Last Updated: December 13th, 2010

UPDATE: Please see our latest post in the ongoing Notion Ink saga - with answers to many users' questions about the Adam here.

Some Clarification

Before we get into what Rohan Shravan's latest blog post is concerned with, we'd like to issue a statement to our readers, and Notion Ink.

Android Police has e-mailed Notion Ink on numerous occasions about the Adam over the past several weeks; asking for photos, interviews, details - anything which could ease concerns about the device's production status. All of those e-mails have gone unanswered, as have presumably the e-mails of every Android blog. Let us be clear: We're not trying to get "payback" here - we want what every reasonable consumer and tech blog want: real answers to our legitimate questions.

Rohan's explicit naming of Android Police in two of his entries on the NI blog troubles us - we do not wish to be seen as a source of sensationalist tech journalism, and we certainly aren't calling the Adam an outright scam. I personally sent NI (with direction to send it along to Rohan) an e-mail trying to explain the difficult position of Android Police, as an objective commentator, in regard to the Adam pre-order situation.

I indicated that it is from comments on the NI blog and our own reading of NI's documentation that our concerns grow - and we think those concerns are valid given the circumstances. We aren't out to tarnish NI's image, but we owe a duty to Android users and consumers at large to present a skeptical interpretation of events where the situation warrants. We felt that here, such a view was the responsible thing to give our readers.

Why? Because all of us here at Android Police agree on this point: it would be irresponsible to unquestioningly direct consumers to the Adam pre-order when it had clearly attracted suspicion from even the most loyal of Adam fans and followers. We investigated those suspicions, did a little digging around in NI's documentation, and presented our findings.

We, as much as anyone, would like nothing more than to see this all be a big misunderstanding resulting from the inexperience and small infrastructure of Notion Ink.

Rohan has essentially admitted to this in his posts, which worries me. Rarely, if ever, will a company so freely admit its mistakes - Rohan is actively making statements that would cause (if NI were publicly traded) many shareholders to hit the "SELL" button faster than you can say "bankruptcy."

These mistakes aren't simple technical errors or the fault of third parties - they're major foul-ups and holes that could endanger the success of the company's sole product, and thus NI's continued existence. Combined with the lack of photos or video of a working production example, I don't think it's a stretch to, at least, be suspicious.

New Information

Anyway, Rohan Shravan has issued another statement regarding the status of Notion Ink's Android tablet, the Adam, on NI's official blog. In an attempt to assuage the fears and doubts of many potential customers, Rohan has offered explanations for aspects of the pre-order process that have, in part, aroused suspicion. Rohan has compiled a list of "things where [sic] we went wrong":

Before going live allow all kinds of money transactions. (this would have pushed us to 7 Jan as the Pre-Order day, but this mess wouldnt be there then.) [sic]

I'm not sure what "going live" means - but I presume, based on the January 7th date, that Shravan believes it may have been a better idea to wait until CES to take pre-orders. But it's not the lack of a full-blown product launch event that's keeping most people on the fence. The simple act of posting photos of the production device turned on and functional would probably satisfy most potential customers.

EDIT: We've been informed by a clever commenter that the above quote probably refers to the issue with accepting MasterCard for payment on preorders ("all kinds of money transactions"), though I've chosen to leave my statement above intact, as it's still relevant.

As many commenters both here and on Shravan's blog have indicated, such photos don't sound like they'd be very difficult to produce. Perhaps there are complexities to the situation of which we are unaware.

Rohan explains the issues with the pre-order page where customers have the ability to simply skip entering their address information as well:

Have a page where you can enter address much before you can press BUY button. (the design team had suggested that you HAVE to write the address again on the Payment Page on CCavenue and this would cause a lot of repetition for use, passing address directly to their page has some security issues. Android Police suggested, that since we are not doing this, we are a scam. Hmmm) [sic]

Even if it is an honest mistake, it's natural for people to feel this could be suspicious. At no time did we suggest that this part of the pre-order was "a scam" - we pointed out that no address information was required to reach the billing page, which is admittedly odd when you devote an entire step to acquiring that information. There's also additional information in Rohan's post about the Pixel Qi model shortage and the "shortness" of the terms and conditions.

Again, we find it disheartening that our attempt to shed light on the suspicions many have expressed over the Adam are being met with such dismissiveness. Our goal is to inform our readers - not to slander Notion Ink (or anyone else), and we write every piece with that goal in mind.

Hopefully we'll see how this all pans out on December 18th.

David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • Chris

    I think the present stance of Android Police in the issue is completely reasonable; I've been waiting for this tablet for a long time as well but $500 for a product that is essentially sight-unseen is a bit much to ask for.

    There do appear to be a number of mysteries regarding the pre-order program that does point to possible underlying issues at Notion Ink itself, although I would imagine that if this were a scam, the scammers who were clever enough to put this together could do a bit better with the pre-order page.

    I am hoping that these issues are simply the result of a company run by developers, not businessmen or lawyers, who surged ahead on the tech front without putting much thought into the business model or legalities, which is certainly not unheard of in the tech world. Although hopefully they don't end up the way many of these starry-eyed startups do.

  • Eggcake

    I really dislike Rohans last blog entries where he tries to defend himself and/or Notion Ink by comparing themselves with other companies and insulting several blogs (Android Police, Engadget and another one which I forgot).
    At the same time he doesn't give us any more reason not to believe those blog entries - because he doesn't give us any real statements to most of the important unanswered questions.
    Still - nearly one more week. Then we know hopefully if a final version of the device even exists. Until a site posts some real hands on tests and reviews, I remain sceptical.
    Edit: Oh and I don't think any reader really thinks you (AndroidPolice) really tried to look NI bad - you just pointed out facts and shouldn't need to defend yourselves. You did everything right and I (and I'm sure pretty much everyone else) is glad that you did what you did. And I'm also pretty sure that you already know that :)

    • Gaurav
    • Alex

      I really don't think he's trying to defend himself in such a manner. I don't think (could be wrong) that he really insulted Android Police. He did insult Engadget, and for good reason! Their reporting on his company has been entirely misinformed sensationalism, pointing out meaningless assumptions and calling them facts. While calling them out probably isn't the best PR decision, it was certainly warranted and it's good to see that Rohan is passionate enough to stand up for his goals (assuming they're not fraudulent). I think Android Police's coverage of this story has been pretty spot-on. Maybe a little on the skeptical side as I'm finding it hard to believe that Notion Ink is a complete sham, but pretty spot-on nonetheless.

      Notion Ink just wasn't ready to launch this product worldwide. They have virtually no PR department beyond Rohan (who is also the incredibly busy CEO) and it seems there was little research and preparation done to market this product to foreign countries with different laws and expectations. I also think they've done a pretty good job saving face, and taking responsibility for the mishap.

      • Amit


        Quite agree.
        Engadget got what it deserved... though I have to say even I got the feeling of higher than usual scepticism from AP. However, the concerns raised were quite legit and useful to us discerning consumers, so thanks for sticking by your own...

  • brad

    I think the attention that you brought to the consumers and geeks, were very warranted.
    I think this was very good response to Rohans blog post. I agree, and never did I see that this website, AndroidPolice were trying to bring down or slander Notion Ink. Its just simple questions and simple answers. But I feel that, as this is simply put, a virgin company, that the laws of and physics of creating a new product, and offering preorders was just to overwhelming and not very well thought out.
    Rohan may be a good designer, he may be creative, but at this point a terrible business man.
    He needs to be like bill gates, stay out of the limelight, let someone else pitch the product. Because Rohan at this point is not Steve Jobs.

    Nexus One User

  • Edric Chan

    I think the problem is that Rohan's first language clearly isn't English, and so sometimes his statements are misinterpreted by the community.

    "Before going live allow all kinds of money transactions. (this would have pushed us to 7 Jan as the Pre-Order day, but this mess wouldnt be there then.)"

    This is actually in reference to the MasterCard issue (people could not pay for pre-orders using MasterCard).

    Rohan is saying that perhaps he should have waited for the ability to pay with MasterCard before opening up the pre-orders, but that would have meant waiting till Jan 7.

    • David Ruddock


      Thanks for clearing that up - it makes sense now. We'll correct to reflect this interpretation.

      David R.

      • brad

        Again, my point, why do they not have a legal team on hand, if they are going global.
        If they are in alliance and partners with pixelQI, then they do have, from the looks of it, a legal dept or team that will handle things like proper wording so that there isnt confusion or suspicion.

        • Android Boi

          If they had investors, I am sure that would be the first thing suggested to have a lawyer to work out the kinks.

          It seems that they are working out the kinks and legal terms themselves.

    • Sean

      Going by your last name, your first language must be Taiwanese or Chinese.. Wake up dude.. You must have had a manager who is Indian by now ie. IF you have a job.. Also indians generally have better grammar and writing skills than most other Countries.. Including the US of A

      • Edric Chan

        ...talking to me?
        I am Indian... (seriously) although I don't live in India.

    • John Argle

      Spare me your defense of a bunch of obvious amateurs. Nobody at Notion Ink expected anyone to order using a MasterCard?
      Here's what really happened. A bunch of clowns let the e-commerce part sit until the last minute because they were too busy posting blog posts about camera swivels. Then November rolled around and they tasked the intern with setting up an e-commerce site -- heck, that's easy. And then they found out to their dismay that it takes more than 24 hours to get MasterCard to accept an unknown company as a commercial vendor.
      So who's fault is it that they're short-sighted? And why should they get a free ride for their poor planning?

      • Mark

        John, as amusing as your post was, it was nevertheless lacking in any realism. First, merchants (i.e. Notion Ink) have to pay fees for the service of processing mastercard payments to a named merchant bank. So, even though it can be set up six months in advance, it is not normal in business to just throw money away for the sake of it. NI were apparently told it would take two weeks, and then later told it would take another 3 weeks, so five weeks in total. Sounds like it was their merchant bank that let them down.

  • jeremee

    Yeah Android Police you are living up to your name. Keep it up, I'm sure many people from the NI blog are now here reading your posts and glad their concerns have a louder voice.

    My comments on your original post were short and foul (lol) because I was mad at the scum NI.

    Bottom line: Rohan and his (however talented) sidekicks just got sick of all the "VAPORWARE" comments and whispers. They thought they could pull off a Christmas/NYE miracle but now it's gone terribly wrong.

    Maybe they should hire that Chinese guy from NY who really was able to deliver a white miracle!

  • brad

    Im just a little surprised at the lack of video and imagery after this fiasco.
    I mean he spends an inordinate amount of time answering his blog, typing out explanations of hours of a meeting. But still to this hour and day, has not produced one vital image or video of this unit.

    Im perplexed, confused and still very suspicious.

    Lets look at it this way.

    They have shown one demo unit on youtube and CES.

    Why would it be so difficult to show, and I could do this right now with my working HP laptop, and post it within minutes.

    Im still very very skeptical of this company, Rohan and Notion Ink.

    Its getting to the point that I feel that as much as I was looking forward to this product, and as much as time I have spent arguing about this, that to have anything more to do with Notion Ink is a waste of my valuable time. Waiting for another tablet from someone else, is more probable at this point.

    Consumer confidence for this product and notion ink is probably at its lowest.

    Im wondering how many of the total preorder sales, how many consumers asked for a refund.

    How many did they actually sell. If they sold out, how many did they actually sell.

    Wouldnt you boast about that.

    None of this makes any sense whatsoever.

  • http://www.smick.net Smick

    Good points made. I can't recommend others preorder, I'm somewhat glad I did, but my expectations have changed dramatically over the past few days. we'll see. Too many questions unanswered, too many of the wrong questions answered.

    They need a video tonight really. There is no reason to wait, unless something isn't done. And where are the FCC docs!

    • CP

      If/when the approval comes in (11/23 or 11/24 being received date by FCC and process usally being less than a month), FCC allows secrecy till certain release date requested by the applicant. My guess is you can see the approval on on FCC site after Jan 6th (CES 2011).

  • Luke Warm

    Lighten up and give them a chance. If you don't like what you see don't place an order. The tone of this goofy expose would make one think there is a lot more at stake than the launch of a consumer product. The fact that the CEO admitted his mistakes is worrisome? Because if they were a public company they would be in trouble? How many CEO's are willing to get their hands dirty like this and regularly address the public? If anything his admission of mistakes should be refreshing. But you speculate thier very existence could be in jeopardy? Who wrote this, a cub reporter at the weekly reader with a penchant for yellow journalism?

    • brad

      Obviously you dont have the concerns that other do. Here is a man and company, that is trying to take money from consumers, with the promise he will have a product on 6 to 8 weeks.

      When he does not have a fully functional working tablet. He has not posted any new images or video proving that there is a working model with the UI they are promising.

      There is no attack on Rohan other than questions that he refuses to answer.

      His answers are simply that they spent hours in a meeting trying to figure out what they are going to do.

      Any CEO will not admit his failures. He will do what he can to find the answers to his failures and have answers that are straight and to the point. Not answers that beat around the bush.

    • David Ruddock

      I think people who have considered putting down $400-$600 on this device would disagree - it is a big deal, and to the most important people out there: consumers.

      Also, the willingness of a CEO to "get his hands dirty" is irrelevant when dirtying his hands involves making unsubstantiated assurances that everything is OK and that no one should be worrying.

      As we all know, no CEO would ever attempt to assure his source of cash flow that everything was fine unless it really was fine. They're all completely honest, forthright individuals.

      If you don't find anything here worrisome, that's fine - you're entitled to an opinion. Plenty of other people feel exactly the opposite way. Just because you see it in a particular light doesn't make anything that opposes your own point of view "yellow journalism."

      David R.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/dbin78 Dain Binder

    David you and Android Police have done nothing wrong and I fully support you. You voiced you concerns and opinions which is certainly allowed and is why all of us like Android Police. Thank you for standing your ground and always being professional.

  • muma

    Do you want to put challenging company into bankrupcy?
    You suck is only a blogger, NOT authorized nor certificated commenter.

