It's not the PlayStation-related Android announcement we were hoping Sony would make, but the Official PlayStation app is still (sort of) intriguing in and of itself. Version 1.0 of the app will be coming soon to both our beloved Android Market and the iOS App Store, though we here in the States will be left out of the fun initially. For those lucky enough to live in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, or the Netherlands, (the areas where the app will be available upon launch) here's what you have to look forward to:

Yes, hardcore mobile gamers will be disappointed to discover that there's no actual game-playing functionality contained in the app, but at least it's free. Hey - it's better than nothing, right? Right?

Source: PlayStation EU Blog

Jaroslav Stekl
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  • froyoCop

    what? sounds like a marketing/tracking/upsell crap ware. I was thinking something like the google Tv app. allow me to control PS3

  • AKBMobile

    I've been using a user made app that checks my trophy status and my PSN friends List for almost a year now.
    Nice to know who is online so I know whether to hop on or not without firing up the PS3.
    Nice to see SONY keeping up with technology....

  • sjpm

    Meh. Oh well, back to psx4droid.

  • Brian

    lame...who cares about the european playstation blog

    • CaliLove310

      Maybe Europeans...

      • Brian

        Yeah but they aren't like REALLL people or anything.

        • http://suddenfish.net Suddenfish

          Get back to your cave, please. Thanks.

          • ROMVS

            You should get your sarcasm joke detector checked. It's obviously malfunctioning.