As some of you may have noticed in the comments section of our previous piece, Rohan Shravan, in a kind gesture, has reached out to Android Police with the goal of clearing the air of confusion over the Adam's launch, pre-order, and current status. We asked Rohan some questions about issues regarding the Adam that many (myself included) have expressed concern over, and Rohan has done his best to answer those questions. The unedited questions and responses lie below:

AP: Regarding the December 18th video that has been promised, many do not understand why there is such a delay in producing a video to satisfy what are relatively simple demands (a few minutes of hands-on time with the Adam and Eden UI).

Rohan: Its does, but 18th December is a special date for us. Its the anniversary of Adam's announcement

AP: Are you waiting to receive a production example from the factory? Have any been assembled yet?

Rohan: No we already have that. Around 300 have already been shipped across the world to our partners.

AP: Is the delay due to the need to complete work on the Eden UI? Can you provide real, non-emulated video of the Eden UI on the Adam (preferably a production model)?

Rohan: Eden UI is complete. In the next video I will show you will have the same running.

AP: Is the Genesis SDK coming any time soon?

Rohan: Genesis SDK has gone into major up-gradation because of 2.3. Most of our partners and University partners have the access to our SDK

AP: Can we get a shot/video of the Adam running Android 2.2 or 2.3 showing the Eden UI and proof of the underlying Android version?

Rohan: Sure, as discussed earlier.

AP: Is all the hardware functional - USB and HDMI out? A video demonstration would be necessary.

Rohan: Sure.

AP: Is the money from pre-orders being used as capital to build the actual devices?"

Rohan: No way! To Manufacture anything in March, we need to pay right now. Even if the pre-order system takes money from the customers, we have no access to it for more than one month! We need to confirm the delivery of the product before we get access to it. For example as a standard, you can check the PayPal and other banks for the same.

Take these statements for what you will - we'll let you decide on this one. One thing seems certain: Rohan wants to deliver on December 18th with the much-anticipated video demonstration of the Adam, and we really hope he does.

In conjunction with the promised video on December 18th, Rohan has agreed to do an exclusive Q&A with Android Police about the Adam that will go into a greater level of depth about the device, its software, and its features.

We, as much as anyone, are eagerly awaiting Saturday.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Vineet Chawla

    Lets hope the initial concerns get over and we finally get to see the best android tablet yet(or maybe the best tablet)
    madly waiting for 18th

  • rajesh

    hey david, great job.. :); but why only few questions..?

    • Brian

      probably because this was an email stream, and not a formal interview. I'm thinking Rohan agreed to answer only so much before the 18th reveal. AP is prolly cool with that because they get an exclusive.

    • David Ruddock


      We'll be asking more questions on the 18th, and they'll be a lot more detailed - these are just a few inquiries related to many peoples' concerns that Rohan felt he could address in writing.


    • Interested

      Because some of the questions he asked are totally inane. Why embarass yourself further. "Are you waiting to receive a production example from the factory? Have any been assembled yet?" Give me a break. Do you REALLY have to ask this? Have you REALLY been following this product? Hundreds have been in the hands of their partners for several months.

      • Adam

        That might be the case, but the purpose of this was to placate people a few more days. The partners are under NDA's, and have abided by them. Also, the information Rohan has provided is spread over many blogs and posts, so most people aren't going to see it. This article is getting lots of eyes, so sometimes the obvious needs to be stated, simply because there are naysayers.

  • Amit

    It is nice to see Rohan and Android Police finally talking... would hate for Adam to be an outcast because of teething issues with the tech blogs :)

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      We were always willing to discuss Adam with Notion Ink and get as many questions answered as possible, and the channel has finally opened up.

    • Raj Kumar

      Who is outcast...Notion Ink or Android Police.Stop sucking up to these blogs. I am sure "Android Police" ego is satisfied now that Rohan responded to them.

  • android boi


    you forget to ask them, if they can any correspondence with the FCC, proof they submitted the Adam.

    also if they will be sharing a booth with pixie qi. or nvidia

    • David Ruddock

      android boi,

      I think the FCC certification will be irrelevant if Rohan's demo on the 18th is up to muster - it's a technical issue and he may not be able to disclose it. We would have liked to see it, but at this point we're hoping we can do without it for a bit.


      • android boi

        I will accept that. Still very suspicious, let's see what happens on the 18th.

        nothing to debate about now, till the 18th.

        • Brian

          Conspiracies are so much more fun than reality aren't they.

        • android boi

          if they presented a video that proves them right.

          then they should ship units to tech blogs, but I am sure some tech blogs have preordered.

          they will get allot of confidence after that, if they consenus goes well.

        • android boi


          you don't know what real either. we will see on dec 18.

        • Brian

          you're right! DUN DUN DUN..

        • http://notioninkfan.com Greg

          Why look for something to debate about?
          It seems like a waste of time to me...

          If Adam is real and everything Rohan has said it is, will you buy one?

          If your answer is no, then may I suggest there are lots of other tablets hitting the market and your time may be better spent learning about them.

        • android boi


          I will buy one if and only if, really makes a big wave. if all the tech blogs go crazy for it . ESP anandtech, they are very good reviewer and we come to know that people who bought it are extremely happy with it.

          then I would buy it.

  • Joe

    I DO wish that one of those questions that AP posed to NI pertained to whether or not the Adam will include Android Market access... :(

    • David Ruddock


      You can expect an answer to that on the 18th - this one did slip my mind. I'm sure we'll get a chance to discuss it.