    • brad

      Can you say that again in english. Didnt really understand what your point is.

      • muma

        oh, i cant write in english well.
        the product is only $599.
        you are too nervous of them.

        I like this blog, and i want you to support NI .

        the world is not consist of only english.
        thank you

        • brad

          I know that english isnt the only language, but Im sorry, I mean this in a nice way, what you write does not make sense.


          हाँ, मैं समझता हूँ कि दुनिया न केवल अंग्रेजी बोल रहा है


        • Android Boi

          Haha...Fire and Burn!

          Go Brad!

          English may not be the only language, but if you are on a English Forum, that is international :)

        • muma

          poor americans nervous of $599, and my poor english

        • brad


          Why are we scared of $599.00

          Poor americans? Why would this influence one of the wealthiest nations on earth.

          I just dont want to give $600 to a individual that doesnt have a product.

          Honestly Im thinking Im wasting my breath.


          我們為什麼害怕$ 599.00



          हम 599.00 डॉलर का क्यों डर रहे हैं

          गरीब अमेरिकियों.

        • muma

          thank you!

    • Neel

      English please. It will help.

  • bryan

    I think what they have done is reasonable and can be argued either way. The problem is we dont have all the facts. If this were any other company the device would just be deylayed... for example delays with sony erricsson phones, we are lucky if they even give us a day it will be out.

    one way this could be explained is that they do not actually have any adams built yet, other than their prototypes. They wanted to open up pre-orders to people to buy before they even began putting adams together...

    from their point of view it could be, they start manufacturing on dec 10 and can ship by jan. 6. people have been dieing to own these to why not test the waters by letting people preoder now. This way we can work out bugs and have an idea of the market we are looking at for people buying the adams.

    a lot of these concerns would be at rest if they gave more info, but if the payment went smoothly this wouldnt have happened... and they wouldnt be in this mess, easy for a company with so little resources to overlook.

    • brad

      "This way we can work out bugs and have an idea of the market we are looking at for people buying the adams."

      This makes no sense whatsoever.

      That is not good business. And if they(ADAMS) are flawed and buggy, then that is not good business.

      And they are in INDIA, there are many many low cost people that they can hire for pennys a day to test these units.

      Why charge consumers $500 to $600 to be the beta testers.

      Not a good idea.

      • bryan

        I meant the ordering system not the ADAMS.

        A pre-order is an order placed for an item which has not yet been released. The idea for pre-orders came when people found it hard to get popular items in stores due to their popularity. Companies were then given the idea to allow people to reserve their own personal copy, before the release, which has been a huge success. Pre-orders allow consumers to guarantee prompt delivery on release, manufacturers can gauge how much demand there will be and hence how large initial production runs should be, and sellers can be assured of minimum sales. Additionally, high pre-order rates can be used to generate publicity to further increase sales.

        • jul3

          Not if it's a brand new company without any track record that charges you right away, changes all kind of terms without notice, then pushes the ship date and still wouldn't release any pictures or videos of the product (even though they'd done it before). The simple question we are all asking is: why?

      • ramana

        "And they are in INDIA, there are many many low cost people that they can hire for pennys a day to test these units."
        Either you left India in 1950's, or you only know India before 1950's.

      • neidaj

        what the fuck you are talking about INDIA?

        Mind your language buddy. Just because you have a Blog to write does not mean you speak rubbish. tell me where are you from ? i will give you more information than what you think you know already.

      • fozylet

        Pennies a day? Really?

        Looks like copy-pasting Google translations in Hindi hasn't made you much wise about the country.

        • brad

          Well, its funny how you get all bent out of shape about how much it cost to do business in india. But I for one personally know what it cost for me to have specific worked outsourced to India. So dont treat me as a fool, you do not know me personally and you do not know what I do for a living.

  • alex

    I actually find it refreshing that a company will be open and honest about it's blunders. We know that every company has its' faults, and it's nice to see someone willing to acknowledge that they are not perfect. My hat's off to Rohan

    • brad

      Well, then if this is the case and it works, then business's will need to change. I mean, hell, even steve jobs wont admit they screwed up the IPHONE 4. He just dances around the problem.

      Oh wait, this is why I dont own apple products.

      • jeremee

        OK Brab I think you need to log off for a few hours champ.
        You can't hang around here replying to everyone.
        Ask AndPol for a job...
        maybe they need an "authorized/certificated commenter" lol

        • brad

          Well thanks.

          Acutally Im packing. But this is the glorious wonder of the web and the phone. Im online all the time.


          But I agree with you.

  • Android Boi

    This issue has really confused allot of people. Right now they are acting very shady.

    But they do have what seems like a real pic of there product, though months ago.


    Why can't they supply more.

    It seems now that the software isn't ready. Or maybe both the hardware and software.

    In one post Rohan mentioned the adapter for the Notion Ink has a FCC ID. What is it?

    Are they truely smart and using this to gain publicity and when every thinks they are fake, they come out guns blazing.

    To me it seems like they build a prototype. Then found it much harder to build a polished consumer device.

    They also found it harder to write a SDK, or app for there system. They might have some hardware related issues.

    Mostly they seem to be stalling and reacting.

    Whenever something negative comes out they react, else they stall.

    Given they are Indian company , start ups there are prob a little different. But still you should never come out with your product until your ready and be honest with your customer or potential customer.

    What I can't understand is, if they can take a pic like the one above before. Why can't they now?

  • Josh C

    Thanks for your fair and mostly objective post. I'm a NI fanboy, and I don't believe its scam, but you raise valid points, and I thank you for not presenting them a facts. This is journalism, and its your place to critque, and you do it very well.

  • Android Boi

    Given that it might be much harder to run a start up in India.

    Whatever force is preventing them for taking pics/videos on the fly. That force if it is a investor, has to get their head on straight.

    There potential customer base is demanding this.

    Which they will supply supposedly on December 18th. But why not now?

    • Neel

      It is very clear that the ball was dropped on the PR front. Looks like 18th Dec is the min they'll need to spend before "market worthy" images and videos are ready.

      However there's always the route of "leaks" or "previews" if one insists on being nicer - which I don't believe has ever hurt any product in history...


  • Jay

    Well I for one agree with your article. Thank goodness these points are being brought up now. I almost fell into the frenzy of buying one of these units. And thank you to VISA for turning down the transaction. Yes I tried to buy one but after reading more I now have reservations about Adam and will wait until Adam 2 comes out (if they last that long).
    They don't seem to be well run and that worries me.

  • Hardik

    I think large number of positive/negative comments on every blog that discusses Notion Ink suggests that Everybody wants them to success. Lets see what they come up with on 18th. I hope all these tech bloggers will have some hands on with Adam during CES and will write honest reviews.

  • civil

    Wanted to pop by and let you guys know not every fan of NI thinks you were out to slander or picking on them like other tech sites have.

    You are right to say there were(and are) legitimate concerns ranging from not requiring address info before pre-ordering, to the many flaws in the T&C.

    It does kind of bum me out that their response to the concerns in the T&C is to consider burying it in a flood of words. I was so hoping they would explain/reword/change/clarify the meaning of some of the T&C.

  • Rohit Das

    Notionink is anything but a scam and that is easily proven by the fact that even the pixel qi blog also states that NI is going to order a lot more screens from them ! {Which evidently proves that already many orders have been placed} And anyone following rohan's blog from the last few months can easily understand how hard he is working and most importantly sharing every part of the development of the product with us. {a tech graduate from one of the most prestigious engineering colleges will not go blogging to such extensive lengths just to fool around people} The problem here is we have a very honest CEO who even admits his mistakes in public . He is obviously delaying with the video because i suppose he wants something really substantial to be put up {a kind of AD } , not just any random video of the product working . And i suppose AD videos are not done in hours. Moreover maybe putting up a video is the last of his priorities when even without it the thing is selling out in just hours ! If u believe it is a scam just dont head towards the pre-order now and wait for a few days, it will do no harm. On the other hand he can put up the video only when he has got more supplies of the qi screen . Whats the point in putting up a AD when u cant let people buy the product ?

    • brad

      First, it does not say how many they purchased, that could be only one or two screens. It does not say how many the plan to purchase in the future. I can call PIXELQI and promise to order a lot of screens, but doesnt mean that I am.
      Just because he graduated from this so called prestigious college doesnt mean he is honest, or able to conduct or create a sound business plan. My wife went to MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology) its a very prestigious school , and believe me as intelligent as she is, there things that she is limited at understanding.
      And so in the last part you say, "Whats the point in putting up a AD when u cant let people buy the product ?"
      They why should he take preorders.

      • Rohit Das

        Ah u really expect that a company should give u every intricate detail of their working , sales figure , etc ? That too just 2 days into the preorder ? When even after a month of its launch MS hasn't shared a single sales data of the windows phone 7 . As it is u are being given a behind the scene look into the everyday functioning of the company, and u want even more !
        And i suppose anyone calling up Pixel qi and telling them that they would order so many screens would not not be significant enough that it is put up as an post in the company blog . It obviously indicates that they are working with NI for quite long .
        And if a product is selling without the ADS whats the harm ? Supposedly there are enough people convinced of the device's capabilities and NI's honesty that they feel they can pre order without seeing any working video . Why should they be stopped from procuring the product ?
        For the remainder of the population , they can remain skeptical and wait for a Viral Video and then decide on their purchase ! I suppose those skeptics can wait for a week .

        • brad

          Um yes I do. Hp shared the exact quantities it sold of the HP Slate. MS shared the dismal numbers of the WIN7 Phone. They arent going around boasting cause, they havent sold that many. But the numbers are there.

          And when you compare NI to a multi billion dollar company, then thats really unfair to NI.

          Now where does PIXEL Qi say that there was a significant purchase of panels to NI. Only that they are saying that NI will continue to purchase more panels. It does not say 1 or 1000, so you can put anything you want on the statement.

          PixelQi has a strategy and has legit investors. Anything that shows that someone is interested in there technology only boost the chances of them securing more funding.

          And if you are all about buying a product that you cannot see touch or feel, and you are so willing to invest your money on something that isnt finished, and you are willing to give your money to a freshly started company with no established product I can send you my address and you can send me $600 and I will work up a tablet for you.

          I mean this is what is being asked of you.

          And yes, anyone that has reason to question the validity of this company, should wait. And being a skeptic allows me to have money in the bank and not in someone else's pocket.

          There are those who are impatient and are willing to throw the credit card number and debit card number out there for the hopes that the company is legit and will deliver a tangible product.

          I probably wouldn't be so skeptical if this was HP, DELL, APPLE, HTC, Motorola etc etc etc.

          But a baby start up with hardly any capital and absolutley no established product, is hard to give my money to.

        • Androidboy

          I am sorry this is not the case

          "As it is u are being given a behind the scene look into the everyday functioning of the company, and u want even more !"

          I don't know how, Notion Ink is run. I don't know what there office looks like. I don't know what they talk about at there meetings. Really as consumers, that is not our concern.

          All we know is what Rohan comments on his blogs ( I meant NI blog). Thats is pretty much all we need to know. That blog is the public face of the company. What is says builds our image of the company.
          No-one is stopping anyone from pre-ordering. People are just saying it a stupid thing to do.

          But hey Mr. Intelligent, if you want to pre-order they go ahead. We most normal people invest there money in a product, they do with much thought and care. IF we have any doubt about a company we are not going to invest. If someone gives us new information about a company that helps us make our decisions.
          Remember one thing. Start up live and die in a blink of a eye. The world does not cater to them, they cater to the world. At this stage, NI is a unknown startup. They have to do everything right if they want to survive. That starts with first showing us they have a real working product.


        • Rohit Das

          I can assure u there were no official statements of the sales figure of the HP slate . HP stated that the shipments will be delayed due to 'extraordinary demand' which was later uncovered by engadget to be some thing around only a 5000 units . And MS is sitting mum regarding win phone 7 . U can obviously give some valid links to prove me wrong .
          And u think pixel qi would put up names of a company being labelled as VAPOURWARE to secure more funding ? If they havent got all the relevant documents to show that a huge number of their screens have been purchased by so and so companies {NI}. Oh and if that number was 1000, investers would be running towards pixel qi ? Yes u can put anything in that statement . Maybe even 100k . That sounds more plausible , if securing funding are their intentions !
          That same skepticism or the lack of it allows someone to flaunt their newest ADAM while u may be waiting for their pre order backlog to clear.
          Its obvious that people ordering at this stage have quite a lot of disposable income, and even if they do not receive something as promised it doesn't matter to them . OR they have found enough reason to trust the startup and are convinced of the brilliance of the product .
          Yes as the situation presents itself its quite valid to remain skeptical . But then again they aren't forcing us to pre-order one, are they ? If u are not liking my product don't buy it ! If u want more info before making ur decision , pls wait a few weeks {or may be just 6 days } before we provide it . Its that clear .

        • brad
        • brad

          The HP slate sold 9000 units not 5000.

          And no matter how much disposable income I have, I will never preorder something that does not or has not been presented as a fully functional system.

          Maybe if its from an established company. But not a small start up with literally no established product.

          My problem with notion ink is the taking of money before a product is even completed.
          It leave to many variables for problems to arise with manufacture problems, to delays from a manufacture that decides to raise prices on Rohan and then delays again.

          Finally you have no product after several months.

          This is just bad business.

        • Robin

          To put a $600,- pre-order a bit into perspective:
          - Some people pay 10% of $500,000 for houses that only exists on paper without really investigating previous works of the builder or project developer.
          - Some people invests thousands of dollars into a project or idea.

          If you're not one of those some people you should think twice about buying in pre-order a product of a startup company. However NI is not some kind of cheap internet scam, maybe they can't deliver at the end but they sure are really trying.

      • RK

        Only hardcore zealots can come up with an argument like this.

    • Neel

      @Rohit - I think no one's thinking a scam, more like why aren't they doing all the normal things - such as getting the product into the hands of major Tech sites for previews.

      Second part where everyone's all hot and bothered is about the DoA policy which I think is absolutely valid. Charging folks to exchange/return their DoA units is ridiculous!

