It's no secret that Android's stock messaging app is lackluster, both in terms of appearance and functionality. Major players like Handcent and ChompSMS have stepped up to the plate and do a fine job of addressing both of these shortcomings, but they're not without their own issues. Enter GO SMS, a new alternative that's already attracting a surprising amount of attention.

gosms_1 gosms2

Despite having been on the Market for no more than a week, GO has already made it to the 10,000-50,000 download range, and with 384 ratings and a 4.09 star average, it seems to be doing quite well. The developers are keeping a close eye on user reviews, and have even created a thread on the XDA-Developers forums to get more input.  Thus far, the comments seem to be considerably positive, with most users commenting on how much snappier the app is than Handcent.

The app's official feature list:

GO SMS is an amazing SMS replacement app for Android, providing cool UI,fast,convenient SMS/MMS experience.
-Chat style
-Popup,quick reply
-Full MMS/SMS support
-Quick search
-Batch mode
-Faster and slimmer than handcent SMS or chompSMS

Recent changes:
1.New theme settings, with GO and Christmas themes
2.New share, feedback menu
3.Fix message out of order for Droid Droid2 and Droid X

Think it's worth a try? Hit up AppBrain or scan the QR code below.

QR code for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jb.mms

Aaron Gingrich
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  • WooYooFoo

    This is a nice and fast app. Just installed today and living it. No more chomp, handcent or sms popup for me.

  • aj

    looks pretty slick. I'll have to check it out

  • Zacinator

    It seems pretty laggy, and it needs a widget like Handcent before I would consider using this full time.

  • aj

    Just checked it out. It IS pretty slick. I think I'm keeping it.

  • anthony hickman

    its a really nice application but the only thing i couldnt find is custom notification sounds for different contacts. that is the only reason i use handcent.

    • sha

      was wondering did you figure how to set different notification for different people if not you have to go to that person name click menu and it should say indivdual click on that then a window goin to pop and say individual setting notification, signature, and conversation u click on notification for the ringtones and stuff.

  • Hands0n

    Nice. Very nice indeed. Go SMS is now running on my Nexus One and is a dream compared to Chomp SMS that I simply had to remove as it was so buggy!

    Go SMS is rightly getting the good reviews. Very cool. Where's the "Like" button :-)

  • http://www.idesirehd.wordpress.com link777

    I like the app- but how do you turn it "on", so read sms is read in the phones default messages-program?

  • TareX

    Looks great.... so slick. Google should go ahead and recommend these apps for new users by default...

  • spyder

    Custom notification tones can always be had with Ringo Lite, if your SMS messaging program doesn't do it!

  • jim

    Hope all android apps can have a attractive UI like this. The only one reason I don't like about android is most of the apps looks ugly.

  • LA

    Same issue with my regular messaging, wrong order of text messages, makes it hard to read.
    sticking to handcent as I have no other options =/

    • Keke

      @La....you have to change the setting to arrange in time order. It tells u that when you download it. That will keep your messages in the right order.

  • alicia

    I love it! I love it! You can even use pics on your phone to customize the backgrounds! to set it as default, when you get a text, it will ask you if you want to use go sms or messaging. hit set as default and then hit go sms. it should then be set as default :)

  • Carol Grigsby

    Can I tell you I just love this little app. Something about the Christmas-y theme that just makes me happy every time I get/send a text. (It just doesn't take much to entertain me sometimes)
    OH, and it works really great to (the app)

  • Kristian Hoenicke

    Downloaded it, but was hoping it would work with my Google contact groups that I have set up for group texts. Doesn't look like it does (yet?).

    Has a batch mode and some kind of group option, but I don't see any of that tied to my gmail account. Bummer!

  • The Tech Guy

    Does it have the preloaded Text messages for different occasions(Anniversary, Funny, Insult, etc.) that Handcent has or ability to back up all SMS like Handcent? I'm sure its pretty but I'm looking for functionality.

  • Harper

    Okay, so I absolutely love this app. I've installed and uninstalled Handcent and I kept getting very laggy and jus' a sloppy layout over the entire app. Customizing didn't seem to improve the overall look of the app. But, GO Sms was gorgeous as soon as I opened it. It doesn't look cheap and boring. GO Sms looks classy and like it was made to be on my phone. I love it. Best one out there. HTC Aria, (:

  • Malin Dreyer

    I suffer a bit with when I receive a message it comes up twice, once in the GO sms and once in the regular sms receiver .. have any other problems with this? and how do I get it off?

    • linh

      adjust the setting on your phone. Turn off notifcation on your original text

  • linh

    I had chomp and handcent it has lots of bugs sometimes I can't even send text. Go SMS is the best!!!! It has group texting, you can enlarge the fonts. (PLUS!!!!!) keep improving!!!!!

  • Brandy

    my contact name dont show in the inbox only the number anyone know how to fix this

  • geodude8888

    I wish you could change the bubble style conversations. I prefer the solid bar look more like the blackberry.

    I also wish that you could in the app give each contact a custom ringtone. I know that you can add some with Ringo lite, but include it into the app in the future.

    Going back to Handcent SMS.

    I so want to use your app, but until those 2 things are corrected, I will not use the app.

    • Meme

      You can give personal tones by going to settings, advanced, individual, and then add..

    • Meme

      You can give personal tones by going to settings, advanced, individual, and then add.

  • pat

    How to make sender conversation from the left and received sms appearing from the right??!

  • Little Turtle

    I downloaded this application today and love how it's easy to use and very fast. But the time stamps being off is a major down side. I tried the fix that was posted on the XDA-Developers forum, and it doesn't work. Very discouraging and would be a reason for me to uninstall the application. Pleast fix the time stamp issue!!! Thank you

  • Backflip Motorola

    I have the Backflip Motorola and I have been trying to download GO SMS using the QR Code Scanner and downloading it manually from the Android Market--no luck! It either takes me to the Android Search engine page saying that it can not be found, or it pops up a message saying that it can't be found. Help?

  • Loops

    love it love it love it! Way better than sleeker looking than Hancent.

  • mortalista

    it would be awesome if there was a font package you could install for go sms, i dont want to go through the trouble of rooting my phone just to do this.

  • alex-zandria

    Go SMS.want let me.get pics frm another go.SMS person

  • Luis

    how do u sing up?

  • Luis

    how do u sing up?