6 - Final Boss: Gizmodo

    • ahem

      and the winner is...

      • Androidboy

        Oprah...cause she put the smack-down on everybody.

    • Hardik

      Round 7 : NI vs Androidboy

      • Androidboy

        Bring it! and your mom. :) and maybe Oprah as well

        • Hardik

          I think I have better things to do.. no time for you silly comments anymore :-)

        • Androidboy

          Sure thing. Have fun creating the videos Rohit.


  • NI

    Someone go wake up Rohan already. It is Dec 18th in India, and he needs to make the video. Hopefully, he remembered to charge his phone, and/or honed his Macromedia skillz.


  • R Maganti

    Well done AP and David. This answers most of the pressing questions, if not all.

  • Brandon

    Ok this is really crazy, Notion You really should known better on releasing such a great tablet in the us, When i first heard about the notion ink adam i thought you guys were going to set shit straight, all these wanna-be android tablets and ipads. But your just like every other company, Fill your head up with all the perks of what it could have, Then when its time to put up or shut up, you let us down, I would think that a new company would come out with a bang, But another let down, and also 1 more question, maybe its already been answered, will the lcd wifi plus 3g version have the option to see it in the sun or is it just the pixel version, please explain the difference.

    • lone successful preorder

      yes, you can turn it on in the sun and see

      • Brandon Barrett

        ok I'm lost if I can turn that mode on the lcd version the the only main difference is the pixel qi battery life

        • lone successful preorder

          you'd see more clearly with the pixel qi.

    • johnboatcat

      I am sorry you didn't get to pre-order. Press the button and try again.

      If you do not know the answer to your Pixel Qi question than you would not be able to work the tablet anyway.

      Hint: cut and paste this Pixel Qi into Google and press return.

  • NS-wp

    Do you know where Rohan will post the Video?

  • NS-wp

    "In-depth video will be released on 18th December, and till then you can hold on continuing your purchases"

    (Still in the blog - not deleted)

    Could NI / Rohan, keep this promise? Let's see, if NI could deliver?

    Few hours to go until 18 December (India Time) will expires.

    • Brian

      yeah like 10 hours still as I'm posting this.

      • crimethink

        Two hours to go. Probability that this tablet actually exists: 4% and falling.

        • Brian

          wheres the 4% from

  • jetfin

    There is one very important question which has still not been answered:

    Is the Pixel Qi version shipping in January the 2nd gen "wide view" or will it have the 1st gen Pixel Qi display with very limited viewing angles?

    • Raon

      No one but engadget care about viewing angles, you wont look at it from 5 meters to the left or the right; will ya?

      • sunryser

        Actually, I don't even like wide angles, and everyone and anyone staring at your gadget but yourself, since trying to find an angle nobody can watch your stuff

        • johnboatcat

          If you go to the Notion Addicts blog you will see photos of the Maker Shed do it yourself Pixel Qi screen that has been available for months. You will see that it is wide angle so I would guess that the Adam will be as well.

  • http://botskool.com aamiraarfi

    Hey what about FCC and CE?

  • Raon

    Agree with you.

  • asdf

    Still no video...

  • Brandon Barrett

    First of all, to all you market crack babies, let me explain something to you, If notion ink wants the slightest chance on making it strong in the tablet race, they have to abide by the Google rules, which clearly state MARKET IS ONLY FOR PHONES, all u guys complaining about market should be shot, there are so many ways to side load market and get it to work. SO STOP COMPLAINING, and if you cant figure it out YOUTUBE IT, Adam tablet is going to be a great product, ye there are a few drawbacks, but notion ink leaves a huge margin for improvement, Ye he talks about another tablet, in order to stay a threat for companys like apple, Samsung and Motorola, they have to keep up with the demand, Plus technology changes by the hour.

  • Androidboy

    Great comment. Enuff said

    Himanshu jain
    "@RonakRathod. Well just want to add that according to Rohan’s interview the date was chosen because it was the 1st anniversary of adam(and not because they needed more time). And I am sure as the idea was conceived in India so without going into timezone and all if it is published after 23.59 IST then the logic behind posting video on 18th is gone. then it’s any other day. Saying so importance of the video will not reduce but the logic will surely.

  • BiG rO

    How many of you would be surprised if NI came up with another excuse for not having a video ?? Just wondering...

    • crimethink

      And I won't be surprised if the fanbois gobble that explanation up and call anyone who doesn't believe in Rohan a troll, either.

  • Android Fan

    It is already 19th here in my country. Where is the damn video?

    Alright I'll give it until every single country on this planet hits 19.

    • crimethink

      Well, there's 17 hours left of Dec 18 in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. That's the farthest-behind time zone in the world. I'm not sure how many tablet customers there are there...is there an Android app for seal hunting?

