It almost seems like more worthwhile news comes from XDA-Developers forum members than from carriers and manufacturers, doesn't it? This time around, it's user sino8r with a handy guide on how to modify the ROM on your rooted phone so that your carrier doesn't throttle your data. In other words, this one isn't for the inexperienced or faint of heart.

What exactly do we mean when we say this isn't for the rookies? Well, you'll need to have the Android SDK installed with ADB support, the related drivers, and smali. Assuming you've got all those prerequisites lined up, you need to crack open your ROM and commence grabbing, editing, and replacing numerous files - and that's just part of it. The process certainly isn't simple, so I say again: if you're not familiar with the SDK, cracking open ROMs, and Smali, this probably isn't for you.

Now that we're thoroughly disclaimed, the steps:

Step One:
Okay, find your current rom on your pc (the zip file) and open it with your favorite extractor (winrar is nice)(dictionary - I think 7zip is the best)

Step Two:
Go to the system/framework folder and extract services.jar file onto your desktop.

Step Three:
Now open services.jar and extract classes.dex to the desktop. Cut and paste classes.dex to your sdk/tools folder.

Step Four:
Now, download smali and baksmali.jar from the link in the paragraph above. Rename them smali.jar and baksmail.jar for easier typing later. Cut and paste those two into the SDK/tools folder also.

Step Five:
Open your command prompt and cd (change directory) to sdk/tools folder. Then type this exactly (without the quotes: "java -jar baksmali.jar -o classout/ classes.dex". Look at your sdk/tool folder... that should have created a folder called classout. Open it until you find your files.

Step Six:
Locate the 7 files with "throttleservices" in the title. Delete them! Now type this into command prompt: "java -Xmx512M -jar smali.jar classout/ -o new-classes.dex". That should repack your edited files and create a file called new-classes.dex...

Step Seven:
Cut and paste the new-classes.dex to your desktop and rename it classes.dex.

Step Eight:
Open your services.jar (that should be on the desktop) with winrar (or whatever)(dictionary - again, try/use 7zip) and click add file. Add the classes.dex file from your desktop. It might ask you to replace it or save or not (it will depend on your extractor).

Step Nine:
After you edited your services.jar, copy and paste it to your tools folder. Connect your phone via usb cable to the pc.

Step Ten:
Boot into clockwork recovery. In the clockwork menu, make sure you go to mounts and storage and click mount /system before this next step.

Step Eleven:
Now, open the command prompt from your pc again, and cd to sdk/tools folder (if you are already there, you can skip this step! Good for you).

Step Twelve:
Now type "adb push services.jar /system/framework/". Reboot your phone and enjoy! [sic]

And there you have it. There are a few known issues to consider before you set things in motion, though:

The menu/settings/wireless & network settings/mobile networks are going to force close. It is rarely needed so this won't be a problem for 99% of users (1% of you are bastards). Just make sure you have data roaming enabled before pushing your services.jar and that your APN is correct (which it should be already) because you won't be able to change those again. You can always push your old services.jar (from your rom.zip) to quick restore (way easier than Nandroid but whatever) Just do that the same way we copied and pasted services.jar to tools folder and adb push. ONE THING you might miss is having the option to use 2G only. To remedy this, just dial *#*#4635#*#* from the dialer. Go to phone info and select your prefferences... 2G only,3G only, or 3G preferred. There's an app for that () called phone info by SC@taiwan on the market for free. It much handier than dialing all that *#*# crap. That should take care of most folks.

We extensively tested most roms but CM Nightly seemed to not like this edit. I guess it would depend on the build... (we tested nightly #50) My suggestion would be to all the rom developers out there to edit their own service.jars and remove those 7 deadly sins (or files) and put some kinda of falsie placeholder to prevent the force close. That should do it but since ALL roms services.jar are different... i can't make one magical file that will fix everything. ALSO, if you are running a added on theme, you need to use the service.jar from the theme to do this edit!

Well, I think that is all... so have fun and get what you paid for which is UNLIMITED DATA (NOT THROTTLED CRAP THAT IS SLOWER THAN 2G!) T-Mobile has found a loophole with this throttle crap so they can still CLAIM it's unlimited! That may be technically true but it is utter crap and they know it. They are already being sued for this but I doubt anything will happen. This also meant for user who don't use their phone as a home internet connection. Those folks are the ones who made t-mobile do this. This is meant for people who use a normal amount of data like 10-15GB and aren't using mobile internet for torrents or useless crap. That is just a suggestion and obviously this can be used for anyone who wants to. Again, you guys are the ones who editing your own services.jar and not me! I am not responsible! Like Pres Nixon said, "I am not a crook!" [sic]

One last (fairly significant) consideration: bear in mind that some carriers aren't so lenient about data use, and if you go over your usage or are caught using this modification, the consequences may not be pretty.