      @AP, thanks for a great job and keep it up! Your coverage so far has been very balanced and asking all the tough questions.


  • John

    Very nice response. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. For them to call into question your intentions is just idiotic for a company, especially a startup. Please continue to follow up on this story. You're doing a great job from a consumer protection standpoint. For someone to attack the messenger is simply childish. Everyone in the tech industry, or any for that matter, knows this is not the way to launch a product, and as humans, it is only natural to have one's suspicions aroused.

  • Bill

    "the design team had suggested that you HAVE to write the address again on the Payment Page on CCavenue and this would cause a lot of repetition for use, passing address directly to their page has some security issues."

    What????? I do payment gateway integrations for ecommerce websites for a living. NI need to get a better payment gateway or web programmers. Had a look at their blog/website and its all very confusing/vague. The pre order form refuses to accept UK postcode. Now I understand where android police is coming from.

  • Raul

    You have probably left out the most important point that Rohan / NI has acknowledged. (I hope you havent done it on purpose..that would be wrong)

    I refer to Rohan Explicitely agreeing and accepting to ADAM been too much of a mystery. And He does say that is what will change in the next few day leading to CES.
    Lets leave some room for a 'Alternative reason' why they left it that way ...Maybe they wanted to make a BIG SPLASH. Thats just a way to market things....just as apple prefers to release absolutely nothing uptil the release..
    I disagree with you that NI dissed Android police, Engadget, and Druchgear ....Infact I came to know about these articles from the NI blog.....Imagine a CEO pointing out to blogs mentioning bad things about their product.
    NI is wrong in expecting only Praise about them and Adam. It seems they are learning and mending this...
    Lets wait ... and as I mentioned below 'May good intentions win'

    • David Ruddock

      I fully recognize Rohan's statement (as per our last sentence about December 18th).

      Aside from the video promised on the 18th, Rohan has done nothing to actually remedy this problem of "mystery" around the Adam.

      Like we've said, we'll hold final judgment until the 18th - we're simply commenting on what we *know* for certain so far.

      Thanks for the comment.

      David R.

  • http://www.christinawarren.com Christina Warren

    As a fellow tech reporter and gadget fan, I think it is terrible that you have been put in the position of having to defend your position, which is simply to look out for your readers.
    David, I think you took the appropriate position of showcasing why various elements aren't adding up and pointing out the very real problems with the entire pre-order process. If Notion Ink can't handle that, well, my personal feeling screw Notion Ink.
    Every reason you cited and the troubling way in which the company is responding to criticism (calling out reputable websites for not drinking the kool-aid) is exactly why I haven't written about Notion Ink (and I know I'm not alone).
    Keep up the good work.

    If you or your colleagues are planning on being at CES, be sure to say hello!

    • sim

      if David is having trouble putting together various elements then I do not think it is a NI fault..

      • Androidboy

        What trouble? David has articulated the situation pretty well.

    • Androidboy

      We really need more Blogs asking basic journalistic questions.

      You know like

      Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

      Not only on this topic but a broad list of topics, and sometimes they have to play devil's advocate.

      David, your posts are rather good.

      Thanks again.

    • Hardik

      Now these are really harsh words.. Dont think that bunch of tech journalists like you decide to gang up against a start up company because of whatever so called "looking out for your readers". I think his blog has more readers then yours.
      I agreed they should have handled few things nicely but being a tech journalists you should have ability to sense what is scam and what is not.
      You can advise your readers to not order Adam until you see videos or photographs, or until preorder issues are not sorted out. But you should not call it a scam and tell your readers not to buy it.

      • Android Boi


        My spider senses are telling me that NI is a scam, and their employees are posting to this blog.

        NI have to prove to use without a shadow of a doubt, that they are not a scam.

        • hardik

          Ha ha.... I am not the employee for sure. But why can't you accept for once that notion ink has significant fan following. Also whoever calls it a scam, I doubt their analytical skills.

    • Anand

      @Christina & David,

      Can you please point out where Rohan actually appears to be "accusing" Android Police or any other critics. If anything, he has referenced to AP only as a way to acknowledge the concerns that have existed. He may or may not have addressed those concerns. But he has never accused Android Police.

      The only accusing finger was at Engadget, and I think that was pretty fair considering the sensationalistic writing on their website

  • sim

    Do you guys even know the meaning of the word PREORDER.
    it means u order a product before it actually gets released in the market. So if u want to know the details regarding the specs then wait for CES and order it once u r satisfied.

    Regarding this blog, I feel it was a bit too harsh in calling NI a scam and U guys should apologize for the same.
    I own a lot of tech gadgets from Apple, dell etc and I saw nothing alarming in NI terms and condition that should tell me that it is a scam.
    NI is a start up with a very refreshing approach and u guys should give them the benefit of doubt.

    • Badfrog

      I don't believe Android Police has labeled this a scam. They have dealt mainly with the terms and conditions posted, removed, changed and reposted by NotionInk. They owe no one an apology.
      And wait until their customers get this little surprise when the Adam shows up. I don't remember paying any customs duties when I bought from Dell.
      3. Any Customs duty, clearance charges, handling charges or taxes levied by
      the customs or the Government of destination Country will be borne by the
      buyer & Notion Ink suggests that these charges can vary from 0% to 100% of
      invoice value as per Country norms.

      • johnboatcat

        "And wait until their customers get this little surprise when the Adam shows up. I don’t remember paying any customs duties when I bought from Dell.
        3. Any Customs duty, clearance charges, handling charges or taxes levied by
        the customs or the Government of destination Country will be borne by the
        buyer & Notion Ink suggests that these charges can vary from 0% to 100% of
        invoice value as per Country norms."

        And this is different from any other international shipment how exactly? The customer is always responsible for taxes and duties. What is your point? To warn the customer is a negative? Your tough!

        • Androidboy

          The point is johnboatcat, is the NI that revolutionary that you are gonna overpay in comparison to the slew of tegra 2 tablets that will come out and not have any custom duty's , cause they have a local supplier or are sold locally.

        • Badfrog

          "Your tough!".......wtf?

          @Androidboy....That was the point...thanks

    • Androidboy

      Android police is doing what is right. They are not editing or deleting comments. NI is doing massive editing/deletion of comments on their blog. You can't muzzle the voice of the public.

      • jul3

        For the 5000th time - they're not deleting anything. Find the Previous Comments link on NI's blog and click on it.

        • brad


          Find any post from brad.,

          If you find it, let me know. I posted at least 10 times. 10 questions.

    • jul3

      They didnt say its a scam - just asking questions and noting things most of us didnt notice.

  • johnboatcat

    Anyone who has followed the NI blogs for a while knows that Rohan's agreement with the new investors stipulated that photos/videos would not be released until the Adam release. That release will now be CES I guess. He even stated in his blog that he did not agree with this, but must go along with it.

    The pre-order process was probably a little rushed because of the thousands of people clamoring for it in the blog comments. I was surprised it came as early as it did.

    My order process was a little bumpy, but it got completed without any real problems. I knew I was not ordering from Amazon. Most of the complaints and issues I have read are from people who did not get to pre-order for one reason or another. Obviously a lot of people did get to order and from 96 countries.

    The fact that they limited the orders to the approximate number of Pixel Qi screens they had on hand speaks volumes as to their responsible corporate behavior and customer service. They could have racked up many more orders and just extended the shipping dates. They chose not to take the greedy route. If it was a scam they would have sucked in every dollar they could.

    By the way the Pixel Qi screen is wonderful. I use mine in full sunshine in Florida every day. It is installed in a Lenovo netbook.

  • sim

    I completely agree with u

  • Androidboy

    "Anyone who has followed the NI blogs for a while knows that Rohan’s agreement with the new investors stipulated that photos/videos would not be released until the Adam release. That release will now be CES I guess. He even stated in his blog that he did not agree with this, but must go along with it."
    That statement if false. I give you proof.

    Why because December 18 is before the CES.
    Couple of months ago they released this pic
    and the fact he is going to TRY to release a detailed video December 18, would contradict your statement my friend. Nice try, but Logic and truth always win.

  • johnboatcat

    Well "my friend" I guess what he said in his blog in September has been modified by the investors. I don't know what you think I was trying, but from your tone I can certainly see your obvious bias. I was simply stating that he had said that he was limited in what he was allowed to release prior to release. Possibly because of the flap they are going to allow him to release more earlier.

    • Androidboy

      The fact is johnboatcat, Notion Ink has provided little to no hard proof of a actual working production ready product. Certainly they have released information in the past, but that not relevant to this. People want to see the actual UI working in action. The fact that is by waiting some days before showing a detailed video, tells us something.

      They can easily clear it up. Just post a video tonight of your NI product working, even with beta software. Give us a FCC ID for the product , that you say the FCC is reviewing.

      Let me tell you something, with consumer pressure this great. If I was a investor (they have not even disclosed the money they have received from investors), then I would demand Notion Ink leak out those videos, so we keep our core base, and put to rest these doubtful rumors.


      • johnboatcat

        Again you show your obvious bias.
        If you don't like it or trust it boy, don't order one. That easy!

        • Jeff

          "Again you show your obvious bias."

          Androidboy brings up valid points that you didn't respond to.

          I'm not sure calling other people biased can be deemed as a valid rebuttal. In fact, it weakens your argument further.
          I've also been following NI's blog since day one and I don't recall him saying that his investors are restricting any media production of the device. Can you provide a link?

          Thinking about it, how would that make any sense at all? Remember, there are NO REAL PHOTOS -- let alone a video. Not a single photo. Why would his investors, who want to make the company as profitable as possible, not want NI to display any photos of the device? Visual aid is one of most useful advertising tools available to a company.
          NI has become a cult. Instead of a seller catering to the buyer, we are witnessing masses of fans catering to NI. NI is a company that wants to make money; not your local children's hospital. Being a company means not only establishing a product but also the process of selling it. If NI wants to become successful and if the fans don't want the company to declare bankruptcy, then the company needs to improve upon that process. They won't improve if no one points out their mistakes and if there are no consequences to making mistakes.

          "If you don’t like it or trust it boy, don’t order one. That easy!"

          Umm... I find this comment very hypocritical. Yes, in the end, it is up to the costumer. Android Police is not forcing anyone NOT to buy. They are simply bringing up inconsistencies and asking everyone to consider these inconsistencies before making a purchase. If YOU don't like it, then don't read the blog post and go ahead and buy. However, it is their right to post their advice just as it is your right to buy the device. There is no slandering -- just a bunch of questions and points of interest.

    • Androidboy

      Please don't use if they show us the videos they lose competitive advantage by showing there competitors, there truly great and innovative UI.

      If NI wanted to go that route, the should not blogged about it. Kept everything hush hush, and when CES 2011 came, they could at that point revealed all and then blown everyone away.

  • lord of s/w

    very poor!
    Those who are defending rohan shravan on the blog are most prbably his friends, some from facebook some are his classmates, they are using differnt usernames, some are using english,russian names to fool the world.
    In reply to rohans new post, Someone said there '' nice humble post''. What the hell is this, what so nice and humble about his new post, he still not answering properly. loosers!

    To sum up rohans last post, he want say, ''PLEASE UNDERSTAND US''
    Can i ask why? If you dont have proper management then go to hel*, its matter of our money.
    Some suckers are really trying to defend rohan and NI, ROHAN, are these hired peoples? If yes, then fire them and arrange/hire some properly qualified, educated, professional guys.
    To make money$, first envest money, you are big looser and you will get lesson soon as a 50+ tablets are being launched/announced at ces.
    Some peoples are mentioning here and there that 'how hard rohan is working from begining'.
    My answere to them is-
    So what! Its not our matter of concern, afterall he is not doing "charity" he is working for him self to make $$$.

    My conclusion is he is totally dumba$$

  • brad

    You know what I find funny. That the bloggers from Notion Ink is coming to android police and posting there questions and comments, but by god, if you go to Notion Ink, and try to post anything on the blog in a question or negative light, you are immediately deleted.
    This tells me that Rohan and Notion Ink have something to hide.
    I have not been able to post any comments since this fiasco started.
    All my comments, and my questions are the same as I have posted here, have been moderated and deleted on the notion ink blog.

    • Hardik

      Ha ha... Go check the blog ... I dont think they are moderating anything... otherwise there should not be any negative comment on the blog.

      • brad

        Sorry to inform you, they are. If you can find one post from brad, then please prove me wrong.

        Actually let me post a question again, and I will copy my post and put it right here, and lets check and see if it is accepted.

        • brad

          So Hardik, here is what I just posted. Lets see if it comes across the blog on notion ink.

          Rohan, My only questions are the following.

          Why spend hours in a meeting discussing what your going to do and then simply blog some of the outcome.

          Why not spend those hours posting a video that shows a working version.

          Why not post the numbers of how many were sold. How many you expected to sell, and when they will be available for purchase.

          PIXEL QI posts that they have a business strategy to find investors and have a plan that they post on there blog. Do you have plan or investors.

          Why does it take over 8 days to post a video of the working unit.

        • johnboatcat

          Now why would they waste their time to moderate your posts? You some kind of big time tech blogger like Christina up there? Maybe you can get together with her at CES too!

        • Hardik

          Brad what I mean is your comment has nothing that needs moderation.. there are similar questions posted on the blog which are not moderated. So it doesnt make sense to moderate yours. I can understand your concerns but stop this anti Notion ink hate campaign.

        • brad

          Hardik, first there is no anti notion ink campaign.

          Where do you get that.

          Second, Im not the only being moderated.

          Third, if being moderated, why. Why dont they allow me to post a question that is simple and valid.

          I do not hate or nor do I want Notion Ink to fail. But when someone asks or preys on the naivity of others to preorder something that does not exist, I will question.

          I got interested in this product from a friend and for the uses I can have for the work I do. But when there is no valid working unit and Im asked to give my money to someone and or company that does nothing but only promise that there will be a unit in 6 to 8 weeks, I want to ask questions.

