Update: This breaks root! If you're already rooted, download and flash the rooted version of the update. Thanks Steven.

If you had Swype beforehand and you install the update, you may have issues with it. If you do:

... go into the installed applications settings (not the swype settings). First you must clear the application data, then uninstall the application. Then you must shutdown the phone. Then, of course, you must turn it on again. Then you can tap & hold in any text entry field, and you’ll get an “Input method” selection dialogue where you can select Swype again.

Thanks Cortex Reaver.

Get excited, EVO owners: Sprint's in the process of pushing out an update for your device. We know, every update is exciting - but this one is especially so because it adds Swype as an alternate keyboard option. Aside from that substantial goodie, the changes include:

HTC Evo Maintenance Release - 3.70.651.1

-Blockbuster (including WM DRM 10)
-Kindle eReader
-Preloaded try/buy video game: NOVA from Gameloft
-Sprint Zone update
-Latest Telenav
-Latest Visual Voicemail Application
-Latest Sprint TV application
-SWYPE keyboard
-Scan Now Widget for 4G

Important Notes:
The new software version is: 3.70.651.1

The obvious downside is that the update packs a bit of spam (Blockbuster, Kindle, and NOVA). A shifty move on Sprint's part, but hey, it could be worse.

[Source: Sprint via Engadget, Phandroid]

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  • Sener

    58 mb? I dont want kindle or the nova demo on my phone, or blockbuster for that matter. This is making me want to root my phone even more just to take off all the bloatware noone wants.

    • Aaron Gingrich

      If you can handle it, I'd certainly suggest rooting. You can do a whole lot more when you're rooted.

  • aj

    I wonder if this will break root. If so...I'm soooo not downloading. Sounds like a pretty lame update. More like a BLOATdate. yuck.

    • aj

      Also, I already have swype on my Evo...so this is a useless update for me.

      • Julia

        I just got the EVO...... It doesn't have swype on it & I can't find the app for it, Will you help me out here & tell me where I can get it please & thank you! Julia

      • khristin

        How do you access swype? I thought I had to do the upgrade

  • JJ

    Most sites are saying this will break root and the only way to get it back is the xda instructions which I am not willing to do. I will wait for unrevoked.

    • Scooter

      So, the last release of unrevoked will not re-root?

    • Steven


      This will give you the update in rooted form. Purely stock with busybox and su added. Only problem is it will wipe your phone, so make sure to nandroid/backup. Won't update radios, but they are included in the post. Make sure to wipe everything if you aren't already using a stock odex/deodex rom.

  • http://www.trioptimum.com Cortex Reaver

    My EVO already had the Swype beta installed, but since this update, Swype only crashes. Anyone Experienced same?

    • Steven

      You needed to uninstall Swype Beta before installing the update. I don't know if you can fix it by uninstalling now, or if you'll have to do a factory reset. This is a known issue of Swype's and if you read their docs, I think they warn of it. Unfortunately, its a beta, so its not actually supported and so this kind of thing happens.

    • http://www.trioptimum.com Cortex Reaver

      I found a fix. You have to go into the installed applications settings (not the swype settings). First you must clear the application data, then uninstall the application. Then you must shutdown the phone. Then, of course, you must turn it on again. Then you can tap & hold in any text entry field, and you'll get an "Input method" selection dialogue where you can select Swype again.

  • Steven

    After testing it for a little bit, I think the "bloatware" isn't taking up any more space. I think the data partition is still the same size, if not bigger. Remember that these system apps are on their own partition. Basically, I think they just added them to keep from wasting all that space in the system. So basically, all these apps are extras that won't take up space from your own app storage. I actually have more space now that I don't keep NOVA, Kindle and Swype in my app storage. Plus, I think the NOVA works a lot smoother now that its integrated, and I just activated it using my current license.

    All in all, I like this update, aside from Blockbuster. I don't really need that app and the DRM service runs all the time now, but I can live with that. I think overall performance was also fixed.

    Oh, and I kept root by using a rooted version of the update. Only thing is that I don't have the newer radios yet.

  • Brigu

    Legitimate Swype is a big deal. I expect Swype will only get better, so I want the latest version, no some hacked copy. It's the only thing that I really wanted that I couldn't get through the Market.

    • http://www.trioptimum.com Cortex Reaver

      Unfortunately, the version that gets pushed down with these EVO update is a crappy, early version. You're actually much better off with the beta at this point.

  • ljtroy2

    and WTH is this 4G Antenna is On notification?!?! No Shine-Ola it's on, I don't need a notification in my drop down telling me that!

  • http://www.freehdimage.com Bruce707

    I don't like this update. It put more restriction on media. "DRM" wth!!! Before this update I could view youtube videos ripped on my phone and view facebook video media on the actual site. Now I can't do some of things I want. This is a smart phone stop trying to restrict it's use. Stupid Sprint! Wth!!!

    Oh and I notice it kill more of my battery.

    I'm going reverting back to the last update.

  • RB94928

    Nothing in update I need. I had to reset my EVO and reinstall all my apps. What a pain and I don't want any of the crap they put on my phone. Time to Root. I will admit after the reset my phone runs better.