10 points to Gryffindor for every person who gets why this fits.

Think you're ready to take the leap? Read things through carefully a few times, make sure you have everything up to date and ready to go, and dive in. Let us know how it goes (although asking for help probably won't get you far, since this isn't our method, and it's not exactly simple). And don't forget to show the guys who came up with the hack some love - in sino8r's words:

First, I'd like to thank androidcues for extensive testing. Also, thanks to T.C.P. for giving us a hand. And finally JesusFreke for creating "smali" that so many of us use today.

[Source: XDA-Developers]

Aaron Gingrich
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  • Mike

    I get the irobot pic, very clever

  • http://www.myspace.com/anamnesia Anamnesia

    I don't...
    But what I do get the fact that your phone service provider might not be happy with alterations to your device that de-inhibit throttling.
    What would be good is an app that can tell you when/if your phone is being throttled & by what percentage/degree!

    • tyethewolf

      It is pretty easy to tell when you are throttled and the first app that comes to mind is speed test.

  • Isaac

    Am I to understand that T-mobile actually relies on your phone reporting data usage and requesting to be throttled? If so, that would be the dumbest thing I've ever heard of wireless telcos doing (and they do a LOT of dumb things). This kind of throttling and usage tabulation should be managed entirely server side in the first place. T-mo gets what they deserve for building such an idiotic system.

    • Deon

      I concur. I always assumed, silly me, that on their end they'd monitor what device got what IP and how much transfer that device has pulled and to throttle that device if necessary. The phone should be completely oblivious to this. If they want to rely on the phone to do the monitoring and throttling then they have already opened themselves up to hacks like the one mentioned here. I don't go over 5gb a month, I do just use my phone a lot but rarely need to tether, but the concept of being capped when paying for 'unlimited' just irks me, glad to know it can be bypassed in a pinch.

  • Fair Fairdale

    I think T-Mobile only throttling your account after you go over 5gb's is rather kind of them. All the other US mobile models charge you $ instead of throttling down your speeds. As long as I have SOME connection is better than paying out the ass for additional mb's.

    • Deon

      I do agree w/ this as well. If you're trying to use your cell phone as your sole connection at home and you tether all the time, then yeah, if you exceed 5gb, fine, get throttled. At least they don't charge you extra for it. I only tether occasionally when I'm out and about and desperately need Internet on my laptop to do something that I can't do w/ the phone directly, which is rare enough. But I am aware of some crazies using their phone as their only Internet connection. And then those crazies will do things like torrents and other file sharing programs to download videos and music.

  • mw

    just switch to Sprint,get unlimited data, and tell your provider to pound sand with their data throttling policies!

    • formersprintusernowtmobileuser

      more like, go to sprint, get unlimited data, enjoy sprint "4g" which is slower than most carrier's throttling speed. Id rather enjoy 15-20mbps real life usage on tmobile for 5gb of data and get throttled after then to just have 3mbps unthrottled for sprint constantly.

  • JJ

    I agree that tmobile's solution to going over the 5gb cap is better than verizons. Also sprint doesn't cap your data yet. Hopefully if they do cap any data it will be 3g and 4g will be uncapped. I guess we'll see how much pressure is put on sprint.

    • Deon

      Yeah but then a bunch of dummy's are going to go over to Sprint and then use their phone as their sole Internet connection at home and then they'll try to do torrents and file sharing and netflix movie streaming, etc. and then they'll end up ruining it for the rest of us.

      • JJ

        Very true. The very few who try to use their mobile data to download torrents and use it as their only connection will end up screwing it up for all of us. Someone on one of the android forums said they use about 15-20gb a month. They are just idiots. If you can't afford internet at home you shouldn't have a cell phone with data. oh well, lets see how long it lasts.

        • guest

          you are an idiot.  Not everyone is rich and can spend unlimited amounts for internet and such. I Pay att 200 a month for 2 phones. I also have the internet at my home that I pay for.  I get capped within the first half of the month and that is just from pandora and netfilx.  People that use their intelegence to make money are smart and those that use it to save money are stupid, or taking advantage of the poor companies huh jj?  If you live in the country and have to buy broadband from a cell company what is the differnce between that saving that money and just using one item.  Anything to keep the poor down isn't it?

        • fuck prepaid caps

          i only use my data when i am at work i have boost i work 40 hrs a week and 2.5gb is equivalent to about 1 and a half movies on netflix then get capped and speeds drop down slower than dialup here soon i will be dropping boost and going over to t-mobile they have a plan for 70 a month unlimited everything no cap i do pay for internet at home and like i said i only use my phones data at work there is no excuse for them to cap you so slow that a snail would win a race faster than you would be able to load a movie of netflix or open gmail at least if they are going to cap 4g people they should not reduce your speeds below 3g speed it is not fair that 4g has to pay more than 3g but get treated with the same capped speeds as 3g that is my biggest bitch about it all

  • Deon

    I wonder how difficult it'd be to find an already modified services.jar file. Do you have to modify your own services.jar file because everybody's services.jar file differs, or because every carrier android phone has a different services.jar file or every rom has a different services.jar file? Although I'm not every really in danger of going over the 5gb threshold, having this option available to me would be nice but going through the above steps is more excessive than I'd like. Wonder how hard it'd be to find a pre-modified services.jar file for a CM 6.1 ROM on a G2.

