Good news for professional Android users: LinkedIn has finally released an Android app. Unfortunately, it's still in "public" beta at this point, and to get the app you have to join the Android group on LinkedIn (in other words, it's not on the Market yet). At this stage, it packs all the basic features:

  • View updates from your professional network
  • Search for people to discover things you have in common and establish new connections
  • Respond to invitations sent from people in your professional life
  • Keep in touch with your own connections on LinkedIn

linkedin_home linkedin_incommon linkedin_invitations

Given that it's not available in the Market, it's hard to say what kind of bugs and issues people are having. Based on the screenshots provided though, the app looks pretty well polished.

linkedin_searchppl linkedin_updates

[Source: LinkedIn via TechCrunch]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • nacho

    What android group in linkedin exactly?

  • kguske
  • John J

    "LinkedIn Releases Beta App For Android – Another Way To Not Access That Account You Never Use"

    Oh god, so true, so true.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      I've logged in once since I signed up =X

  • mike i

    I have it but don't use it, though with potential layoffs at work for the contractors I have made a lot of connections with as of late. heck according to my linkedin stats there are 2 million plus folks in my network (1st, 2nd, 3rd connections) does that mean they will be able to find me a job?

  • Chris

    I am not sure whether it is actually necessary to join the group. The link provided is m.linkedin.com/android , which should be free for all I guess?

    No linkedin messages yet, and no address book integration. But whatever is there works well enough.

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