      • Oliver

        I'm not sure if you've seen the list of questions I posted at various blogs last week, but I figured I'd post my latest list so that you can add them to your own list of important questions for Rohan:
        1. When will the first review units arrive at Anandtech, Slashgear, and other reputable reviewers?
        2. Does the final version of the Adam have a rear touchpad?
        3. What max resolution does the camera record?
        4. How much memory comes pre-installed on the Adam?
        5. What is your estimated production schedule (Adams/month) during H1 2011? When will additional Qi-equipped Adams be available for ordering?
        6. Will the full Android Market be available on the Adam at launch?
        7. Does NI have a trouble-ticket and technical support system in place?
        8. Will you be opening a standard discussion forum for the NI Adam where we can interact with, and receive direct support from, the engineers at NI?
        9. Are you partnered with any retailers or distributors outside of India? Or, will the NI facilities in India be the only location and POC for all sales and support?
        10. What are the actual warranty details for the Adam?
        11. How/where will repairs, replacements, and returns be handled by NI? Will NI cover shipping to/from the NI facilities for WARRANTIED repair services?
        12. Who has NI officially partnered with for peripherals (ie. cases, adapters, screen protectors, keyboards, docks, etc)?
        13. What are the exact contents of the box that will ship with the Adam?
        14. Will the original Adam definitely be 100% compatible with Honeycomb (Android 3.0), or is that still an unknown?
        15. Is NI still planning to charge customers to replace units that arrive DOA?
        16. Is NI still planning to charge customers for cancellations that occur BEFORE their Adams even ship?
        I'll let you know if I come up with any more. :)

        • mhasija

          @ Oliver & David

          I'ud like to add one more important question here:-
          What about the SSN/PAN number requirement as posted in one of the policy doc's on NI's website! I read somewhere on the blog of NI at wordpress that they are required by the carriers so as to activate 3g data plans! What about the customers who already have a 3g connection with them e.g. for Indians like me who are using BSNL/MTNL 3g connections! To be precise will the 'adam' be available as an OMD (open market device)???

        • Oliver

          To add to my own list...

          17. Who are you sharing a booth with at CES?

    • Hardik

      Rohan already mentioned it in one of his previous blog post that all existing android market application will work on Adam. It will run with the original size. Adam will not stretch out those to fit the screen.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        The question really is whether the Android Market will be present and not whether apps will work and stretch. We'll get to the bottom of this soon.

      • http://webofandroids.blogspot.com/ Vladimir Kelman

        The fact that all existing android market application will work on Adam doesn't necessary mean Android market itself will be there on Adam.
        having Android Market would be a huge plus, despite having separate Adam-specific apps.

        • android boi

          that is a big concern. what is the point of having the tablet be android based

  • android boi

    December 18 we will all come to know what's up. Wish we can gamble on what's going to happen.

  • RG

    meh........this all just seems too good to be true, where's the catch ;)

    i hope dec 18 turns out to be good for NI.....m only ordering (pre/post whtever) mine after AP or sum1 else has a hands-on/review of the actual product....till then i'd rather drool over the motorola tablet which has honeycomb and vector maps :)


    • Peter

      Yes RG, I am also looking forward to Dec 18th. Notion Ink says that they would introduce Adam at CES 2011 in Vegas, I had looked at CES's exhibitor list and could not find Notion Ink but was surprised that the official CES press release mention Notion Ink Adam as one of the new products that is going to be announced at CES 2011. I wonder if Notion Ink is listed in the exhibitor under another company name. Here's the link to CES press release.


      • Mark

        I didn't see a mention of Notion Ink Adam as a producted to be released at CES 2011, but I did see it as one of the products listed for having been introduced in CES 2010. Have you read this correctly?

        As it is, Notion Ink will probably share Nvidia's stand, like they did last year.

  • Abir

    That's rather gracious of Rohan and are very straight answers. Android Police hasn't been very fair in its reporting on NI, for example the comment on what would happen were NI publicly traded - NI isn't publicly traded, and it is rather ingenuous to be shocked at the fact that someone is prepared to admit to their mistakes so openly. Since they do not have panicking shareholders, they have no reason to cater to them and it's a rather moot 'what if' question. They messed up the pre order process, sure, it's a mistake, but to suggest that it could endanger the success of their product and the existence of the company is rather far fetched, speculation by someone not in the know, perhaps resentment at being kept out of the loop. A pre order is just that, noone is forced into it, if NI don't deliver the pre orders in the time frame they have promised there would be cause to complain, but for anyone troubled by the lack of information and unbiased reviews, they can simply wait - the preorders are clearly an as is thing, if what you know is enough to interest you if you want to take the risk to be an early adopter, then the pre order is for you. And to jump to the conclusion that it is suspicious is strange, you don't bat an eyelid when Apple doesn't show a product until it is ready, in their own controlled presentation, it seems that is what NI want to do - that's their prerogative, you might disagree, but to pretend that it is suspicious is just high arrogance.

    There is more of course, AP have toned down their criticism of NI in the last two posts, but who can forget the original, the work of a tech blogger running wild with his imagination, suggesting that just because they are a startup from India, there is no way they can price things better than Samsung, so according to the great prophets of Android Police, NI are suspicious because their products sounds too good, beyond the capabilities of a 'start up from India'. There will be some humble pie to be eaten at the end of all this if the device simply is what its technical specifications say. And the same post is full of the presumption that the change of mind return policy is also what applies to dead on arrival products, incorrect shipments - if the policy seems unclear, perhaps wait the less than 24 hours it took NI to clarify it rather than coming up with your own interpretation and posting it - that's just irresponsible. And the email address 'preordersupport@NI' isnt' good enough apparently, Rohan Shravan better make a 'specialdavidshurrocksupportforadam@NI' for the Android Blog. It's called pre order support, because guess what - it's ging to be used for pre order support while the proper support website is set up, if you want to wait for that, DON'T PRE ORDER! The numerous insinuations and accusations in that entry without giving the accused time or a chance to respond was just sloppy journalism. NI is a start up, willing to admit to their mistakes, apologize and change, in quick time. What's Android Blog's excuse, and are we getting an apology after the 18 Dec videos?

