The ViewSonic G Tablet is the most powerful Android tablet on the Market today, sporting a dual core Tegra 2 processor and dominating benchmarks, albeit after some tweaks that turn it into a beast. ViewSonic managed to screw up on the software side, which is fixable by the aforementioned tweaks, but the hardware is top notch, making it one of the hottest tablet gifts this holiday season.

Even at $400 or $380 that Sears has been selling it for, this 1GHz 10" Froyo tablet is a great deal, but this weekend, the price is even sweeter: $350, which is $50 off MSRP. The general consensus at the xda-developers thread discussing this deal is that it is indeed legitimate and available nationwide, but call your local Sears store to confirm. Check out the Sears ad scan below:


So, who is picking up a new toy?

Source: xda-developers, thanks Jakub

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  • Mike

    It is not selling for that price where I live. I called and was told it is $399.99

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Mike, I just called my local Sears, and at first they said $399. I pressured the CSR, and she said she would check another source, and indeed found $349.99 in-store. The first database she was checking was online or something else. Call back and make them check properly - it'll be available.

      • Mike

        I called again and the CSR checked...they could not find the tablet for $349.99. Oh well, better luck next time. It's to bad the actual sears add wasn't posted.

        • ald9351

          MIKE, just went to sears. No sale posted but the sales person checked and it was on sale for $350. Sale is running in Utah!

        • Mike

          Artem, Well you were absolutley correct. I went to the strore as you stated, it is not on sale at the display and at first check the CSR said nope it's $399, but she checked further and what do you know the price came up as $349. So I went ahead and picked up one of these bad boys.

    • Donato Orlando

      Even at $399 I think it's still a better deal than the vaporware that is the notion ink. BTW it was $379 at Sear's site the other day it went up either yesterday or today. I'm thinking of picking one up to put CM 6.1 on it. With the specs it looks like you're getting the same hardware as the Notion Ink or the Motorola tablets, this puppy just needs the software. BTW to anyone that's used it how is the screen on it?

      • Brian

        The viewsonic viewing angle is bad, as is their ui layer. Hopefully custom roms will improve it.

        If you're buying an android tablet now id get a nookcolor and root it or go for the galaxy tab. The screens on those devices are really nice(I've seen all 3 in person).

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          The problem with the Tab and to a larger extent, the NookColor, is the mediocre performance, compared to the beast that Tegra 2 is. See our Galaxy Tab review to see what I'm talking about, for example.

          If I had a choice between picking the better screen or better performance, I'd go for the performance.

        • John J

          How bad of a screen are we actually talking about? That's the only complaint I've heard about these tablets.

  • Matt

    Having owned a Viewsonic, Samsung and Nook Color. Once rooted, the NC is the best of the three when you consider cost and screen quality. The Viewsonic could have easily been the best if it weren't for the atrocious screen. Performance is nice but the screen is the single most used / important component in a tablet. How otherwise reputable screen maker like Viewsonic could supply such a bad screen is beyond belief.

    • John J

      Yeah, I've been pondering that point while debating whether or not to pick up the G.

      I just don't understand why a maker of monitors / TVs would put out a tablet with a bad screen.

  • Peetz

    Just got one from sears tonight for 350 and seems like a great decision. All ready seems very resonsive and I still need to mod the thing. No doubt going to be an excellent choice for an android tab. Btw I had to return my archos 7 home tab. Was a lemon would not accept any electric charge. But for the few minutes I did use it. It just took way too many muscles and patience to even use the screen

  • Kozmo2k4

    Bought two of them, but at Office Depot (with a price match!). Sears was out and not one associate there could figure out how to order one (or two.. lol). After a little "tweaking" (just visit XDA Forums) this thing is awesome! Full Market, Flash, Angry Birds and anything you can think of to throw at it!!! Love it. Can't anything close to it for $349.