As promised, Google's Samsung-made Nexus S went on sale today at 8 a.m. at Best Buy stores across the United States (online sales start at 8 a.m. EST). Google's flagship phone - the first to natively run Android 2.3 - retails at $199.99 with a 2-year T-Mobile contract or $529.99 unlocked and without a contract. To promote the release of the phone, Best Buy is offering free overnight shipping if you choose to buy this phone online.


The recently unveiled device is a modified version of the Samsung Galaxy S and sports a 4.0" WVGA "Contour Display" SAMOLED screen, 1 GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor, 16 GB of internal storage, HD video playback, a gyroscope sensor and NFC support. It also comes pre-installed with Android 2.3, which brings a new software keyboard, better copy/paste, improved power management, integration of VOIP calling, and support for multiple cameras. And because it's vanilla Android, users will receive updates to Android much faster than devices made by other hardware manufacturers.

The Nexus S will not be covered by T-Mobile's "Premium Handset Protection Insurance".

Credit: Best Buy via SlashGear

Abhiroop Basu
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  • iliyan

    Am I the only one that likes the shape and materials of the Nexus One much better than the boring bulky design Samsung puts on all of their phones? And didn't we go over this like a million times - hardware buttons and a trackball!!

    • Juno

      nexus one looks dull and bulky. nexus s is sexy and more powerful

  • John

    I agree iliyan, I think ill be keeping the nexus one until the new "pure google" android device is out

  • Mark

    with unresponsive multitouch and faded screen.....nexus one is total failure. Iliyan you don't know what your talking about

  • iliyan

    I'm only talking about the design and build quality - of course the Nexus S is more powerful. I simply dislike the Samsung design, plus this just looks like the next Samsung phone - the Google logo on the back does not make it unique/special. The biggest drawback for me though is the lack of a trackball. Big, big shame.. And the physical buttons on my Desire are way nicer than these touch buttons you can't feel. I think this phone will not make the hype the N1 did.

  • Kiwi

    Yet again they fail to ship outside of USA. Why? We can always use companies like shipto but why can't they just ship to countries like New Zealand?!

  • http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com Tristan Thomas

    I want to but into the Nexus S hype but it lacks a few important things like SUPPORTING TMOBILES 4G network. Thats the major killer. Plus, according to what i read the Nexus S is already showing hardware problems. You can check it out yourself at http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/2010/12/16/nexus-s-already-seeing-problems/