    • android boi

      Android police is doing a good job for the consumer.

      I really don't know what you are ranting about.

      • Hardik

        I think up to some point it was protecting consumers but after a while it seemed like journalistic ego.

        • android boi


          then engadget , crunchgear must share the same ego.

          surprisingly gizmodo was quiet

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Heh, they were busy getting hacked.

        • Hardik

          @android boi they were not so desperate to prove Notion Ink and Rohan wrong on every possible thing.

        • android boi


          they were correct to question some of the shady things, Rohan and NI have done.

          we haven't yet seen any real proof to anything about the Adam being a working tablet.

          I can dissect all the comments he made today, cause all of it smells fishy. let's wait and see, what 18th brings.

        • Hardik

          @android boi
          I think we all should tell Rohan that he should personally pick up one tablet from China and deliver it to you. Then he should personally give you some hans on demo.

          I am sure after this you will not like it and you will throw it in the trash. We will ask if he can come and take it back from your trash as well.

          I think you should write just one comment saying "You wont believe anything Rohan say"

    • brad

      AP was only asking questions in any and all post.
      You have to agree, the entire PreOrder was very suspicious, simply because there was never a real valid working version, the legalize was lite to say the least, and credit card processing was a fiasco.

      So to say that AP wasnt fair in the reporting is only distorting the fact.

      I think they did exactly what they were suppose to do. Make me stop and think, why should I make this purchase.

      • Hardik

        Dont purchase it... simple.... Also stop wasting your time by commenting against android and use the same time to research some other tablet.

  • Lee

    Excellent post Abir, my thoughts as well. I found the original and even the second post at ap to be border line rude.

    • crimethink

      If Android Police isn't skeptical of manufacturers they're not serving the needs of their readers. That sometimes requires being rude to manufacturers.

      • http://www.example.com GrowUpAP

        There are a lot of upcoming Android based tablets coming out... Why did AP choose to focus on the Adam? Why not talk to some other manufactures and draw a direct comparison between what they're doing and how NI has handled everything so far?

        -- Because it brings with it the greatest amount of hype. This is more sensationalistic journalism than anything else. Drumming up controversy brings in clicks, which in turn increase the sites ranking in advertising circles...

        Some of you need to realize that AP is playing the victim here because it suits them.

        • Gauntlet

          They probably chose to focus on the adam because:
          1) Pre-Orders were up.
          2) The T&Cs didn't look like a lawyer had a look at them before they were posted.
          3) Rohan has promised a lot on the blog but has yet to deliver any real proof that the tablet exists.
          4) They are being rightfully sceptical, you would have to agree that the lack of information on the adam from NI would lead to distrust.

          They weren't being sensationalist, if their comments on trying to contact NI for several weeks is true than they had every right to write the articles they wrote, with every right to insinuate what they did.

      • Tim Elston

        Nobody's perfect; not AP, not NI, not we commenters. I'm pretty sure this comment isn't even perfect.

        • elliot hunter

          I'm perfect. :)

  • crimethink

    The excuse for waiting till the 18th is laughable. Their company name is getting dragged through the mud on dozens of tech sites and they're waiting a week and a half for an anniversary to provide proof that the Adam is not just an elaborate hoax?

    Still very, very skeptical. I'm not even sure the video is going to convince me, unless it's extremely thorough.

    • Brian

      I think you're right. An extremely slow con that began with an actual prototype, has since involved CES, NVIDIA, Indian Media outlets, RIL, Pixel Qi, CCAvenue, Andre Rodrigues, Mary Lou Jespen, a years worth of writing and graphic design, speaking engagements, 6 more prototypes, a grantee registration on the FCC that was never disclosed (secret backup confidence game obviously). I wonder what everyones cut of the payoff is. They didn't fool you though.

      • http://notioninkfan.com Greg

        I like your logic, and love the sarcasm. ;-)

        Point well made!

        • mrzeal

          hello Greg! howdi?
          hi Brian! are you the Gecko we are missing on NI blog? never mind... I liked the comment and keep up the humour... the world definetly needs a lot of it and unfortunately its going in the wrong direction buried in legalities etc. and too much of scepticism... I feel Adam just got caught up in this generic epidemic it will soon pass

      • android boi

        I wont say anything about NI until the 18th, being a con.

        have you ever heard of Bernard Madoff, they guy had billions in fraud money. Not to mention he got away with it for 20 years. He had celebrity clients, big powerful people as his client. I am sure he went to speaking engagements as well.

        so your argument doesnt hold up. whether it applies to NI we will soon find out.

        • Saket

          I wont say anything about NI until the 18th, being a con. @ 12/13/2010 14:05 PM
          Sure, let us see if you can stop yourself until 18th :), don' think it can happen though.

      • android boi

        anyone can get grantee code for the FCC

      • roddie

        You win the Internet, sir.

      • crimethink

        None of the names you mention actually require a working tablet to exist. PixelQi could only know that a bunch of their screens were bought, and likewise with NVIDIA and the Tegra2's. CES takes all comers and the FCC gives grantee registrations out to anyone who wants one.

        Now buying screens and processors costs money, so that's an indication that they are in fact working on the tablet, but it doesn't confirm that it's actually ready to go when they claim it is.