      • Brian

        Alaska may not have a lot of tablet customers, but it has the highest per capita rape rate in the U.S.

  • AMAR

    I am really disappointed not to see the video yet. I don't want to get into this IST - EST technicalities. Today we have not seen any videos as promissed. May be it was shown to specific privileged set of people. Without getting an opportunity, people who are eagerly looking for such video are disappointed again with NI.
    I can wait for another month for the actual product itself but by that time the damage will be too much to rectify.

  • Aditya Sharma

    The day is almost done by now... I am disappointed... I had expected this thing to have come out atleast by the end of India time...Its 10.30 at night now... Really sad that still no video...

  • Michael

    I have followed this product for several months, almost a year now. I never blogged at NI.

    This is the biggest run around on "getting some" since I dated Michelle Jones in 1984!

    Or maybe I am getting some and it feels terrible!

  • Michael

    I just reread the NI Blog about the video being released on 18th of December, he did not reference a year, we all could be waiting a very long time...

  • Androidboy

    it's Dec 19th in India. No video. I guess it was really a very special day.

    • crimethink

      "It's midnight in Bangalore. Do you know where your Adam is?"

      Forget this. I'm off to buy an Archos 101.

  • sunryser

    So, AP is kind o' holding back the video...
    @see http://notionink.wordpress.com/2010/12/19/the-video/

    • Myqalan

      I'm sure they will post it here as soon as they have a chance to look at it and write a quick review.

      Rohan just posted that on his blog about ten minutes ago, so we will see it shortly.

      • Androidboy

        Please dude,

        Before they review it. They should confirm

        1.)What Rohan has said
        2.)Give confirmation that they got it
        3.)What is the point of sending a video for review makes , no mutherf*ing sense

  • MN

    Seems like Rohan is trying to Shift the Focus on AP instead for 6 hours. Seems like Stalling Tactics to me. This just doesnt make any sense.

  • adam-hopefulskeptic

    NI blog just said that androidpolice will have access to the video first before their own blog.

    I don't know if that means the video will be posted here first or if AP just gets to watch it before it's released to the public...

  • tfkennady

    Or AP paid for exclusivity rights (interviews, video, etc)... get 6 hours of internet traffic this site probably hasn't ever seen. Helps the sites advertising revenue due to the traffic. Plus AP get the "we had it first" title as well. Looking forward to the video... but hurry the **** up AP lol

    • Androidboy

      AP hasn't even confirmed that they got it, or updated their blog, to reflect this new information.

      • tfkennady

        wouldn't you think that AP wants to "review" it first? Not to mention it was probably negotiated that AP couldn't say anything until NI announced it. The video will be posted shortly I'm sure.

        I swear man, no one on either side of the fence when it comes to this tablet is business minded. Everyone just jumps to conclusions and talks out their ass.

        • crimethink

          How does AP benefit from this exclusive 6-hour access if they can't say anything about it in advance? And of course they haven't said anything AFTER Rohan made his announcement, either, so they really don't seem to be trying to benefit.

          Can you name another Android device with such a labyrinth of overlapping payoffs and NDAs surrounding its release?

    • crimethink

      This makes no sense. If AP were trying to generate traffic, why haven't they mentioned this exclusive access to the video yet?

  • Androidboy

    @David Ruddock

    Can you confirm NI has sent you the video. Why would they send it to AP first? Makes no sense.

    Please confirm David

  • Androidboy

    This is kinda of sad, NI messing with there fanboi's like this. Why not post it now on there blog, why does AP need to review it first. Has AP actually gotten the video.

    Makes no sense.

  • sunryser

    Sure it makes sense, either good marketing or even better sun tsu :-)

    • Androidboy

      good marketing? Right?

      Get off the shrooms dude.

      • sunryser

        Good point!
        Seems like you're the one who knows it all.

  • crimethink

    At this point, Rohan could say he delivered the video to NASA so they could project it onto the moon, and the fanboys would complain about what was taking NASA so long.

  • john

    looks like AP cut a deal with NI when they agreed to post Rohan's interview. well done AP .. you had the bargaining power and you used it. another 6 hours till we get the see another CG video of Rohans imagination.

    • Androidboy


      Dude stop speculating. AP hasn't confirmed anything.

      • john

        right .. stopped ..

  • Tmckenna


  • NS-wp

    Did you see the Video?

    The video is totally disappointing.

    It lacks:
    1. Unboxing
    2. Booting
    3. Settings
    4. Installing the standard Android *. apks

    Possible side, the device looks good.

    To AP, why is it you don't comment on this exclusive video?

  • Srinivas KC

    How do we order Adam? Please let me know the details.
    Srinivas KC