Last Updated: July 24th, 2011


Squishable.com was cool enough to send me one of their Squishable Androids, and I must say: this thing is pretty awesome. It's a big old pillow/friend that the whole family can enjoy. At first, I wasn't sure if my Squishable Android and I had much in common, but after spending the day with him, we are now best friends. Here are some of the things we did together:


This is my Squishable Android trying to drive my car, but he had no idea what he was doing, so I decided to teach him:


He decided he wasn't too comfortable behind the wheel, so I just let him ride shotgun:


Here he is making a withdrawal from the ATM (turns out he's loaded):


After the bank, I had to make a stop. By the time I came back to the car, he had already found my sweet bandana and put it on while he was waiting:


When we got home, both of us were hungry. This is my Squishable Android making healthy decisions, even though he knows he could probably get away with the few extra calories in the cookies:


After a long day, my Squishable Android was tired, so he decided to take a nap:


In all seriousness, though, this is probably the coolest pillow I've ever owned - and I've owned some cool pillows. The thing is huge and super soft. My son has already fallen in love with the Squishable, and I'm pretty sure the Squishable reciprocates the feeling.


Update: The contest is now over, and the winner is... Alex, who posted the following comment, cracking us all up:

"I want to put this in my pants with the head sticking out and go to the apple store and just casually look at iPhones' with a face highlighting my ridicule towards them. And later, guess what Im going to feed him. Yup, apple pie. Help me succeed in my goals. Please."

Alex, the green softy is on its way!

Android Police will be giving away exactly ONE Squishable Android. To whom, you ask? To the person who can leave a comment on this page telling us why they need it the most. Funny and creative are qualities we're always on the lookout for, and this Squishable Android needs creative friends. Why is your home the best one for him? Let us know and you might just get to meet him in person.

Even if you don't win, though, you can still buy yourself an awesome friend/sleep-aid at Squishable's website, where all good and cuddly things come from.


The giveaway starts immediately and runs until December 20th, 11:59PM PST. While we love our international readers, we will only ship to the U.S. territories, so a U.S. mailing address is required. 

Winners will be announced here and notified via twitter, Facebook, or email.

Good luck, everyone!

Brad Ganley
An Android power user, Brad consumes most of his free time with unhealthy amounts of cell phones and cell phone related things when he isn't playing with his son. Brad is also an avid movie-watcher and tea-drinker.
  • http://www.sassy-sweet.com keithsmith22

    I want it because that might be the only way I can have something or someone in my bed for a long time. :)

  • mike p

    Why I need a Squishable Android...
    I work for a web development company that runs a 100% MAC shop. All of our devs and designers are hard-core Apple Heads. i am the only non-i*hone user in the lot of 50 of us and endure ridicule day after day.
    They think Android is a fad and like the pet rock, will die off shortly.
    They don't get it. They need to understand the legitimacy that is the Android platform. What better way to do that than to rub a giant mascot in their faces daily!!
    Apple has no real "mascot" like the bad-ass Android droid. I need this for my desk so I can rub my Androidy-goodness into the faces of all of my apple-loving co-workers and their inferior OS!!

  • zen kun

    im international perhaps i know i will not win but i will love this thing i almost pee on my pants xD

  • http://www.doubletwist.com/apps/android/scribbler/com.richstern.scribbler/ RS

    For all those times my wife gets mad at me for burying my face in my Android phone all day, I could really use some company on the couch when I'm banished there for the night.

  • http://twitter.com/dbin78 Dain Binder

    My name is Fluffy, I am Dain's kitty (meeowww) - I need a new friend because he is always online or playing with his Android phone. I can haz a friend? Android Andy (that's the name I gave him) could sleep next to me so I can keep him warm. Dain may even play with me again because I am sure he will like Andy! Purrr purrr purrr oh Android Andy I need a squishable hug.

  • Adam

    Because if you don't, I'll go to i*hone! That's right. Can you live with that on your conscience? Can you?!? You could be that savior in my life. I'll leave it up to you...
    No pressure ;)

  • Zachary Rodriguez

    I'll feed him and play with him everyday. I'll take him to work too and show him around the Sprint call center I work at; He'll probably get all giddy like a school girl seeing his picture all over the walls too I betchya. He'll be loved very much by me and my coworkers. :-)

  • nick williams

    Any time my 3 year old wants my phone he says play robot so i think it would be cool if he actually had one to play with when i show him pictures of it he says awww bee bee

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Best. Review. Evar.