  • Abir

    I forgot to mention the shooting from the hip type 'he said they'll be at CS but they aren't in the exhibitors list' update to the original post, where many pointed out the many companies don't get a booth as it isn't worthwhile. Merely another example of this blog's attempt to paint just anything as being deeply suspicious.
    And in response to crimethink, If I was Rohan and in the product I had what he claims to have, I wouldn't be bothered much by some rants on a blog, and people who great overestimate their importance. If anything, lowering expectations right now would actually work out well. Once again, the problem most people who complained have is being asked to pre order without sufficient information (rather sufficient 'proof', there is more than enough information on the blog on what the device can do, the problem is you don't believe it). The pre order it seemed was mainly for people who've avidly followed the blog for months and liked what they've seen. If NI want to control the press cycle, they have every right to, I actually kind of like the fact that they are responding calmly to whipped up hysteria.
    And no, the tech world and potential buyers aren't writing them off, they are mostly either waiting and watching just like they have been before or havne't heard of NI yet and will hear of it when Rohan wants them to. Collective blogger hysteria of a handful of blogs doesn't control the tech world.

    • crimethink

      I know several people who were all set to pre-order but backed off when they saw what a clusterf*** it was turning into. A lot of them are now considering other options, either existing Android tabs or iPads, because they need them for next semester, and there won't be proof of Adam's existence before then.

      If the pre-release opinions of tech followers are meaningless, then Rohan has been utterly wasting his time hyping this thing up over the last few months. If NI is depending on the non-techie segment of the market that hasn't been following these developments, they're in trouble, because they simply won't be able to compete against the iPad 2 among those people.

      • Rick

        I actually attempted to preorder twice and fell victim to the international credit card processing problem. I'm one of those people now looking at other products.
        I'm sorry, but I have a hard time believing that a company that failed on so many levels during the preorder has their act together when it comes to critical business processes like testing/quality assurance and support. If they're cutting corners in one area, they're most likely cutting them in others as well.
        I'll be waiting for Adam 2.0 or Eve... if I buy from NI at all.

  • boybarbados

    As Rohan is from india, i think the 18th december has something to do with astrology, because most indians believe in auspicious dates when it comes to marriage, business and travel. I hope i am wrong, but i don't think that in this era of youtube and digital cameras it will take more than 10 minutes to record and post a video.

    • android boi

      sorry I can it in 20 mins with my nexus two.

  • PaulDz

    I understand Abir's comment. I felt the same way when I read the first blog post. I thought: "Here is a policy-and-procedures bunch of guys criticizing the innovative entrepreneur again." It was classic.

    • android boi

      innovative how?

      • android boi

        have great specs doest make a product innovative.

        • AJ

          So you are saying that there is no innovation in iPad?

        • android boi

          I didn't think people bought iPad for specs.

          iPad had multtouch that works, it is smooth. it's really good hardware, only thing it's not open. it took apple years to get it right.

          but why are you comparing adam to the iPad. I don't see a single piece of tech that NI has developed.

          maybe well find out that there Eden ui is the innovation. I don't know. so far it seems they have nothing innovative

        • Kazmo

          Well they did say that they created a matte glass screen.

          We just don't know but if they can pull off everything on the spec sheet I think it counts for something. Bread, Peanut Butter, and Jelly are all fine on their own but they shine when you make a PBJ Sammich!

      • PaulDz

        If I remember correctly I think they had to get over 70 patents for the Adam tech, Eden and Genesis are new. Adam will run all android apps (most in their smaller screen sizes). They used almost all open source so people can build on it easily. Who else has a Pixel Qi screen on their tablet? They are not an ipad look alike.

        I really think that policy-and-procedure guys are vital and NI would have benefited from having them look things over before last week. I'm looking forward to the future of NI.

      • Karthik

        Have you even read any of Rohan's earlier technical posts? Its not just the hardware, they have created some really cool patentable software concepts. If that isn't innovation, then either you're standards of innovation are too high or just plain ignorant.

  • http://notioninkfan.com Greg

    Thanks David. Excellent info. I can't wait for your follow up. I especially like the format... Simple unedited questions and answers without interjecting much opinion. Awesome!

    @Rohan, I want to thank you too for being gracious enough to answer the questions. Us Notion Ink Fans are still behind you and look forward to seeing you fully realize your dreams.

    (Adam with Pixel Qi Wifi+3G preordered)

    • android boi


      I see you everywhere. you more hardcore than many apple fanboys, jk.

      but Greg how'd you know Rohan responses were unedited. Did Rohan forward you the email. :)


      just picking on the adamholics

      • http://notioninkfan.com Greg

        Thanks. I'll take that as a compliment.

        And BTW, I meant no offense to you in my reply to your comment above. I was just curious about your motives.

        Hmmmm.... "but Greg how’d you know Rohan responses were unedited. Did Rohan forward you the email?".

        Well, I read the article. Didn't you? David said "The unedited questions and responses lie below". ;-)

        • android boi

          no offense taken.

          personally you seem like a genuine nice guy.

          you should work for NI on PR, they could use the help.

      • add

        Didnt you read the beginning of the post where it says
        "The unedited questions and responses lie below:"
        If not, better look again.


        Enjoy :)

  • AJ

    Do you think you would have asked the same questions to Google or Apple CEO when they launch their products, their products are delayed or when they keep everything undercover and more important will they be ever as honest??

    Suggest don't just make fuss about everything and misuse the platform you have to spread false alarms. Present facts/opinions and not your suspicions, let people make their own decisions.

    • android boi


      tons of people sent mails to Steve jobs. they call him names, make fun of him. slander him.

      Rohan hasnt received shit, in terms of negative stuff that Steve gets.

      it's the nature of the CE industry, you need a thick skin

    • android boi

      also people won't ask questions like " are you a scam" to apple or google, bc they have proven themselves in the past.

      they ask other questions and some people even sue apple/google

      at least noone wants to sue NI

      • brad

        NI has everything to prove. Apple and MS and Google have nothing to prove.
        Just take a look at the stocks in these companies. They have the means to have a product they can offer for preorders.