          I typically do not get involved. But this company and Rohan, rubbed me the wrong way. If anything I find that there is a cult following of this man. And in most of his bloggers, they see that he has done nothing wrong.

          I guess those are the people that have blinders on.

        • Hardik

          Don't worry people will read your comments here. At this point Rohan any ways know what people are expecting and why many prospective buyers are hesitating to spend $600.

          I don't know why in the world he decided to do preorder the way he did. Once you go wrong with something, you can not make it right by writing one blog entry or apologizing. I am sure many people like you are waiting for a video before they can buy.

          But let me tell you that I did preorder. It would have been nice to see video but I am sure once I see it in action I wont regret my decision.

          I am also expecting that once you see video or once CES is done you will write same amount of comments in favor of notion ink as well (if you are happy with the product!!).

      • Androidboy

        They are moderating. They just can't deleted/edit everything.

        • brad

          here is a direct copy from Notion Inks blog.

          brad said, on December 12, 2010 at 09:55
          Your comment is awaiting moderation.

          Rohan, My only questions are the following.

          Why spend hours in a meeting discussing what your going to do and then simply blog some of the outcome.

          Why not spend those hours posting a video that shows a working version.

          Why not post the numbers of how many were sold. How many you expected to sell, and when they will be available for purchase.

          PIXEL QI posts that they have a business strategy to find investors and have a plan that they post on there blog. Do you have plan or investors.

          Why does it take over 8 days to post a video of the working unit.

          These are just valid questions.


        • johnboatcat

          So you are saying it did post?

        • brad


          Now, first you have no idea who I am.

          Second, prove me wrong. Go to the notion ink website and see if you can find one post from brad.

          And if I decide to go to CES, then yes, I would meet Christina.

        • brad

          At this time, three other comments have been posted. Mine sets awaiting moderation.
          No John, it did not post. did you go to the blog and check for yourself. ?

          Let me help you. Got to http://www.notionink.com and click blog.
          Then click on comments under " What we have learned in the past two day"
          See if you can find one comment or post by Brad.

        • johnboatcat

          Your right. Did not post. I was just funning with you about Christina. Not personal. I posted on that blog this morning and it is also not there now. It was positive and factual so there would be no reason to remove it. Blog is maybe funky.

        • brad

          No problem John. Not taking this personal.

  • John J

    I commend Android Police for delving into this story like you have. You've gone above and beyond the standards of a tech blog, and have nothing to be ashamed of.

    I'm actually disappointed that more tech / Android related websites haven't taken the time to put such a spotlight on the situation.

    We all hope that this turns out to just be a horrible product launch, and nothing more. Either way, keep up the good work Android Police. Your tenacity has earned you the loyalty of this reader.

  • jason

    I've been following the notion ink adam for close to a year now. I've been so anxious for this device to become available. I'm in a position to sell 100's of these along with custom software. I sent an email and wrote on the NI blog with never a response. I didn't get the pre-order email...but...I feel lucky now that I didn't. I'm holding out some hope that this device is still going to be great, and it's just NI's lack of experience. But I'm thankful for website's like this! Their comments and questions have been worded with pure concern, not anger. It's the first time I've been on this site, but I will come back. Nice job android police!..As for NI...one thing is very clear...trying to release this item without help, and globally was a very poor decision. NI might easily be a great product, but they need someone working for them at the top (doesn't have to be the very top...Rohan just has to listen) that has experience and could've easily prevented most ..if not all of these issues...Help me, Adam (Obi-Wan Kenobi); you're my earliest (only) hope......at a device much better than the ipad

  • Amar

    I am surprised to see many are very eager to concur with this blog post which is asserting that they have no ‘pay back’ by attacking NI !!! I mean, the very same set of people questioning an Indian CEO to give away all information including his blood group before spending $500 is accepting whatever MrX says ! Not sure everyone knows that Mr X does not get any pay back from Apple or HP et al….

    Though I have my own doubts on NI and the same length I have different doubts on AP!!

    • jul3

      what the hell are you even talking about?

      • brad

        Um did someone use the google translator or something. Cause that made NO SENSE.

  • Gaurav

    Hi Guys,

    You might want to check this blog before saying it a scam and all...


    This is official pixel qi blog


    • brad

      This means absolutely NOTHING.

      • Gaurav

        oh that means pixel qi is also a scam . No point in explaining you when you are not able to accept facts...

        • Android Boi

          Fact is we have not seen any production level table from NI

  • bryan


    im not worried and im gonna rub my tablet in everyone faces when i get it :) im a student but common, 600 is nothing... it the price of 1 text book for some engineering classes...

  • Peter

    I was also looking for more Adam pictures and found some it their older blogs from November and September.


    Under Section:
    Week-End Special – Part VIII


  • brad

    Well, thats great. I can do motion graphics on photoshop, after effects or shake or nuke.

    I want to see him hold it, and use it.

    I want to see a fully working functional version.

    • bryan

      ignoring the pixel qi blog post?

  • Peter

    Yes brad, I agree, let's wait for a few more days for more pictures, videos and see if NI can deliver that. I for one am very interested in this Android based gadget as it has tremendous potential. I personally think it could deliver more than a 2nd generation iPad.

  • Pradeep

    Hi David,

    I want to make 2 points here

    1. Rohan never said that he would mention all the things that you and many people were putting out as questions, before pre-order.He intended the pre-order for fans(whom he referred to as family) who were in craze of the product.
    As he expected most of the fans bought the product (all had the chance to ask questions before pre-ordering.No one forced them to pre-order).
    And the product was sold-out in no time (pixelqi founder confirmed the same in her blog) and many are wanting to know the next available date of the product

    2. All the talk about video, specs, reviews etc.

    I am sure all these issues would have been addressed during the REAL PRODUCT LAUNCH which was scheduled for CES-2011. But Rohan already said that he would be giving out all the
    details on the blog due to hue and cry that arouse before CES launch.

    So i suggest little patience.


    • Androidboy

      If he intended it for "family" , why did he make the pre-order available to everybody.

      Isn't it true not all of the "family" got there email invites.

      That shows how much he cares for "family"

      • Pradeep

        If he intended it for “family” , why did he make the pre-order available to everybody

        It's your wish to pre-order or not to.he has the right to put up pre-order you have the choice to not to.

        Isn’t it true not all of the “family” got there email invites.

        He did'nt do it intentionally as he had already clarified.

      • bryan

        also it was up for 2 hours for public before they sold out.... so even if you somehow didnt get an email you could have ordered

    • Androidboy

      English translation please

      "But Rohan already said that he would be giving out all the
      details on the blog due to hue and cry that arouse before CES launch."

      • Pradeep

        It's like English translation please for

        "English translation please"

        • Android Boi

          Your comment needs a english translation, Pradeep you make no sense what so ever.

  • lord of s/w

    android police! you also sucks, why dont you just leave them (ni) alone! There are tons of other gadgets to discuss. Why did you care so much about Ni.
    I will not even pee on adam.

    • brad

      Let me translate that last one.

      android पुलिस! तुम भी बेकार है, तुम सिर्फ क्यों न उन्हें छोड़ (नी) अकेले! वहाँ अन्य उपकरणों के टन पर चर्चा कर रहे हैं. तुमने ऐसा क्यों किया नी के बारे में बहुत परवाह है.
      मैं भी एडम पर पेशाब नहीं होगा

      • http://justanytime.blogspot.com vikram

        Google translator is not of much help...U're just screwing with Hindi !!!

    • jul3

      Umm, go see other posts - they're discussing other products every day.

  • lord of s/w

    i am warning you, dont call rohan INDIAN CEO.
    he is producing tablets in china and his company IS not LIABLE TAX PAYER TO GOV. OF INDIA.
    Just dont push indias name with rohan either here or anywhere.
    This is WARNING.
    Dont push me take action.

    Jay hind!

    • brad

      First what the hell is that all about. Am I missing something here. Is this a joke.
      I think you are getting carried away Lord. Rohan is a Indian CEO. Of an INDIAN company that is LOCATED in INDIA.
      This is being developed in INDIA.
      Its only manufactured in China.
      Whats your point. Why the threat.
      पहले नरक के बारे में क्या है कि सभी है.
      मुझे लगता है कि आप दूर हो रही यहोवा किया जाता है. रोहन एक भारतीय सीईओ है. एक भारतीय कंपनी है कि भारत में स्थित है.
      यह भारत में विकसित किया जा रहा है.
      इसके केवल चीन में निर्मित.
      अपनी बात क्या. क्यों खतरा.

    • jeremee


      s/w he mad now!

      don't forget in original post he let us all know he is a badass hoodlem that hurts people!

      ps: Brab ur funny too, ur still here!! but your comments are good :)

  • wishadamluck

    Is Rohan forcing us to pre-order? If some fanboys want to pre-order these machines with the limited information (only tech specs, no photo, no video), then why should they be stopped? Pre-order by definition has some risk associated with it.

    Anyways, the problem is that your initial post didn't look very objective and didn’t consider all the aspects. I agree with lot of the concerns raised in your post, but everything you wrote pointed as if NI is a scam. Rohan has been very open about everything and also demoed at 2010 CES, so definitely deserved some benefit of the doubt. But, there was nothing positive mentioned about him or NI in your post.

    It seems he is a born entrepreneur and all of us make mistakes. A 21 year old is doing what most of us just dreamt. The biggest thing is how you face all adversity and come out big. If you need an example, then please see SOCIAL NETWORK.

    • Android Boi

      If he had been open , he would of posted why he did not post any new videos.

      Not make that false argument, that he has been very open.

  • Mark

    I think there is a significant cultural element here. NI is operating with mostly Indian staff whose experience is of Indian markets and business standards - but their are held up for comparison with global traders like Apple and Samsung. That is because their product excites in what is virgin territory, with only Apple and Samsung having produced anything like a satisfying product. For NI, the realisation that their product could be revolutionary has led them to try to make their product available globally and to create the infrastructure for that without actually having partners or staff with experience in those markets.

    I think anyone who has followed the blog would be hard pressed to consider the product a scam, given the amount of detailed information being drip fed over the last two months.

    It also seems clear that some of the mystery is a requirement because of ongoing patenting issues. As it happens, it also was probably a good marketing ploy, as long as everything else was going smoothly. Now that they've screwed up the professionalism of their pre-order, that mystery suddenly appears altogether different. It's not their fault that CCAvenue was being identified as a fraudulent trading gateway, especially as it's one of the most reputable in India. But that wouldn't have been so bad if there weren't other problems. Too many problems and the whole thing backfired, at least from a PR point of view.

    Fact of the matter is, they've sold out on the PQ, which I imagine has meant they've hit any sales target they set for themselves prior to pre-order. That at least will ensure they stay around long enough business wise to learn from their mistakes.

    The CEO Rohan Shravan is clearly a tech guy and an idealist, and is trying to develop his own business philosophy as well. Part of that is a mixture of surprising transparency in some areas of tech development, but also a mix of spice and tease. It's been a refreshing mixture. As for the honesty about the mistakes, I don't think that is such an unusual or negative thing. I remember a certain Richard Branson making public apologies for the apalling service of his recently acquired Virgin trains service. Now he's not exactly unsuccessful, is he?

    So, good luck to the NI team, and as soon as you possibly can, get some more internationally qualified people in your team. It doesn't have to redefine you, just get you properly prepared to be a global company.

    Good work Android Police, I think you have done a reasonable job, though i'm sure you are also happy with the traffic that all the controversy has stirred up. :)

    • brad

      excellent reply.

  • Vikram aaditya

    As far as i also know NI Is not regirtered in india.
    I am also sure NI Is not liable to pay tax to gov. Of india.
    Rohan is cheating , hiding something about NI REGISTRATION.
    opening a office in bengaluru doesnt mean NI is authorised in india. Any indian can open any kinda office by bending laws , hiding truth in india and cheat until get caught. Dude you are newbie to our system.

    Dont judge indias market behalf of this bullshit Non existent company NI.

    If our culture is so bad than WHY THE PRESIDENT OF WORLDS SUPER POWER 'BEGGED TO INDIA IN FRONT OF WORLD WIDE MEDIA? Please give us jobs our economy is in trouble.


    • jeremee


      look here Rajiv... just drive the damn cab to my destination. if I wanted a talking driver I would have got my girlfriend to drive me.

    • brad

      Maybe you should look for it registered under Rohan, or maybe PixelQI.
      It may be registered under someone elses name.
      If the company name isnt registered, then maybe I should look into registering it for myself.
      But you cant deny, that Rohan is in INDIA. He is working from INDIA.
      So basic education can tell you that Rohan is working from INDIA
      All of his crew is INDIAN. Where is this not translating.
      Its an Indian crew with and INDIAN CEO. So that makes it an Indian business.
      And yes, I live, breath and work in Los Angeles. I have NO idea about how Inidan registration and licensing works. But I do know that Rohan is an Indian living in India, designing a product that is from and Indian inventor.
      Its not rocket science.

      Just in case....

      शायद तुम रोहन, या शायद PixelQI लिए दिखना चाहिए.

      यह किसी elses नाम के तहत पंजीकृत किया जा सकता है.

      अगर कंपनी का नाम पंजीकृत isn't, तो शायद मैं खुद के लिए पंजीकरण में देखना चाहिए.

      लेकिन तुम नहीं कर सकते इनकार करते हैं, कि रोहन भारत में है. उन्होंने इंडिया से काम कर रहा है.
      तो बुनियादी शिक्षा आपको बताना है कि रोहन इंडिया से कार्य कर रहा है

      उसके चालक दल के सभी भारतीय है. यह कहाँ का अनुवाद नहीं है.

      इसकी एक भारतीय दल के साथ भारतीय और सीईओ. इतना है कि यह एक भारतीय कारोबार करता है.

      आसान है.

      और हाँ मैं रहते हैं, और लॉस एंजिल्स में सांस काम करते हैं. मैं कैसे Inidan पंजीकरण और लाइसेंस काम करता है के बारे में पता नहीं है. लेकिन मुझे पता है कि रोहन भारत में एक भारतीय रह रहा है, एक उत्पाद है कि और से भारतीय आविष्कारक है डिजाइन.

