Another month, another report from advertiser Millennial Media. As usual, it's best to start this off by pointing out that these results are based on ad impressions across Millennial's network, and thus should be considered a sample. With that out of the way, let's take a peek.


The two most significant things that stand out to me are that Android is now tied with iOS for the largest smartphone OS, and Android accounts for a whopping 54% of ad revenue on the network, versus 39% for iOS. Pretty damn impressive.


Among application publishers who are adding support to new platforms, Android is the fastest growing, though that is something that is probably common sense if you really think about it (given that iOS already has a very large developer following).


Want to check out the full report? Hit up the link below.

[Source: Millennial Media]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • http://deftdrummer.blogspot.com Shea

    Cool. Now the biggest question: What happens when the iphone hits Verizon and it's 4G compatible?

    Suddenly I find even myself wondering if I can or would make the switch back to the iphone from my Droid X. EEks!

    • Kane

      I don't think many Android power users would find themselves happy or comfortable in the iOS infrastructure anymore. You can easily migrate from iOS to Android but from Android to iOS - I think it's much harder. You're giving up too much that way.

  • diplomatic

    Agreed with Kane... i had the iphone unlocked with t-mobile when g1 came out..(my brother had it).. Now i have the nexus one .. i would never go back to the iphone... i dont like the os better than and droid and dont like att and verizion prices!!!