        If you really want to break it down, Iphone 4 was a PR disaster for APPLE. And people did complain and ask questions.

        And again, AP only posted the suspicion and questions. Period.

  • civil

    Nice to get an explanation on the random date.

    If you guys can, could you get some answers to concerns on the T&C? In particular: Return fees on DOA items, NI being exempt of responsiblity if item is lost or damaged during shipping, SSN/PAN to activate account(why in the world they would need something that personal and specific), their privacy policy(it has gone missing since their original T&C).

    Sorry to keep bringing the T&C up, it had been a major concern for me personally and the circle of friends I talk to about NI/adam.

    Thanks for the article(and those from before).

  • BigDoug

    Its great to see everyone so excited in all sides of this product. Kudos to AP for questioning NI, but I understand Shravan's interested in showing up with a great product and sharing all of their hard work with all of us. I pre-ordered the top variant, and am willing to take the chance. If I get burned, schucks. Haha If not, thats fantastic. First of all, this isnt a house or some other high-end expenditure. Its a tablet! No mattet what, it Will be outdated mid year. Its not a necessity by any means. So if its too big of a gamble for anyone, stop playing the hand.

  • android boi


    where are you man, I figured you comment on here.

    • brad

      I here dude. Im watching, listening and reading. Just busy with the daily grind.

  • Clay (swooop5511)

    This is better than before and I am glad that you are calling it out but this again is the wrong way,
    You write as if they are guilty of something. I knew immediately that you were studying law. This could have been done so much better. yes things where not done correctly and yes some of the policies need to be brought out.
    Ask yourself did you try to contact NI before publishing the first post. Would it have been better to get answers and be able to publish them together. It doesn't look to me that NI is trying to hide. Now in today's post and the interview you asked the same question 4 times. This put Ni on the defensive which is why the answers got short. I know this is what your learning in school but it is not what I'm looking for when getting information. I'm looking forward to your follow-up but would like to see it more informational then make them prove their innocents.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      We tried contacting NI on 3 separate occasions before, but got no response. Sometimes the only way to get heard is to open up to the public. Besides, it wasn't all about answers - it was partially about letting the consumers know what they're dealing with (return policies, T&C, etc).

  • brad

    Impressive. Kudos to David and AP.

    Im glad and very elated that Rohan is taking notice of proving the validity of the product. Im all about making a purchase(s) of this product. Always have been.

    Just wanted to see and hear a working unit, read previews from sites like Android Police, crunchgear, cnet, etc etc etc.

    Its always been about questions and answers.

    Coming Dec 18th, Im assuming we will have answers that we have all been asking.

  • Brandon Barrett

    Android Police, you guys are awesome when it cones to getting answers, One answer I would like to know is what is notion going to do about the hundreds of orders that didnt go through, Example I ordered the pixel version with the wifi and 3g, when I got to end it asked for verification , I waited about 15 min for it to go through never did, so I backed out and tried it again, but to my knowledge, they sold out of my version, so I had to settle for the lcd, I guess long story short, what do the plan on doing about the credit card issue, and can I pay a difference for the pixel version.

    • Dune

      If you can wait, buy it Retail. That way, you will have tips, bug fixes, local shipping etc. If you read between the lines, given the tremendous response to the Pixel Qi version, some critical parts of their inventory must be getting depleted, and NI must be pushing for March supplies by paying their suppliers now.

  • Amber

    I wanted to purchase the pixel Qi ($549), but they are sold out. Does anyone know how long it will be before they will be available for order again?

  • Brandon Barrett

    @Amber, That's a great question, I am in the same boat, But doing a little surfing around the internet, I don't think they will have enough for everybody that pre-ordered

  • KS

    i just wished someone would leak some images of adam...anything. cant believe there isnt even one single leaked imagine considering how many leak images of other devices are out there.

    i guess everyone's frustration is understandable. if his partnership are true like longhorn, then i'll bet Adam will be as great as he describes it. i just hope all these mistakes are due to early business mistakes.

    have faith in Adam!

  • MN

    You guys are awesome for covering this and getting in touch with Rohan. Its also great that you guys will be doing an exclusive with him as well. I cant wait. Thanks for asking these great questions. Although i would have liked more in depth detailed answers. But thats not your fault.

    I feel like you guys are really trying to look out for everyones best interests and its nice to feel like we have someone on our side.

  • David H

    Next time, can you ask him why customers are expected to pay (international) shipping and processing fees on DOA units, and whether they have any plans of revising these absurd terms?

    Shipping to India and back plus 5% of $500 is a hefty sum to expect customers to pay just to get a working unit.

  • NS-wp

    Please also ask to Rohan about,
    1) When NI would release of the Adam's Linux kernel source codes and all the drivers. NI is obligated to release the linux kernel under GPL and all the devices drivers use in Adam.

    2) I think it also includes the Android source code, and

    3) What is the license for this Eden UI?

    • Dune

      1. NI can also point you to the original source code repository, unless they modified the kernel, and even then, they could probably publish just the diff files separately. However, none of this would be necessary before the Adam starts to ship.

      2. Again, wait for Adam to ship.

      3. I hope you will be asking all the three questions to other Android tablet and phone makers too, especially those that have their own GUI layer replacing the stock Android.

  • atom

    On a critical of view , I agree with David.

    But I'm thinking of this as a "investment".
    I mean I didn't purchase the Adam tablet.
    I invested my money to the start-up company "NI".

  • crimethink

    "To Manufacture anything in March, we need to pay right now. Even if the pre-order system takes money from the customers, we have no access to it for more than one month! We need to confirm the delivery of the product before we get access to it. For example as a standard, you can check the PayPal and other banks for the same."