      इसके विज्ञान नहीं रॉकेट.

      • bryan

        lol babelfish makes you look kinda silly

        • brad

          Its not babel fish it google.

    • brad

      When did the president of the United States beg india for jobs.

      You ever seen the movie lost in translation.

      I dont think we should get to political here or start with politics. Thats another waste of time.

      You must be a newbie to our system.

    • Mark

      I have thought a little more than twice about trading in India. I was in business with an Indian for nearly two years. I know the business culture reasonably well. Do you? The basic point is that Indian regulation on trading terms is generally more pro-company than pro-consumer.

      As it is, I imagine much of the thinking for NI on returns is avoiding having to cover large postal costs for devices going abroad (hence restocking fees), which could massively eat into margins if people are returning goods for what may well be quite fickle reasons.

      But your attacks on Rohan seem very personal and your defence of India so overly-sensitive, I'm not sure I can assume any reasonableness on your part. Why are you so emotional about these points? Something happened between you and NI?

  • Vikram aaditya

    Why so much drama about the quality of ENGLISH going on here?
    Its not our native laungauge.

    English dudes
    Ask ITALION OR GERMAN guy to write or speak proper authentic english, then he will slap you for sure.

    • brad

      My boss is german, I make fun of his english all the time. And one of my artists, he is italian, and I make fun of his poor english. Funny thing is, they laugh and take it as fun. They dont take is seriously. So get some humor. Dont take it personally.

      मेरे मालिक जर्मन है, मैं उसका अंग्रेजी सभी समय का मज़ाक उड़ाते हैं. और एक मेरे कलाकारों में से एक है, वह इतालवी है, और मैं अपने गरीब का मजाक अंग्रेजी बनाते हैं. अजीब बात है, वे हँसते है और यह आनन्द के रूप में ले लो. वे न गंभीरता से ले रहा है. तो कुछ हास्य मिलता है. न यह व्यक्तिगत रूप से लेते हैं.

      • Android

        Dude looks like other than making fun of people and using google translate, u don seem to do anything. FYI: People laughing when u are making fun of their english?? Dude they are just being polite to u. Just because u can speak english does not mean everyone else can. No wonder u troll on this blog whole day trying to argue with people. Keep the blog technical, please don get political and all in this blog. I am surprised that the moderators are not even checking the contents now a days.

        • Androidboy

          That what it means to be open blog, unlike the NI blog, where your comments get deleted/modified.

        • brad

          Well, one thing we can do here is be polite and not get worked up over the shredded english that we have to try and understand and make sense of.

          And I was the first to say, keep this without being political. IF you look at the blog and read it.

          I argue to educate. Not to just argue.

          And yes, why havent the moderators moderated the content. Because unlike the NI blog, we have freedom to express and freedom of speech.

          There is nothing to hide.

    • Android Boi

      I can resisting saying this....

      "What did the five fingers say to the face....SLAP...Cold Blooded"
      -Rick James

      On a serious note, men in the US or europe, generally don't slap each other. If that did, happen, that would be a serious challenge to a duel or gun fight.

      :) :) I love the comment though, it is classic.

      "English dudes
      Ask ITALION OR GERMAN guy to write or speak proper authentic english, then he will slap you for sure."

  • Vikram aaditya





    Shame on you guys.

    • brad

      And I do appreciate the shirts, the linens, and food that india exports to our country. Oh yeah and furniture.

      We poor americans spend alot of money on indian goods.

      So for your country to buy more goods from..... wait why the hell do I care.

      • Android

        Why the hell shoud u care ???? Because if you dont then surely someday ur work will be outsourced to some other country and then u could sit all day around translating this comment.

        Just to save u some time now that u are so well versed with Hindi:

        नरक यू क्यों परवाह? चाहिए? क्योंकि अगर तुम तो न निश्चित रूप से किसी दिन उर काम किसी अन्य देश को आउटसोर्स किया जाएगा और फिर इस टिप्पणी का अनुवाद भर के सभी दिन बैठ सकता है यू.

  • brad

    Hey Genius, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    The links that you sent are in such poor english they make no sense.

    This is a direct statement from the president about his visit.

    And that's why, on the same trip where we were working to get the Korea deal done, I visited India to highlight the role American business played there and took the opportunity to sell our exports to one of the fastest-growing markets in the world.'

    'While I was there, we reached several landmark deals -- from Boeing jets and GE engines to medical and mining equipment -- deals that are worth nearly $10 billion in exports and will support more than 50,000 American jobs,' he said.

    The president wants to export more goods to india, supporting more than 50,000 jobs.

    But he didnt go begging. Its not like we are setting around with no jobs and nothing is going on and we are all starving.

    Sorry, I think this was lost in translation.

    Im not sure you know what a moron is.

    अरे बुद्धिमान, तुम्हें पता नहीं तुम क्या बात कर रहे हैं.

    लिंक है कि आप भेजा गरीब ऐसे में हैं वे अंग्रेजी नहीं समझ में सुनिश्चित करें.

    यह उनकी यात्रा के बारे में राष्ट्रपति से एक प्रत्यक्ष बयान है.

    और यही कारण है कि, एक ही यात्रा है जहाँ हम मिल कोरिया सौदा किया काम कर रहे थे पर, मैं भारत की यात्रा करने के लिए भूमिका अमेरिकी व्यापार वहाँ खेला और एक दुनिया में सबसे तेजी से बढ़ते बाजार के लिए हमारा निर्यात बेचने का अवसर ले लिया पर प्रकाश डाला. '

    'जब मैं वहां गया था, हम कई मील का पत्थर सौदों तक पहुँच -, सौदों की है कि निर्यात करीब 10 अरब डॉलर के लायक हैं और 50,000 से अधिक अमेरिकी नौकरियों का समर्थन करेगा - बोइंग जेट विमानों और जीई इंजनों से चिकित्सा और खनन उपकरणों के लिए,' उसने कहा.

    राष्ट्रपति को भारत के लिए और अधिक माल निर्यात करते हैं, 50,000 से अधिक नौकरियों का सृजन करना चाहती है.

    लेकिन वह फ्लॉप भीख जाओ.

    क्षमा करें, मुझे लगता है कि इस अनुवाद में खो गया था.

    Im यकीन नहीं तुम्हें पता है एक मूर्ख क्या है.

  • vikram aaditya

    facts are facts you cant denny them.

    And yes, if you have direct contact with your gov. Then tell them we didnt invited you to sell us products. we dont want and need your products, sell them to other country, we are no longer 'developing country' and we dont need your technology.
    Dont compare india with korea, you are big fool.

    • brad

      Try and read that again, very slowly, so you know what you are reading, if you need help let me know.

  • RG

    ok the situation is pretty worse but lets not blow things out of proportion.

    the idea is pretty simple imho:

    order if u want to and trust NI and rohan.

    dont if u dont want to and wait for a complete review and hands-on by android police, engadget, gizmodo......every friggin one :)...still not satisfied get an ipad or tab or heck wait for the motorola one that andy rubin had been showing off...its got a tegra 2 too i guess

    just dont get wht the fuss is all about ;)


  • george

    Please gentlemen, it is a blog on Android.

  • David Ruddock

    I've read all the comments; there are some interesting points being made. I'll try and provide my (personal) take on some of them, here goes:

    1. Rohan Shravan is a young, [insert wishy-washy adjective here] entrepreneur/inventor/idealist/tech-guy/whatever who just doesn't understand how business, marketing, and public relations work, so his "mistakes" are understandable.

    I'll bite. Roha Shravan is certainly a charismatic individual - I've watched the few interviews he's done, the TED and CES demos, etc. He actually seems quite business-savvy; he knows how to get people's attention, and is very talkative, and seems genuinely nice. He wants people to talk about his device, and wow, has he ever succeeded (his blog, various teasers on YouTube, renders of the supposed Eden UI). This makes me a little skeptical of his supposed PR/media relation failings. In reality, Rohan seems to understand how to generate a rabid fanbase quite well. I don't doubt that he's a smart guy.

    2. The Adam must be real because it has been shown off, there are pictures, videos of the prototype, renders of the software, and because Rohan is a really nice guy and his blog posts are so consistent that he couldn't be stretching the truth or anything like that.

    I took a browse through YouTube to make sure there aren't any Adam videos I haven't seen. Surprise: there aren't. What do they all have in common? A lot. Where to begin...

    A. No demonstration of USB (the oft-shown picture just proves you can plug things into it - not that they actually work.)

    B. No demonstration of HDMI out (this shouldn't even be that hard - HTC and Motorola have got this down)

    C. No demonstration of the Eden UI (sorry, emulated or rendered videos/screens don't count, and if you disagree with that statement, I don't know what to tell you.)

    D. All demos seem to be running Android 1.6 (per the interface)

    E.*Except* from the Flash example - which is actually not proven to be true Flash, this could be something as simple as a sideloaded copy of Skyfire (prove me wrong.)

    F. All video demos are generic assertions of video quality ("it's 1080P", wow, I'm convinced).

    Rohan has demonstrated 5 things:
    1. It runs on Tegra 2 (they did get into NVidia's booth at CES)
    2. It has a Pixel Qi display (obviously)
    3. There's an e-book reader app of some kind (that doesn't look anything like the stylized render)
    4. It can play back "HD" video.
    5. It runs Android.

    Call me skeptical, but this is simply not enough to convince me what's going on here isn't suspicious.

    3. The NI team is being held up by investors, poor organization, need for patents, FCC filing, finishing touches, and a botched marketing plan - they'll get media to us soon!

    Everything *real* Notion has showed us would have been impressive a year ago.

    Everything impressive that they're *promising* to show us, they haven't actually shown us.

    And what about developers? The Notion SDK? Find me a developer who has it ("early registration" was as far as anyone got with Genesis). If it was out there we would know, the Android community is probably the absolute worst at keeping software secrets to itself (it is an open source community, after all).

    I hope this more adequately explains my personal suspicions. Why didn't I put these in my post? Because they're facts that have been out there in the open for a while, and I didn't want to incense people with old information - but it seems some people have simply forgotten.

    David R.

    • David Ruddock

      Oh, and in response to the Pixel Qi blog confirming orders from Notion Ink?

      I don't doubt NI has been making orders with them. I don't think the Adam itself is total vaporware - I never suggested that. But just because you buy components doesn't mean you're going to be ready to ship in 2 months.

      The screen is a key hardware bottleneck for cost and such, I have no doubt, but if that screen isn't displaying the software people are expecting, it's pretty much useless.

      • Android

        Hi David.. You make valid points... I do think they are not vaporware and i don smell any scam... And i don believe Rohan is naive and not business mind.. But i think they are in some trouble.. And they are not coming clean... I understand not wanting to make things public three or four months before release.. But its supposed to release in another month.. If they don start now when are they going to ??? If they think that the product is going to be delayed they should come clean about it... I am waiting for another two weeks for more info from them, a working demo.. One thing they have to understand is that the customers are going to have a lot of choices.. and since they are late, others have caught up with them and they have bigger pockets.. So its all upto Notion Ink, they are the one who stand to gain or lose.. At the best they will get two or three months headstart, now that everyone is using nvidia tegra 2.. After Honey Comb the UI is not going to be a selling point either...

    • Mark

      Hi David
      Nice to see you responding. I could almost mistake you for Rohan the way you are taking a personal interest in your readers concerns ;-)

      1. I agree he's already quite business savvy and would not have come so far with this if he hadn't. But talent and experience are different things. It's not even about being thorough; the thing about being a bit green is that you don't anticipate nearly so well what can go wrong. Everything is easier with hindsight.

      On the one hand you treat him as a genuine enough business person who perhaps has poor judgement, but then, in 2. you start to question the reality of the whole thing.

      I'm not surprised you left these out of the original post - they are not worthy of tech reporting - they make you look like the worst kind of conspiracy theorists. You suggest he might be stretching the truth (a polite way of saying 'lying about the specs) on what basis? Because it's possible and we haven't seen anything yet? Or rather, what we have seen could be fake? I guess you realise how far we can go with that one - all the way until you actual have a product in your hand. And why would we want to keep up such extreme cynicism about a new product?

      This is where I start to get suspicious of your motives for publishing this story David - a nice way to generate some traffic. And always the moral fall-back of 'just doing our job'. Except as you make quite clear, the reasoning behind it was rather wild and speculative.

      3. This is just a black hole this argument - anything can be shoved into it. Until they've shown us something, then anything they say is probably untrue. What kind of starting point is that?

      An adequate explanation of your suspicions? Yes. But enough to make me agree with the suspiciousness in the first place. Sorry, no!

      • fozylet

        +1. Agree completely. The amount of prejudice being shown on which way to sway an unknown is what surprise me.

  • Jason

    Hi Bard,

    Check about 8:17:

    Nvidia Tegra Development Kit PCB:

    I’s Exact the Same Board, and Same I/O port Location Except missing VGA port(Of course), even debug button.

    But, Who use Development Kit PCB in Product version?! I know this video is about 1 year’s old already. If they changed the Design later, I am stand corrected.

    • Androidboy


      That is very interesting. Some one has mentioned that too.

      I am not too familiar with the PCB, so I am not sure if you can or cannot use there design for a production tablet, or it is to be used for reference only.

    • bryan

      Hey, its kinda obvious they would use the dev board in a prototype. Its already built and has all the ports needed, im in engineering and we are using an MCU dev board in our prototype final year project. The idea is you use the dev board to design the system.. but its big a clunky... he mentioned this in a few videos that the prototype is like 3cm wide... but when mass production starts the PCB is made for their system and to fit in thier housing... so the space is used more effectivley and they can make it thinner like the final specs...

      This is just how things are designed... if they chose to leave the ports in the same spot, then w.e. dosnt mean anything.

      why would anyone make a custom PCB for a prototype... unless it was a test of the FINAL version (ie the ferrari red they made) which that video is not.

