Last Updated: May 3rd, 2011

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We didn't exactly expect it to take long, but the Nexus S that went on sale today has now been rooted by Koush, the creator of ClockworkMod recovery and ROM Manager. ROM Manager support is coming very soon, but in the meantime, you can get your Nexus S rooted and ClockworkMod installed by following these easy instructions, courtesy of Koush:

Step 1

First, reboot into your bootloader/fastboot mode. (Volume + Power Up, or adb reboot bootloader)

fastboot oem unlock

Step 2

Then, install ClockworkMod recovery, crafted specifically for the Nexus S:

fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-herring.img

Step 3

Boot into Clockwork recovery and install the Superuser zip file (adb reboot recovery, or from fastboot choose recovery).

There you go, now you are rooted - these dev-friendly, easily unlockable phones simply rock, don't they?


Source: Koush @ xda

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  • Aaron Gingrich

    Wow, that's awesomely simple.

    • Kane

      Wish every phone was this open. Doesn't that feel refreshing, god damnit? STOP LOCKING YOUR SHIT DOWN, CARRIERS!

  • http://www.theftaware.com Werner

    is this precedure still state-of-the-art?

    btw. the links are partially down.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Updated the broken recovery link. You can also find a newer CWM v3 recovery (look for crespo instead of herring) here.

  • Tyler

    I'm trying to flash clockwork mod, but command prompt keeps giving me: "error cannot load 'fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-herring.img'. It's in the same folder as fastboot, and I've unlocked my bootloader.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

  • xander

    will this work on the Nexus S 4G as well?