    They don't even offer Pay Pal as a payment option, so I'm not sure where he's going with that. Plus, your credit card bank has no idea what Notion Ink is charging you for, so it's hard to believe that the bank charges your card now, and only disburses the money when they receive a shipment confirmation.

    It's simply hard to trust someone who vanishes from sight on the biggest day of his career so far, deletes critical comments on his blog, and then writes totally implausible stuff like this.

    • johnboatcat

      Wrong Troll. Go the back of the line!

  • Brandon

    I have a question for everybody who ordered a NIA, HAVE YOU ACTUALLY BEEN CHARGED, I PAID ON FRIDAY RECEIVED THE CONFORMATION MINUTES LATER, BUT IT HASN'T ACTUALLY HIT MY CREDIT CARD. Please let me know if anyone seen different, or maybe he is actually right about it not charging you till it ships

    • Brian

      your post amuses me because it refutes crimethinks detective work above.

      This is standard payment gateway practice, pre-orders dont release funds and/or (operative words) charge the consumer until a shipment has been made. They are liable (at least in U.S.) if the item marked on receipt of sale is not shipped.

      • civil

        A glitch(or just more start-up mess ups) must have been present at the beginning then because the first people to pre-order where reporting that they were being charged full price right off the bat.

        Good to see they changed that if it is true that you are no longer charged before it ships.

    • Myqalan

      I ordered mine on the 10th and it hasn't shown up on my card yet. But I did receive confirmation minutes after I placed the order.

    • MN

      I have also NOT been charged yet. So, hoping i wont be until it actually ships.

  • Hair Scratcher

    crimethink is a Troll

  • Sundar

    Isn't Pixel Qi supposedly a cheaper and better option to LCD? Why Notion Ink Pixel Qi is so expensive? Can you please ask?

    Thank you!

    • bryan

      nope, it a more expensive... battery saving option that lets you switch between black and white and and colour...

      • johnboatcat

        Gray scale and color brian. It's not black and white. I use one daily in my work. It functions exactly like a regular LCD in gray scale.

    • Brian

      pixel qi is also a startup, so like a pharmeceutical company producing a new drug, the manufacturing hasn't gotten to the point where they are similar in price to standard LCDs.

      The make magazine(only way for a end user to get these atm) DIY kits sell for 299.00 US last i checked. Also I don't think Mary Lou or Pixel Qi has ever really promoted that the tech is cheaper to make than standard LCD. I think the efficiency/energy savings is whats been touted.

      This may also be confusing because she is/was behind OLPC tech, which has focused on cheap(in terms of cost, not quality) tech.

  • rajesh

    i dont know that you guys find it relevant or not;
    but i do find it very interesting....
    do you guys know where he(rohan) comes from),..just check who were his(rohan's) senior's/alumni in collage..... ;)...you guys might get an idea..what he is upto
    link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indian_Institutes_of_Technology_alumni

    also david i really like you constructive unbiased criticisms ; this the way it should be (i want to understand how can some fellow bloggers miserably fail on this front for a startup company)

    great job david; and thankyou

    • Brian

      1994 is the most recent year any notable person is listed. GUYS GUYS THE SCHOOL IS A SCAM TOO. They haven't had any students since 1994!!!

      • Phoenix

        I don't think you are qualified enough to understand this but for others: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AKS_primality_test
        Manindra Agrawal and Nitin Saxena graduated in 2002 from IIT kanpur

        • Brian

          a clue! a secret math equation to solve the riddle of this complex hoax! I'll try...

          was it Colonel Mustard in the Kitchen with a Candlestick?

          Good work Professor Plum.

  • FiRa

    That was a nice way to get an exclusive interview with Notion Ink :)
    I would just call this cheap...

    I can see the change in tone of this article.. and I am sure it has everything to do with the exclusive Q&A that you now have in your kitty.

    Arent you concerned anymore how Notion Ink can manufacture a device cheaper than the Samsung Tab? Weird! How can an Indian company claim to do something that the other multinationals cant? Dont you have any more rude questions for Notion Ink?

    Android Police's first story on Notion Ink was outright rude by any standards.

    I can only feel sorry for Rohan to succumb to such cheapness.

    And as far as Rohan not replying to any of your mails, its not that he is sitting at his desk continuously pressing "Send / Receive" on his Outlook, waiting for an email from Android Police. He receives a thousand mails a day. Probably more. Just stop cribbing like little kids. He doesnt need to reply to any of your questions.

    And you dont need to tell us that you "really hope" that the Adam is a "real" product. It doesnt matter to you. If its a real product, you have an article for that.. If not, you have another.. You get your publicity either ways.. so dont fool your readers...

    • jeremee

      The majority of people here are VERY happy that AP has done what they have done.

      You are right that Rohan didn't need to reply, but he did because he finally realized he needs to give answers to fix the big mess.

      I feel a bit sorry for the skinny bloke to be honest though, his product (on paper/renders) looks fantastic but now he has to go through hell to see success.

      • johnboatcat

        No you have that wrong. I believe it is that the majority of posts "here are VERY happy" because there is a huge amount of repeats that are just taking the opportunity to try and "bitch slap" NI.

        "I feel a bit sorry for the skinny bloke"

        Why don't you tell us how you really feel?
        Checking back through your posts over the last several days I guess you can move to near the front of that line.

        With a head shot like that I don't think I would be ragging on others physical appearance!

        • jeremee

          but he is skinny, and a bloke.
          And I feel sorry for him because things didn't go smoothly, I wanted an Adam too and still do, so I hope he overcomes it all.