      • Androidboy

        So are you saying anyone can build the Adam. Just get a Nvidia board + Pixie Qi screen and a case.

        There you have the Adam.

  • vikram aaditya


    We will not allow harassment on this blog. Keep on topic, please.

  • D

    After reading all the comments, I would like to recomment that the writer of this blog needs further education to become a professional writer and for blog readers, if you are thoughtful customers, wait and see. Don't waste your money and don't write if you don't know. Bring the latest update news. I am silent reader. Don't reply to me.

    • Androidboy

      "Bring the latest update news. I am silent reader. Don’t reply to me."

      Right...That just makes perfect sense.

  • vikram aaditya

    YES I have ordered one with 3g lcd.

    I bashed NI, because their mismanagement leads them to this stage and some what spoiled image of indian education , cultural system.
    India is emerging superpower so rohan should have to be responsible while interacting with world, though NI is very very small negligible firm.

    Rohan deserves these bad comments.

    • RG

      @vikram aaditya

      i dont think so sir.......this whole thing has just been blown up coz lets face it everybody over here obviously had huge expectations from NI and they seem to have faltered when it mattered the most.......i still tend to believe that they can deliver.......but considering Mr. Rohan's immature statements (i mean how many CEOs do u kno who casually accept their mistakes and go through the pain of writing almost each and every stage of development of their product.......n that too for a startup) i too have become doubtful.

      but on the other hand.....even bad publicity is still publicity ;).......n m pretty sure that he's liking all the hype that NI is gathering!!!

  • Azza

    This is by far the best read ive had on this site in a long time, just because of the opinions of everyone and the sheer thought of something we dont know much about besides some information about a product in the making. Amazing :D

    Keep it going guys, at least i wont get bored reading people flaming each other and giving their opinions :) I myself have been following the notionink blog for the past year but im not one to comment on anything as im not really fussed about what happens or does not happen.

    Kudos to all of you out there who have faith in Rohan and great read David, well researched. Lets all be nice, every man for himself :)


  • Dismissed spy

    Keep it going guys its truley entertaining.

    Rohan i love you.
    Long live NI.

  • lone successful preorder

    On a somewhat related note. Would Android Police have any advice for those of us from the US that preordered in order to protect ourselves from a sour deal, or are we pretty much boned for dealing with a foreign company?

    Any relevant laws that could be useful in case we need to deal with cancellations through our credit card company? i.e. they swapped the terms and conditions, that kind of thing. Would it void our commitment?

    Im getting a bit tired of all the passive aggressive blame games NI is pulling and a lack of response through their blog or email.

    • Android Boi

      Send a email to NI to cancel your pre-order. If they don't contact your CC and they will do it for you.

    • bryan

      i was successful too, but I would wait till the 18th... for the video. There are many explanations that can put this storey either way. Noone has enough facts to comment on their intentions so wait for their reply for more info... unless you dont really want the tablet then go ahead and cancel.

    • Androidboy

      If the tablet is really good it will come out in retail.

      Why spend the extra money + on custom and duties.

      Prices will be cheaper through retail.

  • muma

    It looks like I put this blog on fire by my last comment( in poor english ).

    Please excuse for this mess.
    I'm deeply sorry for Brad's mom, he went nutzoid.

    • Android Boi

      Go to your local college and please take some english classes.

      remember A is for Apple

      • Side Saddle JimBob

        A is for Apple, J is for Jacks, Cinnamon-toasty Apple Jacks!
        Fixed! :D

  • http://www.notionink.com Rohan Shravan


    I read that you were trying to get to us and sent some emails. I tried checking my personal data base, and was not able to find you. Please get in touch me over the email listed here.

    Warm Regards

    Rohan Shravan

  • nisheeth baluni

    Here is a thought:
    Those who did preorder are not right in complaining about lack of videos now that Rohan has already said that on 18th they will post some. They are right when saying that NI has hurt itself by committing several blunders on PR and order handling fronts but they know that nobody was forced to preorder. People pre-ordered despite all chaos and confusion. And those who didn't pre-order have nothing to worry about, because they can see videos on 18th if they like and buy after CES if they are satisfied with the product. Fact is none is admitting that they just like to spend time commenting on blogs and besides this there is nothing else to worry about, it is only NI who should worry (and if someone who pre-ordered now thinks that this is a scam then he or she should definitely cancel the order immediately, even if it means loss of a few dollars). By the way, I don't think even even the worst critic is convinced of it being a vaporware.

    • Android Boi


      Has of now we have no idea they have a working tablet, or if its a scam, or if they just made some serious business mistakes.

      All we know is Rohan has delayed some many days to release a new video. We are asking why is that? How hard is it to take a mobile video and post it. That delay is reflecting negatively on them.

      Just remember the CE industry if very hard to be in. It's a cut throat industry. Even a large company like Apple can go bankrupt, and it has in the past. Consumers are not going to sacrifice for the company that is illogical.

    • Shankar indian

      @nisheeth baluni

      I wish you luck.

    • Shankar indian

      @nisheeth baluni


  • Luke Warm

    You're right, yellow journalism was inappropriate. I should have said BRIGHT yellow journalism! Do you have direct dialog with all tech CEO's (Sony, Apple, MS, Nokia, et al)? Do they all reach out to you? If so I then understand how troubling it would be that this particular CEO has been a little quiet lately. If not, then act like a grown up and apperciate the scope of what this little start up is trying to acheive and be thankful that the CEO has time to comment at all. I understand that being in contact with the consuer community is important for this CEO, and he seems to be doing his best. I am interested in the product as well, but if I have doubts about the company's credibility, I won't order. Again, GROW UP, you may have to wait a little while before you get your Red Ryder pellet gun under your tree boys and girls.
    Regarding a CEO admitting his mistakes, it is the new paradigm in a social networking economy. The guy is putting a human face on his company, and it's childish misinformed commentary like yours that will slow this progress.

    • Android Boi

      Don't compare NI to Apple, Dell. NI is a company that has really has almost no revenue, besides those pre-orders.

      Rohan hyped the tablet, he got what he deserved. Remember this is a tech product not a financial product. Its hard to fool people for long in tech. Rohan got exactly what he deserved. It was a hard life lesson, but in the start up world only the strong survive.

      • Android Pop

        "Rohan hyped the tablet, he got what he deserved"

        Yes son, he had 2 of his models sold out within hours. Serves him good!

  • dismissed spy

    @rohan shravan,
    now thats like a man!

    Now you are doing right things.

    Long live notion ink.

    • Android Boi


      haha go worship your god Rohan. Do his puja or something.

  • primarycloud

    Wow! so much defensive, self agrandizing vitriol over defending a position that is applicable only if you are a self absorbed homuncolous posturing as a commentator. The NI family has been following and been involved in the development of the Adam and the company for over a year. It is an evolution that is still in development. If you cannot recognize this process or do, but must be critical non the less, that is one of our freedoms. But, pls try to get beyond your limitations and give recognition to a process and the peiople involved, that have come together and are funding a trully revolutionary device. Give yourself some space because you will be using one in the very near future.

    • Android Boi

      What evolution? Tell me one technology that NI has invented that is revolutionary. Your saying it a game changing tablet. Prove it, it just looks like any other tablet, but with high end specs.

      Buddy this is the CE (consumer electronic) industry. Here you don't get an A for effort. The only way to get an A is if your finished product is that good and people start buying tons of it.

      Don't give us that bullcrap of yes we are innovative. Your not anything until you have proved to the world you have a superior product, that no one else has, and it's selling like hot cakes.

  • Dune

    In all likelihood, the major tech blogs are miffed that NI isn't kowtowing to their wishes and demands.

    Who wouldn't love to see aspirants of fame run around them begging for a favourable glance?

    Had the vision behind the Adam and the efforts of its designers not been so good, these very same people would have dismissed them as just another third-world startup with Indian customers. Have you seen any major reviews of the Olivepad?

    In reality, the Adam has raised expectations around the world, and is showing how the major tech companies continue to take their customers for a ride by engineering creeping obsolescence for features that are possible to be made available now, and together.

    The emperor's USB ports. Heh.

    After all, this is journatalia.

    • Android Boi

      Raised what expectations? Did they invent "multi-touch technology" Is anyone using there tablet? Do they have a truely innovative app that no one else has.

      It amazes me, that Notion Ink's and Rohan definition of innovation is basically copying what is out there, and making video of a really non-innovative weather app, that you can right now download on any iOS or Android device.

      If you work for NI you time is best spent actually developing the device instead of posting.

      • Dune

        So who do *you* think invented multi-touch technology? Just because Apple got the first patent does not mean they had the first idea.

        On the same lines, Notion Ink also has some patent claims, and so it is possible they have innovated on some procedures and methods.

        Notion Ink has definitely raised expectations about what a Tablet can be, and it can be much more than a crippled iPad or a constrained e-reader.

        They are throwing into it whatever they can, and this goes against the marketing logic of the big corporations that treat their customers like sheeple. Hah, not providing ability to copy and paste, or forward messages.

        As I said, the emperor's USB ports.

        • Android Boi

          Can you please list the patents they have? Don't BS ok, if you have no proof they have patents, don't say anything.

          "Notion Ink has definitely raised expectations about what a Tablet can be, and it can be much more than a crippled iPad or a constrained e-reader."

          Name one function that NI tablet can do vs another android table with Pixie Qi screen cannot?

        • Dune

          At least show me another Android tablet with a Pixel Qi screen, or show yourself for what you really are, sockpuppet.

          And no, I am not an employee of a tech company unlike you.

        • Androidboy

          Sockpuppet? lol

          "At least show me another Android tablet with a Pixel Qi screen, or show yourself for what you really are, sockpuppet."

          So what are you saying that Pixie Qi, has only one 1 partner? They have no other android tablet makers.

          Go check there blog again. Dumbass

      • bryan

        All apple did was cut and paste others tech and make a fancy commercial and say they did it first.. and look how much money they made...

        you really have no argument

        • Androidboy

          I am pretty sure it took Apple quite a number of years to develop multi-touch and get it just right. They started working on the iPad around 2002, then jumped onto the iPhone and came back to the iPad.

          I am sorry I am huge Android fan, but you gotta give credit where it's due.

          If you can make a responsive tablet from off the shelf components. Please go ahead, I buy one from you.

  • BigEndian

    This is DOA. Now would I buy this even if it launches ? Hell no. They have to prove they can survive for a year before they see a cent from me.

    • bryan

      Thats nice, have fun

  • joe

    I was interested in the NI tablet as well.

    I bet that the situation right now is that they do not have a single production unit.

    They probably thought that they will get money from preorders and pay the manufacturer from that.

    I would also like to note that they are not an exhibitor on CES 2011 - just check the CES site.

    But looking at the bright side, in three weeks there will be tons of new tablets accounced :)

  • johnboatcat

    Android Boi is just a troll and flamer trying to "juice" activity on this site. Put him on ignore. Many of the rest are "sour grapes" that didn't get to pre-order for one reason or another.

    It is easy. If you have problems with the company or product just don't order it. The time and energy that the nay sayers on here are putting into bashing NI points to a much more sinister motivation.

    • Dune

      Everyone knows how the tech reviews, auto reviews etc. work in the world of journalism. Notion Ink is yet to throw gala launch parties.

      Notion Ink seems to not want to participate in the grand pecking order of tech reviews, with iSteve on top, Arrington just below him, the layer of Samsungs, followed by the John Biggs who peck the wannabe tech companies to death.

      • Androidboy

        If NI had a working product, and it was really good, I would think they would want to participate. When a tablet comes out in the marketplace, it is going to be pecked to death.

        If Rohan Shravan, can't handle the heat, tell him to personally to get his ass out of the kitchen. Doing a start up in not easy. Trying to break into the CE market is tuff. That just how it is.

        "Notion Ink seems to not want to participate in the grand pecking order of tech reviews, with iSteve on top, Arrington just below him, the layer of Samsungs, followed by the John Biggs who peck the wannabe tech companies to death."

        • jpaw

          "Trying to break into the CE market is tuff"

          Those(you and me!) who just thought like this are here.

          The ones(Apple, NI) who thought otherwise are somewhere else.

  • Lord of s/w

    @ rohan shravan.
    If you have guts and you are real man then answer my questions

    1.is notion ink registered in india?

    2.your office in bengaluru is owned or rented ?

    3. Is your company liable tax payer to govt. Of india?

    4.who are your financers?

    5.do you have professional guys to handle different departments?

    6. Have you hired industrial lawyer?

    7.what is real price of adam? What about 12% vat and other taxes in india?


    9. Do you know how much ''OLIVE PADS'' first indian android tablet sold in india?
    As far as i know they have sold some thousend pieces in 100crore market

    If you have balls, then post pics of your bengaluru office i want to see how properly it is set.

    • Dune

      I can reply to some for them.

      1. Yes, they are registered in India, without which they could not have done much to get a payment gateway. India isn't a banana republic

      2. They shifted to Bangalore a few months back. Given that they are a startup, they can't afford their own place, so it would be rented

      3. Yes, and I have talked to them

      4. Why should they be obliged to reveal that to you?

      5. Startups hardly have different departments, but they have a number of engineers, and commercial aspects are handled by their top management

      6. They have earlier posted on their blog about the restrictions put on by their lawyers. I don't think they approached divorce lawyers to do it

      7. The real price is what is communicated to you at the time of purchase, plus customs, C&F etc. All local taxes in India are part of the price

      8. No, I am a vapourperson. Are there any on your planet, you racist idiot?

      9. The Olive pad is not worth the money they are asking for it, and therefore no discerning buyer will buy it. However, there are many idiots like you toting their grey market / uncle-imported iPads

      If you have the requisite piece of anatomy in addition to a similar set of brain cells, hire somebody to get the pictures for you. They have posted photos of their office forming a backdrop to the Adam, and for a startup, they can't afford any lavishness.

      Now lube up, your iBoss beckons you to his iBed.

