If you were simply dying for a Lotus Notes solution on Android like me, today is your lucky day! IBM has introduced a version of it's Lotus Notes Traveler software for the Android OS. The free software is designed to give Lotus Notes customers two-way, over-the-air synchronization of information between their accounts and mobile devices via the Lotus Domino server. The new app impressed with:

  • Remote wipe support for stolen or lost devices
  • Automatic, over the air synchronization of notes, calendar, and contacts
  • The ability to read encrypted email.
  • A free mobile solution for Lotus Notes customer

So, anyone out there as excited as I am?

Source: IBM

  • portnoyd

    Now if my company would just install the Traveler plug-in so this could be used at all. :P

  • Joe

    Where can you download this thing?? I see no download links on the IBM page.

  • Al DeLaCruz

    You will also need to be running 8.5.2 Server. So, it's not just a quick download and install on the device, unless of course you/your company is already running 8.5.2 Domino Server.

  • vrta

    And it works great!

  • woody

    Except on Honeycomb :-(

  • brian

    Any idea when honeycomb will be supported?

  • randy

    where and how can we download this app on mobile phone? please help. i've search the marketplace and no luck.

  • Dorian Gray

    Classic IBM. Yes Traveller works BUT whole they made sure the corp security is allowed to make your phone less useful (instant locking of your phone after a phone call etc) they classically kmow nothing of building intuitive user interfaces. Only IBM could make Android harder to use. No full month calendar view. No automatic corp contact search for mail recipients, no ability to edit or counter meeting requests no fine grain control of any email elements. Its like the developers had never seen a native Android email app. control of any email element. Really? While I'm thrilled I can get my email on my Android device using traveller has made me step backwards in time.