Pretty big news out of the XDA-Forums today - forum member and resident genius Ownhere has come up with a 'data2ext' hack that allows users to enhance the way Android handles OS-specific data and memory. Put simply, this hack allows users to change some partition settings in order to greatly increase performance.

Originally created for the HTC Desire, the hack delivers some outstanding performance improvements and is a must have if you own the device. For more technical information, you can click here. A word of warning, though: this hack is not for the feint of heart as it is fairly difficult.


And for the Neuxs One owners out there, don't you fret, because this hack should also be hitting your device soon, via XDA member Jayfallen. He's currently testing it out and was able to get the nasty Quadrant score you see above! Pretty huge!

Source: XDA-Developers

  • Rob

    Hire these people, Google. F*ggin' hire 'em.

  • Carl

    Oh my god finally but I'm sure it requires a class 10 sd card right?

  • BeDammit

    We want these people outside of Google NOT inside.

    • SiliconAddict

      Because it probably hits the SD card hard enough to decrease its life expectancy. remember most flash memory has only x number or reads and rights it can handle. That is probably why Google isnt using the card for a cache, but now is using it for app storage.

  • jjsan

    still lagy with some roms but flasjing new kernel fix it
    on my clasd 4 sd fesire at 995MHz score 1800

  • http://DroidConcepts Gryphon

    Hope it hits D1 Nd DX soon.

  • limgad

    Well, it's nice that someone came up with it, but honestly, i'd rather not stress out my sd card.

    • SiliconAddict

      And this is probably the exact reason Google hasn't implemented it. Not saying there aren't some seriously bright bulbs on XDA who can't think up stuff that Google hasn't but its unlikely that Google hasn't looked at ways of increasing performance.

  • Ferreinf

    >2000 without oc running auraxtsence 8.1.2 :-) :-)

  • Deon

    I hope Cyanogenmod integrates this into their newer ROM's.

  • Eggcake

    Finally. It took years for many ppl to realize, that the biggest hold up on desktop computers isn't the CPU, it's the harddrive. And I'm glad that the developers at XDA see that too - huge CPU speeds are useless if the storage is slow/not optimized.

    THANK YOU! :)

  • dingdonghei

    This may boost performance somewhat, but the Quadrant score is heavily inflated. On the Galaxy S, we've been using lag fixes for ages, and I can tell you that the Quadrant I/O score in no way reflects real life performance. For us, a lag fix is required due to the inept file system Samsung ships the phones with, but I can not see why this should be required for the HTC devices. The loop back cheats Quadrant, and shouldn't be given any attention. It's been months since the Galaxy devs stopped using it, simply because it's pointless unless all you care about is Quadrant score. Most of the lagfixes for Galaxy S now simply converts the file system from RFS to ext4, which results in much lower Quadrant scores than ext4 with loop back, but real life performance is great.

  • user01

    The massive increase mainly reflects a gaming of the quadrant benchmark...adjusting system behavior in ways that weigh heavily in the benchmark but that in most cases do no not result in perceivable user experience improvement.

    I mean come on...writes to /dev/null are blazingly fast too ;)

  • TareX

    I don't get it... is Android's original code, that bad?? I mean this hack only shows to me that Android handles OS-specific data and memory in a very, very poor and inefficient way.

    • dingdonghei

      Read user01's post. And mine. Please.

  • Thatguy

    Stop crediting xda for stuff they "have not done/created"

    This article should be removed, ownhere is not a genious and is a liar, this has been out for the galaxy s line for months, and several other devices on two other developement sites for months further, android police please thoroughly check your sources before posting pathetic lies aimed at gaining false fame for stuff they did not even develope

  • Brian

    ownhere is a resident genius? he is part of the android police staff?