      • Androidboy


        You sir are seriously retarded. Lord of s/w is from India. Dumbass

        "8. No, I am a vapourperson. Are there any on your planet, you racist idiot?"

        • jeremee

          LOl this place has become more dangerous then Iraq!!

          People are ready to kill just to back their words!

          s/w is really disrespecting his own kind.

          Q8 basically says "we in India are poor and not up to the latest gadget trends... why would we buy atablet?"

          This Adam saga should be made into a movie - even if the actual tablet flops!

      • balls on rent

        Subrahmanya Arcade is an IT Park where several other multinationals are operating. The image description says "IBM, EMC2 and Cisco are located in these buildings on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore"


    • Android

      Dude u seem funny.. You are asking "If u are a man ?". I think you have been watching a lot of Bollywood Movies i guess.. Why the hell should he tell u that the office is owned or rented?? Who the hell are you man... And mind ur language "If you have balls ?????? " You are taking this too personally man... Its just a product.. If u have prebooked it then cancel it and get ur money back.. Wait i dont think u are such a brilliant guy.. The way i see this is "You are going to challenge him to a duel with a sword" Why should he tell u who is financers are ? If u are so concerned i guess u can call up the police about the fraud or may be get some info using the RTI act.. Until then please keep wait and wait for some time

  • http://twitter.com/mridul Mridul

    I got this from FCC database - http://bit.ly/hup2s8 - but sadly no documents are publicly available.

    • http://twitter.com/mridul Mridul

      Here's a screenshot of the database search (the link doesn't work!!) http://twitpic.com/3fbz7e

      The Grantee Code is Y2G.

      • Androidboy


        Unfortunately grantee code doesn't mean anything. It something you and I can create on the fly.

        What we need is a FCC ID. If you own a electronic product here in the US, it will have a FCC ID. Usually the first 3 characters of the FCC ID is the grantee code.


  • johnboatcat

    Android Boi = Androidboy = troll = ignore

    • Androidboy


      read the blog post again. Based on the majority of comments, tell me who is the troll.
      seriously, go back to the NI forum. Rohan will welcome you.

  • http://www.notioninkhacks.com Andy Smith

    I did purchase the NI Adam and did start a community for the device, but agree that there should be videos, images, and a better return policy. I bought an iPad and took it back. Bestbuy charged no restocking fee and gave me 30 days to return it no questions asked. They have a great product but need to step things up.

    Andy Smith (Admin)

  • johnboatcat

    Android Boi = Androidboy = troll = flamer = ignore

  • Lord of s/w


    Dont lie dude,

    I have checked with 'Bangaluru Municipal Corporation' they dont have any records about notion ink.

    About tax returns, yes rohan is hiding something.

    I am indian (hindi)
    ''bheja ghum gaya na to saale wat laga dunga''
    Sarkar ko tax bharta nahi he saala, me chodunga nahi en logo ko''!

    Abe sale apne yaha kaun kharidta he ye tablet wablet, ek bar laptop liya usiko jindagi bhar update karte rehte.
    En goro ko gussa mat dila, apne yaha to koi nahi kharidne wala. Thand matlab coca cola!

    • Androidboy

      @Lort of s/w


    • Dune

      oh, are you from Olivepad? Apologies for dissing your worthless tablet in public.

      If you had a couple of brain cells, you would have noticed the number of overpriced gray market iPads being sold in India. If you had balls, you would admit it.

    • fozylet

      duh... how dumb can you get? BBMP collects property tax, not income tax. They are possibly paying professional tax, but that goes to the state govt AFAIK. And there is no such agency called Bengaluru Municipal Corporation.

      and this firm (or company) must be filing their IT returns (even if they are not paying taxes as they have just started sales). you can easily get details by making a Right To Information application with the Income Tax dept

  • johnboatcat

    Yes I agree. Rohan hiding behind one of the most active blogs on WordPress. He is hiding right behind Oprah. Come out you silly CEO. No hiding there. You get out in front of Oprah so we can see you. Indian government can't see you behind Oprah!

    • Androidboy

      Now that quite an image "Rohan behind Oprah"

      Does she call him daddy. lol

      Maybe Oprah can give out free Adams to her studio Audience. If Rohan was behind her, I am that is the least she can do it give them out.

  • sam i

    @Lord of s/w
    To math choooood na saale , tere ko kisne choodne ko kaha tha.

    • Androidboy

      @sam i

      Be respectful and speak English please.

  • johnboatcat

    Fresh off the internet:

    Christina E. Warren, tech blogger for Mashable, conspires with tech blog Android Police to black list Notion Ink. To quote Christina, "and I know I’m not alone." Christina has proposed a meeting at CES with David Ruddock, editor of Android Police to, "say hello". At this point David is believed to be innocent of the alleged conspiracy, but if Christina is not alone, than who are the others? Could other tech bloggers be participating with Christina's plan of, "why I haven’t written about Notion Ink"?
    This follows on the heels of several other tech blogs unwarranted and ill informed negative reports concerning Notion Ink and their Adam tablet which is due to debut at CES in January. How wide spread could this conspiracy be and who is ultimately behind it?

    See you don't have to be a big time tech blogger to write horse hocky!

    • Androidboy

      No need to explain further....that statement says it all.

      Now it all makes sense, as to why you pre-ordered.

      Everything will be ok, I get you your meds soon.

  • Lord of s/w

    @sam i
    Abe kutte tum logan ne pehle se hi gandagi faila rakhi he, managemet to aata nahi, chala he paisa kamane,
    meri kya galti he? Me to abbi abbich aaya hu.

    Abe behen chood teri kyun gaand dukhti hai.

    Dont take me casually, when it comes to tax returns to govt, I will investigate this matter till the end of galaxy.
    I am a big psycho.

    • johnboatcat

      "I am a big psycho."

      Ah, finally something we can agree on!

      • Androidboy


        I am glad you finally realized, who you were.


    • jeremee

      lol this guy is funny - s/w get drunk and make youtube videos! :)
      you are starting to remind me of the indian guy from 'the big bang theory'

  • bryan
    • Kane

      The article doesn't add any info outside of what Rohan says - no product demos, no hands-on information, it says like 2 things: they have an office, they're getting practically free labor out of <25 year olds, which means there is nobody on staff with any experience (ha, big surprise, this actually explains a lot), and that's about it.

      • bryan

        there are four people here

        1. those who pre-ordered knowing what a pre-order was.

        2. those that are bitter because they couldn't pre-order

        3. those that are just making rational points about the T's and C's or requesting more info.

        4. those that are trying to damage NI's rep by making bogus remarks about not having an office or that its a scam.

        I think the first 3 types are fine to talk, but some people here are the 4th type and just trying to get them to stop talking. They honestly sound like republicans stirring the stupid masses by fanning the flames of fear and lies

  • lord’s buddy

    That article increased my doubts.
    It is showing 13 dec, means it was posted half an hour ago. Was it paid news or is he rohans friend?
    But yes i some what agree whatever that article say.

  • wishadamluck

    Give this guy some respect he deserves:

    NOT A SCAM BY ANY MEANS..just one big rookie mistake in handling pre-order


  • johnboatcat

    Follow-up on "Conspiracy to black list Notion Ink":

    Android Police blog commenter "brad" has admitted that, "CES, then yes, I would meet Christina." That would be Christina Warren, tech blogger for Mashable, who has been mentioned in connection with her statements concerning not writing about Notion Ink. This statement might give some idea of what Christina meant when she said,"and I know I’m not alone.”

    Brad's statements,"when someone asks or preys on the naivity of others to preorder something that does not exist," and "this company and Rohan, rubbed me the wrong way", might give some insight into what is driving the alleged conspiracy.

    Neither brad or Christina immediately returned email inquiries, because I didn't have their address.

    • Androidboy


      please take your meds.

    • brad

      There comes a time when you see the discussion become juvenile and useless.

  • CJ

    You probably are not realizing this, but I do not think Rohan's team has a working production unit at their garage, that is why we need to wait till Dec 18th, that is when Rohan will get an actual production model from China... What they have in their possession is probably a Development unit which significantly differs from the actual Adam that customers will get...

    Also I hope Rohan did not use his own pre-ordering form to get the production model :)


    • Dune

      18th December is the anniversary of their unveiling of the Adam prototype. It might very well be the case that Rohan Shravan gave out the date and they were planning something to commemorate, at least internally.

  • tfkennady

    I pre-ordered without much concern so my question is;

    why is it that everyone who has not pre-ordered (put their money where their mouth is) seem to be so concerned about it??? It's getting ridiculous at this point. I highly doubt anyone here at AP pre-ordered, and quite frankly Rohan only needs to answer to people who have actually forked over some cash (like me), not some small relatively unknown Android Blog.

    I do think AP was irresponsible with some of it's headlines regardless if they did have legitimate concerns which of course they do.

    I'm just sick of all these people complaining that don't have any stake, or anything to worried about because they didnt spend a dime. I would recommend unless you're a paying customer keep your comments (and speculation) to yourself. Don't report it as if it were facts.

    If I end up being burned by pre-ordering so be it, chalk it up to a life lesson. Can we please let this play out before everyone jumps to conclusions.

    • brad

      Nobody is jumping to conclusion. Only asking questions.

    • lone successful preorder

      I ordered so Im allowed right? So heres my list of complaints:

      -no reply of emails
      -no further info
      -pulled Terms and conditions
      -Moved terms and conditions to purchase page which is only accessible when you try to order another tablet
      -changed terms and conditions
      -charged full amount with no commitment to shipping dates
      -check pre-order status link doesn't work
      -fake phone number
      -refusal to answer questions
      -passive aggressive shifting of blame or pointing fingers for company mistakes

      How can I be confident that a company like this can support the product after I purchase it? Especially the excuse that they're a small company. You think 4 or 5 guys or even 20 is enough to run the entire company with adequate time for customer support?

      Rohan can call people family and make you feel welcomed and tell you he's in a state of introspection all he wants. The fact is he hasn't officially answered any questions or posted anything of substance.

      • tfkennady

        my question to you is;

        Did you have these concerns before or after you pre-ordered?

        If you had them prior to preordering, then why order in the first place?

        If after why not give Rohan a legitimate chance to give us a demo?

        I don't deny that the whole pre-order launch was a fiasco; but basically the fall out has been everything from being a fraud and a scam to racial slurs.

        Wouldn't you think after all the comments, concerns, and complaints Rohan wants to get all his ducks in a row before putting out some hap-hazardous video or pictures?

        IF after the 18th which is the deadline Rohan put out himself we still don't have some concrete answers to these concerns start worrying then. If that's not good enough you can always cancel and get your money back right?

        • lone successful preorder

          After I ordered, he pulled the terms and conditions and revised them and moved them. Why would I order if that stuff was done before?

          And no, I don't think it's too much for him to step up now and at least list the specs or answer specific questions like android market access or memory. All I've is hearsay from anonymous posters about specs. The 18th is far off and I couldn't deal with my credit card company waiting that long.

          If I had to deal with notion ink for a refund, that's 5% they get to keep for a product they couldn't deliver. And actually no, after the responses I've read from Rohan, I don't think he will be getting all his ducks lined up. Theres been a lot of picking and choosing of other company's policies and shifting of blame.

          He's had since thursday to speak up and that's a pretty legitimate chance if you ask me. Things like specs are already ironed out if the units are in actual production. Their full disclosure wouldn't ruin any anticipation, nor would a single picture of the unit.

          At this point, I really do believe he has no production units in hand. The best I could give him is that he's waiting for one to be shipped in from china to do his demo. In hindsight, I never should have ordered. This preorder never should have taken place.

          If Notion Ink wants to be a global company, they should have done their homework and stepped their game up. They cant fall back on saying theyre a small company or an indian company when things don't go their way. Granted even the larger corporations get swamped during pre-orders but they resolve their problems and individually address their consumers asap.

          Notion Ink has said nothing but point finger and that there's "introspection" while they're still taking pre-orders with the same faulty system, charging customers in full and keeping a tight lip on valid questions and disclosures. If I could cancel without a penalty, I would.

  • dod

    I have been watching this story unfold with great interest. I have the money set aside to buy a brand new Android tablet and I'd like to get the best one I can and soon. All the tablets available at the moment have limitations so it is clear to me that I'll have to wait until next year when the new Gingerbread version of Android comes out. Before then, all you have is a tablet using a phone OS.

    Judging by the quoted specifications, the Notion Ink Adam has everything I'd want along with an innovative new screen. Rohan seems to be an innovator and a visionary and he is probably honest. However, it would appear that people are handing over $500 or so of their hard earned money (some people say that is not much money - but for most people, that represents many hours, days or even weeks hard work) for a product made by a company with no prior history of producing anything.

    We can hope that the product will do what they say it will do when it is finally produced but without so much as a picture or video of a working prototype never mind a review by an independent expert, one would be naive to part with one's money on the advice of a bunch of enthusiasts. Those of you who have "preordered", imagine yourselves reading a review which shows it to be less than we hoped.

    The article quoted in this thread by Hindi Business Online shows that on the eve of "preorder" there is still not a working prototype.

    I genuinely hope that the Notion Ink Adam is as good as Rohan says it is. I don't suspect a scam and I want to buy one but why should this be different from anything else we buy. The concept of buying something you have never seen over the internet is well established but there is no precidnt for buying someting nobody has seen. This company has somehow achieved something akin to buying shares in a gold mine on the other side of the word because the owner tells you there's gold in it. If he's right, you'll be very happy but if he's wrong, you'll be kicking yourself for being so stupid.

    I do believe that this situation is unprecedented in the market and will at some point make big news outside the blogosphere whichever way this all unfolds. I hope it goes well and I'll be parting with my money as soon as I have confirmation that it is a great product, arrives on time and does what it says on the box....

  • Siliconaddict

    $10 says that they delay it and blame androidpolice for it, due to "diminishing demand". Which ofcourse is bull, but it would make a great excuse for them.