  • Dan

    My kids are getting Pillow Pets for Christmas. Dad is jealous, but can't stomach actually buying one of those adorable little creatures for himself. The Squishable Android is geeky enough to offset the cute factor.

  • aj

    If I don't get him. I will destroy my Evo. These are my demands.

  • http://Www.twitter.com/xandroidaddictx Yoshi

    My home would be the best because my 1 year old daughter absolutely loves my android phone. I want her to have an android of her own that she can't break lol.

  • Nexuz-Uno

    Every day when I go to school, my cat and bird get very lonely with no one to talk to. They always tell me how much they want a friend to cuddle with. They asked me for Android phones so that they can call their friends to come over during the day, but I told them that they need to do something productive. I showed then that Squishable Android was available to play with them, and they got so excited! They can't wait to hang out with him all day, and take many pictures with him so that the world can see how happy they all are together. I will feed him and take care of him ever day. He will go on walks, have fun playing X-Box, and love chilling with other animals. He will always have access to an Android phone. My cat and bird can't wait for their new friend to arrive!

  • Jim McP

    I am tired of being considered a squishable and I need one to carry with me to stop people from thinking they can squish me or poke me and expect a doughboy laugh! It's just not funny, I have bruises all over my body from being squished. Please...help stop the insanity (and bruising), send me a squishable so I can try to lead a normal life!! For the love of God man...I need a squishable!!

  • Luis Ortiz

    Christmas is coming and I have been getting apple shaped coal since 2007. This year though

    - I helped an old lady cross the street and gave her an aria so her little fingers can hold it.
    - I turned 3 iPhone fanboys into android fanboys and gave them each Android phones with the MIUI rom installed so they don't get nostalgia.
    - I helped a cat come down from a tree, and then I bought him a nexus one preloaded with the Talking Tom Cat app so he can have a friend.
    - Returned some eggs back that some green pigs stole from some innocent birds.

    So the only thing I ask for is for a friend to accompany me while I do my good deeds, and who could be a better friend than a nice cuddly

  • Elvis

    Well the problem I have is I AM ALSO in need of a friend... you see, I work in Cupertino (apple owns this town) and I hate apple and always want to go around dissing them.... but alas! I find myself being distanced from everyone because of my anti-apple antics.... I just need ONE friend and maybe... JUST MAYBE I could continue my relentless ravings against the big 'fruit' company. So I beg and plea for you to find me worthy of at least one true ally to get me through these dark times I find myself drowned in! WE SHALL LET THE LIGHT OF ANDROID SHINE THROUGH THE DECEPTIVE CLOUD CAST ON CUPERTINO BY THE SINISTER APPLE!

  • Andrew

    I need this ANDROID! I have 4 girls all about his same height. And he would look really cool with this large following of ladies. I'm sure he would take turns in each of their beds. His life would be good!

  • eric demauro

    Squishable android needs a warm, loving home--aka mine. Plus I'll let him sit shotty in my car and move my GF to the backseat. :)

  • KS

    i have a sheltie named Pennie that's at home all alone while i'm at work. she's the most precious thing i have and she's well behave. she helped me through some rough times. one day i was curious what she did at home all day when i was away at work. so i setup a webcam at home and i used my nexus one to "spy" on her while i was at work. i found her constantly sleeping all by herself on the couch. the poor puppy was always waiting for me patiently at home all alone. i thought that giving her this Android Squishable would a be nice gift to keep her company at home while she sleep. i promise if i win i will send in a picture of Pennie sleeping with the Android Squishable! :)

  • magma9495

    My girlfriend is an android obsessed freak. I used to be a hardcore iPhone/iPod user until early this year when she showed me her G1 and all of its glory. I started out with just getting a Cliq because I thought it would be nice to have an android phone, but then she showed me rooting and all the custom ROMs and things, and eventually I became what you could call a "power user" I guess, and bought a Nexus one. Today, I have come so far, and learned a whole new OS thanks to her. This would be something cool to give back to her since she is the one that showed me android.

