A new update to Facebook for Android just landed on the Market, and it brings a duo of long-awaited features: push notifications and Chat. Naturally, it also packs some bug fixes for good measure.

Personally, I find the new Chat feature to be perfectly adequate, but David is thoroughly unimpressed. His complaints are that it has a boring interface, it's slow, and it just feels tacked on. I don't exactly disagree with any of those points, I just don't think they're major issues. Hell, at this point I'm happy just having chat that works well in the first place.

snap20101214_174153 snap20101214_174135

[Source: AppBrain]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Peter

    It is stuck at loading.... for me so it is a fail.

  • OFI

    Liking the addition of chat although it is a tad slow to get into a convo. Seems slick enough once in there.

    But again why has tagging not been added?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Little by little, we'll get there.

  • http://none ShittyFBApp

    Push notifications are not working for many.... another failed attempt. And yes we have 2.2.

  • Sheldo

    After update, can't even open the app. Just get a blank white screen, followed by the phone powering it's self off?

  • Graeme

    It's incredible that they still haven't fixed the long message thread bug. Basically means that half my messages are unreadable as they don't show up on long message threads. How have they not fixed this bug yet?