  • Shooter

    I pre-ordered Pixel Qi non 3g.
    $550 equates to 5% of my yearly income.
    If it is a scam my CC insurance will cover it.
    If I don't like it I'll sell it for $650 on ebay, and trust me someone will buy it.
    So big investment for me, but I'm not worried one bit.

    • lone successful preorder

      and if they send out a buggy or defective unit, then what happens? You pay an additional fee and shipping and wait for months for more pixel qi units?

      A hundred bucks is really worth all that hassle to you?

      • Shooter

        Yeah, I see your point, but it is a bet I'm willing to make.
        People gamble a whole lot more than this in other realms. But for the average electronics consumer it is always best to wait for professional reviews. I don't consider myself an average consumer though :)

    • David Ruddock

      It's probably worthwhile to note that most credit card fraud protection has limitations on what constitutes fraud. Typically the definition is limited, in "standard" fraud protection services, to identity fraud (unauthorized use).

      If your device gets backordered for 3 months, it's probably not going to be covered by your card company.

      Additionally, most card companies require that you report the transaction within a relatively short period if you want to be able to use that protection, if it qualifies.

      A failure to deliver a product you willingly paid money for through a 3rd party payment processor is something your card company would probably not reimburse, unless you have some kind of enhanced card insurance.

      I'm not saying this to just counter you - it's worthwhile for people to know that there isn't just an easy "go back" button if for some reason your transaction doesn't yield a product in due time.

      • Shooter

        Yes the backorder would be my biggest issue. I have a premium CC that has above average policies in this area, so I feel quite covered.
        If the delivery date does blow out past one month I'll cancel my order and lose $25, then I will not be a happy camper!

        • lone successful preorder

          hey do me a favor and let me know if theres a ship date for your preorder. I was one of the lucky few who was able to order the pq+3g at 4pm but my order has no ship date

  • Siliconaddict

    God the engrish in this thread is hurting my head.

  • Neutral

    AndroidPolice... stop being an unreasonable biatch.

  • Lord’s buddy

    Lord of s/w is not from shitty olive pad.

    He owns his own software firm in bangaluru with good turnover.

    Are you nuts, you are talking about indian grey market and overpriced grey ipad? Lol

    So notion ink cosider those grey market buyers as NI'S prospective customers?
    Kudos to notion ink! Good market survey and business stratergy. With this kinda vision they better sell some kinda 'magical ink', notion ink.

    By the way those grey market ipad numbers are very few, i can count them on my fingers.

    Adam fanboys ,Now stop all these defending.
    "gone those days, when microsoft become microsoft, apple become apple, nowdays tech market is like a fast food, fast is better.
    With these shoddy attempts notion ink not gonna make any 'revolution'

  • lone successful preorder

    are you able to confirm that it actually is rohan shravan? Anyways it would be nice if there was actual correspondence with you.

    hopefully you can clear up the specs and DOA policies for us. But it would be nice to get any info from them at all, even if all they did was threaten to sue for libel or if they asked for more time.

  • lone successful preorder

    were posts deleted due to shills or something?

  • Balancer.

    Hi All -
    Couple of Observations.
    1. NI is still a Product Start-up, wanting to take on the might of Samsungs, Apples, Viewsonics. What they don't understand is, Market, Market Dynamics, their market segment and the geographic market they want to look at.
    2. The one area they seriously lack is the myopic marketing vision they have, you can't come out blazing for a "WORLDWIDE PRODUCT LAUNCH" when you dont have the resources for the same. Think they are "STRETCHING" themselved thin, real thin.
    3. It's okay to get your product "contract manufactured", but u need pictures of your product.
    4. They should showcase their products - follow inexpensive marketing strategies - target colleges, setup product booths in the million or so office campuses that are located in India. Once the product is successful in India, makes sense to go global => One region at a time.
    5. Yes, need an international team of lawyers if u want to launch a product simultaneously.
    6. You can't have a group of college grads go all out against the apple's and samsung's. They need more experience on their side Esp with PRODUCT LAUNCHES. The better the product is positioned, the more the chances of success.

    Unless they get the basics right, I can see them trip. I just hope they re-work their strategy and not get into the trap of emulating Page/Brin or Jobs. Take One step at a time.

  • Milind

    Rohan has essentially admitted to this in his posts, which worries me. Rarely, if ever, will a company so freely admit its mistakes – Rohan is actively making statements that would cause (if NI were publicly traded) many shareholders to hit the "SELL" button faster than you can say "bankruptcy."

    There is no way I was going to pre-order this device. Not because I think it's a scam. I don't. But because this is the first product of an obviously small company with limited resources and will likely have some teething problems. But I have to laugh at the statement above. Here we have a CEO who has been blogging publicly the good and bad for many months and instead of applauding this refreshing candor, you are "worried". No doubt, you would prefer the slick PR from "savvy" companies which essentially are the reason why we end up with the Enrons and Madoffs.

    Give the guys a break. They are attempting to bring to the market the first truly exciting tablet. They may not succeed, but they are trying hard and the way they are going about it is very refreshing. I didn't find anything dismissive in Rohan's blog. But I do think your response to it is full of it!

    • http://inordinatemind.com Anthony Topper

      I second your notion Milind. It is what it is. Why are people so scared of reality.

  • Peter

    I wanna say Big hello to GUINEA PIGS. (who have preordered adam)
    I was preassuming that europe, american market matured long ago but naah, we still have blind fools.

    • http://inordinatemind.com Anthony Topper

      Not everyone needs to be coddled.

  • shankar indian

    i love adam.
    I love rohan.
    I love ni.

  • Adam fan

    Hey guys check the notioninkDOTcom, the pre-order status is up. They are learning thats all.
    Kudos to android police for putting up legitimate questions and worries related to adam and NI. Rohan may be unconventional in his thinking but the whole team is indeed inexperienced and learning very slowly.
    Its better they don't put anything for international audience unless it lives upto its hype. I'm waiting with my knives for 18th December, I hope it doesn't get more sensational from there on. Let the video and hands on demo be out.

  • JR

    I think what Notion Ink should realize, is that Android Police has been fair from both sides and just pointing out the obvious. I mean you can not disagree with anything posted about this here, I myself was so ready to buy a Notion Ink but as the pre order date came closer I just assumed images/videos of the actual final product would be released. Even after they failed to release any media for the final product, I was filling out the preorder form as soon as I could but once I got to the payment page I got cold feet and stopped. I mean I still believe the Notion is going to end up being the best tablet out, but the process this has gone through is a tad shaky at best.

    Doesnt Notion Ink realize that if they answered Android Police emails and cleared the air and its published here it would help their company 10 fold?

  • http://inordinatemind.com Anthony Topper

    Dear Android Police,

    I pre-ordered the Notion Ink Adam. I talk about the process on my blog here, http://inordinatemind.com/2010/12/10/pre-ordering-the-notion-ink-adam/

    It's no Apple Store. Or Amazon.com. It's a company in it's infancy and expectations need to paired with that knowledge. It's that simple.

    The company's attempts at forthrightness and giving us an inside view into the process is a breath of fresh air.

    The Adam isn't even close to mainstream at this point. I think they will work to iron out these problems and have a cool CES launch.

  • johnboatcat

    From the check pre-order status log in on the NI home page:
    Estimated Shipping Date Jan 9 2011

  • RJ

    I think you guys raised some good points, and it's perfectly understandable to be cautious about such a thing.

    I've been following these guys since over the summer, and I've gotten a feel for how they go about things. I disagree with their decision, but there's way more to it.

    Secrecy is a bitch. I'm under NDA myself about several related matters, and of COURSE I want to brag about them at the top of my lungs. NI was tired of all the comments about it being vaporware, and decided it was GO TIME.

    Unfortunately, NI doesn't own NI. NI's investors own NI. This is the real reason behind all of this nonsense. NI can't release information until a certain date, per request of their investors (this has been brought up by him before), and what he Can release ahead of time isn't satisfying his people.

    I could blab on and on about what he should have done, but the fact is simple: If it bugs you, shut up and wait until more information comes out. No one is forcing you to buy it, no one is saying this is your only chance. I'm disappointed he released it without a video, but who cares.

    • brad

      Its not about being or feeling forced to buy the NI product. Its a matter of principal.

      Answering or providing answers to questions and showing a fully functional model.

  • Travis

    'Rohan has essentially admitted to this in his posts, which worries me. Rarely, if ever, will a company so freely admit its mistakes – Rohan is actively making statements that would cause (if NI were publicly traded) many shareholders to hit the "SELL" button faster than you can say "bankruptcy."'

    It might not be common but I'm sure he's just trying to be transparent and truthful with his customers. It isn't a new concept, just a grander scale. A giant banner that reads, "Under new management" is essentially the same thing.

    Square-Enix just did something very similar. It publicly ousted the current FFXIV dev team and apologized for releasing a crappy game. http://lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com/pl/topics/detail?id=c499e4c5df4f3f0fde1fb47a28574cb9c3991c9f

    I doubt NI is a scam and it's unfortunate they're getting this kind of bad press. It's
    start-ups like this that we need to drive competition and innovation. I look forward to ordering mine once the MC gateway and more PQ models are available.

  • Singapura

    Steve Jobs must be reading this blog and rolling on the floor laughing. At least on the Apple fan blogs, his company can't do anything wrong. Even supposed "neutral" blogs like Engadget always give Apple the benefit of the doubt. I can't imagine that by bashing Notion Ink and their CEO, Android Police is doing the Android community any service. Being a technical wiz kid doesn't make you a marketing guru. I've seen plenty of smaller and medium companies in Asia making the mistakes that NI makes. They either learn or perish. Calling them "shady" and harping about small things like Master Card payments doesn't keep the real fans from ordering anyway, seeing that the Pixel Qi versions are already sold out. In the end, Jobs and his followers will thank you for making the Apple brand stronger. They have the money and resources to cover up mistakes and pay off the press. Notion Ink doesn't.

    • Marvin

      Exactly what I thought. And I am an android fan. This blog and the blogger is doing a great deal of damage to the community for nothing. I think the blogger is very crafty and used this startup companies errors to get some personal attention. If Adam turned out to be a success, I bet this loser will change color and write another blog full of praise.

  • AnderPanderSenanderKarelen

    I think what Rohan (LOTR reference) and the gang was really doing is a market-research, seeing how many people would buy the device, and from that point start producing. That would explain the long waiting period and such n'such ;).

  • Richard

    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy a Notion Ink Tablet until I read some stuff a website called notioninkhacks.com The tablet looks very promising and I can’t wait to get it. I would also recommend that everyone visit that website and sign up for the forums. Looks like it’s going to be a great community.

  • lispler

    To consider this a scam clearly means that you have no background on the topic.

    PixelQi have referred to NI as a customer and functional real life prototypes have been shown a year ago.

    What do you think they did since then, browse porn and update facebook status? Have you any idea how time consuming proper design of hard- and software is, let alone the organisational issues?

    Why introduce delays due to change of funding and not tell the public until several months later?

    What they "have learned from Android Police" is that it doesn't pay out to inform the public of possibly upcoming extensions, since those pseudo-journalist amateur blogs will rip it apart to get some kind of message out of it.

  • http://www.starbytecomputers.com/blog/ Parteek Malhotra

    PC World India has also published these Controversies about Notion Ink Tablet: http://www.pcworld.in/news/notion-ink-adam-tablet-five-controversies-43032010

  • Rajendra S

    I am an Indian and very upset with NI for various issues related to false promises, mis-information, gross misrepresentation, pathetic quality. The reason being India is an emerging country and NI like companies can damage India's reputation a lot. I request all non-Indians to not treat NI as representative of Indian ethics and morals. Thanking everyone for their understanding.

  • koko

    I don't know of others but my Adam is in India and Gati has sent me email ...

  • http://www.notioninkscam.com Angry Customer

    Yes, it is a scam. It is Mid April and people are still waiting for their Adams. Besides, the ones who got their shitty Adam are now repenting their decision. This piece of crap does not work without rooting, GPS compass is as directionless as they are. Dead pixels, broken HDMI input, Maild crashes, no market access. NI can not beat cheap chinese tablets forget about big boys.
    They have the worst customer support. Chief is cheap and it is a story of broken promises.
    A dream that turned into a nightmare.

    A betrayed Lover

  • Another Angry Customer

    Feb 15, 2011 - I ordered the PixelQi Wifi + 3G (UMTS 850/1900 MHz). On Mar 16, 2011 I was informed that this item would take even longer to ship and was offered a downgrade. I elected to downgrade to the to the LCD + Wifi + 3G (UMTS 850 / 1900 Mhz) and was refunded the difference on Mar 22, 2011. On Mar 31, 2011 I was informed that the LCD + Wifi + 3G (UMTS 850 / 1900 Mhz) could not be shipped to the U.S. due to Chinese customs issues. At this time I was given the option to upgrade/downgrade or cancel. After 45 days of waiting I feel that they are just stalling for the 60 day point so a refund even thru your bank would be difficult. I decided to cancel the order and was told that I would receive a refund. I sent email on April 15 & 20 asking for an update because I still hadn't received my refund. Their email indicate that it takes 10 to 21 days to process a refund, but we all know that it rarely take this much time in the digital age. As of May 2, 2011 I still don't have a refund from Notion Ink and spoke with my Bank on the matter, but they stated because the purchase was made more than 60 days ago they could not file a claim, but because Notion Ink had given me a refund on Mar 22, 2011, I had was able to file the complaint. My bank decided to go ahead an refund my money. I am not sure if the bank will ever recover the funds from Notion Ink. My opinion on Notion Ink is they are just a bunch of thieves, that rob customers of their hard earned money. This ordeal has left a very sour taste in my mouth when it comes to dealing with unknown overseas companies.

    I really wanted the Adam, but Notion Ink in my opinion is being unfair when it need to deal with cancellations other issues. This is unfair business practices.

    This was just too much stress and too many lies to continue to deal with this company.

    I hope they make it, but I will never deal with them again.

    A screwed customer

  • http://affiliate.paygreendayloans.com/ Andrew

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