Sega's ill-fated home console may have died in 2001, but with a library of classics such as Crazy Taxi and Shenmue the appeal of the Dreamcast has lived on. A popular open-source project, nullDC, has been providing PC-emulated nostalgia for some time now, but this week we're seeing the first fruits of a project set to bring the 200 MHz box to your own open-source OS device. While your old Nexus memory card may not fit in your Nexus One, the advent of nullDC on Android is set to bolster Google's mobile OS's reputation as a retro-gaming platform. Android's native gaming library may be a bit sparse (despite some admitted gems), but the prospect of emulation can really shift units to those interested in some pocket nostalgia, as it did for Sony's PSP. Oh, hey.

Crazy Taxi running decently on the SGS/AT&T Captivate

This latest video from jimchode shows some graphical glitches as he plays Soul Calibur 2

image image image

The emulator's performance at the moment certainly leaves some speed to be desired, with some rather paltry framerates on show, even running on Samsung's powerful Hummingbird chipset. However, the project is still in its infancy, with one solitary dev drk|Raziel appearing to be doing the lion's share of work. Hopefully he'll be able to find some helpers (like the very capable yongzh) to make things fully shipshape in nullDC on Android. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to try out Jet Set Radio on my phone. Keep your eyes firmly on his blog at the source below for further developments, and donate if you're interested in showing some support.

 Source: drk|Raziel's blog via AndroidCentral

Brian O'Toole
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  • kam

    "the advent of nullDC on Android is set to bolster Google’s mobile OS’s reputation as a retro-gaming platform"

    too bad none of these retro-gaming platforms even try to repackage their games for android. they could make a small profit. i would love to play some old games again.

    • Brian

      The big three like to exert total control over these mediums for future rerelease/redevelopment like with 9.99 price range games on xbox live and PSN.

      Look at how they removed the hardware from the modern ps3s that allowed for ps2 emulation. Nintendo and playstation have a bajillion possibilities for their mobile platforms and network downloads this way.They are like munitions for a slow fiscal quarter.

  • max

    LOL if you just email Yongzh he will get back to you real quick, and will help. I asked him about the PS emulator and thats what he did

  • sjpm

    Crazy taxi on my phone? I think I have to go sit down for a second now. That game is the single reason I bought a DC back then.

    I might have to see about getting my G2 to that magic 2ghz now so I can get mad framerates!

  • Brian

    Who remembers the Dreamcast VMU? Lets get an emulator for those!

    Seriously though, crazy taxi, soul caliber, sf3 third strike. I loved my little white box

  • Elvis

    This looks completely amazing and I can't wait for more stability/better frames :) I'll be keeping a close eye on this project :)

  • Ben Kapferer

    I wonder how this emulator works on 2013 devices.