          And LOL.... my head is good thanks, I'm a hairdresser and I probably get more girls then you get tinned cat food.
          Mr, john(alone in his)boat(with his only friend a)cat

  • Rajeev

    thanks for the interview David. Truly encouraging - balanced stuff (unlike other blogs that were more intent on mudslinging). thanks again

  • peter L.A

    some one please come up with same specs pixelqi tegra honeycomb tablet,

    i dont wanna buy from NI (yes, i now personally hate them)

  • Mark

    Well, David, your tone is still quite negative, but it's got you this far and I'm sure AP are happy with the extra publicity for them too. Of course, all the stuff that went down on preorder day did invite criticism, and people were speculating when CCs were detecting fraud because of CCAvenue. But for you folks to jump on that bandwagon the way you did was disengenious to NI. Let's face it, never in a million years was this going to be any more than a logistical headache for an inexperienced startup, but the words SCAM are far more potent than CONFUSED.

    Either way, NI have to learn what it means to trade globally and all the criticisms and consequences that come from not fully testing the procedures. Better to mess up with preorders than mess up the launch proper.

    On the whole, I think AP were right to pick up on the story, but wrong in what they did with it. I mean, David, are you trying to protect your 'credible suspicions' by asking 'is HDMI out functional'? That's just bloody stupid. Either the company is legit and will bring the tablet to market with the specs recently listed, or they are a total scam - but you try to create credibility for it being something in the middle, which is just not logical, plausible or consistent.

    Four days to go. I can't bloody wait, if only to see these SmearPad fanboys eat some humble pie.

    • Dune

      +1 Incisive.

      AP don't like short posts.


    • FiRa

      Totally agree with you.

  • Nits

    I think its gr8 tat Mr.Shravan has finally agreed to give an interview..
    Kindly do ask him about SERVICE CENTERS....Because without a proper help line or repair center even the best of the electronic products will not find buyers..so do ask him David.

    • bryan

      I think they are nice, but far from a deal breaker... i've never had to get any electronic repaired in my whole life. i've broken things like my laptop screen... but by then its time for a new one anyways

  • SW

    I'm a bit surprised there has been no comments on the actual answers by Rohan; I think they are fascinatingly vague:
    - Waiting for 1-year anniversary before presenting the video is a very strange reason. Fun for NI of course, but pointless for others. But could be true.
    - 300 shipped and not a single leaked picture. I've never even heard of a similar feat for a new gadget before.
    - SDK access but no leaks whatsoever, again. NI truly has the most leakproof partners ever :-)
    - So manufacturing will be done in March. That is a bit later than the 6-8 weeks mentioned before.

    About the leaks: If NI actually happens to have only sent tablets and SDK access to people not leaking photos etc, why has there been (as far as I know) 0 persons even saying they've received a tablet or SDK access?

    • Mark

      SW - Apple manage it just fine, and they have a much bigger infrastructure to keep quiet. But it's basically about non-disclosure agreements and the threat of being thrown out of the development project if caught leaking, which if you are putting time and effort into developing apps, you don't want to be throw that away by giving bones to the press.

      "So, manufacturing will be done in March!" hahaha! Stupid Troll! He was giving an example of lead times on production runs, i.e. three months.

      • SW

        Well, Apple does not succeed normally; there tends to be leaks for their gadgets before they are presented. (iPhone 4, iPad2, ...). And when it comes to software (the SDK), Apple's new SDK betas have been out on torrents immediately when they have been released to the select few. Personally I find the software non-leaks the most perplexing: Someone should have at least mentioned receiving it by now.

        But I'll give you the March thing. Definitely possible I read him wrong and he simply meant this as an example.

        • Hair Scratcher

          beware - This Guy (SW) is a Troll

    • bryan

      Its also about the size of the company. Think about it there are 20 engineers and they probably are friends by now and all working to get rich with notion ink. Why would any of they leak photos? sure when you have a company the size of sony and theres some mid level guy that guy works there cause its his job has no loyalty and leaks the pictures. Also there are 300 of them... not too hard to figure out who leaks and cut them off.

      in a year if notion ink get big... then pictures will probably leak.. but in reality 90% of leaked pictures are leaked by the PR team on purpose and the other 10% are either random luck or huge security leaks that they just dont care about.

      • android boi

        I still want to wait till the 18th.

        but Rohan did mention NI
        Rohan: Genesis SDK has gone into major up-gradation because of 2.3. Most of our partners and University partners have the access to our SDK

        which means more chanced for leaks, so not just those NI employees have access but partners and educational partners.

        so it is possible no leaks of the sdk, but with lots of partners it becomes harder

  • Rick

    I agree the AP article about the NI preorders was harsh, but we need someone to play devil's advocate in a world full of fanboys. The negative speculation in the article was certainly no worse than the gushing, and at this point completely unfounded, praise the Adam has received on some sites.

    The fiasco that appears to be going on with eLocity's A7 preorders on Amazon is exactly what I'm worried will happen with Adam:


  • AdamStalker

    In the early stages of the Notion Ink blog, everyone wrote what they would like to see the Adam become. Rohan paid close attention and listened to everyone’s expectations keeping everyone up to date throughout the design process. It was his child and everyone couldn’t wait to wrap their hands around his invention. All the bloggers felt like they were a part of Adam. Rohan and all the Notion Ink bloggers were so excited and couldn’t wait for the release date. The frenzy grew and grew over the last few months as anticipation grew to know the release date with more and more bloggers posting comments. Rohan wasn’t hiding anything and it isn’t a con. It was Rohan’s way of paying back the faithful followers for blogging what they wanted from Adam and their continued support for Notion Ink. When the announcement came that the bloggers who had been following the Adam for some time would be the first to pre-order the blog tripled with new bloggers wanting to be included. He tried the best he could to accommodate as many as he could. Considering everything, I think he did the best he could with what he had on such a short notice. Sure in hind site it could have gone much smoother had he been better equipped to handle the masses that wanted to take advantage of the pre-order. I’m shocked so many turned on him – the same ones that were pleading to allow them a chance to pre-order. The true bloggers who actually read and follow the blogs knew what they were getting and had no hesitation ordering. I have no doubt that once the Adam is in full production and the reviews have been written it will set new standards for tablets. Sure some feel Notion Ink looks suspicious in how the pre-orders were handled - but once those who had a shot at pre-orders and get their Adam will be back blogging how incredible the tablet is. Then we ol’bloggers can say; “We told you so!” Notion Ink’s Adam is going to be the tablet that starts the revolution and has set the bar high for others to meet and or beat. I hope someone sets aside one of the first Adam’s so 20 years from now they can sell it for more than the first Apple computer went for.