  • christian

    -i need him becuase at night all the apple ninjas come and try to turn me into a applefanboy, so i neeed this little guy to help me stay commited to android!!!!! ----next reason is that everone has an iphone at my school so i can put this guy on my backpack and show that iam a droid lover.----lastly he can kick some apple ninja butt and go all froyo on their butt.

  • Alex

    I want to put this in my pants with the head sticking out and go to the apple store and just casually look at iPhones' with a face highlighting my ridicule towards them. And later, guess what Im going to feed him. Yup, apple pie. Help me succeed in my goals. Please.

  • meee

    android cuddling oh yeah

  • County

    Let me put it like this. I need this little guy because I don't have a pillow in my cardboard box. I try to keep it well maintained but my pet rat chewed a new window in it because I accidentally locked him when I left by leaving it up against the dumpster behind Tim's Gold Club. I'm sure he was only foraging for food and will be back soon. Anyway, now I do have a new window, so that's good. I do have a blanket, it is a classifieds section from 2006 but everytime I save a quarter to call someone about a job they have already filled it. This information age is leaving me behind :/. So I saw this from my Evo and figured I should enter to win a pillow for my cardboard house. I recently moved to a nicer part of town, away from the strip club, and I live by the library, in the parking lot instead of by the trash. It is a much prettier area, so I went into the Library and made this submission. I probably don't deserve the pillow, I will just use it to support my head from laying on concrete. So nevermind.

  • LevelM

    Because sometimes even Geeks need a hug.

  • Andrea

    "It was a dark and stormy..."
    ... no wait, that's not quite right, is it? No, no, no, I started that off all wrong.
    Let's try that again.
    "The darkness hung heavily across the velvety.... "
    what was that shit right there? what is darkness hanging over? how is it velvety? why isn't it just velvet then?
    "Clouds hung gloomily over the..."
    HEY, stop it with that personification shit. How can a cloud even do any of that? Is it an emo cloud? what the hell, I'm not dealing with this anymore.
    "It was a dark and stormy night (hold on, give me a chance this time)... a night like most any other. A trite night, if you will..."
    I apologize greatly for that... that was quite awkward wasn't it?
    "The empty silence filled the air with a...."
    No, no. That is it. I give up. Literature has gone to shit, has it not? Nonetheless. Unlike the other metaphors and scenarios that were just mentioned, soft things, are in fact soft, and occasionally velvety... and, meh, sometimes can be trite. At least inanimate objects can't hang gloomily about (as long as some writer doesn't get there hands on it *grumble grumble*). And, at least they can fill the air with awesome. Who wouldn't want one?... They're so gosh-darned agreeable

  • Ardell

    That little guy would be welcomed in my home and would immediately become part of my baby girls yo gabba gabba clique.

  • J Haltom

    My girlfriend hates my Droid X with a passion because I'm always coddling it instead of her. I try to apologize but when the next notification goes off, I go right back into Android trance. I need this plush trooper so she can take her frustrations out on it instead of me. I know deep down she really hates my phone and not me, so let this guy take one for the team. He will live a warrior's life.

  • Duderino

    For once, I'd like a furry-green-thing in my bed that *actually* attracts women.

    Please help me out!

  • David

    I would like one for myself, because I think it just looks cute.

    But on a sidenote, I think it should go to Mike P (I would like to put this in an apple store, just to see how they would react) and film it to be put on youtube :-D

  • Geraldo

    Well, I should get one cuz it's my 22nd birthday and I have Android 2.2 on my G1, which I find hilarious. Also, cuz I would use it ALL THE TIME!

  • Ryan Law

    Is the time for my hundreds of squishables toys to know a green robot friend =D

  • Susan Moseley

    My ZhuZhu Pets and Pillow Pets need some cute competition. I think they might just become jealous of that sweet looking thing.

  • Josh G

    This would be the perfect temp android for my gf until she gets the real thing!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/mytharak mytharak

    As much as I love my phone I can't cuddle with it.

  • Rosa

    I JUST DO!


  • John Z

    I don't know where my bank is any more and was hoping for some help from your Squishable Android .