  • dreamdirepriest

    I agree with the point/objections about folks using their tethered connection as their sole internet connection. But, one thing I don't agree with the way things are going is that the network basically are using such instances as justification for setting a measly 5 GB (considering the HSPA+, LTE speeds and the content providers like video services, etc that are going to increase in size in the near future) as the limit and charge more (or throttle more) for data usage. Now its becoming almost a standard.

    I wish someone in the news/blog media could spend some time and find out the true cost of these data services for the networks ( I would do it if I didn't have a job and someone paid me to do it). I doubt 5 GB is having an impact on their infrastructure. I wish they have the limit somewhere close to 20 GB/connection or something that their networks can support easily now (and progressively increase it, as data needs will increase). They could have higher data caps with higher pricing but 5 GB is just not much.

    Its an excuse used by the tele-companies to have a much higher profit margins at the cost of us suckers (and no there is no competition as its more like an oligopoly right now). You cannot just expect a company to start (if the big companies let them) and provide network services. And hence lack of competition and more oligopoly practices (like colluding tacitly in providing these similarly crapy plans). I just feel that they are being let off the hook with these practices. Hopefully, there is more information transparency or at least information dissemination (through leaks, journalistic investigation, etc) that may then hopefully spawn some regulation. Regulations can have some negative effects too but at least there is some chance for us not being totally screwed.

    • sjpm

      The problem is if you don't put any limits on data usage, it's going to lead to people using this as their primary internet connection.

      Really, for most people, there's no reason no to:

      Set up your phone to be a wifi hotspot, then have the PC(s) autoconnect to that hotspot. Sure, the PC will lose internet the second you leave the house, but who cares unless there's unattended downloads going on (torrents..).

      Have enough people doing that in any given area and congestion is sure to follow. Especially if a few of them are Netflix subscribers.

      It sure is tempting though, $30 for mobile data + home internet instead of ~$80 for both?

      Think of all the apps that will buy!

      • dreamdirepriest

        I understand how some folks can/will use the data connection for house and other dedicated and heavy PC internet usage. In fact that is why I am for data cap.

        My point and objection is with the limit value i.e. 5 GB may be too low and the companies can easily handle per person limit around 20 GB (or something significantly more than 5 GB) with their current infrastructure with much less additional cost to them (the cost that is probably more than covered by our data plan fees). And they are being let scot free with no accountability.

  • CJ

    This is indeed strangest finding... For all I know, and I am in IT business, this type of throttling is done on carrier side and they can track your usage by SIM card ID, a.k.a. ICCID, IP addresses have nothing to do with this. This articles implies that this type of tracking is built-in not only into Android, but also into other OSs such as Windows Mobile, IOS, RIM etc., and that is hard to believe. It also implies that this type of tracking is universal and is being utilized internationally by all the carriers, which is also hard to believe.

    Did anybody actually tested it and confirms that it is working? How about a different than Andorid OS?

    Could you please post XDA Developers source URI?



    • sjpm

      Client side throttling/capping is nothing new and seeing it defeated is nothing new either. Docsis cable modems could be uncapped by methods as simple as spoofing a tftp server.

      The XDA link is in the article and the thread has several people confirming that it is working for them, including at least one poster in Europe.

      I don't want to come off as a fanboy here; I haven't even tried this method, but it would totally not surprise me if it works.

      • Kane

        A mere presence of files named like "throttleservice" is indication enough that they're there for a reason, don't you think CJ?

      • Joseph

        What are the chances of getting caught doing this? Just wondering

  • http://dangerismymiddlename.coms Paul Danger Kile

    It's on the client side, because the client makes the requests. If the server side were to respond slowly as a throttling design, then the existance of an error would become ambiguous. Is the server not responding due to an error condition, or due to throttling? Like that.

    • fuhrmanchu

      I could understand throttling by a tower if it was being over taxed by data outgoing, hence keeping the network from failing.  What if I buy a pc card for my laptop, or pay to be able to share my wifi on my phone.  I still get throttled?  What is the point for paying an extra 60 a month just to have a connection that is slower than dial up? Companies will always find a way to justify what they do in order to make money, period...

    • dustin

      I see what you did there. Love Irobot.