    • Kane

      Do you really think a company run by a bunch of <25 year olds (as mentioned in the article in that Indian news site) has enough experience to launch a worldwide global operation and QC the tablets enough to make them good? I highly doubt that, and we'll all see if there are problems when pre-orders start to arrive, if they aren't delayed by months.

      • Mark

        Bill Gates was 20 when he set up Microsoft with Paul Allen and they wrote Altair BASIC. Steve Jobs was 21 when he co-founded Apple. And that was over thirty years ago, when 'globalisation' was in its infancy.
        Of the modern breed of Tech heads you have Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook with four Harvard pals at the age of 20, and who is still only 26; eBay founder Pierre Omidyar was 28 when he wrote the code for eBay, YouTube founder Steve Chen was 26 when he co-founded the company while working at PayPal. Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame, was 21 when he set up our favourite blogging software. And so on and so on.

        You really didn't think much before you posted that, did you?

  • Joshua

    Does this count as a hands-on video of an actual working version, by Rohan himself? Did you guys not do a YouTube search?

    • Adam

      Did you look at the youtube date? That is 11 months old. There have been a number of different prototypes and changes since then. That was only a tech demo, not a product.

    • Oliver

      That's an old video and a prototype version of the Adam.

      Try to keep up... :P

  • Joshua

    Also, didn't Apple have quite a foul-up with the pre-order for the iPhone 4? Was the word scam thrown around then?

    • Joshua2

      They did and it had been talked about and tisk-tisked at. The Iphone 4 was accused of being a scam(in the sense of knowingly selling faulty hardware) when the antenna fiasco was brought to stage if that makes you feel better.


      Even Rohan admitted there were a lot of mistakes and miscommunication(or no communication at all) surrounding the pre-order in his recent blog posts and certain things have changed (such as actually requiring a delivery address before putting in cc info, instead of how it was before where you could leave it blank no questions asked). NI knows things went badly and there are some valid reasons to concerns which is why they are changing things and agreeing to interviews to clear things up.

      To those flaming because some blogs are concerned over lack of photos/vids of adam in action(that aren't months old done on a prototype), please read this from Rohan himself: "So, be cautious and ask for images, videos first (And I bet, you wont find one)!"


      Some of us are listening and being cautious.

  • Homer321

    This is for people who had credit card problems while ordering NI.

    Have you ever done any international transaction using your card before to this order? Probably the answer is 'no'. My credit card was stopped so many times (non-NI transaction) so as to prevent credit card fraud. It is a standard practice to raise a red flag with all international transactions and not just NI. It becomes green once the card company gets their answers.

    • Rick

      I would agree with you if CCAvenue had bothered to give a descriptive error message pointing me in that direction. The response on the web page was completely worthless and this is the response I received in email:

      "Unfortunately, we were not be able to obtain credit card / bank account authorization for your order displayed below, due to the following reason : 1"

      But I guess that was my bad, everyone recognizes the infamous reason "1" as meaning "Please verify international charge with your credit card issuer". Again, NI should have done a better job vetting their partners prior to the launch.

      The impression I got from the NI blog is that CCAvenue was picked primarily because it’s an Indian company. I seem to remember reading that India trade laws require Indian companies to utilize resources in India whenever possible. Anyone know if that's actually the case? Is this a case of the government hamstringing NI?

      • Dune

        It is not a case of the government hamstringing anybody, but one of the statutory requirement of getting proceeds in INR. CCAvenue, by virtue of being the largest Indian payment processor, was their logical choice.

        A foreign currency earner in India has to convert inward remittances to INR if it is to be brought into the country. Otherwise, it can be held in the original currency in an Exchange Earners Foreign Currency (EEFC) Account with an Authorised Dealer (bank).

        Read more: http://www.rbi.org.in/scripts/FAQView.aspx?Id=21

      • Brian

        at least you didnt get reason 2...they made me send them a urine sample.

        As for why CCAvenue, they have more rupees than Legend of Zelda, obvious choice.

  • muma

    So, Those who couldn't pre-order a Adam got angry at NotionInk and Rohan.

    Don't be so childish.

    • Brian

      Don't be so reductionist. Its obviously incredibly complicated. Like a Lego Star Wars Diorama.

    • Dune

      There are a few disgruntled ex-employees or recruitment rejects too, most probably.

  • Joe

    David, not sure if you'll see this, but Phandroid just posted yet another dubious Notion Ink piece about the ship date getting pushed back, as well as some rather disturbing "customer service" experiences with NI:


    • bryan

      thats out of date. its already updated that it was a problem for 5 people because while they were ordering the device sold out because someone else paid faster. so that were pushed from the first shipment to the second...

  • NS-wp

    Still a mystery, how many Pixel Qi units were allocated for pre-order?

    Pixel Qi seems very few and sold out every early. How many units that have sold out, 100 units only?

    I think it would be good if David and ask Rohan on the numbers of units allocated in the pre-order. And NI will still make Pixel Qi screen for Adam after the pre-order.

    • bryan

      well if its 100 then i got one :D