  • Timmy

    There is no excuse for false advertising like this. Unlimited means UNLIMITED, not 5GB and then slower than snails. Just because it is a loophole and they justify it by saying people abuse it, doesn't make it right. In fact, since it is supposed to be UNLIMITED, there is no such thing as abuse of it. I hate when companies pull that crap. Either advertise it for what it is, which is 5GB than show as hell, or give us what you advertise, which is UNLIMITED. That's what we pay for.

    • lbarllcodel

      If it says 5gb that's the limit not the bandwidth speed.. lol.
      I was capped on VZ and use approximately 3gbs a month on average. I feel pretty ripped it reduced my speed by half now I only pull 720kbps instead of 1.5mbps . All I do is listen to Pandora at work. So defunitley ripped.

  • doitnow

    Im an extensive user and no.. 10-15gig a month is not avg unless ur watching hd movies and or tethering.

    • mike

      Little late to the party my friend.

  • omnomnom

    Pros: don't pay for broadband internet connection, don't pay for cable, don't pay for home phone: connect laptop to TV via HDMI when at home to use Netflix, Hulu, internet radio, gaming, video chat, laptop based phone calls- mobile internet wherever you go on your own hotspot- save money and pay one bill instead of three!

    Cons: the carriers will have to build out their networks to meet growing demands of the consumer, which will take time-

  • Miguelcream

    I agree! I was conned into a contract with a service provider and the LG optimus was the phone I chose. I didn't state the name because their lawyers are probably a lot better than mine, and I needed a way out. The point is that the phone "itself" has a menu with a tethering option. Not an app. This reveals that the company was fully aware of tethering and data usage and didn't have a problem with it until they saw dollar signs. Name one time that you have heard that too many people were using one tower and created a deadspot. Data is all ones and zeroes. We need to expose all the tech crooks. Don't be surprised if Congress is already in pocket.

  • Enzodniym

    This is why I dislike at&t. I've had unlimited data for about 3 years now using between 6-13gb a month with no issue no throttling or notification of too much data useage (Pandora, Netflix, Emails, Web surfing at work). Now before I get to 5gb I'm being slowed down to. 02mbps what am I supposed to do with that? Paint dries faster than my data speed some times. They need to bite the bullet and give people what they've been paying for, simple and plain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/valery.tozer Valery Tozer

    can somone pl mk an app for this

  • http://www.facebook.com/valery.tozer Valery Tozer

    i am dissable, i also use youtube, i have reacched 16gb, i dont knoe how, but boost cut me down to 147kbs, so what happons when i am not close to a tower i am at 147kbs my emergancy app dose not work, n i am haveing a suizers, or my boat is drifting and my ancor alarm dose not work., i cant wait for someone to sue the crapers out of boost, i am willing to pay any extra fees, and boost is ownd by sprint witch has an unlimited no throding plan for 100.00 usd , why cant boost offer that. i have talked to boost 5 times every thime i asked then what they could do to keep me as a costomer, they transfier me to a supid visor and they ask me again for my info, then they hang up on me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nflu.entz N Flu Entz

    I second att and being with them 10 years.. always lots of data.. and now they have throttled.. they will never win the fight for our internet.. never stop working everyone ;-)

    • dempa

      Stopping working for them is a choice, but at the same time, call them and tell them they're useless and then tell them you want to talk to her manager and then his manager and then you tell he's just about as powerful that protect him.

  • Mad

    i cant fucking root my m865 ugh

  • Mad

    and my damn tethering speeed is too low to even download the thing to root

  • Monica

    Can you create an app that does this automicaly for rooted users? I bet a person as intelligent as you can.

  • Dutch

    This guide is outdated. The original thread even has [OUTDATED] in the title now. It's too bad.

  • android_dev

    Deleting smali files from any apk or jar file is all around a bad idea, rather than deleting the files do a little bit of research on google and find out how to replace the offending methods inside the file with null references. (yes I do this on a regular basis in roms i develop)

  • Troy

    well I was a sprint customer for years then I upgrade to evo shift then my bill went from 65 month to 100 a month because I had to have premium data! Data is data you tell me I am on premium data now you treat me like a fool and this fool breaks his contract with liars. The funny thing is they invest all this money to have faster service than competitors and then they slow everyone down with their awesome progress, who is more stupid government or corporations, it's a toss up. funny thing is I didn't know virgin was on sprint network and when I switched from sprint to virgin I got better service and faster internet. I believe if a person pays for one data plan they should be able to use it how ever they want, you paid for it, and I want value in what I pay for! If we have to go to a outside source to get it we very well will. Rip me off and I will seek vegence for me and every ripped off customer you have! You say unlimited data then live by your words, It is called fraud and is illegal attack on your customers. And retribution should be expected!

  • Troy

    I am getting .25 mbps I use canygen mod 7 on rooted optimus V. and pdanet with wifi hotspot. help lost cable and my Netflix is to slow

  • Curious

    So does this work?